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Public Safety Employee of the Month

August 2021 - Keith Wuotinen & Mark Theisen

Keith Wuotinen, Lieutenant
Keith Wuotinen, Lieutenant
Mark Theisen, Captain
Mark Theisen, Captain

For your commitment to keeping the citizens of Novi and visitors to the Michigan State Fair safe through tireless effort and planning, you were both nominated by Lt. Amanda Kulikowski. Congratulations on your selection as the August Novi Public Safety Employees of the Month.

This year's fair was the highest in attendance to date in the City of Novi. Our Novi Police and Fire teams were able to coordinate with Suburban Collection Showplace staff and Arnold Amusement staff to communicate at important times during the fair. Further, Captain Theisen helped to coordinate arriving and departing ambulance and fire staff throughout the fair. Both of you spent every morning, day, and evening on site at the fair to make it successful for our public safety teams. There were numerous issues handled during the fair including double digit missing children, missing parents, parking issues, domestic violence, assaults, and customer trouble complaints. All were handled expeditiously because of the joint efforts of both of you as our Incident Command. All staff at the fair also had everything they needed due to the planning of equipment and care items by you both.

You are recognized for your dedication to the citizens of Novi and the thousands of visitors that came to enjoy the State Fair, and your embodiment of teamwork, professionalism, and service.


August 2021 - Keith Wuotinen & Mark Theisen

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