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Zoning Ordinance

The City of Novi Zoning Ordinance has been reorganized and reformatted to be more user-friendly and accessible. Hyper-links are provided throughout the document as well as undated graphics to clearly illustrate the text and definitions
 Zoning Ordinance
 Cross-reference chart with section numbers from previous Zoning Ordinance to new Clearzoning Ordinance

Recently Updated Ordinances

The listing below includes all legislation since the last update (printed or electronic) to the Zoning Ordinance. This legislation has been enacted, but has not yet been codified.

File Name Details
Ordinance 22 147.02 - Administration - Article VI - Purchase and Sale of Property Download
Ordinance 22-156.05 - Poverty Exemption Download
Ordinance 23 64.04 - Administration - Article V - Boards and Commissions Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.297 - Planned Rezoning Overlay (PRO) Signed Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.295 - PD-2 Option Stand-Alone Multiple Family Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.294 - Human Care Facilities – elimination of minimum required site size Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.293 – Landscape Standards & Site Standards Download
Landscape Design Manual Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.292 – Instructional Use in the OS-1, Office Service District Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.291 – Use Standards and Requirements for the Pavilion Shore Village Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.290 – Hotel Use standards and parking requirements Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.289 – B-2 Community Business District Building Height Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.287 – Planned Development Options Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.282 – General Corrections to Articles 3, 4 and 5 Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.299 – Self Storage Facilities Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.300 – Site Plan and Development Manual Update Download
Zoning Ordinance 18.303 - Nonconformities Download

City Charter

City of Novi Charter