Novi is fortunate to have many high-quality waterways and prides itself on keeping them this way.  Over the last few years, the City of Novi has invested greatly in improving water quality in the Middle One Rouges sub watershed’s lakes and streams with the dredging of Meadowbrook and Village Oaks Lakes. 

If our waterways are to stay this way, we must all play a part. For example, did you know that a major source of pollution in our creeks, ponds, lakes, and streams is due to storm water runoff?  As the rainwater flows over land it picks up pollutants, including eroded soil, fertilizers, and pesticides.  Proper maintenance of the following can prevent pollution:

Lawn Care:  Keep fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides off paved surfaces and out of drainage paths and do not use them within 25 feet of waterways.  When choosing a fertilizer, select a slow-release formula to promote steady, uniform growth.   Mow your grass at a high setting and let the short grass blades fall back onto the lawn.  Maintain a buffer of taller vegetation plantings at the water’s edge.

Automobile Maintenance:  Direct polluted wash water away from streets and storm drains.  Instead of washing your car in the driveway or street, wash your car on your lawn or go to a car wash.


Animal Waste:  Clean up animal waste before it washes into the storm drain.  You can throw it in the trash, preventing bacteria from entering the waterway. 

Landscaping:  Reduce the amount of paved surfaces to reduce the volume and velocity of runoff.  Create buffer zones of vegetation to provide a greater opportunity for plants to slow and filter storm water.

Please download the below publication for additional information.
PDF Maintaining Your Detention Basin