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Beautification Commission
Monday, March 12, 2018
5:00-7:30 pm
Novi Civic Center
Call to Order
Roll Call: Colleen Crossey; Cindy Haley; Cindy Lang; Ratna Rao; Jennifer Ryan; Celia Todd; Carolyn Upton; Lindsay Wyskowski
Excused: Ratna Rao
Approval of Minutes:
Approval of Agenda:

Chair:  Cindy Lang
Secretary:  Cindy Haley (Carolyn Upton back-up)
Treasurer: Jennifer Ryan
Social Media Chair:  Lindsay Wyskowski
Community Projects Chair: Open
Grants/Partnerships/Sponsorships Chair: Open
Fundraising Chair:  Ratna Rao
Education/Certifications Chair: Open
Anniversary Chair: Open
City Liaison: Wendy DuVall
                City entry signs partners
Book marks & Milkweed for Palooza
Old Business:

Current Projects:
  1. Entryway Grants – information can be found at, click on the “Community” tab at the top, then click on “Homeowner Associations”
    1. March - Beautification Commission meets to make recommendations to Council
    2. April - Recommendations by Beautification Commission are made to City Council; City Council awards grants
    3. November 1 - Project completion date; the entire project must be completed or reimbursement/ grant award will be forfeited.
    4. Completed past events and project details
  2. Plant Sale at Spring Palooza
    1. Butterfly Milkweed sale at Palooza Perennial Exchange May 18, 2018
    2. MSU literature
    3. Oak Wilt information
  3. National Wildlife Federation Certification – review requirements
    • Encourage home owners to apply
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Have information ready for the Novi Spring Palooza
    • Raffle of kits with items
  4. Entryway sign holiday decorating contests
  5. School projects; pollinator garden
  6. Novi’s 50th Anniversary community project
  7. Fuerst Park Monarch Waystation maintenance
  8. Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan
  9. Adopt an area programs, environmental initiatives, entryway signs, holiday decorating contests
New Business:
  • Presentation to City Council in late spring about our “Mission”, future projects and certifications. 
  • Library bulletin board (Ramesh Verma)
  • Visit to Meadow Brook Hall Gardens
Future Projects:
  1. Keep Michigan Beautiful Award
Open Discussion:

  • April 21, 9-11am, Earth Day, MSU Tollgate
  • April 28, 9-11 am, Arbor Day, Rotary Park
  • March – Entry Way Signs distribution
  • May 5, 9-11am, River Day, Rotary Park
  • May 18, 6-9pm, Spring Palooza and Perennial Exchange, Civic Center Campus
  • June 2, 9-11am, Cemetery Day, Novi Road Cemetery
  • Keep Michigan Beautiful
  • Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan
  • April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10, October 8, November 19, December 10