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Tuesday July 10, 2007– 7:30 p.m.

Council Chambers – Novi Civic Center – 45175 W. Ten Mile Rd.

Roll call Members Bauer, Canup, Fischer, Gatt, Krieger, Sanghvi and Shroyer

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Hearing Format and Rules of Conduct:

  1. Please turn off pagers and cell phones during the meeting.

  2. Applicant/Representative will be asked to come forth, state their name and address and be sworn in by the Secretary.

  3. Applicants/Representatives will be allowed five (5) minutes to address the Board and present their case. An extension of time may be granted at the discretion of the Chairperson.

  4. Anyone in the audience who wishes to address the Board regarding the current case will be asked by the Chairperson to raise their hands to be recognized.

  5. Once recognized, audience members addressing the Board will be sworn in and given three (3) minutes to speak as an individual or ten (10) minutes to speak if representing a group.

  6. Members of the audience will be allowed to address the Board once unless directly questioned by a Board member or the Chairperson.

  7. The Secretary will read the number of public hearing notices mailed pertaining to the current case. Objection and approval responses will be entered into the record at this time.

  8. The Chairperson will ask for input from the Community Development Department Liaison, the Ordinance Enforcement Officer, the Planning Department and the City Attorney.

  9. The Chairperson will turn the case over to the Board for discussion, clarification and entertain a motion when appropriate.

  10. Impromptu statements from the audience during discussion by the Board will be considered out-of-order.

  11. A roll call vote will be taken to approve or deny the motion on the table and the next case will be called.

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes May 8, 2007, June 5, 2007

Public Remarks

1.  Case No. 07-040 filed by Bill Stanton of Toll Brothers Inc. For Island Lakes located at 25622 Napier Road – tabled from June 5, 2007

Bill Stanton of Toll Brothers, Inc is requesting multiple sign variances for nine over sized real estate signs and twelve directional signs for the Island Lakes Community Development. The property is zoned RA and located south of Grand River north of Ten Mile and east of Napier west of Wixom Road.

The applicant has prioritized nine (9) variance requests for oversized real estate signs to be located:

Sign # Priority #

#1 Wixom Road/10 Mile #1

#2 Drakes Bay Drive/Chesapeake Drive #20

#3 Wixom Road/Drakes Bay Drive #19

#10 Seaglen Drive #18

#11 Drakes Bay Drive/Chesapeake Drive #3

#17 Drakes Bay Drive north of Terra Del Mar Drive #2

#18 Ten Mile Road/Terra Del Mar Drive #4

#19 Drakes Bay Drive/Saybrook Court #16

#20 Wixom Road/Timber Trail #17

CITY OF NOVI, CODE OF ORDINANCES, Section 28-6 (3) Temporary Signs states: "Sale, rental or lease sign which identifies the sale, rental, or lease of the residential property…shall be 64 square feet in area and not higher than five (5) feet. One sign."

The applicant has prioritized twelve (12) variance requests for directional signage to be located:

Sign # Priority #

#4 Ravine Drive/Shoreline #10

#5 Not indicated on map #9

#6 Drakes Bay Drive west of Saybrook #11

(also indicated as Timber Trail and Shoreline)

#7 Island Lake Drive/Fieldstone Drive #8

#8 Seaglen Drive/Island Lake Drive #14

#9 Drakes Bay Drive/Seaglen Drive #7

#12 Drakes Bay Drive/Terra Del Mar Drive #6

#13 Drakes Bay Drive south of Terra Del Mar Drive #5

#14 Drakes Bay Drive lot 218 #13

#15 Terra Del Mar Drive across from Langley Drive #15

#16 Terra Del Mar Drive at Billenca Drive #21

#21 Island Lake Drive/Shoreline Drive #12

CITY OF NOVI, CODE OF ORDINANCES, Section 28-10 (a) Prohibited Signs states: "A sign nor expressly permitted is prohibited."

Applicant is requesting nine oversized real estate sign variances and twelve sign variances for directional signage in the Island Lakes Community Development.

2.  Case No. 07-045 filed by Mark Vesta of Archiver’s Photo Memory Store located at 26160 Ingersol Drive

Applicant is requesting one 19.27 square foot wall sign variance for a 13 foot-8 inch x 6 foot-2 inch wall sign on the southwest elevation of the Archiver’s Photo Memory Store to be located at 26160 Ingersol Drive in the Novi Town Center. Property is zoned TC and located south of 696 and west of Novi Road.

NOVI CODE OF ORDINANCES Section 28-5 (2) b. 1. (a) (i) a. states: "A business having a first floor pedestrian entrance shall be allowed one and one-fourth (1 ¼) square feet of signage per linear foot of contiguous public or private street frontage up to a maximum of sixty-five (65) square feet.

Applicant is requesting a variance for an 84.27 square foot wall sign.


3.  Case No. 07-046 filed by Crystal Halley of RE/MAX – 100 located at 26870 Beck Road

Applicant is requesting one sign variance for a 32 square foot ground sign to be located at 26870 Beck Road. The building already has an approved wall sign. Property is zoned OS-1 and located west of Beck Road and south of Grand River Avenue.

NOVI CODE OF ORDINANCES Section 28-5 (3) states: "No building or parcel of land shall be allowed more than one (1) sin permitted…"

Applicant is requesting to have a ground sign in addition to an existing wall sign.


  1. Introductions

  2. Chairperson’s Comments

  3. Election of Board Secretary

  4. Subcommittee Status

  5. Term Expirations