Please select the name(s) of up to three boards and commissions you’re interested in serving on in the boxes below. For the boards and commissions you’re interested in, check the corresponding qualifications/areas of expertise that apply to you (located below the brief descriptions to follow). Not all boards and commissions have vacancies; contact the Clerk’s Office for further details.

Beautification Commission evaluates entries for the City’s Neighborhood Entryway Enhancement Matching Grant Program, and is involved in various beautification projects and public events.

Board of Review reviews property assessments as set by the City Assessor and hears appeals by individual property owners; then reduces, adds to or denies said appeal. A certification of the assessment role is required by the Board of Review per the state statute.

Building Authority oversees the issuance of financing bonds for special projects within the City of Novi.

City Council Cultural Arts Committee This Committee will make recommendations regarding public art, music, theater, and dance opportunities and ways to broaden cultural art and music opportunities in Novi.

Construction Board of Appeals exists as a "fact finding" body for builders and developers; hear appeals for questions of interpretation and proper application and equivalency.

Corridor Improvement Authority helps to correct and prevent deterioration in commercial business districts, and promotes the economic growth within the districts.

Economic Development Corporation is a resource for reviewing requests for Industrial Revenue Bonds and for other economic development initiatives; meets only as needed.

Election Commission has the duties and powers conferred on the City Election Commissioners by statue. The City Clerk is the chairman of the Commission.

Historical Commission in cooperation with the Historical Society and the Novi Public Library, is responsible for Old Township Hall (which serves as a museum), and for the collection, preservation and marking of historical sites.

Library Board approves payment of bills, acts upon recommendations of the Library Administrator and handles various other business matters.

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Commission sets policy for and makes recommendations to the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department. The Commissioners work together with professional staff in the areas of programming, budget, facilities, planning and public relations. The Commission has the responsibility of meeting community recreational objectives, and reflecting community needs to the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department and City Council.

Planning Commission prepares a Master Plan for Land Use and advises the City Council in regard to the proper development of the City of Novi. The Planning Commission reviews and recommends to City Council all requests for change in zoning and ordinance text amendments.

Public Utilities and Technology Committee studies and makes recommendations regarding all non-city public utilities (e.g., gas, electric, cable) and broadband expansion opportunities.

Zoning Board of Appeals authorizes use in a zoning district in which it is not otherwise permitted, provided it is clearly shown that the land cannot be utilized for a zoned use. The board is empowered to act on matters where zoning ordinances provide for administrative review, interpretation, exception or special approval permit, and to author a variance as defined in section 3104 of the Zoning Ordinance and Laws of the State of Michigan.

I understand I am volunteering my services with no monetary compensation or benefits. I understand I am not a City of Novi employee. I further understand the City of Novi is not obligated to accept my offer of volunteering service to the City of Novi. The City of Novi reserves the right to terminate my volunteer service at any time. I have read the Volunteer NOVI Guidebook and Policies. I will adhere to the policies and procedures of the City of Novi.

I authorize fingerprinting, criminal background checks, search of sex offender registry, and Department of Motor Vehicle checks as deemed necessary by the City of Novi. I authorize investigation of any matter contained in the application.

I understand as a volunteer I am NOT covered under the City of Novi’s Workers’ Compensation Policy for any injury or accident sustained during my volunteer assignment. I understand I am to report any injury or accident immediately to my supervisor. I further understand any medical costs or other costs incurred as result of incident will be my responsibility. I further understand if I fail to report the injury or accident immediately to my supervisor I may be released from my current volunteer assignment and may be Ineligible for any assignment in the future.

I give the City of Novi permission to use, publish and republish, without compensation or obligation to me any photographs, videos or other media now in existence, which may be developed for future use along with reproduction of my likeness taken during my volunteer service to the City of Novi.

I declare under penalty of perjury all statements made in this application are true and correct of my own personal knowledge.