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Nine Mile Sanitary Sewer

Updated March 22, 2022


The Nine Mile Gravity Relief Sanitary Sewer Project involves the construction of sewer along Nine Mile from Kensington Road to Evergreen Court. Staff identified the project in 2013 as high priority to eliminate the concern for redundancy of the Park Place pump station. Given the current proximity of the Park Place station, which is 1.6 miles from the closest gravity outlet (near Kensington Drive), a failure on the existing force main could result in sanitary service interruption and/or a major sewage overflow. Engineering for the project was approved in 2016 and work started in 2019.

The sanitary sewer pipe has been installed, tested, and approved. Additionally, all the individual grinder pumps have been tied in, and the old force main has been abandoned.

Restoration work is underway and will continue over the next few months during more favorable weather.

Mayor Gatt and City Council have provided clear direction to right any wrongdoings incurred by residents as a result of this project.

Garfield Lake & Dewatering Update

The contractor may begin removing the eastern portion of the dewatering pipe soon. The remainder of the dewatering system is being left in place while we continue to monitor the Garfield Lake level. The culvert across Garfield Road may also be left in place for a while until we believe the water level has stabilized.

The City has also agreed to cover the cost of the Garfield Lake treatment for the season (weed and algae control, an aquatic stabilizer, and muck treatment).

According to the most recent piezometer measurements (the shafts installed to monitor ground water levels), the ground water levels have risen an average of 2.7 feet in the past month since the dewatering pumps were turned off on Feb. 22. We are going to continue to monitor these levels and hope to see the continued recovery of the groundwater levels.

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