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TUESDAY, August 9, 2011

Proceedings had and Testimony taken in the matters of the ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS, at City of Novi, 45175 West Ten Mile Road, Novi, Michigan, on Tuesday, August 9, 2011

David Ghannam, Chairman
Mav Sanghvi
Rickie Ibe
Linda Krieger
Donna Skelcy
Jeffrey Gedeon

Beth Kudla, City Attorney
Michael Boulard, Building Official
Coordinator: Angela Pawlowski, Recording Secretary

Jennifer L. Wall, Certified Shorthand Reporter

1 Novi, Michigan.

2 Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3 7:00 p.m.

4 ** ** **

5 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Good evening everyone.

6 Welcome to the August 9th, 2011 Zoning Board of Appeals

7 meeting. If we could all please stand and say the

8 Pledge of Allegiance.

9 Member Gedeon, if you could start us off.

10 (The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.)

11 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Ms. Pawlowski, can you

12 please call the roll.

13 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Gedeon?

14 MR. GEDEON: Here.

15 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Gerblick?


17 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Chairman Ghannam?


19 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Ibe?

20 MR. IBE: Present.

21 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Krieger?

22 MS. KRIEGER: Here.

23 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Sanghvi?

24 MR. SANGHVI: Yes.

25 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Skelcy?


(313) 962-1176



1 MS. SKELCY: Here.

2 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you. We have rules

3 of a public hearing in the back, if you would like to

4 take a look at them, otherwise, I will go over a few of

5 them.

6 Please turn off any pagers or cellphones

7 during this meeting. Applicants, when their case is

8 called, will be asked to come forth and state their

9 name and addresses and be sworn by our secretary.

10 You will be allowed five minutes, and

11 extensions may be granted at the discretion of the

12 Chair. People from the public will be asked to comment

13 on cases if they're interested.

14 Next on the agenda would be our approval of

15 the agenda from our -- for this particular meeting.

16 Are there any additions or corrections to the agenda?


18 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Nothing from the City?

19 MS. KUDLA: No.

20 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I'll take a vote then.

21 All in favor of approving the agenda, as written, say

22 aye.

23 THE BOARD: Aye.

24 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any opposed? Seeing none,

25 our agenda is approved.


(313) 962-1176



1 We will move to the approval of the minutes

2 for July 12, 2011. Any modifications or corrections?

3 Seeing none, I'll --

4 MR. SANGHVI: There is a little spelling

5 error, homophone. On page 42, July 12, I think it

6 p-e-a-c-e, it should be p-i-e-c-e.

7 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Anything else? Seeing

8 none, I'll entertain a motion to approve the minutes

9 for July 12 as --

10 MR. SANGHVI: So moved.

11 MR. IBE: Second.

12 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: All in favor say aye.

13 THE BOARD: Aye.

14 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any opposed? Seeing none,

15 our minutes are approved as modified.

16 At this point, I will open it up for public

17 remarks. If there is anybody in the public who would

18 like to make a comment, not pertaining to a case on the

19 agenda tonight, please step forward and I'll recognize

20 you.

21 Seeing none, I will close the public remarks

22 section and move to our first case.

23 Case No. 11-25 for ULTA. The applicant is

24 requesting a variance to allow placement of an

25 additional 65 square foot wall sign on a tenant suite


(313) 962-1176



1 in the Novi Town Center Retail Center.

2 Is the applicant here? Any word,

3 Ms. Pawlowski, from the applicant?

4 MS. PAWLOWSKI: I have not heard any word

5 from them, that they are not attending.

6 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Seeing none, I will simply

7 will pass that for the moment, and we will move it to

8 the end.

9 I will move to Case No. 2 -- or Item No. 2,

10 Case No. 11-026 for 43700 Expo Center Drive.

11 Is the applicant here on that? Any word from

12 them?


14 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I will pass that also.

15 Move to Item No. 3. Case No. 11-027, for Old Dutch

16 Farms.

17 MR. QUINN: Well, thanks for moving

18 everything along so quickly. My name is Matt Quinn.

19 I'm the attorney represent Old Dutch Farms, II, LLC,

20 the owner of this park, which is the oldest park in the

21 City of Novi.

22 Last year, when I was here, we asked for the

23 signage that was granted, and the sign was put up at

24 that time, and it's been up during this time period.

25 The circumstances haven't changed, we're still asking


(313) 962-1176



1 that this sign be continued. Last year we should have

2 asked for two years, but when they filed the

3 application, they only last for one year.

4 Then when I was here, I asked for two, and

5 was told it couldn't be two because we hadn't asked for

6 it in the publication.

7 So this time, we are asking for two years.

8 The reason for the sign is two-fold.

9 Number one, because of the speed along Napier

10 Road, and how this center sits back, it's really not

11 that visible. The sign which we are asking is 32

12 square feet, as I said, is there, it serves its

13 purpose, but this center -- these investors are from

14 British Columbia.

15 They have taken the time to make an

16 investment in the City of Novi a few years ago, and

17 they're trying their best to make this park succeed.

18 As we stated, there is many sites that are

19 approved, but not yet built upon, and there are sites

20 that are built upon that have a small vacancy in them.

21 So that's the second part of this criteria,

22 as we are asking that this signage be allowed to be

23 there, give them the exposure along Napier.

24 Now that Napier has been paved a couple years

25 ago, before remember, it was mostly dirt, we are seeing


(313) 962-1176



1 more traffic along Napier Road, certainly, cutting

2 between Grand River and Ten Mile and farther to the

3 south.

4 So hopefully this additional signage will

5 give notification to the traveling public that this

6 mobile home park is there, and therefore, I would ask

7 that this be approved for an additional two years.

8 If there is any questions, I will be more

9 than happy to answer them.

10 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you, sir. Is there

11 anybody in the public who would like to make to comment

12 on this particular case?

13 Seeing none, I will close the public remarks

14 section and ask our secretary to read any

15 correspondence.

16 MS. SKELCY: 475 notices were mailed. There

17 was zero approvals, zero rejections and 83 letters were

18 returned from the post office.

19 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any comments or questions

20 or issues from the City on this one?

21 MR. BOULARD: Nothing to add.

22 MS. KUDLA: No.

23 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I will open it up to the

24 Board for discussion. Member Sanghvi?

25 MR. SANGHVI: I have seen this sign umpteen


(313) 962-1176



1 times. It is really in good taste, and I have no

2 problems supporting the applicant's case. Thank you.

3 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Anybody else? I will

4 entrain a motion, if there is no other discussion.

5 Member Krieger.

6 MS. KRIEGER: In Case No. 11-027, Old Dutch

7 Farms, the applicant is requesting the variance from

8 extension of the previous, and I move to approve their

9 request for a period of two years, to the property

10 located on Twelve Mile at Old Dutch Farms, that the

11 request is based upon circumstance unique to the

12 features. As you drive southbound it grabs your

13 attention, as you drive northbound, after you pass the

14 tree, you're like, there is something to see there.

15 It's not self-created.

16 The failure to grant relief will unreasonably

17 prevent and limit the use of the property, and will

18 result in substantially more than mere inconvenience or

19 inability to attain a higher economic return and the

20 grant of relief will not result in the use of structure

21 that is incompatible with or reasonably interferes with

22 adjacent or surrounding properties, and will result in

23 substantial justice being done to both the applicant

24 and adjacent surrounding properties, and is not

25 inconsistent with the spirit of the ordinance.


(313) 962-1176



1 MR. SANGHVI: Second.

2 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any further discussion?

3 Seeing none, Ms. Pawlowski, can you please call the

4 roll.

5 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Gedeon?

6 MR. GEDEON: Yes.

7 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Chairman Ghannam?


9 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Ibe?

10 MR. IBE: Yes.

11 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Krieger?

12 MS. KRIEGER: Yes.

13 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Sanghvi?

14 MR. SANGHVI: Yes.

15 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Skelcy?

16 MS. SKELCY: Yes.

17 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Motion passes six to zero.

18 MR. QUINN: Thank you all very much, and will

19 my wife be surprised.

20 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Moving to Item No. 4, Case

21 No. 11-028 for 1601 East Lake Drive. Will the

22 applicant foreward, please.

23 MS. JACOBONI: Hi. My name is Toby Jacoboni.

24 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Please state your address.

25 MS. JACOBONI: 1601 East Lake Drive, Novi.


(313) 962-1176



1 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Can you please raise your

2 right hand and be sworn by our secretary.

3 MS. SKELCY: Do you swear or affirm to tell

4 the truth?


6 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Please proceed, ma'am.

7 MS. JACOBONI: I am here today to put on

8 addition on the upper level of my home, pre-existing

9 level.

10 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: You want to explain

11 further, or show any --

12 MS. JACOBONI: I supplied you with pictures,

13 and I had blueprints drawn up. There is -- I'm trying

14 to put a third bedroom upstairs, there is two now, and

15 I have a boy and girl, so I was hoping to have a third

16 bedroom for them.

17 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Anything else?

18 MS. JACOBONI: That's it.

19 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Is there anybody from the

20 public who would like to make a comment on this

21 particular case, please raise your hand.

22 Seeing none, I will close the public remarks

23 section and ask our secretary to please read the

24 correspondence.

25 MS. SKELCY: Forty-seven were mailed, there


(313) 962-1176



1 was no approvals, no objections and no return mail.

2 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you. Any comments

3 from the City? Mr. Boulard.

4 MR. BOULARD: Just a couple things. In

5 your -- the folder you're -- at your seat is a drawing

6 that was provided to us this afternoon of -- with some

7 more details on the proposed addition.

8 The way that the variance was written up was

9 with the understanding that the new addition would

10 just -- continue back from the existing second floor,

11 and just occupy the space above the existing first

12 floor out there.

13 The drawing shows that a little bit

14 different. So there is a couple of things. We did not

15 advertise for a side setback, which would have been

16 the -- essentially the side away from the road.

17 So my suggestion would be -- was to -- to the

18 applicant, was that there is 11 feet and change there.

19 The setback is only 10 feet, and so my suggestion would

20 be that, since we couldn't approve a variance for that,

21 without readvertising for the side setback, that maybe

22 try to work within that or come back.

23 On the other side, I spoke with Ms. Kudla,

24 and we looked at the posting, and there was not a -- in

25 the advertisement, there was an not a limit on the


(313) 962-1176



1 setback or a designation of the setback.

2 So if you're inclined, on that, on the

3 roadside, the exterior side yard setback, my

4 understanding is it would be within the Board's purview

5 to approve the two-foot extension beyond the existing

6 wall tonight.

7 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Just a question. The

8 proposed setback is how much in terms of the particular

9 request? If it's approved, we can always approve a

10 max.

11 MR. BOULARD: The setback along the --

12 essentially, the north side of the house, varies from

13 3.1 at the front to five feet at the rear. The two

14 feet -- two feet would reduce that setback down to, I'm

15 guessing, if we said two and a half feet, or something

16 like, that would be safe, with the tapered setback.

17 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Anything else from the

18 City? I'll open it to the Board for discussion.

19 Member Sanghvi.

20 MR. SANGHVI: My question is, this is a

21 symmetrically -- second level is symmetrically jutting

22 out on both sides, north and south, right, according to

23 this.

24 MR. BOULARD: The request is for two feet of

25 extension on the roadside, and two feet on the back


(313) 962-1176



1 side. We did not advertise for any extension on the

2 back side or the south side, so at that point, we

3 couldn't approve a variance. The Board couldn't

4 approve a variance for that tonight.

5 If the applicants wants to work within the

6 space that's available, they could probably get a foot

7 a change back there. But what's would be before the

8 Board tonight, is the ability to put the addition on a

9 non-conforming structure and go two feet to the north,

10 if you will all deem that that's appropriate.

11 MR. SANGHVI: I have no problem with the

12 north side, because there is a street there. But I

13 don't know what your neighbor thinks about you jutting

14 out on the south side of you. Have you spoken to your

15 neighbor?

16 MS. JACOBONI: Yeah, no one has had problems

17 with it.

18 MR. SANGHVI: They have no problem. They are

19 aware that it is jutting out on the second level?

20 MS. JACOBONI: On the second level upstairs,

21 yes, theirs does as well.

22 MR. SANGHVI: Okay, they don't have any

23 problem, I have no problem.

24 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Member Skelcy.

25 MS. SKELCY: I think what you're saying is


(313) 962-1176



1 that the -- she has to work within the rear setback; in

2 other words, she can't extend back. Tonight we can

3 only approve a side setback because that's all that was

4 advertised?

5 MR. BOULARD: Right. Because of the -- where

6 the address is on the lot and so on, the rear setback

7 is actually fine, that's back where the garage is, it

8 would be the side setback, that's against the adjacent

9 property owner, where the adjacent house is, that's

10 where we did not advertise for that. They have got

11 11 feet and change, and the minimum is 10 feet there.

12 So that's what couldn't be granted tonight.

13 On the roadside of the house, where it would

14 normally -- an exterior side setback or another front

15 setback is where -- that's where we advertised without

16 a specific number, and the request is go two feet

17 beyond the existing footprint into that.

18 MS. SKELCY: Now, you talked with Mr. Boulard

19 today about this?

20 MS. JACOBONI: I did, yes.

21 MS. SKELCY: What was your preference?

22 MS. JACOBONI: I'm even willing to move an

23 inside wall. We are just trying to get, you know,

24 obviously, as much room as we could upstairs, for the

25 little ones. I'm willing to even move an inside wall,


(313) 962-1176



1 six inches, you know, that's not bad. Four feet, that

2 was kind of, you know, that was kind of big. So if I

3 got to move a wall over a few inches, that's fine. You

4 know, inside, but like I said, they were worried

5 about -- the neighbors, didn't have a problem, and, you

6 know, the other side is okay under the guidelines,

7 so --

8 MS. SKELCY: Okay, thank you.

9 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Anything else from the

10 Board? Member Krieger?

11 MS. KRIEGER: I guess I would want to hear

12 from the neighbor, in writing, I'm sorry. So he

13 doesn't come back and said, hey, nobody talked to me.

14 Even though he said that he did.

15 Then two, if you were otherwise maybe willing

16 to table it, and then maybe get that, and then if you

17 want go to with this one, versus the previous one, that

18 was advertised?

19 MR. BOULARD: If I might, the extension on

20 the neighbor's side would be within the bounds of the

21 ordinance, so there wouldn't be a variance required.

22 Based on what --

23 MS. KRIEGER: What would the distance then be

24 between them and the neighbor --

25 MR. BOULARD: The petitioner has agreed to,


(313) 962-1176



1 at least in our conversation, to keep that a minimum of

2 10 feet.


4 MS. KRIEGER: Okay.

5 MR. BOULARD: If that makes it easier.

6 MS. KRIEGER: Yes, that helps. Thank you.

7 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I personally have no

8 problem with your request, ma'am. I have reviewed this

9 and it does appear to be reasonable to me. Anybody

10 else want to make a comment or a question?

11 Seeing none, I will entertain a motion.

12 Member Skelcy.

13 MS. SKELCY: In the case of a 11-028, for

14 1601 East Lake Drive, I move that we grant the variance

15 requested, which is a 3.1-foot minimum setback, and 3.1

16 foot minimum side yard exterior -- exterior side yard

17 setback, correct?

18 MR. BOULARD: Based on the extension of the

19 upper floor, you need to reduce that to 2.5 if you're

20 wanting to grant the applicant the full two feet.

21 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Move to grant as proposed,

22 does that make sense, instead of being specific?

23 MR. BOULARD: Perhaps as proposed in the

24 current drawing.

25 MS. SKELCY: I move that we grant the


(313) 962-1176



1 variance which as requested pursuant to the drawing for

2 1601 East Lake Drive, and I believe that it meets the

3 criteria that there are unique circumstances and

4 physical conditions of the property, such as

5 narrowness, shallowness, shape, water topography and

6 similar physical conditions, and the need for the

7 variance is not due to the applicant's personal or

8 economic difficulty. The need is not self-created,

9 certain in compliance with regulations, governing area

10 setback frontage, height, bulk, density and other

11 dimension requirements, will not unreasonably prevent

12 the property owner from using the property for a

13 permitted purpose, will render conformity with those

14 regulations unnecessarily burdensome.

15 The requested variance is the minimum

16 variance necessary to do substantial justice to the

17 applicant as well to other property owners in the

18 district.

19 The requested variance will not cause an

20 adverse on surrounding property, property values or the

21 use and enjoyment of the property in the neighborhood

22 or zoning district.

23 MS. KRIEGER: Second.

24 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Seeing a motion and a

25 second, any further discussion? Seeing none, can you


(313) 962-1176



1 please call the roll.

2 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Gedeon?

3 MR. GEDEON: Yes.

4 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Chairman Ghannam?


6 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Ibe?

7 MR. IBE: Yes.

8 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Krieger?


10 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Sanghvi?

11 MR. SANGHVI: Yes.

12 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Skelcy?

13 MS. SKELCY: Yes.

14 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Motion passes six to zero.

15 MS. JACOBONI: Thank you so much.

16 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Congratulations.

17 I'm going to move back to case -- or Item No.

18 1, Case No. 11-025. Is the applicant here for U-L-T-A?

19 Please step forward.

20 Please state your name and address.

21 MS. DEMLOW: My name is Carrie Demlow. I'm

22 with Allied Signs on behalf of ULTA. My address is

23 33650 Gifthills Drive in Clinton Township.

24 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Can you please raise your

25 hand and be sworn by our secretary.


(313) 962-1176



1 MS. SKELCY: Do you swear or affirm to tell

2 the truth?

3 MS. DEMLOW: I do.

4 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you. Please

5 proceed.

6 MS. DUMLO: We are here tonight to request an

7 additional wall sign that would be the same size as the

8 one that is currently approved. It would be for the

9 side of the building that would be facing -- hold on

10 one second.

11 It would be a similar situation, as far as

12 visibilty and restrictions as some of the other stores

13 within that shopping center, that we have been here

14 before, actually for.

15 I want to make sure I get the right elevation

16 that we are going for, to tell you how high it is.

17 The one that would be facing Town Center

18 Drive is the one that we are requesting. It would be

19 65 square feet of sign on that wall, and the one that

20 we already submitted for permits for, is also 65 square

21 feet.

22 And that one faces Grand River, so we are

23 here to kindly request that you consider an additional

24 wall sign for the client, for additional visibility,

25 just due to the location being more on the interior of


(313) 962-1176



1 the shopping center than some of the other stores.

2 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you. Is there

3 anybody from the public who would like to make a

4 comment on this case?

5 Seeing none, I will close the public remarks

6 section and ask the secretary to please read the

7 correspondence, if any.

8 MS. SKELCY: 147 notices were mailed. There

9 was no approvals, no rejections and 35 were returned by

10 the post office.

11 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any comments from the

12 City?

13 MS. KUDLA: No.

14 MR. BOULARD: The only comment would be to

15 point out that this is -- this suite where this

16 business is proposed to go is one of the -- end of one

17 of the reconfigured buildings in Town Center.

18 It does face away from both Crescent

19 Boulevard and Ingersol Drive, so the sign that -- the

20 two signs will actually, one will be facing the parking

21 lot of the future Wal-mart, quite a ways from Eleven

22 Mile, and then the other will actually be facing the

23 interior circulation drive that faces TJ Maxx, so it is

24 a bit of a challenging location.

25 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you. I will open it


(313) 962-1176



1 up to the Board for discussion. Member Krieger?

2 MS. KRIEGER: Will the ULTA sign facing east

3 be obstructed by the Wal-mart? If they're driving --

4 MR. BOULARD: It will actually be -- you

5 won't be able to see it from Town Center Drive. There

6 is a building called X1, that isn't -- that will in

7 fill between TJ Maxx and Wal-mart, and so the only

8 place you will be able to see that sign is from that

9 internal drive in front of TJ Maxx.

10 Does that make sense?

11 MS. KRIEGER: Yep. I drove by, and I don't

12 have a problem with the request. Thank you.

13 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Member Sanghvi?

14 MR. SANGHVI: Thank you, Mr. Chair. The

15 entire Town Center design has been completely revamped.

16 And previously there are stores blocking the view, and

17 it's all gone now. And there is a lot of open space

18 (inaudible) for this sign to be visible.

19 So I have no with giving them some visibility

20 because of the change in the structure of the whole

21 Town Center. Thank you.

22 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any other comments from

23 the Board?

24 I'll put in my own two cents worth. I do

25 agree with Member Sanghvi. I mean, it has changed the


(313) 962-1176



1 entire structure, in the sense we are trying to

2 retrofit some of these building.

3 I just have one question for the City.

4 It says proposed LED illuminated letters.

5 Are those allowable under ordinance?

6 MR. BOULARD: It's allowable in the sense

7 that they're continuously lit. This is not an LED

8 changeable copy sign. It's an illuminated sign, and my

9 understanding they're using LEDs to illuminate the

10 sign, more energy efficient, don't burn out as much.

11 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: That's fine. One of them

12 is authorized by ordinance and the one just needs the

13 variance, correct?

14 MR. BOULARD: Yeah.

15 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I have no problem.

16 Anybody else? A question, comments? If none, I will

17 him entertain a motion. Member Krieger?

18 MS. KRIEGER: In Case No. 11-025, for ULTA,

19 on 26132 Ingersol Drive, I move to approve the request

20 for the petitioner for the second wall sign, and that

21 the request is based upon circumstances unique to the

22 features that are exceptional and unique to the

23 property. Being that Town Center is being revamped,

24 and will have many drive-through roads and have many

25 corners, be easier to see. It's not self-created.


(313) 962-1176



1 The failure to grant relief will

2 substantially unreasonably permit or limit the use of

3 the property and will result in substantially more than

4 mere inconvenience or inability to obtain a higher

5 economic return.

6 And the grant of relief will not result in

7 its use of structure that is incompatible with or

8 unreasonably interferes with adjacent or surrounding

9 properties, and will result in substantial justice

10 being done to the applicant and adjacent and

11 surrounding properties, and is not inconsistent with

12 this spirit of the ordinance.

13 MR. IBE: Second.

14 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Seeing a motion and a

15 second, any further suggestion? Seeing none, please

16 calling the roll.

17 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Gedeon?

18 MR. GEDEON: Yes.

19 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Chairman Ghannam?


21 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Ibe?

22 MR. IBE: Yes.

23 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Krieger?

24 MS. KRIEGER: Yes.

25 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Sanghvi?


(313) 962-1176




2 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Skelcy?

3 MS. SKELCY: Yes.

4 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Motion passion six to zero.


6 I will move back and recall Item No. 2, Case

7 No. 11-026 for 43700 Expo Center Drive. Are you here,

8 sir, for that case? Can you please step forward.

9 Please state your name and address for the

10 record.

11 MR. GILTNER: David Giltner. Signature

12 associates, One Town Square, Suite 1200, Southfield,

13 Michigan 48076.

14 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Can you please raise your

15 hand and be sworn by our secretary.

16 MS. SKELCY: Do you swear or affirm to tell

17 the truth?


19 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Please proceed.

20 MR. GILCHREST: I am here regarding the 43700

21 Expo Center Drive, to renew an existing sign for a

22 period of one year from now.

23 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Anything else? Seeing

24 nothing, I will open it up to the public for any

25 comments on this particular case.


(313) 962-1176



1 If there is anybody, please raise your hand.

2 Seeing none, I will close the public remarks

3 section that ask that our secretary to read the

4 correspondence.

5 MS. SKELCY: There were 26 notices mailed, no

6 approvals, no rejections and five were returned by the

7 post office.

8 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any comments from the

9 City?

10 MR. BOULARD: Just one comment. In your

11 packet, there is one picture, or aerial photograph that

12 the petitioner has provided.

13 It does show the absence of frontage on

14 either Novi Road, Grand River, or other thoroughfares

15 for the property. It is a little bit unique in that

16 respect, and it actually has very little frontage

17 directly on the freeway because the freeway ramp pushes

18 it back.

19 So in that sense, it's not your typical

20 property, so thank you.

21 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I will open it up to the

22 Board for discussion. Member Sanghvi?

23 MR. SANGHVI: Thank you, Mr. Chair. This

24 property has been lying vacant for a long time. It's

25 in a prime location. It's almost to the gateway to the


(313) 962-1176



1 city on, and it's a shame that it's not being used. I

2 have no problem, they can get all the help they need to

3 get somebody to use this property, and I have no

4 problem in supporting this varirance to be continued

5 for two more years. Thank you.

6 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you. Member Skelcy?

7 MS. SKELCY: You know, I drive by there a

8 lot, and there are a lot of weeds growing tall. It

9 might help if you guys cut down those weeds to make the

10 property look bigger, that might help sell it. Just my

11 thoughts. It looked kind of unkempt. So that might

12 help.

13 MR. GILCHREST: We don't manage the property

14 nor own the property, we are just brokering it.

15 MS. SKELCY: I'm just saying. I have no

16 problem with extending it for two years.

17 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I got a question. Wasn't

18 it advertised for one year?


20 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: So the maximum we could

21 grant is one year?

22 MS. KUDLA: Yes.

23 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: That is correct?

24 MS. KUDLA: Correct.

25 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Personally I have no


(313) 962-1176



1 problem. I do remember this coming up last year. It

2 is an usual piece, large, like Member Sanghvi

3 indicates, and the way it's situated, it's not a

4 problem with me. I don't have a problem with the

5 one-year extension.

6 Anybody else on the Board have any comments?

7 I will entertain a motion. Member Ibe?

8 MR. IBE: Thank you. In Case of 11-026 for

9 43700 Expo Center Drive. I move that we grant the

10 request as supplied for by the applicant, and extend

11 the sign for one year.

12 The basis for the approval is that the

13 request is based upon circumstances and features that

14 are exceptional and unique to the property. In that

15 these proprieties are located in an unusual part of

16 Novi. It practically has no frontage. So that creates

17 a big need to make it more visible for potential buyers

18 or people -- anybody who intends to lease the place.

19 Also the problem that this property has is

20 not self-created. The failure to grant relief will

21 obviously, unreasonably prevent unlimited use of the

22 property and will result in substantially more than a

23 mere inconvenience or inability to attain a higher

24 economic or financial return.

25 This property, as was stated by the members,


(313) 962-1176



1 has been known vacant now for a little while, so any

2 help that the applicant can receive, I'm sure will go a

3 long way.

4 And finally, the grant of relief will not

5 result in the use of the structure that is incompatible

6 with, or unreasonably interferes with the adjacent

7 surrounding properties. And the grant of relief is

8 consistent within the spirit of the ordinance.

9 MS. KRIEGER: Second.

10 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Seeing a motion and a

11 second, any further discussion?

12 MR. BOULARD: If I might complicate matters,

13 the reference to one year in the advertisement is to

14 the previous variance, so --

15 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: What was requested in this

16 one?

17 MR. BOULARD: There is not a specific time in

18 the request.

19 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: So are we limited?

20 MS. KUDLA: No.

21 MR. GILTNER: I'd like to request two years,

22 please.

23 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: So before we vote on that

24 motion, with the motioner like to reconsider?

25 MR. IBE: Absolutely. Mr. Chair, I will


(313) 962-1176



1 approve this for two years.

2 MR. GILTNER: Thank you.

3 MS. KRIEGER: I agree.

4 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: I just have one -- while

5 we are discussing this, two years or until it is sold

6 or leased? Whichever comes first, is that agreeable?

7 MR. IBE: Yes.

8 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any further discussion?

9 Seeing none, Ms. Pawlowski, can you please

10 call the roll.

11 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Gedeon?

12 MR. GEDEON: Yes.

13 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Chairman Ghannam?


15 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Ibe?

16 MR. IBE: Yes.

17 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Krieger?

18 MS. KRIEGER: Yes.

19 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Sanghvi?

20 MR. SANGHVI: Yes.

21 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Member Skelcy?

22 MS. SKELCY: Yes.

23 MS. PAWLOWSKI: Motion passes six to zero.

24 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Thank you, sir.

25 Congratulations.


(313) 962-1176



1 Next on the agenda is other matters. Are

2 there any other matters that need to be addressed

3 tonight? Anything from the City?

4 MR. BOULARD: The only other matter that I

5 want to bring up was at some point in the next few,

6 couple months, I wanted to set up a time for some

7 training with our attorneys, that would be helpful, so

8 at some point in the next couple of weeks or so, I

9 would like to have Ms. Pawlowski send out some possible

10 dates.

11 And if you have any requests or thoughts or

12 maybe on vacation, to someplace warm, or whatnot, if

13 you want to let us know, we will try to work around

14 that. Other than that, that's it. Thank you.

15 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Anything else from the

16 members?

17 MR. SANGHVI: I just don't mind before

18 Thanksgiving, don't do it too late before the holidays.

19 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Entertain a motion to

20 adjourn?

21 MR. SANGHVI: So moved.

22 MR. IBE: Second.

23 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Seeing a motion and a

24 second, all in favor say aye.

25 THE BOARD: Aye.


(313) 962-1176



1 CHAIRMAN GHANNAM: Any opposed? Seeing none,

2 we are adjourned.

3 (The hearing was adjourned at 7:32 p.m.)

4 ** ** **























(313) 962-1176







5 I, JENNIFER L. WALL, Notary Public in and

6 for the County of Oakland, State of Michigan, do hereby

7 certify that the hearing above was taken before me on

8 Tuesday, August 9, 2011. The foregoing statements were duly

9 recorded by me stenographically and electronically, and were

10 reduced to typewritten form by computer-aided transcription

11 under my direction; and that this is, to the best of my

12 knowledge and belief, a true and accurate transcript of

13 said proceeding.

14 I further certify that I am not related to

15 any party or counsel, nor interested in the outcome of

16 this cause.




20 ______________________________

Jennifer L. Wall, CSR-4183

21 Notary Public, Oakland County, MI

My Commission Expires: 11-12-15






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