The City of Novi Technology Division provides project management expertise and technology-related business analysis to assist in delivering innovative technology from an idea through implementation. Working collaboratively with all city departments, we provide technology procurement guidance and deployment support to reduce duplication of effort and encourage efficient return on investment. The core technology services provided by the Technology Division include:


  • Administer network security utilizing firewall management and threat reduction technology to address viruses, spam, malware and ransomware to maintain data integrity and compliance.

  • Develop risk management plans through business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

  • Design and maintain a network infrastructure that meets the ever-changing connectivity requirements of the organization.

  • Implement a unified telecommunications strategy that provides multiple options to increase productivity.

  • In partnership with the Public Safety Department, assist with technology support of Oakland County’s CLEMIS solutions and in-vehicle mobile connectivity.

  • Manage the City’s software catalog through database administration.

  • Meet the City’s customer service guarantee by delivering software and hardware support via the Integrated Solutions Help Desk.

  • Provide and manage physical security solutions encompassing card access and security camera services to city buildings.

  • Deliver custom technical training, development and compliance.