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Regular Meeting

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 -7:00 PM

Council Chambers | Novi Civic Center |45175 W. Ten Mile Road

(248) 347-0459



Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Members Cassis, Ghannam, Ibe, Krieger, Sanghvi, Skelcy, Wrobel and Gedeon

Public Hearing Format and Rules of Conduct

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes from September 14, 2010

Public Remarks

  1. Case No. 10-040 25345 Novi Road – Stricker Paint
    ( Click for this packet item 98KB)

    The petitioner is requesting variances to allow installation of a maximum 50 sf, 40 ft tall pole sign located on the Stricker paint property and an off-premises monument sign of 50 sf maximum in addition to existing signs with the exception of those to be removed from the Right of Way to address the reduced visibility for existing non-conforming signage that would result from the additional highway easement for the new railroad bridge on Novi Rd. The property is zoned I-1 and is located west of Novi Rd and south of Grand River.

    Section 28-5 (1)c. regarding signs permitted according to district states: "In any industrial district (I-1, I-2) on-premises advertising signs as follows: 1. Business sign: Ground sing, wall sign or canopy sign.

    Section 28-8 Off-premises advertising signs permitted according to district. (1) Ground Pole signs and wall signs only shall be permitted in an I-2 district only.

  2. Case No. 10-047 901 South Lake Drive
    ( Click for this packet item 731KB)

    The petitioner is requesting variances to construct an open deck extending 12’ into the required front yard and an additional 5’ into the required exterior side yard from the existing residence at 901 South Lake Drive The petitioner is also requesting variances to allow construction of a storage shed located within 8’ of the existing residence, within 4 ‘ of the rear property line and extending into the exterior side yard increasing the total lot coverage to 27%. The property is zoned R-4 and is located east of West Park Drive on the corner of South Lake Dr and Maudlin.

    NOVI CODE OF ORDINANCES: Section 2907, Porches: Decks states that open, unenclosed and uncovered porches may project into the required front setback a distance not exceeding four (4) feet.

    Section 2503.1 B states that an Accessory building shall not be erected in any required front yard or in any required exterior side yard.

    Section 2503.1 G states that detached accessory building shall not be located closer that then (10) feet to any main building and shall not be located closer that six (6) feet to any interior side or rear lot line.

    Section 2400 states that the maximum lot coverage for parcels in the R-4 zoning district is 25%.

  3. Case No. 10-049 21900 Meadowbrook –Grace Immanuel Church
    ( Click for this packet item 6.0MB)

    The petitioner is requesting a variance to permit the construction of a 1,152 square foot addition at the existing Grace Immanuel Bible Church located at 21900 Meadowbrook Road without installing any additional parking spaces as required by the Zoning Ordinance.  The property is zoned R-3 and is located on the east side of Meadowbrook Road, between Eight Mile Road and Nine Mile Road.

    CITY OF NOVI, CODE OF ORDINANCES, Section 2505.14.b requires churches to provide one parking space for each three seats or persons permitted under maximum capacity or one space for each six feet of pews in the main worship unit, whichever is greater.  The proposed addition increases the parking space requirements by 10 spaces.

  4. Case No. 10-050 1517 Paramount
    ( Click for this packet item 257KB)

    The petitioner requesting a variance of 3.5’ from the minimum required aggregate side yard dimension to allow construction of an addition to an existing non-conforming residence. The property is zoned R-4 and is located north of Thirteen Mile Rd and east of East Lake Dr.

    NOVI CODE OF ORDINANCES: Section 2400, note r: states that the minimum aggregate dimension of the (2) side yard setbacks in the R-4 zoning district is 25 ft

  5. Case No. 10-051 26650 Taft Road – Hayes Trucking
    ( Click for this packet item 8.0MB)

Lewis Hayes is requesting a use variance to allow an extension of an expired Temporary Use Permit beyond the timeframes allowed in the Zoning Ordinance for outdoor storage for a concrete crushing operation. Property is zoned I-1 and is north of Grand River and east of Taft Rd.

CITY OF NOVI, CODE OF ORDINANCES, Section 3004.2. The Building Official shall have the power, upon filing of an application in accordance with section 3004.1.a(2) to grant permits authorizing temporary special land uses for:

a. Temporary buildings and uses for periods not to exceed two(2) years on undeveloped parcels within the city and for periods not to exceed twelve(12) months on developed parcels, with the granting of a twelve (12) month extension being permissible. The petitioner is requesting an extension until December 15, 2010.





NOTICE: People with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in this meeting should contact the Community Development Department (248) 347-0415 at least seven working days in advance of the meeting. An attempt will be made to make reasonable accommodations.