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Youth Council

In 2005, the City of Novi Youth Council was created, encouraging local students to become civically active within the community. It is charged with the responsibility of making recommendations to the City of Novi concerning the needs of youth, families and seniors of the city and the appropriate means by which public and private agencies in cooperation with volunteer efforts may address such needs.

Youth Council curriculum will be focused on the N-O-V-I City Council Goals categories, with departments creating engaging, interactive content to share their part of the Novi story. Youth Council will meet once a month with one of the Directors, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and other City leaders. Members will learn about local government for six months of their appointment. Following the educational component of their term, they will work collaboratively for the remainder (16-18 months) on a ‘capstone’ project approved by City Administration. They would then report out to City Council with a presentation at the conclusion of their term.

Youth Council will meet one Monday of the month 4pm, in Council Chambers. Representatives from City Council will interview and select 13 members to maintain Council exclusivity and ensure appropriate placement of students on the Council. Online applications must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office by September 1, 2021. Youth Council members are appointed for a two-year term, September through August. Students must be enrolled as a freshman, sophomore, or junior in a local high school.

PDF Icon Youth Council Application

PDF Icon Youth Council Application for Reappointment