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Homeowner Associations

If you would like your Homeowner Association listed on this page or have updates to current information, click on the button.

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Recently, a new social network was created specifically for neighbors to connect and stay informed. offers the opportunity to create a private social network for your neighborhood - free of charge. You can share neighborhood activities, provide contractor advice, highlight association news, list school information, and more. The site encourages interactive two-way communication, much like Facebook.

While the City has no affiliation with, we wanted to share this service with our Homeowner Association leaders. The site offers a 90-second overview video and easy instructions to get started.

icon Novi Subdivision Map

Novi Neighborhood Entryway Enhancement Matching Grant Program
Addington Park
Board Members
George Merchant President 248-410-1247 Email
Patty D'Annibale Board Member 248-982-7067 Email
Compass Management   734-582-9603 Email

$325.00 Due: April 1

 2015 Bylaws  
Andover Pointe #1
Board Members
Marti Anderson President 614-580-9093  
Colleen McClorey Board Member    
Dan Carlson Treasurer    
Dan Patterson Board Member    


Arden Glen
Board Members
Al Vardya President
Ed Swad Treasurer
Eric Neuwirth Secretary
Asbury Park Homeowners Association
Asbury Park Homeowners Association
Board Members
Pat Torossian President Email  
Scott Stowitts Vice-President Email  
Koti Kannegati Secretary Email  
Sean Murtha Treasurer Email  
Khurram Abbas  Member at Large 1 Email  
Andy Doyle Advisory Committee Email  

Asbury Park ByLaws

Board Members
Carla Thomas President   Email
Beth Morris Vice President   Email
Margaret Surdu Secretary   Email
Asha Boddu Treasurer   Email
Vibha Ancha     Email
Ravi Adibhatala     Email


Barclay Estates Homeowners Association
Board Members
Brian Wines President   Email
Marcia Goffney Secretary   Email
Marion Grigg Treasurer   Email
Gene Gardella Board Member   Email


Beacon Hill Meadows Condominium Association
Board Members
William DeDecker      
Aaron Hout      
Mike Morris      
Beckenham Homeowners Association
Beckenham Homeowners Association
Board Members
Matt Housey President   Email
Suzanne Mazurek Vice President   Email
Kristin Kamienecki Board Member   Email
Amp Grewal Treasurer 248-977-9961 Email
$847.00 Due: June 30
Beckenham ByLaws  


Berkshire Pointe
Board Members
Ghanshyam Patel Treasurer 248-525-8697 27644 Hartwick Cir Novi, MI 48374
Basu Danappanvar Secretary 248-320-1133 49653 Hartwick Dr Novi, MI 48374


Bradford of Novi
Bradford of Novi
Board Members
Bob Raymond President   Email
Manda Puttock Secretary/Communications   Email
Aldo Pace Treasurer   Email
Sunita Wani Compliance    Email
Jim Sclabassi Landscape   Email

$350.00 Billed in January - Mail check to Bradford of Novi HOA, P.O. Box 198, Novi, MI 48376
PDF icon Bradford of Novi Bylaws
PDF icon Bradford of Novi Articles of Incorporation
PDF icon Bradford of Novi Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Restrictions
PDF icon Bradford of Novi Rules and Regulations


Briarwood of Novi Maintenance Association
Briarwood of Novi Maintenance Association
Board Members
      Generic Email Account
Bonnie Reichert President 248-349-1555 Email
Tim Shear Board Member 248-347-3327 Email
Patrick Carroll Treasurer/ Secretary 248-716-0717 Email
Ken Baker (Condos) Board Member 248-349-9445 Email
Lynne Forkey (Village) Board Member 248-347-2063 Email
Kathryn Cardenas Board Member 248-376-0722 Email
Cheryl Schultz (Village) Board Member 248-347-2063 Email

$35 (condos & village), $160 (homes) Due: June 30
Articles of Incorporation
Covenants and Restrictions
Covenants and Restrictions for Common Areas
First Amendment to Covenants and Restriction for Common Areas
Second Amendment to Covenants and Restrictions for Common Areas
Residential Unit Development Agreement
Amended Residential Unit Development Agreement
 What is BNMA?


Briarwood of Novi Homes
Briarwood of Novi Homes
Board Members
      Generic Email Account
Bonnie Reichert President 248-349-1555 Email
Tim Shear Board Member 248-347-3327 Email
Patrick Carroll Treasurer/ Secretary 248-716-0717 Email
Kathryn Cardenas Board Member 248-376-0722 Email

A sub-association of the Briarwood of Novi Maintenance Association
Briarwood Village
Board Members
Steve Forkey President   Email
Shyamal Sarkar Vice President   Email
Cheryl Schultz Treasurer   Email
Glenna Lynch Secretary   Email
Girish Arora Board Member   Email
Bristol Corners Homeowners Association
Board Members
Dan Abrams President Email
Laura Hughes Vice President Email
Tib Tsadik Treasurer Email
Dan Gorman Board Member Email
Cambridge Drive Homeowners Association
Cambridge Drive Homeowners Association

Board Members

James McLallen Treasurer 248-921-5762 Email
Board Members
Frank Ellias President
Bill Bear Vice President/Treasurer/Secretary
Michael Smith Board Member
Patrick Hornung Board Member
$160.00 Due 1st of each month
Rules and Regulations
Carriage Hill Homeowner Association
Carriage Hill Homeowner Association
Board Members
Tim Mousseau President 248-773-8277 Email
Richard Politi Vice President 734-634-7343 Email
Kevin Sanker Secretary 248-982-9124 Email
Punita Dani Treasurer 214-529-4467 Email
Lawrence Thurman At Large 214-529-4467 Email
$125.00 Due June 30

Carriage Hill Homeowner Association By-Laws

Cedarspring Estates 1 & 2
Board Members
David Viet President 719-306-2615 Email
John Vondrasek Vice President 248-417-5097  
Andy Anderson Treasurer 248-207-7148  
Amy Manning Secretary 734-718-3310  
      Association Email
$75.00 Due January
Cedarspring Estates 3 & 4
Board Members
Roy Wilson President 248-348-4309 Email
Robert Anderson Vice President    
Daniel Doss Secretary    
Shaw Feng Treasurer    
Cindy Habler Social Director    
Mohammed Alkhabbaz City Liaison   Email
$150.00 Due July 1
Charneth Fen Condominium Association
Charneth Fen Condominium Association
Board Members
Gayathri Ilango Secretary 248-679-2218 Email
Charrington Green Homeowners Association
Charrington Green Homeowners Association
Board Members
Hank Herbst President   Email
Ken Kolousek  Vice President   Email
Mark Bayer Treasurer   Email
Amanda Beuckelaere Secretary   Email
Chase Farms
Board Members
Arthur Belloli President 248-348-3655 Email
Larry Lloyd Vice President 248-380-8472 Email
Dave Renner Treasurer 248-374-9176 Email
Heidi Rhome Board Member 734-945-1317 Email
Larry Nelson Board Member 248-946-4299 Email
$240 Due January 31
Chelsea Knoll Condominium Association
Board Members
Sandra K. Frazer President 248-345-6660 Email
Sherri Earle Vice President 248-347-4359 Email
Leo Saiki Secretary 248-943-5681 Email
Carol Ruff Treasurer 248-444-8929 Email
Karen Peterson Board Member 248-348-2950 Email
Suzanne Cassady   248-513-3399 Email
Connemara Hills
Board Members
Jason Knurek President    
Brian Smola Vice President   Email
Joel Donlon Secretary    
Andy Woodrich Treasurer    
Ron Ruth Board Member    
 $5 (due August)
Connemara Hills By-Laws




Country Place Condominiums
Dr. Patrick Miller President Email
Darcey Homeowners Association
Deerbrook Homeowners Association
Board Members
Chrys Kohl President 248-935-7950 Email
Ryan Ringold Vice President 248-505-5700 Email
Surya Prakash Treasurer 248-374-4075 Email
William Meyers Secretary 248-348-3713 Email
John Aird Board Member 248-467-4725 Email
Dixon Meadows Condominium Assocation
Board Members
Dunbarton Pines
Board Members
Fred Schlemmer President 248-821-1735 Email
Andy Randall Vice President 248-347-1094 Email
Karen Harris Treasurer 248-380-3752 Email
Alan Lach Director   Email
Matt Guyot Director   Email
Scott Mato Director   Email
$190.00 Due September 1
Covenants, Agreements and Restrictions



Echo Valley Civic Association
Board Members
Patricia Small President    
Nick Kalweit Vice President    
Bill McInnes Treasurer    
Gabriel Brandel Secretary    
Eric Begley Board Member    
Stacey Rose Board Member    
Ed Papciak Board Member    
Emerson Park Condominium Association
The Enclave Condominium Association
Board Members
David Radcliffe President   Email
Don Yaquinto Vice President    
Lashawn Ganaway Treasurer    
Hari Rao Secretary 248-465-1044  
Linda Rudolfi Director 248-305-8422 Email
Gateway Village of Novi
Board Members
Steve President 248-324-0400 Email
Marci Vice President 248-324-0400 Email
Pierre   248-324-0400 Email
Christine Metiva   248-324-0400 ext. 215 Email
Greenwood Oaks 1 and 2
Greenwood Oaks 1 and 2
Board Members
Sabine Lucas President   Email
Robert Lucas Treasurer   Email
Robert Smith Secretary   Email
Banu Arslan Member   Email
Larry Caekaj Member   Email
Jason Endress Member    
Jeff Lim Member    
Steve Watts Member    
Butch Wingfield Member   Email
$200.00 Due March 1
Make check to Greenwood Oaks Homeowners Association and
send to Robert Lucas 24360 Nantucket Dr. Novi, 48374
Covenants and Restrictions



Greenwood Oaks 3 and 4
Greenwood Oaks 3 and 4
Board Members
Mark Lauten President   Email
Alex Feinstein Vice President   Email
Felipe Melhado Secretary   Email
Erin Torimto Treasurer   Email
Kim Hoag Board Member   Email
Supriya Jategaonkar Board Member   Email
Dues: $350
Heritage Woods Condominium Association
Island Lake of Novi North Bay
Ron Hall Property Manager 248-349-2770 Email
Jamestowne Green Homeowners Association
Board Members
Joe Wloszek Vice-President   Email
Rob Messerschmidt Secretary   Email
Wendy Hoffman Treasurer    

ByLaws and CCR

Association Meeting: 1/23/2019 7:30pm


Lake Area Homeowners Assocation
Board Members
Jerry Anderson President   Email
Mike Condon Vice-President    
Ann Bolz Treasurer    
Beth Adams Secretary   Email
$25.00 Due January 1
Board Members
Curt Lind President    
Chet Roaden Vice President    
Scott Winder Secretary    
Scott Olson Treasurer    

March-April 2022‚Äč  Newsletter

Lenox Park

Kramer Triad Management

Board Members
Gayle C. Hinman President   Email
Mike Bossio Treasurer   Email
Norman Schmidt Secretary   Email
Gene Tomlinson Board Member   Email
Liberty Park Condominiums
Board Members
Krishna Kottapali Board Member 859-992-5271 Email
Umamahesh Venukadasul Board Member 313-671-7657 Email
Anil Kannan Board Member 248-421-2305 Email
Lochmoor Village
Lochmoor Village
Board Members
Daniel Barr President   Email
Adam Snider Vice President    
Michael Paul Treasurer    
Dan McNamara Secretary    
Carla Beardsley Member At Large    
Maple Greens Association
Board Members
Gail Hershenzon President 248-960-9280 Email
Nigel Cook Vice President 248-880-3717 Email
Tony Cipicchio Secretary 248-756-9037 Email
Barbara Hecker Treasurer 248-896-2623 Email
Marla Robinson Board Member 248-669-3541 Email
Maple Heights Condominium Assocation
Board Members
Wendy Weiss President 248-681-7883  
Curt Peck Vice President 248-681-7883  
Carol Gilchrist Treasurer 248-681-7883  
Bill Balwinski Secretary 248-681-7883  
Donna Eaddy Board Member 248-681-7883  
$243.00 Monthly
Maple Hills
Board Members
Don Jorgensen President 517-410-9304 Email
Don Ratzel Treasurer 586-610-0882 Email
Linda Kamin Board Member 586-722-8591 Email
Susan Rubin Board Member 248-563-8808 Email
Maybury Park Estates

Lora Wright – Management Company 248-374-9375.

Board Members
Robert Sherwin President    
David Roland Vice President/Secretary    
Rick Favor Treasurer    
Meadowbrook Glens
Meadowbrook Glens
Board Members
Sue Finley President Email
Margaret Wolff Vice President Email
Leonardo Avilo de Santos Treasurer  
Kim Kocan Secretary  
Ed Coury Board Member  
Betty Dinser Board Member  
Carla Giles Board Member, Echo Editor  
Marlene Mendoza Board Member  
Anna Rodgers Board Member  
Melissa Spinazzola Board Member  
Greg Thomas Board Member  
John Yarrish Board Member  
Chris Jackett Web Master, Past President  

(Please email Treasurer for a copy of your dues letter)
$40.00 per year Due July 1

 MGHA Bylaws  
Meadowbrook Lake Subdivision
Meadowbrook Lake Subdivision
Board Members
Tim Kirk President    
Melissa Byrd Vice President    
Bill Moss Treasurer    
Cassie Ball Secretary    
Jim Huchok Parks    
Jen Villanueva Social    
Ryan Byrd Architecture    
Tiffany Kotimko Ecology    
Mike Barton Civics    
$175.00 per year July 1
 MLS Bylaws  
Meadowbrook Townhomes
Meadowbrook Townhomes

Board Members

Harry Mingle President Email
William Bluford Vice President  
Maryann Baiardi-Marras Secretary  
Carolyn Barden Treasurer  
Niniti Nepal Director  
Mirabella Estates HOA
Board Members
Amy Robertson President 248-767-3703 Email
Yas Furuse Treasurer    
Victor Fakhoury Secretary    
Mockingbird Glen Homeowners Association
Mockingbird Glen Homeowners Association
Board Members
Jacqui Schulte President   Email
Jesse Eilenhuth Vice President   Email
Wendy Beever Secretary   Email
Gary Pieczynski Treasurer   Email
Normandy Hills Estates Condominium Association
North Haven Woods
North Haven Woods
Board Members
Serge Delinous President 248-203-9404 Email
Janae Stacks Vice President 248-203-9404 Email
Allyson Duff Treasurer 248-203-9404 Email
Todd Krzisnik Secretary 248-203-9404 Email
Tracy Jefferson Board Member 248-203-9404 Email
$330.00 Due February 1

North Haven Collection Policy
North Haven Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions

North Hills Estates Homeowners Association
North Hills Estates Homeowners Association
Board Members
Mike Weiskopf President 248 347-6060 Email
  Vice President    
Gene Wolbers Treasurer   Email
Kate Nerdrum Secretary   Email
Mary Ellen Wolbers Corresponding Secretary 248-348-6661 Email
Rob Petty House & Grounds   Email
Nick Loedeman Architectural Review   Email
  Member at Large    

$60.00 Due February 28 - North Hills Estates HOA, PO Box 5255, Northville, MI 48167


North Hills ByLaws
North Hills Deed and Restrictions

Novi Heights Association
Board Members
John Huber President 248-380-5482 Email
Pat Karevich Secretary 248-349-3595 Email
Eileen McKinnon Treasurer 248-347-3557 Email

Association Meeting: November 1, 2014

Novi Homeowners Association
Board Members
Ron Boron President 248-766-6426 Email
Beth Boron Secretary   Email
Tony DiRocco Treasurer   Email
Brian Mayer Board Member   Email
Celia Todd Board Member   Email
Jim Roederscheimer Board Member   Email
Oberlin Condominium Assocation
Board Members
Arun Murali President 248-219-9148 Email
Apostolis Sinanis Treasurer 248-866-2228 Email
Kyle Piurkowski
Board Member
313-701-8677 Email
Board Members
Sara Rivord President   Email
Cecilia Gallagher Vice President    
Sandra Maes Secretary    
Brandon Menna Treasurer    


Orchard Hills Bylaws (Registered 1957)

Orchard Hills North HOA
Board Members
Satish Devapatla President   Email
Rajesh Bhimaraja Secretary    
Bob Morton Treasurer    
Orchard Hills West
Orchard Hills West

P.O. Box 1094
Novi, Michigan 48375

Board Members
William Claypool Jr. President 313-949-8061 Email
Phani Adduri Secretary    
Srini Gadde Treasurer    
Gopi Nimmagadda Board Member    
Kiran Singirikonda Board Member    

$190 due January 1

Orchard Ridge Estates
Orchard Ridge Estates
Board Members
Chuck Zimmer President 248-344-1436 Email
Todd Kuzma      
Dan Tardella Treasurer   Email
Kelly Zimmer Secretary 248-344-1436 Email
$125.00 Due January 1st

Orchard Ridge Estates Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 296

Orchard Ridge Estates ByLaws

Pioneer Meadows
Board Members
Diana Canup President    
Tim Martin Vice President    
Shannon Tierney Secretary    
Patrick Franks Treasurer    
Pointe Park Condominiums
Board Members
Carol Klausing   248-762-1047 Email
Board Members
Randall McCure President 734-709-8997 Email
Diane Collin Vice President 734-417-1999 Email
Mark Zaremski Secretary    
Kim Nice Treasurer 248-302-8844 Email
Roma Ridge Homeowners Association
Roma Ridge Homeowners Association
Board Members
Justin Fischer President   Email
Pat Schneider Vice President   Email
Cory Donberger Secretary   Email
Matt Karshis Treasurer   Email

Roma Ridge Homeowners Association Bylaws
Roma Ridge Homeowners Association Covenants
Royal Crown Estates Homeowners' Association
Board Members
Brian Fayz President    
Marcia Kowalchuk Treasurer   Email
Adam Czap Architectural Control   Email
Brittany Tessmer Activities   Email
Saratoga Circle
Board Members
Eric Retzbach President    
Erin Golec Vice President    
Jennifer Robeson Secretary    
Bret Burlingame Treasurer    
Roger Bird Board Member    
Clay Pearson Board Member    

Due Date:10th of each month

Settler's Creek Homeowners Association
Board Members
Kevin Kurkowski President 248-444-9974 Email
Simmons Orchard Subdivision Association
Board Members
Barb Trudeau President   Email
Dale Yagiela Vice President   Email
Gary Herc Treasurer   Email
Barbara M. Trudeau Secretary   Email
$60 Due January 1
Summerlin of Novi
Board Members
President Frank Gourneau   Email
Vice President Terry Harvill   Email
Treasury Roger Bos   Email
Secretary Steven Buckley   Email
Board Member Steve Bral   Email
Board Member Gustavo Fritz   Email

 Summerlin of Novi Master Deed

Upcoming Events
Association Meeting
March 15, 2021 at 11:00am
Property Management by Design, LLC
Tollgate Woods

Kramer-Triad Management Group
Office: 866-788-5130
 Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Restrictions


Towns of Liberty Park
Towns of Liberty Park
Board Members
Jason Huntoon President 586-839-8686 Email
Andy Antonov Vice President    
Mary Gavin Treasurer    
Association Meeting
Wednesday, May 12, 2021 6pm
Turtle Creek Homeowner's Association
Turtle Creek Homeowner's Association
Board Members
Nick Kronsbein Treasurer    
William Bartley Board / Newsletter & Directory    
Paula Maczka Board / Website    
Jim Rzepka Board / Trash Contract    
Brian Sharrow Board / Social Events    
Brian Smith Board / Signage    
$125.00; Trash Pick-Up - $148.00 Due the 1st of May of each year.
Village Oaks Commons Area Association
Village Oaks Commons Area Association
Board Members
Kendall Joy Chairman   Email
Gary Gaughan Vice Chairman   Email
David Staudt Treasurer 248-561-5055 Email
Sal Portuesi Secretary    
Villas at Stonebrook Condominium Association
Vista Hills
Vista Hills
Board Members
Carolyn Upton Vice President   Email
John Hoppesch Treasurer   Email
Matthew Zachariah Board Member   Email

$365/year Due February 1st
Vista Hills By-Laws  


Board Members
Derek Huffman President   Email
Paul Klain Vice President   Email
Michael Allie Treasurer   Email
Kate Huffman Secretary   Email
$240 Due June 1st each year
Walden Woods II
Board Members
Art Siirila President 248-320-5079 Email
Lauri Aepelbacher Vice President 248-408-7523 Email
Gloria Webber
248-982-7436 Email
Annual Dues - $350.00      
Westminster Village
Board Members
Venkat S. Nandimandalam President   Email
Jagruti Kadakia Vice President   Email
Laura M Gardner Secretary   Email
Jagdeep Monga Treasurer   Email
Jay Moses Board Member    
Weston Estates
Board Members
Linda Catanzaro President   Email
Judy Michaels Vice President   Email
Michelle Heldke Treasurer   Email
Judy Michaels Secretary   Email

$270 Due January 15


Weston Estates Bylaws

Whispering Meadows
Whispering Meadows
Board Members
Paul Warner President   Email
Michael Segal Vice President   Email
Matthew Hannah Architectural Control   Email
Nicole O'Neill Secretary   Email
Byron Muonio Board Member   Email
Annual Meeting
Monday, April 4, 2022 7pm Civic Center  
Due March 1st $93.50 - Mail to:
Whispering Meadows Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 823, Novi, MI 48376

Whispering Meadows By-Laws
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (1977)

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Willowbrook Farm Homeowners Association
Board Members
Shyam Valloornatt President 248-946-2139 Email
Raju Ramaswamy Treasurer 248-470-0788 Email
Dharmarajan Narayanan Secretary 248-890-5451 Email
Rabindra Bramhane Board Member 248-470-2834 Email
Yunbo Nie Board Member 248-225-3481 Email
Windridge Place
Windridge Place
Board Members
David Bailey President   Email
Josh Segerstrom Treasurer   Email
Megan Atkinson Secretary   Email
$160 payable by February 28th (Annual dues amount is voted on each year by the association.)
Windridge Park By-Laws
Windridge Park Declaration of Covenants



Woodbridge Park Condominium Association
Board Members
Luke Wolf President   Email
Ed Soltysiak Treasurer   Email
John Hulyk Board Member   Email
Patrick Cusick Board Member   Email
Due Date: July 1st $275

 Woods of Novi Bylaws

Annual Meeting Packet - July 15, 2020

Board Members
John Garbacik President 248-348-8889 Email
Richard Witter Vice President    
Mark Breault Treasurer 248-308-0264 Email
Gabriel Knee Secretary    

$100.00 Due March 31st