Novi Residents Asked to Shake Mailboxes Before Winter to Prevent Snowplow Damage

The Novi Department of Works is asking residents with mailboxes at the road edge to prepare for winter by shaking them. This initiative is intended to prevent mailboxes from being damaged by snow pushed off the road by snowplows.  Snowplows usually don't touch mailboxes, but the force of snow thrown from the roadway can knock down a loose mailbox. Damage can often be prevented by proper routine maintenance.  Take some time before the snow begins to fall to tighten screws and secure mailboxes to posts. If your mailbox moves when shaken, it may not withstand standard snow-removal operations and should be repaired or replaced before winter.  If your mailbox is loose, tighten the screws to stabilize it. If this doesn't help, you may need to replace the box or post if it has been damaged or the wood has rotted. 

If you have questions about what is permitted, please call 248.735.5640.

Snow Covered Mailboxes