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DME Loan Closet

The Durable Medical Equipment Loan Closet is open:
Day: Monday-Friday
Time: 8am-5pm

Our Durable Medical Equipment Loan Closet lends the following items based on availability:
  • Bathing Aids:
    • Tub transfer benches, shower chairs and stools
  • Commodes - 3 in 1 freestanding and raised toilet seats
  • Mobility Aids:
    • Canes - straight/quad based and Crutches
    • Walkers - with or without wheels/accessories
    • Wheelchairs and Transport chairs
  • Leg Therapy Petal Machines
  • Sock/Dressing Aids
  • Living-Well Aids - Hip Kits and grabbers/reachers
  • Bed Assist Handles

Equipment Donations

Equipment donations to the DME Loan Closet are accepted based on need and condition.

To be accepted, items must be:
  • new or very gently used
  • thoroughly clean
  • in very good condition
  • ready for us to loan
We can NOT accept any equipment that is damaged, soiled, missing parts or in disrepair.

For more information and to make a donation, please call 248-347-0414.

Donation Wish List
  • Transport Wheelchairs
  • Roll-a-tors
  • Knee Scooters
  • Shower Chairs
  • Tub Transfer Benches
DME Loan Closet is comprised of items generously donated to Older Adult Services.

Availability varies greatly. It’s important that you call head to 248-347-0414 to ensure that we have the item(s) that you need and to arrange for a contactless pick-up.

Price: No Charge - Monetary donations are accepted.

Pick-up Location: Novi Civic Center, 45175 Ten Mile Rd.