The Treasurer’s Department is responsible for all monetary collections on behalf of the City of Novi, the collection and distribution of real and personal property taxes, and investing City money into investments that secure the principal and provide adequate rates of return. Revenue received is invested into investment vehicles governed by Public Act 20.

Billing and collection of water and sewer payments, special assessments and issuance of Oakland County Dog Licenses are also processed in the Treasurer’s Office. Bond guarantees, letters of credit, and other security monies are collected, recorded, tracked, and refunded through our office.

See Tax Payment Methods below.

Click here to see how your property taxes are being distributed.

City of Novi Property Taxes

City of Novi Property Taxes are billed twice a year in the summer and winter. Summer property tax bills are mailed the first week in July and winter property tax bills are mailed the first week in December. If you have not received your summer bill by July 15th or your winter bill by December 15th, please contact the Treasurer’s office or access the bill on our website. If your bill is paid by your mortgage company, you will receive an informational copy of your tax bill. Please confirm that your mortgage company has paid your tax bill prior to the due date.

Due Dates and Penalties

Summer property taxes are due August 31st

Summer property taxes are payable July 1st through August 31st without penalty. A 1% automatic penalty is mandated on September 1st. An additional 3% penalty is mandated on September 15th.

Winter property taxes are due February 14th

Winter property taxes are payable December 1st through February 14th without penalty. A 3% automatic penalty is mandated on February 15th.  

**On March 1st, any unpaid summer or winter property tax must be paid to the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office.
Please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 248-347-0440 if you have any questions, or if we can be of further assistance.


PDF 2023 Summer Property Tax Bill
PDF 2023 Winter Property Tax Bill

Tax Payment Methods

Mail - Two ways to mail

  1. Mail in envelope included with statement – please include the top portion of the bill with your check made payable to the City of Novi.

  2. Mail to the Treasurer’s office at:
    45175 W. Ten Mile Rd.
    Novi, MI 48375

Payment Drop Box

For your convenience, there is a payment drop box located behind the Civic Center for tax and water/sewer payments (checks only please, no cash.) We ask that you put your check and top portion of the bill in an envelope before putting in the drop box. Payments will be accepted in the drop box until midnight on the due date. THE PAYMENT DROP BOX IS LOCATED IN THE PARKING LOT LOCATED BEHIND THE CIVIC CENTER BUILDING IN THE NORTHEAST CORNER (NEAR THE POLICE STATION). PLEASE FOLLOW THE SIGNS.

In Person

Please have your bill with you and your check completed prior to approaching the counter.  If you do not have your bill, please call our office prior to arrival at 248-347-0440 to have a bill printed and waiting at the counter.

Online Payments

Electronic Check and Credit Card payments are offered through Invoice Cloud by visiting the City website. Many options are available, pay by text, Autopay, reminder texts or emails, etc. Electronic check payments are free. A 3% credit card fees applies to all credit card payments.

By Phone

You can also make an electronic or credit card payment by telephone at 844-793-0771. If you have any problems processing your payment, please call our office at 248-347-0440. There are no fees for online/telephone processing of electronic check however a 3% credit card fee applies.

Online banking through your bank

Most banks use a third party to process checks requested through their online bill payment system. This means that your money is deducted from your account and sent to the third party processor, not directly to us. Bills paid through your online banking system may take at least 15 business days for us to receive. To ensure payments are received on time, please set payment date at least 15 business days prior to due date. Have checks mailed directly to: City of Novi Treasurer, 45175 Ten Mile, Novi MI 48375

Paperless Billing for Utility Bills


City of Novi utilities customers can now sign up to paperless and receive an electronic bill. 

Novi residents also have the opportunity to have water & sewer charges directly deducted from their checking or savings accounts. Click here for additional information on Utility Billing options.