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Q and A

Which trees in my neighborhood are maintained by the Forestry Division?
Can I prune a tree myself in the street right of way?
Can I plant a tree myself in the street right of way?
Do you have a program where I can plant a tree to celebrate an occasion or to honor a person or memorialize a family member?
I think the trees in my neighborhood look great now. Why do you have to prune these trees?
Sometimes it looks like healthy lower limbs are removed. Why?
What if I have an emergency with the street tree at my address?
What does "Tree City USA" mean?
What can the City do to reduce the litter produced by the tree in front of my house?
A street tree’s roots have broken my driveway or the sidewalk or are threatening my foundation; what can be done?
Street trees are blocking the sun; how can I get more sun on my lawn?
May I ask for a city tree to be planted in front of my house?
Can I move or remove a City tree for a new driveway, walkway, utility, or streetlight?
Can I hire someone to work on a City-owned tree?