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BRAD at a Road Construction SiteIn February 2021, the Novi Roads Committee (formed in December 2019) presented a Road Report to City Council that focused on developing a plan to prioritize road projects to maintain safety, improve road conditions and traffic flow, and explore funding opportunities. The Road Report will be used as a benchmarking document for future road improvements.

In general, Novi has about $11 million of funds dedicated to the roads per year. The City expends between $2-3 million for maintenance, leaving $7-9 million targeted for capital expenditures for road improvements and non-motorized projects. Novi driver experience and satisfaction are critical, and working with other agencies to initiate, fund, and execute projects in Novi has been a priority.

There is no singular design prescription for road construction and each project is unique in community context. Projects are prioritized in a consistently changing landscape of revenue/budget/funding sources, development and constructability, and any other capital improvements that align with road construction.

icon 2022 Construction Projects Interactive Map

2022 Road Construction Project List for Neighborhood and Major Roads in July 2022.

City Projects
State Projects
County Projects
Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Projects

Temporary Road Closures

Temporary Road Closures


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions as it pertains to road construction in the City of Novi. If your question is not on this list, feel free to shoot us an email at