The Volunteer NOVI Guidebook and Policies are provided as overall guidelines and direction to staff and volunteers, as well as to answer questions you may have to be an effective, well-informed volunteer. The information outlined is intended as management guidance and does not constitute, either implicitly or explicitly, a binding contractual or personnel agreement.

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2022 Volunteer Novi Guide Download


Coaches Cornerr
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Coaches Code of Conduct Download
Concussion Certificate Instructions Download
General Policies
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Dress Policy Download
Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy Download
Novi Customer Service Guarantee Download
Prohibiting the Acceptance of Gifts Policy Download
Smoking Regulations and Prohibitions Ordinance Download
Volunteer Code of Conduct Download
Novi Public Library
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Library Dress Code Download
Library Policy Manual Download
Public Safety - Police Department
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Chaplain Program – Directive 510 Download
Novi Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) – Directive 515 Download
CERT Volunteer Criteria Description Download
CERT Hold Harmless/ Pemission Request Download
2019 CERT Basic Training Schedule Download
CERT Standard Operating Guidelines Download
CERT Acknowledgement Form Download
Use of Volunteers – Directive 385 Download
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Volunteer Parent Permission Form Download