Yard Waste BagYard waste is collected once per week from the first Monday in April through the second week of December.

Yard waste includes plant material such as leaves, grass clippings, small twigs, prunings, shrub clippings, garden materials, old potting soil, pumpkins, dirt incidental to minor plantings or edging of lawns, small shrubs with dirt ball removed, branches, brush, flowers, roots, wood waste, and other material commonly thrown away in the course of maintaining yards and gardens. This includes sod and other biodegradable matter. This does not include soil, any garbage, food, plastic, synthetic fibers, lumber, human, or animal waste.

All bundles of yard waste are not to exceed 4 feet in length, must be bundled using string, cannot exceed 18 inches around and cannot weigh more than 60 pounds.

Place yard waste into a paper yard waste bag or reusable container no larger than 35 gallons. Yard waste placed in plastic bags will be left uncollected.

Compost StickerFree, self-adhesive yard waste stickers can be obtained from the Novi Department of Public Works or the Novi Civic Center.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees will be collected from December 26 through the week that includes January 15 on your regular service day.

Why is yard waste only picked up during certain times of the year?

Michigan State law prohibits yard waste from being disposed of in a landfill and the composting site where GFL takes yard waste is not open during the winter months.

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