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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2003, 7:30 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at or about 7:30 p.m.


Present: Members Avdoulos, Kocan, Markham, Nagy, Paul, Ruyle, Shroyer, Sprague

Absent: Papp (excused)

Also Present: David Evancoe, Director of Planning; Barbara McBeth, Planner; Darcy Schmitt, Planner; Tim Schmitt, Planner; Lance Shipman, Landscape Architect; Brian Coburn, Engineer; Jerry Fisher, City Attorney; Don Tilton, Wetland Consultant



Consideration of the request of Ken Albers of Diversified Land Development, LLC for approval of Woodland Permits, Storm Water Management Plan, and a recommendation to City Council for a Preliminary Site Plan with a PD-1 (Planned Development) Option, and Wetland Permit. The subject property is located in Section 10, on the south side of 12 ½ Mile Rd, west of Novi Road in the RM-1 (Low Density, Low Rise Multiple Family) District. The subject property is 4.633 acres. The developer is proposing residential condominium buildings.

In the matter of the request of Ken Albers of Diversified Land Development, LLC, SP02-15B [motion] to approve a Woodland Permit and recommend favorable consideration to City Council of the Preliminary Site Plan with a PD-1 (Planned Development) Option, Wetland Permit, and Stormwater Management Plan, and recommend favorable consideration of the following based upon the finding that this site plan meets the Special Land Use requirements: 1) A positive recommendation for a Zoning Board of Appeals variance for building setback, based on excess building height for Building 3, as the building height is not technically excessive because of back side slopes considerably; 2) A positive recommendation for a Zoning Board of Appeals variance for excess pavement in the easterly sideyard, as there is no paving in the rear yard and there is considerable landscaping throughout the rest of the property to substantiate the 6% additional pavement; 3) The final site plan needs to ensure that no first floor doors or windows of living areas are within 25 feet of a drive, with a recommendation to the ZBA that the Planning Commission’s interpretation of the Ordinance 2400.e.6 is that it refers to the first floor doors and windows of a living structure. 4) The Planning Commission has determined that a driveway approach does constitute parking spaces (north of building 2) and therefore a Zoning Board of Appeals variance is required for parking in the frontyard for two parking spaces, as long as there is additional landscaping to buffer that parking area, referencing Ordinance Section 2505.4, "A driveway does constitute a parking space" and Ordinance Section 2502.2, "…off-street parking parking shall not be permitted within a frontyard setback…" (which is 75 feet in this case); 5) A positive recommendation for the City Council waiver of Design & Construction Standards for the curved section of public sidewalk, where it bends around a landscape feature with the condition that should the sidewalk need to be reconstructed when the road is widened the developer will be responsible for the reconstruction as specified in a recordable written agreement approved by the City Attorney and recorded with the Register of Deeds"; 6) Additional calculations needed to review the Stormwater Management Plan is a requirement; 7) Deferral of the required Noise Analysis until the time of Final Site Plan review which would include the requisite report from a certified sound engineer; 8) A Wetland Conservation Easement would be required as part of the Final Site Plan; and 9) Any additional comments on the attached review letters to be addressed at the time of Final Site Plan review. Motion carried 7-1.


Consideration of the request of DeSoto Investments, for approval of a Preliminary Site Plan and a Storm Water Management Plan. The subject property is located in Section 4 located in Beck North Corporate Park on the north side of West Road East of Beck Road, Lots 10 & 11 in the (I-1) Light Industrial District. The applicant is proposing 2 speculative light industrial buildings, Bldg A - 19,000 square foot, Bldg B - 15,555 square foot. The subject property is 2.39 acres.

In the matter of Desoto Investments, LLC, SP03-23, motion to approve the Preliminary Site Plan and Stormwater Management Plan subject to: 1) Units 10 & 11 must be joined into one unit by amending the Master Deed; 2) Owners of units in the condominium will need to provide letters of approval for the joining of the units; 3) A Planning Commission Waiver for Opposite Side Driveway Spacing (six feet proposed vs. 200 feet required), finding that there will be no significant interlocking left turns with the development to the south; 4) Removal of adequate number of parking spaces to meet the parking lot landscaping requirements; and 5) The comments on the attached review letters being addressed on the Final Site Plan. Motion carried 8-0.


Consideration on the request of Schonsheck Incorporated for reconsideration of a Planning Commission condition of Preliminary Site Plan approval. The subject property is located in Section 12 between Haggerty Road and Cabot Drive and south of Thirteen Mile Road and north of Lewis Drive. The developer is proposing the Planning Commission reconsider the language in the motion referring to the access drive to the north. They requested rewording of the words, "The access drive will be added to the site plan at Final Site Plan approval;" and "Applicant has agreed to put in the access with Ridgeview and has made attempts with the Applicant to the north."

Motion to deny the request of Schonsheck Incorporated for reconsideration of the Planning Commission condition of the Millennium Technology, SP 03-08, preliminary site plan approval from April 16, 2003. Motion carried 8-0.


Motion to recommend the addition of the word "after" to the Planning Commission By-laws and Rules of Procedure 3.4(b) so that it reads, "No Public Hearings shall be held within five (5) business days after a City-recognized holiday." Motion carried 8-0.

Motion to suspend the rule 3.4(b) for the September 3, 2003 meeting only. Motion carried 8-0.


The Planning Commission agreed to forward the following items to the Implementation Committee for review:

1. Dedication of preservation areas as part of the industrial park site plan approval process

2. Cross-access requirement in industrial parks, et al

3. Ordinance Section 1905.4.b.2: Language pertaining to refuse pick-up, off-street parking and areas used for vehicular repair, delivery, loading/unloading and transport

4. Ordinance Section 2400.i.2: Language pertaining to off-street parking within the side and rear yards.

5. Ordinance Section 2400.m.1: Language pertaining to the minimum distance a building shall be set back from a residential district.

ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at or about 10:45 p.m.



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