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Billing FAQ

I’m selling my house. How do I request a final water bill and transfer water service?
Where do I pay my water bill?
Can I have a separate meter for my lawn sprinkler system?

Rates FAQ

Why don’t communities get the same wholesale water rate from Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)?
Why does my water and sewer bill come from my community but the water comes from GLWA and the sewage treatment plant is from Oakland County Water Resources Commission (OCWRC)?
Why does Novi charge fees on top of what GLWA charges for water and sewer service?
How are water and wastewater (sewer) rates set?
Why can’t rates be better managed to reduce fluctuations?
Why do rates increase?
Why do residents have to pay sewer charges on sprinkler water for their lawns?
Can I have a separate meter for my outdoor water use?
How can residents save money on their water/wastewater bill?
My house has been empty. Why do I still receive charges on my water bill?
Who fixes my water main when it breaks?
What is Maximum Day Demand and Peak Hour Demand?