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Novi Parks’ leagues are formed and operated on the principles of good sportsmanship, fair play, and healthy activity. Our community atmosphere allows players and coaches to focus on fundamental player development and fun, while competing at a high level. The success of the program is made possible with the great support of volunteer coaches.


Select Lightning

  • Select is a higher level of competition than recreational play.
  • All Lightning teams must hold a tryout.
  • Tryouts occur in June and are for the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons.
  • One-season teams can be formed for middle school and high school players.
  • Age divisions with multiple teams will be tiered: (1) Gold, (2) Blue, (3) White
  • The Lightning cost is $375 for a Novi resident and $430 for a non-resident. This includes both the fall and spring seasons. Full uniform is sold separately.
  • Teams will practice twice during the week, weather permitting.
  • There will be 16 games (8 in the fall and 8 in the spring).
  • Coaches cannot directly contact any players outside of Novi Parks Soccer Club about Tryouts until after the spring WSSL season ends.
  • Coaches will work with opposing teams and Novi Parks to initially schedule games.
  • Coaches will receive $75 credit to their family accounts after the soccer year.

Tryout Process

Tryouts are held at a pre-determined time/location set by Novi Parks Soccer Club. The sessions will be conducted by the coaches and every player interested in playing on a team MUST participate in a tryout. Players need to pre-register prior to the tryout date. There is no cost to pre-register for the tryout.
Each age division will have approximately 90 minutes on both Saturday and Sunday to run a tryout. There may be a supplemental tryout on Monday if necessary. Specific division times will be listed on the website. Players can try out for multiple age divisions, but they cannot try out for divisions younger than their birth year. Players should plan to be at all tryouts for their age group, as some teams will be formed Saturday with the expectation of all teams being finalized on Sunday. If you do not attend the first tryout date on Saturday, there is a risk that the team roster will be filled at that time.
There will be a registration tent where numbered bibs will be provided to each of the participants. Evaluations are up to the individual coaches and they have the freedom to evaluate the kids however they choose through drills, scrimmages, etc. There will be extra balls, cones, pinnies, and stop watches for coaches to use at the field.

Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Tryouts

  • Tryout Date: Sat, June 8 (Sun, June 9 if necessary)
  • Location: Bosco Fields (47481 Eleven Mile Road, Novi)
  • 2024-25 Lightning Tryout Schedule: TBD
  • 2024-25 Lightning Coach Contacts: TBD
  • Sign up (no cost) at Select Soccer Tryouts – NPSC Lightning
  • Registration Ends: Jun 4

Extending & Accepting Offers

Coaches will extend offers throughout the tryouts. To accept an offer, parents must complete the online WSSL Player Registration Form and upload a copy of their child’s birth certificate or passport via SportsForms during the tryout weekend. Select Novi Parks Soccer Club from the drop-down menu at this link: Players will also need to be registered for the league prior to the registration deadline.
A player can decline an offer from a higher tiered team and accept an offer with a lower tiered team within the same age division. If a player is trying out for multiple age divisions within NPSC, they can accept and sign a contract for the first team to offer and still try out for the other age division. If they receive an offer from the other age division, they can decide to switch their commitment to that team.
Parents will also need to complete a USYS Medical Release Form for their child. This form should be given to the player’s coach during the first training session. Coaches will keep this on-hand in case of emergency at the fields.

Guest Players (Passcarding)

Coaches can seek out guest players in situations where their team would otherwise play shorthanded or with 0-1 substitutes, not to supplement established rosters with 2+ substitutes. NPSC players can guest play onto other NPSC teams, while adhering to Statute C in the WSSL Laws of the Game. For full guest player rules, visit

Uniforms & Spirit wear 

Uniforms are ordered separately from the Novi Parks player registration. Coaches will assign numbers to each of the players or let them choose their numbers. There cannot be duplicates.

  • Required items: primary & conflict jerseys, shorts, and socks
  • Confirm with your coach regarding available jersey numbers
  • Uniforms must be ordered by TBD to guarantee delivery before the season!
  • Spirit wear is optional

Sponsorship to Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

  • MSPSP has age divisions from U13-U19.
  • Coaches can request to have their team be sponsored into MSPSP. Teams that finish at the top of Division 1 the previous year are eligible. Novi Parks will make the final decision on whether or not to sponsor the team to MSPSP.
  • If sponsored, Novi Parks will pay the MSPSP fall and spring season fees. However, the team will be responsible for all their games’ referee fees (paid cash on-site).
  • MSPSP states that teams are responsible for half of the referee fees for every game. This includes both the home AND away games.
  • MSPSP coaches must have a U.S. Soccer Grassroots or Class E License.
  • Coaches must submit a copy (via email) of their license at the time of registration.