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Regular Meeting
Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | 7:00 P.M.
Council Chambers | Novi Civic Center | 45175 W. Ten Mile Road
(248) 347-0580

Roll Call: Members Bauer, Cassis, Ghannam, Ibe, Krieger, Sanghvi, Skelcy and Wrobel

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Hearing Format and Rules of Conduct

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes: July 14, 2009

Public Remarks

1. Case No. 09-030 25875 Novi Road Suite 124 – City Center Plaza
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The petitioner is requesting a variance of 23 square feet to allow installation of a 48 square foot wall sign located at 25875 Novi Road – Suite 124 at the City Center Plaza. The property is zoned TC-1 and is located west of Novi Road and south of Grand River Avenue.

CITY OF NOVI, CODE OF ORDINANCE, Section 28-5 (2)b.1.(b)(i), states: "A business having a first floor pedestrian entrance shall be allowed one and one-fourth (1 ¼) square feet of signage per linear foot of contiguous public or private street frontage up to a maximum of sixty-five (65) square feet."

2. Case No. 09-031 40399 Grand River Avenue –Beech Tree Plaza
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Jason Fochtman of Jeffery Scott Architects for The Kroger Company is requesting a variance to permit the installation of a proposed generator in the interior side yard of the existing Kroger Company offices located at 40399 Grand River Avenue.  The property is zoned I-1 and is located on the south side of Grand River Avenue, between Joseph Drive and Bashian Drive.

CITY OF NOVI, CODE OF ORDINANCES, Section 2503.2.A requires all accessory structures to be located in the rear yard.

3. Case No. 09-032 21355 Meadowbrook Road – Meadowbrook Congregation Church
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Michael A. Mikulan of Northville Cooperative Preschool is requesting a variance to permit the installation of a preschool/day care center accommodating less than 50 children at existing classroom space at the Meadowbrook Congregational Church located at 21355 Meadowbrook Road without providing a fenced in recreation area.  The property is zoned R-1 and is located on the western side of Meadowbrook Road between Nine Mile Road and Eight Mile Road.

CITY OF NOVI, CODE OF ORDINANCES, Section 402.4.b requires all day care centers accommodating 50 children or less to provide a fenced outdoor recreation area.  For each person cared for a minimum of 150 square feet of outdoor recreation space should be provided.  The applicant has indicated a maximum of 23 children will be present at any one time necessitating a 3,450 square foot outdoor recreation area.

4. Case No. 09-033 26054 Novi Road – Bagger Dave’s
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Ryan Kowalski of Krieger Associates is requesting a variance to allow installation of one (1) additional 50 square foot wall sign on the west elevation of the multi tenant building located at 26054 Novi Road for Bagger Dave’s. The property is zoned TC and located north of Grand River and east of Novi Road.

Section 28-5 (3) states: "Number of on-premises advertising signs permitted: No building or parcel of land shall be allowed more than one (1) sign permitted under this section…."






NOTICE: People with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in this meeting should contact the Community Development Department (248) 347-0415 at least seven working days in advance of the meeting. An attempt will be made to make reasonable accommodations.