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Volunteer Novi

Hello! The City of Novi is excited to learn of your interest in serving as a volunteer. Our Volunteer NOVI program is committed to encouraging community partnerships and efficiently coordinating volunteers to enhance community programs and services.

Whether you are a current volunteer or newly interested in learning about how you can make a positive difference for our City, Volunteer NOVI is a quick and easy resource to connect volunteers to various opportunities, assignment descriptions, online applications, helpful information, and so much more. Follow the Guidebook and Policies link under the menu selection to learn about the program.

Volunteering opens the door to meeting new people, experiencing personal gratification, learning a new skill, sharing your expertise, and gaining knowledge of city government and community, which all make positive impacts for the City of Novi. Many volunteer opportunities exist within different departments of the City.

Are you ready to get started? Follow the Apply to Volunteer link under the menu selection to complete the online application that applies. Please note: if you are interested in serving as a volunteer for Public Safety or as a recreational coach for example, additional form(s), other information or action may be required.

Do you have questions? If so, please contact the City of Novi Volunteer Resources Coordinator.

Katherine Oppermann, Volunteer Resources Coordinator
City of Novi
45175 Ten Mile Road
Novi, MI 48375
248-347-0478 or 248-347-0445