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Dog Park Quiz

Please take the quiz below so that your are familiar with our rules.  You are allowed to change your answers until all of them are answered correctly.  When you have successfully submitted your quiz, you will be redirected to the Membership Application.  You will receive an email indicating your successful completion of the dog park quiz.  Please print the email and include with your application.


Membership Type:
Did you watch the video?:

If a dog(s) runs toward you and your dog entering the park, it is:

Only registered dogs are permitted to utilize the park.:

Owners are responsible for maintaining visual contact with their dogs at all times.:

If another dog becomes too aggressive and the owner doesn't respond, what steps should you take:

What are some of the requirements to use the park:

Dogs must be at least four months of age to utilize the dog parks.:

No food (people or animal), glass containers, alcohol, cigarettes or cigars are permitted within the dog park.:

Dogs are allowed to dig within the park.:

Owners are required to clean up their dog's waste and dispose of it in the receptacles provided.: