26300 Lee BeGole
Novi, MI  48375

Photo of Jeffery Herczeg
Public Works
Jeffery Herczeg
Director of Public Works

Phone:  248-735-5640

Photo of Megan Mikus
Public Works
Megan Mikus
Deputy Director of Public Works

Phone: 248-735-5640

Photo of Ben Croy
Public Works
Ben Croy
City Engineer

Phone: 248-735-5640

Photo of Michael Rhatigan
Public Works
Michael Rhatigan
Fleet Asset Manager

Phone: 248-735-5640

Photo of Scott Roselle
Public Works
Scott Roselle
Water and Sewer Manager

Phone: 248-735-5661

Photo of Matt Wiktorowski
Public Works
Matt Wiktorowski
Field Operations Manager

Phone: 248-735-5640

Mon - Fri 7:30am - 4:30pm 
After Hour Emergencies - 911

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