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2022-23 Water Main Replacement Project


Prime Contractor: Pamar Enterprises, Inc.
Start: November 28, 2022
End: June 15, 2023
Consultant: Spalding DeDecker

The City's engineers have identified many areas throughout the City which requires a replacement of the water main due to the age and condition of the piping system. This is a proactive program to mitigate potential problem water mains before eventual failures occur. The City developed a ranking and prioritization system similar to the Neighborhood Road Program to select and coordinate proposed water main replacements along with the correlated streets that need to be addressed for their conditions as well. The overall intent is to replace the water main in advance of the following year's road construction project to limit disturbance and minimize construction duration and impact. This year's program will see work on Balcombe Drive, Ennishore Drive, Chattman Drive, and Gilbar Drive in the Meadowbrook Lake Estates Subdivision and Llewelyn Drive, Llewelyn Court and Llorac Lane in the Meadowbrook Manor Subdivision.

Traffic Control/Detours:
All construction will be performed half-width at a time. No detours are expected. Motorists should expect longer delays while daytime work progresses. Residents located in the work
zone on the side being worked on, may not have access to their driveways until the water main has been installed or the pavement has been poured and cured.

Work Status:
The contractor has placed orders for the water main materials which are several weeks away from being delivered. The project will start once materials are received and on-site. It is expected that the contractor may start after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Meadowbrook Lakes

The City of Novi’s contractor (Pamar Enterprises) and consulting engineer (Spalding DeDecker) are scheduled to begin work in your subdivision next week, November 21. The work on Balcombe Dr, Chattman St, Gilbar St, and Ennishore Dr consists of placement of new water main and abandoning the existing water main, as well as replacement of the pavement surface. The water main work will include placement of new water main, testing of the main, reconnecting the new main to the existing system, and re-establishing each of your individual water services.

Meadowbrook Lakes ConstructionAnticipated Schedule:

  • Pulverizing the asphalt along the centerline of the proposed water main to prep for water main placement throughout the sub Nov 21 - 23
  • Balcombe Dr installing water main starting Nov 28 (approximately 3-4 weeks)
  • Chattman St installing water main starting Dec 5 (approximately 4 weeks)
  • Gilbar St installing water main starting Late Dec/Early Jan (approximately 4 weeks)
  • Ennishore Dr installing water main starting Mid Jan (approximately 4-5 weeks)
  • Paving throughout the sub is anticipated to begin in Early April, followed by restoration (approximately 6 weeks)

Note: These dates and durations are subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen factors.

Some other items to note:

  • Bring your trash and recycling carts to the curb as normal and the contractor will ensure it is picked up and the carts are returned.
  • At this time the contractor doesn’t anticipate the need for temporary mailboxes, but if they are needed as the project progresses you will be informed of their location. Parcel delivery will not be affected.
  • Residents, especially children, should refrain from entering, walking, or playing in and around the work zone or equipment.
  • Residents should expect construction noise and dust during daytime hours. The City’s Work Hours Noise Ordinance is 7am to 7pm, Monday through Saturday.
  • Residents should locate and mark all irrigation heads adjacent to the roadway as well as turn off the zones associated with these areas prior to work starting, if applicable or necessary.
  • Residents should expect piles of material and equipment parked on their street or adjacent streets that are not being worked on.
  • Any residents with special needs (Example: wheel chair access, medical deliveries and/or appointments, graduations, etc.) should contact the Construction Engineer or the City of Novi immediately (contact information located at the bottom of this notice).
  • Residents will have access to driveways for most of the duration of the project. Residents may lose driveway access while the contractors are installing the water main right in front of your driveway, but access will most likely be restored after a day, and driveway approaches will not be impacted. Residents will be notified by the contractor when this will occur.
  • The water main replacement will cause a loss of water while working contractors work on the tie-in to the city’s water distribution system for around an hour. Residents will be notified by the contractor when this will occur.

We understand the impact this work has on our residents, and we want to stay in constant communication with you throughout the duration of the project. You can sign up for email updates for the 2022 Water Main Replacement Program at

City of Novi – Community Relations Team: 248-735-5628 or
Construction Engineer (Spalding DeDecker) – Heather Gendron, 248-762-0445 or
Note: Heather will be on maternity leave early Dec – early Feb. During this time contact Ted Meadows, 248-762-5116 or

We appreciate your patience and understanding and will work to be as accommodating as possible throughout the duration of the project.
Thank you.