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Public Safety Employee of the Month

November 2022 - Nathan Ryan, Auxiliary Firefighter

Nathan Ryan, Auxiliary Firefighter
Nathan Ryan, Auxiliary Firefighter

For your commitment to service and your compassion for our citizens, I want to thank and congratulate you on your selection as the November 2022 Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month.  You were nominated by Police Officer Andrew Toth.
On November 16, 2022, you were off duty and traveling home when you observed a serious traffic crash in the area of Novi Rd. and Gen Mar with injuries. Without hesitation, you got out of your personal vehicle and began performing life saving measures on one of the crash victims. The weather was especially cold that morning and you were not dressed appropriately yet you continued CPR on scene while other first responders began checking on the other accident victims.
You embody everything that a public servant should be, and through your actions exemplify the core values of the Novi Public Safety Team. 
Congratulations to you on being named as the November 2022 Public Safety Employee of the Month. To show our appreciation, a $25 gift card has been placed in your mailbox. 


November 2022 - Nathan Ryan, Auxiliary Firefighter

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