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MONDAY, MARCH 15, 1999 AT 7:30 PM



Mayor ProTem Crawford called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.






ROLL CALL: Mayor McLallen (arrived at 8:50 p.m.), Mayor ProTem Crawford, Council Members DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid





Mayor ProTem Crawford removed Item C-1.


Member Lorenzo requested Item 3 under Presentations regarding Senior Housing Project-Building Authority be added for discussion. Mayor ProTem Crawford scheduled the discussion under Mayor and Council Issues.



CM-99-03-062: Moved by DeRoche, Seconded by Schmid, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve Agenda as amended


Vote on CM-99-03-062: Yeas: Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

Nays: None





  1. Commendation to Jeff Leininger for December 29, 1998 Lake St. Claire Rescue – Representative Cassis & Representative Callahan
  2. Mayor ProTem Crawford said it is a pleasure for this commendation to be presented to Mr. Jeff Leininger and thanked him for his heroic efforts.

    State Representative Nancy Cassis stated two representatives are together from Oakland and Macomb to present this honor. She said they are joined by Novi Fire Chief Art Lenaghan to honor Jeff Leininger for putting service above self in rescuing ice fishermen stranded on Lake St. Claire. Representative Cassis commented the courage he showed when he was in great personnel danger made him a hero to the young and old.

    Representative Cassis mentioned Jeff Leiniger grew up in Novi and trained to become a fire fighter under the supervision of Fire Chief Lenaghan. She stated the tribute is signed by herself, Representative Callahan from St. Claire Shores and Governor John Engler. Representative Cassis stated this is an honor early in his career but knows this is just a start of many successes. Representative Callahan commented how the fire department has evolved over the years with some of the perimeters in which they serve. Representative Callahan stated this rescue could have turned tragic because of various factors including a Coast Guard cutter had come within 50 yards of the group but were unable to see them until Jeff Leininger was able to establish a light to signal.

    Chief Lenaghan congratulated Jeff Leininger for his heroic job and said the city would like to take some pride in his accomplishment for the fact he started his career with Novi. Chief Lenaghan said he is proud and wants Jeff to continue his outstanding work.

  3. Mayoral Presentation of Appreciation Recognizing Community Contributions from Novi Restaurants – Mayor McLallen & Lou Martin
  4. Mr. Lou Martin commented the restaurants mentioned are to receive the Mayoral Award for contributions at their own expense to Novi Community Events.

    Border Cantina was represented by Melissa who commented the restaurant wants to continue their support for the community in any way possible and thanked the Council for the honor.

    Country Epicure was represented by Sue who thanked the Council for the honor.

    Guernsey’s Farm Dairy also thanked the Council for the honor.

    Mayor ProTem Crawford read the list of recipients not present: China Café, Local Color, Miasano’s Italian Restaurant, Maria’s Italian Bakery, Mongolian BBQ, Mr. B’s Farm, Novi VI Chop House, Oxford Inn, Panera Bread, Red, Hot & Blue, Steve & Rocky’s, TGI Friday’s and Too Chez.

    Mayor ProTem Crawford said the city appreciates all these fine restaurants in Novi.

  5. Senior Housing Project – Building Authority


Mr. Craig Klaver explained this is a follow-up to a joint meeting that was held on January 21, 1999 with the Council and the Building Authority. The project was reviewed and there were some questions and concerns and the Building Authority was sent back to do revisions to make the project more affordable. Mr. Klaver commended the Building Authority for their efforts.


Mr. Mark Sturing, Vice President for the Building Authority gave regrets for Larry Czekaj, the Chairperson who could not attend the meeting. Mr. Sturing said he would be giving a brief update to the Senior Housing Development.


Mr. Sturing made reference to the packet given to Council and commented the vision was to provide affordable housing for the elderly and some concerns raised by the private sector in regards to competition. He believes these issues have been addressed. In January the Building Authority had pleminary plans that contained 199 units. In response to the concerns raised at the January meeting the Building Authority requested the architect to slightly redesign the design of the project. Some of the more costly units have been eliminated and added some of less costly units. The results of this modification are a development that now contains 175 units. Mr. Sturing continued by saying 115 units would be in the main building and 60 units would be outside of the building that is commonly known as ranches or cottages along the permenator adjacent to the Meadowbrook Glen Subdivision.


Mr. Sturing said the purpose for this change is to lower the over all cost of the development and lower the rent of the units in the main building. He continued to explain the ranches or cottages will now rent around near market rates but the units in the main building would rent at substantially below market rate. Mr. Sturing said this is commonly known as skewing of the rent in order to provide affordable housing. Mr. Sturing believes with this plan will provide 115 affordable or below market rate units and 60 market rate units. He explained the project would be providing 115 affordable units or approximately 65% of the total units.


Mr. Sturing commented the Building Authority believes based on the assumptions provided that the rent for units in the main building will range from $500.00 to $700.00 a month. Mr. Sturing said the ranch or cottage units would be at market rates, which are approximately just under a $1000.00 per unit. He mentioned Kathy Crawford who is in charge of the special senior programs had included in the packet some detailed, demographic, income and housing data. He explained he wanted to highlight the second aspect of the affordable housing is not only the rent but also the services that would be provided with the facility that add the concept of affordability. He mentioned some examples such as health screening, free income tax assistance, free employment referrals, lunch program and other city and county programs to name a few.


Mr. Sturing stated because of this change in the design it will need to go back to the Planning Commission, Council and the Zoning Board of Appeals. He continued by saying a time chart was included in the packet showing the various times it is anticipated for the revisions to go the different groups with the last approval to be around or occur on May 4, 1999.


The architect for the project, Mr. Al Tuomaala started by referring to the previous plan which showed a central building that was a double courtyard configuration. One of the changes with the plan was the down scale of the project and by down scaling the building it was simplified to a single courtyard building but still contains a one story appendage which includes a multi-purpose room. Mr. Tuomaala stated the building still contains all the spaces originally anticipated but proportioned to the smaller size of the building. Mr. Tuomaala stated out of the 115 units in the building in which 85 are one-bedroom units and the remaining 30 being two bedroom units. He continued by stating the ranches have been exspaned from 40 to 60 units and it is proportioned to a 50/50 between one and two bedroom apartments. He commented previously it was a 60/40-percentage distribution. He continued by reducing the large building and the parking requirements, which simplified some of the site work. All of these changes serve to bring down the cost of the project.


Mr. Tuomaala said the elevations of the project have not changed. The same characteristics and residential features of the architecture have been maintained. The difference in the building is instead of offering four types of one and two bedroom units have been reduced down to three types. The quality is still present within the project. It has just been simplified.


Mayor ProTem Crawford asked Member Lorenzo if her questions had been answered with this presentation? If not would she ask those questions at break time then comments would be addressed under Mayor and Council Issues.





  1. Removal of Stop Signs on East Lake Drive at New Court.


John Smith of 1227 East Lake Drive said he is speaking in favor of continuing the stop sign at East Lake Drive and New Court. He stated he has lived in the area for eight years and sees the two problems as traffic density and speed. Mr. Smith commented this situation has been brought up before and has always been viewed as a way to control traffic density and speed. He continued to state speeding and safety of area children is still an issue and asked the Council to continue with the placement of the stop sign.


Steve Grant of 1317 East Lake Drive said he appreciates the stop sign and requests that it not be removed for safety.


Scott Roma of 1229 East Lake Drive gave his support for the stop sign not to be removed.


James Korte of Shawood Lake said he is addressing the issue from the direction of West Lake Sector Study, which was supposed to be temporary. The stop sign was to be removed. Mr. Korte stated the traffic was heavy and out of control but now Decker Road has done everything that it can do to take traffic away. Mr. Korte stated this is the third time this request has come before Council. He commented the first two times it came before Council he did not feel it was time to remove the sign. However, he supports the sign to be removed now. Mr. Korte stated the police have to do zero tolerance as far as speeding and cut through traffic in the area. He believes the stop sign does nothing with the reduced traffic.


Rich Titsworth commented he owns two pieces of property directly at the stop sign in question. He continued to say he has lived in the area for nine years and has owned the two properties for two years. Mr. Titsworth said regardless of the noise factor; the stop sign is very effective at slowly cars down. He stated the inconvenience of stop signs would redirect the traffic and reduce the short cuts through the area. Mr. Titsworth said zero tolerance is a great idea but not sure if that is where the citizens should be putting their police dollars. He said he supports the stop sign to not be removed.


Michelle Verplanck of East Lake Drive gave her support of the stop sign. She said the volume of traffic has been reduced but does not want to see the stop sign removed to keep the speed under control. Ms. Verplanck said there needs to be some permanent signage instead of the police coming to the area to write tickets. She said a traffic counter study was to be done but does not know if that has happened and if so, she would like to view the data.


Kurt Kralovich gave his support in retaining the stop signs. He commented this issue involves incident of vehicle verses vehicle accidents. He said it causes an increase of pedestrian traffic between the pieces of property on each side of the road. He believes this rule applies for standard streets where individual property is only on one side of the road. Mr. Kralovich said when the ordinance was put in place it was for public safety. He continued by saying there were not a large number of vehicle accidents to threaten the residents at that time but now there is the threat of vehicle verses pedestrian. He asked the Council to consider this issue.


Sarah Gray of 133 Maudlin stated she is Vice President of the Homeowners Association stated there is continued problems with traffic. Ms. Gray spoke on behalf of a resident unable to attended and commented the 3,000 cars that use East Lake Drive is not neighborhood traffic but thru-traffic. It was mentioned if Walled Lake can control the traffic on the same street then why is Novi having trouble?





James Korte referred to the $13,000 Erma Street improvements stated on the Consent Agenda. He said he met with Lieutenant McNamara and Mr. Craig Smith from the Department of Public Work (DPW) and told them for the last year-and-a-half not been able to keep a four-foot passage closed to vehicular traffic. Mr. Korte commented now the city is going to spend $13,000 to have this torn up again? He is asking for the whole project to be abandoned. He commented the walk through was to accommodate Ali Adams who now can not use the passage and the older gentleman no longer lives in the area. Mr. Korte said it is a trash bend and a nuisance. He said it is a driveway and constant problem and the DPW is out there regularly. Mr. Korte commented Mr. Smith asked him what the solution is if the DPW does not do anything? Mr. Korte said he has talked to the party storeowners and they have indicated they would fence their whole backyard including the roadway. Victor Muscat is the residents on that side and will do nothing. Mr. Korte stated he would take care of the other 25 feet and the rest of his property in the back and it will be walled half to the general public. He questioned, if he asked to abandon this project, is it something the Council does or does he need to ask for a public hearing? Mayor ProTem Crawford said this has already been approved. Mr. Korte asked if it made sense to spend the money? Mayor ProTem Crawford explained Mr. Korte’s comments would be taken into consideration and probably it would be pulled off the agenda.


Sarah Gray of 133 Maudlin commented on Item H which is the Eubank Water Main Extension Project. She asked that the project be approved.


Cas Swamba of 22727 Foxmoore commented on the resurfacing of Taft Road and why it has been post-poned for three years. He explained there are about 287 homeowners in the subdivision and asked the Council to address the need in getting the road resurfaced. Mr. Swamba asked the road be wide enough to accommodate school buses and extra wide equipment traffic.


Mr. Ed Kriewall said the Taft Road situation would be addressed at the road study session meeting on Monday, March 29, 1999 at 8:00 p.m. in the activities room.



CONSENT AGENDA (Approval/Removals)


Member Lorenzo requested that Council remove Items D, E and G.


Member Schmid requested that Council remove Item N.



CM-99-03-063: Moved by Lorenzo, Seconded by DeRoche, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve the Consent Agenda as amended


  1. Approve Minutes of:
  1. February 22, 1999 Regular Meeting
  2. February 25, 1999 Regular Meeting - Interviews
  3. March 1, 1999 Regular Meeting
  1. Schedule Special Meetings:
  1. Joint Meeting between the City Council and the Library Board on March 29, 1999 at 5:30 PM, at the Novi Library, for the purpose of Library Board Update
  2. March 29, 1999 at 8:00 PM, in the Activities Room, for the purpose of Road Project Update and approval of Warrant 540.
  1. Schedule Executive Sessions:

2. March 29, 1999 at 7:00 PM, in the Council Annex, for the purpose of Union Negotiations and Pending Litigation

F. Approval of State of Michigan, Board of County Road Commissioners, Oakland County, Agreement for Traffic Control Device for Grand River at Town Center/Market Street (CO180).

H. Award of the Eubank Water Main Extension Project - SAD 149 and the Austin Drive Water Main Extension Project - SAD 151 to the lowest bidder, D.O.C. Contracting, Inc.

I. Acceptance of a permanent water main easement from the Novi Community School District f for the Eleven Mile/Wixom Road Water Main Extension Project.

J. Award bid for Aggregate Materials to Hayball Transport, the low bidder, based on unit pricing.

K. Award bid for Water Service Materials to S.L.C. Meter Service in the amount of $67,895.20.

L. Approval to reject Street Tree bids received on February 11, 1999 and to rebid the project.

M. Approval of draft resolution revising Street Tree planting fee structure.

O. Approval of Claims and Accounts – Warrant No 539



Vote on CM-99-03-063: Yeas: Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

Nays: None




  1. Request for approval of Ordinance Amendment 99-81.16, an ordinance to rescind 91-81.10 which will remove Stop Signs on East Lake Drive at New Court – I & II Reading and adoption and approval Traffic Control Order 99-01, recinding Traffic Control Order 91-27; and approval of Traffic Control Order No. 99-02 authorizing the installation of a stop sign on New Court at East Lake Drive.
  2. Mr. Rod Arroyo stated the request provided by the Department of Public Works has been reviewed to evaluate the removal of stop signs on East Lake Drive. Mr. Arroyo said the location was studied and data collected. The recommendation is for the stop signs to be removed from East Lake Drive and a stop sign be retained on New Court Drive for the approach of East Lake Drive with a supplemental plate indicating the cross traffic does not stop. Mr. Arroyo explained the reason for the recommendation is based on the evaluation of the warrants in the Michigan Manual Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The manual indicates that multi-way stop signs should ordinarily be used only where there is a volume of traffic on the intersecting roads that is approximately equal. Mr. Arroyo commented typically these signs are installed in areas with fairly the same amount of traffic entering the intersection. He stated East Lake Drive carries approximately 3,600 vehicles per day based on the most recent count done in 1997. He continued by stating this is down from the 8,000 to 10,000 vehicles per day prior to the Novi Road improvements. Mr. Arroyo stated New Court carries very low traffic volume because it serves only single family homes, therefore; the warrants are not in place to justify the maintenance of the multi-way stop sign. Mr. Arroyo again stated this is the recommendation.

    Member Lorenzo commented that stop signs could be warranted to slow traffic done. Mr. Arroyo said studies have shown the stop signs typically slow traffic down but only in immediate locations of the stop sign. He also commented the studies indicate there are higher speeds between the stop signs. Member Lorenzo commented when the speeds increase that is when enforcement should be present to write citations. Mr. Arroyo commented enforcement should be there without the stop signs. He said the primary purposes of stop signs are to assign the right-of-way at intersections not to slow traffic done.

    Mr. Arroyo said some issues are being looked at with South Lake Drive that will be coming to the Council and maybe some solutions can be done on East Lake Drive at a future date to address speed. Mr. Arroyo said the recommendation is for enforcement to be maintained by the police department. Member Lorenzo said she is sensitive to the situation. She asked how traffic might be slowed down? She said from a traffic safety standpoint she is in agreement with keeping the stop signs. However, she would like to review more of the information on the subject. She commented she would like to see it post-poned. Member Lorenzo commented additional information could be reviewed and perhaps alternatives might be presented before a discussion is made to remove them because she is not convinced.

    Member Kramer commented when the stop signs were installed there was a lot debate. Member Kramer asked Mr. Arroyo what the recommendation at the time of install was. Mr. Arroyo said the recommendation has not changed. Member Kramer commended the citizens who live close to the area are requesting that the sign not be removed. Member Kramer believes no other facts need to be considered. He believes the traffic count is down substantially.

    Member Mutch commented she did not need any additional information because a number of people wrote correspondence and the citizens whom spoke. Member Mutch stated the feeling is the people who live close to the signs are comfortable with the signs and believe some of the safety will be lost. Member Mutch said she is prepared to support the retainment of the signs.

    Member DeRoche commended he does not like when Council has to get involved with an issue that is citizen orientated. He stated the stop sign is not an inconvenience to the people who live on East Lake Drive. Member DeRoche said he is not concerned with the people who cut through for convenience because of the stop signs. He believes that is the factor of why the stop sign is there. He believes drivers will use the most convenient route. Member DeRoche commended if one of the routes is made less convenient they will find another route. Member DeRoche commended he is unclear as to what the people want on East Lake Drive.

    Member Schmid wanted to know what the reason was to have the stop signs removed? Mr. Arroyo said he recalls that there was concern about noise. He said Asa Smith was the resident who lived in close proximity to the sign that wanted it removed. Member Schmid commended he believes with the information received he does not think there is enough information to take away the stop signs.

    Mayor ProTem Crawford said he is reluctant to remove the sign until other solutions are considered. He would like to see some measures included into the motion.

    Mr. Ed Kriewall commended the sign should remain because the situation has been thoroughly studied. He sees no point to study further either keep it or remove it.

    Member Schmid commended if the original ordinance is rescinded it takes away all the stop signs and if no action is taken the stop signs will stay. Mr. Arroyo said that is correct.

    Mayor ProTem Crawford said it might be appropriate to take some action so the issue is closed.

    CM-99-03-064: Moved by Mutch, Seconded by DeRoche, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: Request to not approve of Ordinance Amendment 99-81.16; But add additional advisory signs


    Member Schmid said he has great empathy for those who live by that corner. He supports the motion with some regret.

    Member Lorenzo requested to make a friendly amendment to the motion. She commended some residents were asking for advisory signage to be added.

    Member Mutch asked if there was an advanced warning sign? Mr. Arroyo said one already exists at the location.

    Vote on CM-99-03-064: Yeas: Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None

  3. Request for approval of Architectural firm of CDPA for Police Building Renovation
  4. Chief Douglas Shaeffer explained the architectural firm will be provide five phases which are stamatic design, design development, construction & document phase, bidding & negotiation phase and then the construction & administration phase. Chief Shaeffer said the recommendation is based on several factors. The first being that several years ago when a need assessment survey was conducted the Council selected the firm of CDPA. The CDPA firm conducted the survey and presented the findings to Council and a citizens committee appointed by Council. Chief Shaeffer said the committee did make some recommendations for changes and they were incorporated into the study. It was with this information that the bond issue was presented to the voters and passed.

    Chief Shaeffer commented the firm of CDPA has an extensive history of constructing police facilities. Therefore, the recommendation is based on their knowledge of the building, need assessment conducted and competitive practice on being selected for other facilities.

    Mayor McLallen arrived at 8:50 p.m. for the record.

    Member DeRoche asked if the percentage in line with what normally is seen with an archeticual firm? Chief Shaeffer responded he believes it is.

    Mr. Craig Klaver commended the quote is very competitive. He said the only problem might exist is generally a project of this size with a renovation that tends to be a little more complicated than building a new facility. He commented again it is competitive within the range of architectural services. Member DeRoche asked for a renovation what would be the range? Mr. Klaver answered it would be anywhere from 4% to 8% depending upon the size of the project. He explained generally the larger the project the better the overall cost of the project. Member DeRoche made a motion for an approval.

    CM-99-03-065: Moved by DeRoche, Seconded by Kramer: CARRIED

    UNANIMOUSLY: To approve architectural firm of CDPA for Police Building Renovation

    Vote on 99-03-065: Yeas: McLallen, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None (Crawford absent at vote)

  5. Approval of Title V Grant Renewal Application – Community That Cares Coalition
  6. Mr. Dan Davis commented Title V is a cooperative effort between the Police Department and the Park & Recreation Department. There are three components with the grant. The first is with the police department, which handles undercover operations, dealing the alcohol and tobacco sales to minors. The second is increase with the D.A.R.E. program in the schools. The third component is administered through the Parks & Recreation Department which is the after school recreation program. Mr. Davis continued that this is the second year funding. Mr. Davis explained that basically the grant in local match percentage remain the same. He said this is potentially a five-year grant, which is subject to annual submittals of application if the Council wishes. Mr. Davis said the grant implementation started for the after school recreation in September 1998. He commented information is still being obtained in regards of the success of the program. Mr. Davis referred back to the presentation before Council in January where positive responses were explained to Council.

    Member Lorenzo asked in terms of the city’s share portion coming out of the General Fund, all that is asked to be funded is for a D.A.R.E. officer? Mr. Davis said that is correct. Member Lorenzo said the total is $81,000? Mr. Davis said believes that is correct. Member Lorenzo commented last year it was $86,000. Is there a reason? Mr. Davis explained there have been some slight changes internally with the budget as equipment was purchased for the program, which will not be done. The adjustment was done on a percentage basis. The local inkind match and the local match which makes up the D.A.R.E. officer’s salary, which has been, approved that is our contribution.

    Member Lorenzo asked next year if this program is to continue the local match will need to be higher? Mr. Davis answered it will go to a 50/50 match where currently it is a 67/33 percent match. Mr. Davis explained it would be a 17% swing in local funding. He continued to explain that it is an annually allocation and the program merits would be evaluated. He said if expenses could be cut or finding ways to generate additional revenue the program will be able to do that to make up the difference in 17% match. Member Lorenzo commented in one or two years the program will be looking at other areas beside the General Fund? Mr. Davis said that is correct. The program is a non-profit community based organization. The program will seek involvement from the community by looking for sponsorship and corporate donations. The program will also be viewing possible program fees and other resources of revenue that might have the impact on meeting the local share and contribution.

    Member Kramer commented the effort for the next year should at the minimum is able to offset the increase in local share. If the program could do better that would be fine, but he believes the goal should be hard to achieve the funding difference. The Council will support for two years out of the General Fund and hopefully that will give a strong foundation for the program.

    Member DeRoche asked how the Parks & Recreation Department got control of the after school project? Mr. Davis commented that was a direction that came out of Council discussions in 1998. He said when the program approached Council it was handled through the police department but Park & Recreation was already set up to provide the leisure services within the current operations and the program could be deliver the services under the direction of the department. He continued to say the hiring of the director, Lisa Dilg, came through the Human Resources Department where the position falls under the department. Member DeRoche said he remembers the discussion at Council and the Park & Recreation Department is more suited to oversee the program. He commented there were some council members that thought the program was for drug prevention not an after school latchkey program. Member DeRoche continued by saying he does not recall this being included in the motion to approve or that was the direction that Council formally wanted. Member DeRoche said he knows it was a component of the discussion but does not remember it being formalized. He asked was this something that administratively came from the discussion? Member DeRoche asked the Mayor if the Council gave direction to the Parks & Recreation Department to head the after school programs?

    Mayor McLallen said yes it was in the motion. She said the clerk would have to find the exact motion but the intent was how the after school opportunities will it bare a direction collation in the decrease of juvenile crimes. Mayor McLallen referred to a statistics report from the police chief. Member DeRoche wanted it stated that this was an administrative direction and not a direction from the Council. Mayor McLallen said it was a complicated, sensitive issue but it was a formal action from the Council.

    Member DeRoche asked who created the initive program and evaluation plan? He referred to Form 1-8. Lisa Dilg said that was Beth Belter.

    Member DeRoche said he has some concerns with the goals. He asked are these goals just for the grant? Ms. Belter said when this application was developed there had to be goals and objectives and risk factors that would fit with the evaluation that was done on the community. Ms. Belter said eight months were spent on collecting data. She said based on the data collected that is how the risk factors were identified and the specific areas had to be identifiable within the data and how these were going to be measured. Member DeRoche asked if these were the operating goals and objectives or are they different? Ms. Belter said these are the goals and objectives that are hoped to be accomplished by incorporating these programs. Member DeRoche referred to Form 1-8 and said when this program was passed he got the impression that this program was supposed to prevent alcohol and drug abuse in the community that was identified as a problem based on the surveys.

    Ms. Belter said there were three forms that address the availability of drugs, favorable attitudes toward the problem behavior and friends who engage in problem behavior. Ms. Belter said these are the main issues the coalition chose to prioritize. Member DeRoche commented on the availability of drugs. He referred to the long-term objectives and outcomes it stated it must be measurable. He said the increase in compliance of laws is one of the objections. Ms. Belter explained that recently the police department did an operation that received 100% compliance with the businesses not selling to minors. Ms. Belter said if the drugs are perceived on being available than the youth believes it is available. Ms. Belter said the objection is for the youth not to perceive the availability.

    Member DeRoche commented under short-term objectives and outcomes; the outcomes must be measurable. He said the objective is to decrease the number of the youth in illegal or negative or unproductive behaviors during after schools by increasing the number of youth involved in the program. He said very few government applications he has viewed state the reduction in numbers. He said he would rather see the drinking in the high school reduced by 20% rather than referring to the after school behaviors. Ms. Belter commented the objective is to stay focused and on line to the goals and objectives outlined.

    Lisa Dilg commented on the short and intermediate objectives. Ms. Dilg stated a more short term objective would be to get more students involved in the program so there would be decrease in the number of youth who have the potential of becoming involved in the illegal behavior. The intermediate objective is to decrease the illegal activities by 10% during after school hours.

    Member DeRoche asked who filled out for D.A.R.E.? Ms. Belter said she completed the documents. He commented the intermediate objectives for this program is to reduce the trend of alcohol and drug abuse in the targeted population by 5% by the year 2003. He asked how consistent is this number with other stated objective of 10%? Ms. Belter said the objective is to stop the growth and reduce it by 5%. She explained the Western Michigan Study is repeating a study this month in the schools. She said this would be the first time that there will be data to view to see if there has been any impact.

    Member Schmid commented when this program started he had some concerns about the benefit of such a program. Ms. Belter stated the D.A.R.E. program was started in high school was started in October so some changes is possible in the preserved availability based on those programs implemented in the 10th and 12th grade level. Member Schmid said the last comment he heard about D.A.R.E. was that is was not successful. He said spending monies for this program brings up concerns.

    Member Schmid said his major concern is the program cost $363,000 for the first year with the federal government picking up the majority with the city’s cost being $81,000.

    Ms. Belter said that is correct. Member Schmid asked how realistic is it that when 2003 arrives that the program will be able to come up with the money? Ms. Belter answered because of the decrease in running the program from year to year, there will not have to be the continuous supply like at the initial start. Ms. Belter said based on the first and second year of furbishing the facilities and collecting of supplies, the actual cost of running the program will decrease by the third year. She said it is very realistic that the coalition will be able to come up with the money. Ms. Belter explained the coalition is working on a business plan now to go into the community and make proposals along with some funding raising issues.

    Member Schmid said this program deals with two issues. The one is eliminating the availability of drugs and the other issue is the lack of activity from the other school districts within Novi. Member Schmid said some insurance’s were given that these schools districts would be getting involved but he does not see that within the report and no transportation is provided. Member Schmid continued to say a significant portion of the youth attend Walled Lake Schools where the families are paying taxes to Walled Lake and Novi. He asked what is being done to improve this situation? Ms. Dilg agreed that is an issue. She explained that they have approached to the schools. She commented Cooke School was very interested but unable to provide the transportation and Walled Lake felt they already had good alternatives for their students. Ms. Dilg said the coalition decided they would like to hear this from the residents so the coalition is going to conduct a survey for the various school districts to see what the interests might be. When the survey is collated then various actions could be taken. Ms. Dilg commented Ms. Belter has been in contact with the school district to see if a bus might be donated at the end of the year and the coalition would be responsible for maintenance.

    Member Schmid asked how many youths are registered? Ms. Dilg commented there are 428 students registered. Member Schmid inquired what are the daily participants? Ms. Dilg answered the amount is 50-70 students. Member Schmid asked about the range ages? Ms. Dilg commented the program does not get many thirteen or fourteen year olds. Member Schmid commented that is one of the program objectives. He asked what does she see as the problem? Ms. Dilg said this is a main issue and goal. She said she has talked to a group of middle school students to see what interests them. Ms. Dilg commented the students gave the reasons for lack of participation because it was not cool enough, not convenient, or they wanted to stay after school and watch different sports happening at that time. Ms. Dilg said they are starting a collaborate effort with the school to have a site right at the school. She said the Middle School has a problem with the students staying after school right now wondering the halls and the coalition has a program with none of these students. Ms. Dilg said they would like to combine these two problems and come up with the solution of the program will take care of the students and the school provides the facility.

    Member Schmid asked if it was known the number of students who are at the age of fourteen in the various school districts? Ms. Dilg said she is not positive but believes it is around 2,000 students. Member Schmid asked is it realistic to keep the program going when potentially 2,000 or 3,000, he believes this number is low, for 50 to 60 students a day? He continued by saying it costs the citizens of Novi $81,000 now, but it will increase unless other alternatives are found. How much money can be spent? Member Schmid asked at what time would the staff say this program is not working? Ms. Dilg commented the program is targeted for students who do not have anything scheduled after school or no parent in the home when they arrive. Member Schmid asked if it is known if these students are attending or anyway to gather what students are participating? Member Schmid believes there are students who are attending who have activities but see this program as fun and want to attend. He sees nothing wrong with that. Ms. Dilg commented the information gathered earlier supports that the program was targeting students who were going home or at least going home part of the time. Member Schmid said his concern remains with the cost of the program to the citizens of Novi but he is encouraged that the staff believes other alternatives will be found to fund for the program. He is also concerned with involving the entire city as apposed to the Novi school district and the participation. He also would like to see results of this program.

    Member Mutch commented that is easier to involve Novi school district because the buildings are centrally located and they are willing. She said the potential is there that students who live outside the city but attend school in Novi participate in the program; problems could arise with the tax base. Member Mutch said there might be the need for some different approach.

    Mayor McLallen referred to a report from Chief Shaeffer involving juvenile arrests for the past four years. She asked if it referred to the entire number of juveniles arrested in the community are Novi residents? Chief Shaeffer said they are all Novi residents. Mayor McLallen said at any given year 199 children within the city that have had contact with the police department from the ages ten to under seventeen. Mayor McLallen commented 199 are down from the 236 and a four-year high was 248. She said the arrest for drugs and alcohol is down more than 50%. She commented they went from 797 to 5 arrests for drugs. Mayor McLallen said either a bigger problem is being created; a perception of a huge problem when the reality is 5 children or a lot of children are being missed.

    Mayor McLallen said the alcohol statistic is done even further. She said in 1997 it was 55 for underage drinking or possession and in 1998 it was 17. Mayor McLallen commented something is working in those areas or the city does not have the actual problem as stated. She commented out of potential 4,000 children in this age group in this city no matter what school district they attend; only 22 children have been arrested. What are we talking about with this issue? Mayor McLallen referred to the report that shows rises in categories not even being talked about. She said the rising categories on the list are sexual offenses and assaults. Mayor McLallen commented this program does not address either. She commented the statistic is very different from the perceived program. She said the perception was that the drug and alcohol issue was monumental and needed many resources; yet the statistics show 199 children out of a potential population out of 4,000. Mayor McLallen commented this is a small number and she would like to see it at zero but she is concerned with the publicity the residents are getting that the drug and alcohol abuse in the city is rampant. She would like a justification of 22 arrests? She commented many children are not being caught or there is not the problem. Mayor McLallen asked is there a process that occurs before an arrest is made? Are there many more children involved and only a small number are actually getting arrested?

    Chief Shaeffer said the data that measure the availability of drugs in the community has been presented to Council. He said he has to believe if something is repeated over and over from different studies and researchers then that information needs to be reviewed.

    Chief Shaeffer said the numbers reported is that the police department targets the dealer not necessarily the user. He commented the inficents is placed on the dealer operations. The infrequent user is not the principle mission of the department but it is at the dealer level not unlike other police departments. Chief Shaeffer commented he could not say with certainty that the numbers are accurate. He said a new computer system was implemented last year, which included some procedure and classification problems. He said there has been some increases in miscellaneous juvenile activity but is not able to interpret that data. Chief Shaeffer said youths in the community are apprehended for possession of drugs however; a large amount of drug use is in the home where it is difficult for the officer to intercede. He proceeded by saying the data showed a large amount of drug use is taking place within a residence during unsupervised time.

    Mayor McLallen said the actual figures presented and the perception are far apart and the reality is somewhere in-between. She said she is concerned with the language used because it gives the perception that there is a vicious and rampant problem in the community. But the community has been very successful by the combined efforts. Mayor McLallen said she is in support of continuing the grant.

    Member Mutch asked Chief Shaeffer with the new technology at the police department, is it anticipated that a year from now with a greater degree of accuracy, how many Novi juveniles are involved in these crimes? She commented not just by offense but by the number of individuals involved? Chief Shaeffer said the data presented is individuals involved not offenses. He answered that the police department will be able to be more accurate and give more details for the categories. Member Mutch said the 199 refers to individuals then does the data account for the various offenses? Chief Shaeffer said it accounts to the most serious offense. Member Mutch said a drug arrest usually is the more serious offense. Chief Shaeffer answered yes in most cases. Member Mutch said when this is done next year could the offenses be formulated showing the highest priorities and multiple offenders and track all the offenses. Chief Shaeffer said that could be done.

    Member DeRoche commented the data received last year regarding D.A.R.E. was not working within the current structure. Member DeRoche mentioned that Chief Shaeffer said if the program would expand the impact would give the desired results. Member DeRoche asked Chief Shaeffer if there is data to tell the Council whether or not the program is headed in the right direction or remaining in the wrong direction? Chief Shaeffer commented two pilimenary studies have been conducted nationally showing a dramatic decrease in substance abuse and unfavorable attitudes toward substance abuse as a result of extending the program. Member DeRoche asked if negative data came back indicating that the program was not having an impact, would the police department come forward and say D.A.R.E. was not the program for Novi? Chief Shaeffer said the program would have to be examined and review what other programs might be available and whether Council wants to continue the commitment to a program that may have some marginal results.

    Member DeRoche commented on the success of the police compliance force. He believes a positive impact is happening within the city. Chief Shaeffer said the enforcement is working and pleased with the overall results.

    Member DeRoche asked Chief Shaeffer if he is the administrative facilitator of the program as far as making recommendations to Council? Chief Shaeffer said no. He explained he is primarily in charge of handling D.A.R.E. and any special enforcement. He said the after school program is being handled by the Parks & Recreation department and the majority is being administrated by administratively coordinated by Mr. Klaver.

    Mr. Klaver commented when the program was started it was realized someone would have to be hired with a recreational background. Once the program was expanded to two different departments it was decided some administrative overview would be necessary. Mr. Klaver explained Ms. Belter provides him with her time card and a narrative report every two weeks, which is distributed to all the involved personnel.

    Member Mutch wanted to clarify that it is a separate grant. Mr. Klaver said correct but it falls along with the same activity. Member DeRoche commented he would like to see one person come forward to Council with recommendations and would like that person to be the police chief.

    CM-99-03-066: Moved by Lorenzo, Seconded by Mutch, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To Approve the Title V Grant Renewal Application-Community That Cares Coalition

    Vote on CM-99-03-066: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None

  7. Library Board Mayoral Appointment with confirmation of Council
  8. Mayor McLallen recommended to Council to support Eric Krieger for the Library Board Appoint.

    CM-99-03-067: Moved by Schmid, Seconded by Lorenzo, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To reappoint Eric Krieger to the Library Board

    Vote on CM-999-03-067: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None

  9. Boards & Commission Appointments


Mayor McLallen asked the Council to give the City Clerk the ballots for the Boards & Commission Appointments.





BREAK from 9:55 p.m. until 10:07 p.m.




  1. Board and Commission Appointments Results
  2. Mayor McLallen announced all those persons on the ballots for the Beautification Commission, Cable Access and Board of Appeals were unanimously reappointed to the positions.

  3. Request for approval of Ordinance No. 99-99.11, An Ordinance to update Chapter 15 to the BOCA National Fire Prevention Code - I Reading
  4. Mayor McLallen explained this brings the code of Novi ordinance into conformance primarily dealing with fire lanes, open cooking and multiple housing, access and sprinklers.

    Mayor ProTem Crawford commented the city needs to be in accomplice and he moved that the Council approve the I Reading and II Reading.

    CM-99-03-068: Moved by Crawford, Seconded by Mutch, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To Adopt Ordinance No. 99-99.11 and I Reading and II Reading

    Mr. Dennis Watson explained there needs to be another roll call. The City Clerk performed the roll call.

    ROLL CALL: Mayor McLallen, Mayor ProTem Crawford, Council Members DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Vote on CM-99-03-068: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None

  5. Request for approval of Ordinance No. 99-100.24, An Ordinance to amend Subpart 28-6(2)d3 of the Novi code of Ordinances to revise the requirements for the placement of subdivision entranceway signs – I Reading
  6. Mr. Dennis Watson explained he would like to make a minor change at the end of the sentence that reads when a license as such is granted by the city. He said he would like that to read by the City Council.

    CM-99-03-069: Moved by Kramer, Seconded by Schmid, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: For approval of Ordinance No.99-100.24-Adoption of I Reading and II Reading

    The City Clerk conducted another roll call.

    ROLL CALL: Mayor McLallen, Mayor ProTem Crawford, Council Members

    Vote on CM-99-03-069: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None

  7. Request for approval of Ordinance No. 99-103.8, An Ordinance to amend Section 12-48 of the Novi Code of Ordinances to clarify the requirements for lawn installation – I Reading
  8. Mayor McLallen said this ordinance refers that six months after occupancy of a new construction home that a lawn must be installed. The time prior to this the occupant must maintain the grade and all erosion control areas.

    Mr. Watson said he as a refinement. He said after the phrase final certificate of occupancy he has another sentence to insert. That sentence would read; financial guarantee shall be provided inaccordance with Section 3005 of the City Novi Zoning Ordinance. Member Kramer asked what is required of an individual homeowner? Mr. Watson said this provision applies to installations for both site plan projects as well as individual housing. Member Kramer commented as an individual homeowner the city is requiring a financial guarantee? Mr. Watson was yes. Member Kramer commented that the refinement made does not reflect this guarantee. Mr. Watson explained it was put in the refinement referring to Section 3005. He continued to explain where that section specifies. Member Kramer restated as an individual homeowner what is required? Mr. Watson explained an individual homeowners putting in a lawn that provision would not apply. Member Kramer asked what does it apply to? Mr. Watson answered to site plan projects.

    Mayor ProTem Crawford asked if the intent was to have a lawn installed within in six months? He commented the way the provision reads a temporary certificate of occupancy or a final. He said a homeowner could have a temporary permit granted for three or four months then with a final the owner could have six months. Mayor ProTem Crawford repeated if the intent of the provisions is to have the lawn installed within six months of either provision it should be reworded to read with permit that was issued first. Mr. Watson said that is fine.

    CM-99-03-070: Moved by Crawford, Seconded by Kramer, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve Ordinance No. 99-103.8 - I Reading; with language corrections to be made before II Reading.


    Member DeRoche wanted clarification with the term installed. Mr. Watson said it refers to any procedure the owner chooses to put in the lawn. Member DeRoche commented the important element is the homeowner maintains the grade. Mr. Watson answered yes.

    Member Kramer asked would the provision needs to define lawn? Member DeRoche commented the intent is for the responsibility to be with the homeowner on maintaining the grade. Mr. Watson said that is the goal.

    Vote on CM-99-03-070: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None

  9. Request for approval of Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment 18.149, An ordinance to amend the definition of "density" contained in Section 201 of Ordinance No. 97-18, as amended, the City of Novi Zoning Ordinance , to add the definition of "net site area" to Section 201 to amend Section 501 of said Ordinance to include shared elderly housing as a principal permitted use, to amend Section 601 of said Ordinance to include independent and congregate elderly living as a principal permitted use, to amend Section 602, subsections 1101.3 and 2301.3 to update housing terminology as defined in Section 201, to amend the RM-1 Multifamily Residential District designation within the schedule limiting height, bulk, density and area contained within Section 2400 of Ordinance No. 97-18 to provide minimum floor area requirements for an efficiency room in a RM-1 unit, to amend the dwelling unit density regulations found in the Schedule of Regulations contained within Section 2400 of said Ordinance, to amend footnote (d) in Section 2400 to address the unique needs of elderly housing in Multiple Family Districts and to delete Subsection 1903.12 – I Reading
  10. CM-99-03-071: Moved by Crawford, Seconded by DeRoche, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To Approve the I Reading of Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment 18.149


    Member Schmid asked Mr. Arroyo to explain the reason and purpose for the request.

    Mr. Arroyo explained the city ordinance has not had any provisions to address the specific needs and demands of senior facilities. Mr. Arroyo said currently there are several projects, including some private, that are going through the review process. It has been found that many of these projects can not meet ordinance standards because it does not fit with the manner in which senior housing is being developed. Mr. Arroyo stated the market now reflects that most of the need for senior housing is for one bedroom. Mr. Arroyo said he reviewed three of the projects that are currently under review and found the average of the three projects which include 66% one bedroom units and 29% two bedroom units. Mr. Arroyo stated this amendment addresses assisted living and convelensant facilities. Mr. Arroyo explained that these amendments would allow for additional one-bedroom units and maintain the existing densities in RM-1 and RM-2 if there is senior housing.

    Member Schmid asked about the elimination of the light industrial districts. Mr. Arroyo commented it was felt that an industrial area would not be an appropriate location.

    Member Schmid commented on the extension on the length of the building. He said the maximum is 360 feet? Mr. Arroyo said if the project provides for an additional setback. He said one of the reasons this is included because the way of the product is being built now there tends to be a central dining or recreational area and off of this location there are the hallways to the units. Mr. Arroyo said when this is done it is difficult to adhere to the building length of 180 feet as it states in the current ordinance. Mr. Arroyo said that is why this additional setback provision is included.

    Member Kramer commented on the comparison graph where several sentences where added regarding elderly housing development. He suggested that these paragraphs lose the content on elderly housing. He said these paragraphs refer to RM-1 not elderly. Mr. Arroyo agreed that these could be better formatted.

    Vote on CM-99-03-071: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

    Nays: None

  11. Request for adoption of City Council 1999/2000 Goal Statement


CM-99-03-072: Moved by Kramer, Seconded by Crawford: CARRIED UANIMOUSLY: To Adopt the City Council 1999/2000 Goal Statement with a plaque to be displayed in the atrium



Vote on CM-99-03-072: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

Nays: None


CONSENT AGENDA REMOVALS FOR COUNCIL ACTION: (Consent Agenda items, which have been removed for discussion and/or action)



D. Schedule a Public Hearing for 7:30 PM, April 19, 1999 for the purpose of public hearing testimony regarding the request for approval of Zoning Ordinance Test Amendment 18.148-for the City of Novi Zoning Ordinance, to include as a principal use permitted instructional centers with a maximum seating capacity of 50 persons and carry out restaurants that do not vent odors to the outside – I Reading


Member Lorenzo said she removed the item because she thought the I Reading was approved. Member Schmid commented the I Reading should come off. Member Lorenzo was satisfied.



CM-99-03-073: Moved by Lorenzo, Seconded by Mutch: CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To schedule a Public Hearing for 7:30 PM on April 19, 1999




Member Schmid commented he would like to see all the facts are presented for the residents. He needed some clarification on the definition of instructional facility. Mr. Arroyo said there is a proposal to add that as a principal use. Member Schmid said his concern is noise. He commented because the word instructional is not defined it could cause huge problems in the future. Mr. Arroyo said that could be looked at to see if certain instructional uses that the city wants to exclude and others might include. The city could be specific.


Mayor ProTem Crawford asked if there is a general ordinance on noise as it pertains to adjacent residential? Mr. Arroyo said the city does have an ordinance. Mayor ProTem Crawford stated no matter what instructional facility might go in it would have to comply with the noise ordinance. Mr. Arroyo answered that is correct.


Member Schmid asked how the noise velocity before the Planning Commission oposses the proposal. Mr. Arroyo said there are some amendments going forward to the noise study requirements that would allow the Planning Commission to request noise studies for any use that may be adjacent to residential. Member Schmid commented that zoning is to protect the residential and believes the uses are dangerous. He is also concerned with the traffic issue.



Vote on CM-99-03-073: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

Nays: None


E. Approval of the conceptual design for the Haggerty Road Corridor Utility Extension Project, authorization to prepare preliminary design plans, and authorization to pursue partnering with private development for the Regional Storm Water Basins within the corridor


Member Lorenzo wanted the opportunity to vote against.



CM-99-03-074: Moved by Kramer, Seconded by DeRoche: CARRIED: To Approve the conceptual design for the Haggerty Road Corridor Utility Extension Project


Vote on CM-99-03-074: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Mutch, Schmid

Nays: Lorenzo


G. Award of the Erma Street Improvements Project to the low bidder, based on unit pricing


Member Lorenzo commented she removed this because Mr. Korte comments. She would like clarification as to what the improvements are related to this project. She also made reference to the process of petition or has a public hearing for abandonment procedure.


Mr. Tony Nowicki commented that the adbandoment was addressed and denied because of the limited access to the Lakeview Market. Member Lorenzo said Mr. Korte indicated there are new owners and purpose a new approach. Member Lorenzo asked would it make any difference if the property owners were in favor or are it still an issue of actually having access to the property for the trucks? Mr. Nowicki said it would still be an issue because if the access were eliminated on Erma, with only access would be off of Old Novi Road for deliveries and trash removal that would cause traffic problems. Member Lorenzo asked was it traffic issue? Mr. Arroyo said the property is only half of the right-of-way to the market and it is possible to maneuver the trucks on the side. Mr. Arroyo explained by maintaining the right-of-way and putting a T-turn-around at least the trucks could still utilize. Mr. Arroyo said one of the problems with this site is that the building is so close to Old Novi Road and there is not even proper depth for a standard parking lot. Mr. Arroyo said it appears that maintaining the right-of-way is necessary for safe access and reasonable area to load and unload to serve the market.


Mr. David Potter explained what is proposed is a wooden guardrail and a concrete walkway and a fence. The fence would be a shadow box which means there is wood on both sides. Mr. Potter commented other improvements are an eight-foot bypass and the drainage pattern would be changed to PVC pipes.



CM-99-03-075: Moved by Lorenzo, Seconded by Schmid, CARRIED UNANIMOUNSLY: To approve the Award of the Erma Street Improvements Project to Sunset Excavating, Inc.






Member Kramer said he interrupted Mr. Korte’s comments when he said abandon Erma Street as a concern with the Austin Street side of the T turn-around, that cars were travelling through at that point? Member Kramer commented he supports a pedestrian access at the location. Member Kramer commented if vehicles are finding their way through, he would like the Council to reconsider the fence construction. He thinks the design of the fencing needs to be sturdier.


Mr. Potter explained the guardrail is a heavy post and beam fence. Member Kramer said the barrier is not working. Mr. Nowicki commented it is not in place yet. Member Kramer asked if the guardrail being proposed is sufficient to what it probably will be subjected to? Mr. Potter responded by saying the fence construction will be completed as best as possible. Member Kramer commented if this were passed would it provide the design that will stay in place? He said he does not want Austin Street residents coming before Council complaining that the fence is not efficient. Mr. Potter explained typically MDOT Michigan Department of Transportation) details for this type of construction. He continued by saying MDOT has certain design standards for roadside safety issues. Mayor McLallen restated that there is concern that persons or neighborhood persons ignoring the fact the road is closed and preceding through or around the barrier. Mr. Potter stated it would be very difficult to go through what is proposed and the timber construction is attractive.



Vote on CM-99-03-075: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

Nays: None


N. Award of Design Services – Community Sports Park Restroom/Concession Buildings to David Mielock Associates in the amount of $17,200


Member Schmid said he is satisfied with the bid but he suggests that smaller archeticual firms should be sought out for competition.



CM-99-03-076: Moved by Schmid, Seconded by Crawford, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To Award of Design Services-Community Sports Park Restroom/Concession Buildings to David Mielock Associates


Vote on CM-99-03-076: Yeas: McLallen, Crawford, DeRoche, Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid

Nays: None




Member Kramer commented the CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) is expected to be ready at budget time and requests that it come forward with the budget and that budge items capital in nature refer to the CIP items for cross-referencing.


Member Schmid commented that communications has happened between Ameritech and SWOCC. He would like to know what the status is on this issue? Mayor ProTem Crawford said the contacts have been made and literature forwarded to Ameritech and requests have been made for a formal meeting.





Member Lorenzo said she had information to share concerning senior housing. She wanted to clarify that the survey results that some of the rents include utilities and the city’s rent does not include gas and electric. She also mentioned when solid figures are in place, that it might be a good idea to have a town meeting with senior community to place along this information. Member Lorenzo said Mr. Klaver commented the actual rental cost of units have not been disclosed or discussed to the senior community. She would like some input from the senior community prior to undertaking this project.


Member Schmid asked about the monthly maintenance fee? Mr. Klaver commented the fee of $175.00 is included in the numbers. He continued to say there is a large amount of common space and this $175.00 would be including heating of the lobbies and multi-purpose rooms along with any other common area.


Member Mutch referred to the tracking form and commented that some of the issues have been completed and would like to have some reorganization with the document. Member DeRoche asked if the attorney’s and consultants on the list address the issues in the Consultant’s Review Committee? Member Mutch simply wanted to mention that some items have not dropped off the list and suggested to individuals who may be going to meeting with the Consultant Review Committee should be prepared to respond.


Member Kramer said one of the goals for 1999-2000 to prioritize Council directives to administration. He suggested that proposed items be reviewed under Manager’s Reports.


Member Schmid commented back in January the Council authorized a review of policies that relates to conflicts. He said he asked the city attorney’s how that is written and what it meant. Member Schmid asked the City Clerk to give a copy of the January meeting pertaining to this issue.


Member Mutch said the Internet issue in regards to the library should be removed. She believes the items should be removed. Mayor McLallen stated the City Clerk’s Office adds the items but is not responsible in keeping track its completion. Mayor McLallen stated it is the responsibility of the City Manager to keep the list updated.


Mayor McLallen mentioned that Novi Senior High School Pom Pom Squad became state champions and would like the squad to be honor in the same manner as the boy championship teams.


Member Mutch said she has had the privilege to speak to third graders on local history. She said in the past the program has taken place in the schools. Member Mutch said this year the teachers arrange for historic tour of the city then they come to the Town Hall and the children always many questions. Member Mutch said she received many letters and illustrations on what they learned. She commented she has also heard from parents on what they learned from their child. Member Mutch encouraged Council members when they are invited to speak to incorporate some local history.


Mayor McLallen said at the National League of Cities it was discovered there is a program that teaches local history and government within the schools. Mayor McLallen said this information has been forwarded to school board members.

Member Kramer mentioned Boards and Commissions prior to budget and suggest an annual meeting with the School Board. Mayor McLallen stated that is already mentioned to tour the new facility as a joint meeting but probably will not happen until May.


Member Mutch suggest that the Novi Mayor meet with the superintendents of Novi, Walled Lake and Northville schools at a joint meeting to review some areas of common interest.





Mr. Kriewall commented that Novi Information Network memo forwarded from the City Clerk; it is suggested be referred to AdHoc Communications Community for review with legal counsel.


Mr. Kriewall mentioned the weekend traffic from the Expo Center went quite well. The traffic appeared not to be as bad as it might have been. Mr. Kriewall said the two-hour detour was done on Saturday and the management of the Expo Center was not happy because they felt the city count back on their attendance and the city disagrees. Mr. Kriewall said the event manager, which is a computer program design for traffic signals on Novi Road, which is activated when there is a major event at the Expo Center. He said this has done a tremendous job on the traffic flow and may be the only element needed in the future. Mr. Kriewall stated there is going to be a review concerning the traffic issue with the Police Department, Department of Public Works and Expo Center management to review plans for next year.


Member Kramer asked what keys the event manager? Mr. Kriewall said it could be initiated by a police officer at the location.


Member Mutch commented on the revenues and expediters of the ice arena and asked if the arena is on track after reviewing the numbers? Mr. Kriewall commented the start up did not start as soon as it should have so the city lost some revenue that the city would have realize during the summer months of 1998. Mr. Kriewall commented the ice arena is in good shape for the coming years and Dan Davis has been told that any shortages that come up in this fiscal year it is expected the rates and fees charged for ice time in the future years are going to recover the amount very quickly. The solution if there is a shortage at the end of the year the rates charged are going to have to pick up the shortage. Member Mutch again asked is it on track? Mr. Kriewall responded if the summer ice time from last year been sold the arena could have been right on track.






  1. Letter from William R. Wenzel to Tonni Bartholomew, Re: Resignation from EDC
  2. Letter from City Attorneys, Re: Harvest Lake RUD-School Property
  3. Resolution from the Charter Township of Commerce, Re: Environmental Infrastructure Fund
  4. Letter from Barb Ray to City Council, Re: Recognition of 1996 Novi Heat Baseball Team
  5. City of Wixom letter to A. W. Nowicki dated 2/24/99 regarding 1999 Road, Bike Path, & Water System Improvement Programs.
  6. Letter from SWOCC to Greg Yashan, Ameritech New Media, Re: Cable Ordinance and continued interest in furthering talks with Ameritech New Media
  7. Letter from Robert S. Salamon, M.D. to Clerk, Re: Opposition to the removal of stop sign at East Lake Drive and New Court.






There being no further business before City Council, the meeting was adjourned at 11:14 p.m.



______________________ _____________________


Kathleen S. McLallen Tonni L. Bartholomew




Transcribed by:



Name: Melissa H. Place


Date Approved: April 5, 1999