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MARCH 26, 2003


The meeting was called to order at or about 7:30 p.m.


Present: Avdoulos, Kocan, Markham, Nagy, Papp, Paul, Shroyer, Sprague

Absent: Ruyle (excused)

Staff Present: David Evancoe, Director of Planning; Tim Schmitt, Planner; Darcy Schmitt, Planner; Nancy McLain, Engineering; Elaine Grehl, Woodlands Consultant; Ben Croy, Engineer;

Also Present: Tom Schultz, City Attorney


Member Sprague requested that items 3 and 4 be reversed in order. Member Paul requested that Hanging Fire and Environmental Committee Update be added to Matters for Discussion. Member Kocan requested a discussion on adding an April 9, 2003 meeting also be added to Matters for Discussion.

Motion to approve the Agenda as amended. Motion carried 8-0.


Member Kocan read aloud the following two letters:

  1. Maria and Robert Hilliard. The letter discussed the City Council meeting of March 17, 2003 and a proposed Woodlands Ordinance Amendment.
  2. Detroit Catholic Central High School. The Reverend Richard J. Elmer wrote that Catholic Central proposes to re-plant the number of displaced trees required by the current Woodlands Ordinance over a ten-year, equal-installment basis. The students will perform this community service work under the coordination of City personnel, the first installment to be completed in spring 2004. Catholic Central will also (1) Open their Woodlands for flora and fauna study to the Novi students; (2) Open their athletic fields and auxiliary gyms to Novi athletes; (3) promote Novi Community Service amongst their student body.


Mr. Evancoe presented two new training opportunities to the Commissioners:

  1. SEMCOG seminar in Detroit called, "Making Your Development Work: Planning for Win-Win Developer Partnerships." It will be held on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  2. Michigan Municipal League seminar called "Basic Planning and Zoning" in Novi at the Doubletree Hotel. It will be held April 22, 2003 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.



Public Hearing on the request of Magna Intier Automotive for approval of a Preliminary Site Plan and Woodland Permit. The subject property is located in Section 12, south of Lewis Drive and west of Haggerty Road in the OST (Office Service Technology) District. The subject property is 30.7 acres. The Developer is proposing a parking lot expansion.

In the matter of the Magna Intier parking expansion, Site Plan 02-60, motion to grant approval of Preliminary Site Plan, Woodland Permit and Stormwater Management Plan subject to: (1)Planning Commission remove their previous condition that the number of parking spaces on the site be limited to 1,059 parking spaces and allow for 1,222 parking spaces; (2)Planning Commission finding that the Plan meets the intent of the Woodlands Ordinance with the removal of trees 1556 and 1563 and replacements as required; (3)Planning Commission waiver of four foot minimum greenspace on south side of building and former loading area to allow for cars to back out; (4)Berm on Haggerty shall be a minimum of three feet as measured from the height of the parking lot; (5)All subject to conditions and items listed in the Staff and Consultant review letters. Motion carried 8-0.

2. Island Lake of Novi, phase 4b1, Site Plan number 02-43

Public Hearing on the request of Toll Brothers for Preliminary Site Plan and Site Condominium approval. The subject property is located in Section 19 on the north side of Ten Mile Road between Napier and Wixom Roads. The Developer proposes 76 detached single family homes in the RA (Residential District). The subject property is approximately 907 acres.

In the matter of the request of Toll Brothers for approval of Preliminary Site Plan for Site Condominium approval Phase 4B1, Site Plan 02-43, motion to amend the motion to grant approval of the Preliminary Site Plan subject to: (1)Planning Commissionís interpretation of the RUD stipulation regarding variation of setback based on lot width, approving the variations as discussed, with the minimum combined sideyard setback of 10 feet/30 feet; (2)The City Councilís review and approval of the proposed written RUD Amendment modifying the overall development. It should be clarified if the Site Plan is approved and the subsequent approval of the RUD Agreement Amendment is inconsistent with the approved Site Plan it shall be necessary for the Site Plan to return to the Planning Commission for conformance with the RUD Agreement; (3)The Langley Court reflecting a T-turnaround; (4)All lots meet area and dimensional requirements; (5)The 76 developments in this phase are within the number permitted in this RUD; (6)The Preliminary Site Plan is consistent with the Island Lake Area RUD Plan; (7)Because the Applicant the City, the Planning Commission and the City Council have worked cohesively toward an acceptable resolution for this submittal, that all berms and replacement trees are required as discussed; (8)The comments on the attached review letters be addressed at the time of Final Site Plan review; (9) the extension of the berm needs to be the entire right of way which will require redesign of the detention basin. Motion carried 8-0.



Consideration of the request of Ridgeview Centre, LLC. for approval of a Preliminary Site Plan. The subject property is located in Section 12 on the south side of 13 Mile Road between M-5 and Haggerty Roads in the OST (Office Service Technology) District. The Developer is proposing two office buildings. The subject property is 4.59 acres.

In the matter of Ridgeview Centre II, Site Plan 03-03, motion to amend the motion to grant approval of the Preliminary Site Plan and the Stormwater Management Plan subject to: (1)Planning Commission Waiver of the 6-10í berm to screen the loading area of the western building based on the supplemental landscape plan presented, with the additional landscaping and relocated loading area for the east building; (2)Planning Commissionís finding that the intent of the greenspace Ordinance as it relates to the 4í minimum necessary between the sidewalk and building has been met; (3)Section 9 FaÁade Waiver for the rough-faced block as presented 3% on the small building, 1% on the larger building; (4)Placement of a secondary access stub to the south as preferred or to the east; (5)The Detention Basin is to be redesigned to allow for adequate pretreatment; (6)Should the development ever develop a lot split, a Planning Commission Waiver of parking setback in the area of the center of the lot because of the shared driveway and shared parking area; (7)Subject to the conditions and items as discussed this evening and listed in the Staff and Consultant review letters. Motion carried 8-0.


Consideration of the request of Diversified Glass Corporation for approval of a Preliminary Site Plan. The subject property is located in Section 23 on the east side of Novi Road, north of Ten Mile Road in the I-1 (Light Industrial) District. The Developer is proposing an expansion to an existing building. The subject property is 1.2 acres.

In the matter of Henderson Glass Site Plan 02-53, motion to amend the motion to grant approval of the Final Site Plan with the finding that this Plan is not adjacent to residential, thereís no long term truck parking on the site and the performance standards of Section 2519 are met, but this Plan shall be subject to the comments on the attached review letters being addressed on the Revised Final Site Plan and subject to the Stormwater Ordinance being met or Petitionerís receipt of a waiver from City Council. Motion carried 8-0.



4. 2003-04 Planning Commission Budget

Master Plan Update Studies:  
   Growth Management Plan  
      2002 Monies Spent  -$10,000
      Infrastructure:  Water and Sewer    5,000
      Transportation and Thoroughfare   19,000
      Economic Base Study 6,000
      Fiscal Analysis   12,100
      GMP Sub Total        $32,100
   Demographic Profile               6,000
   Community Facilities (In house)  0
   Build Out Profile 15,000
   Greenways Plan   6,000 
   Land Use Analysis   20,000
   Natural Features Study    10,000
Subtotal: Master Plan Studies    $89,100
Routine Operation    6,691
Training/Development   9,900
Emerging Issues    11,500
Grand Total   $117,191

Motion to amend the motion approve the revised Budget as discussed this evening, totaling $117,191 with the delineated plans and the updated Standards of Performance as discussed at the table. Motion carried 8-0.


Motion to amend the Capital Improvements Program and Projects Ranking motion to approve with removal of items 21, 36, 49, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58; move forward to the fiscal year 2003/04 items 72, 87, 31, 34, 24. Motion fails 2-6 (Yes: Nagy, Paul).

Motion to amend the amended motion to approve the Capital Improvements Program and Projects Ranking with recommendation of: (1)A $55,000 Nine Mile repair ranked number 12 and appropriated in fiscal year 2003/04 yet still keeping number 24 proposed for 2007; (2)Removal of word "elevated" from all storage tank listings between numbers 49 and 58; (3)Moving to 2003/04 Number 72 Stump Grinder and Number 87 Street Sweeper; (4)Notation that the inclusion of Number 21 on this list is associated with pending litigation; (5)Removal of Number 36 from the list; (6)Upgrade Number 31ís time frame to fiscal year 2004/2005; (7)Acknowledge the immediacy of Number 34. Motion carries 7-1 (No: Paul).


1. Hanging Fire:

Member Paul understood this report would include the status of all projects.


Member Paul suggested that the Planning Commission and the Environmental Committee give their input on the pending. Chair Nagy asked that the Environmental Committee choose a meeting date to discuss this new Woodlands and Wetlands maps.


Motion to add an April 9, 2003 Planning Commission meeting to the schedule. Motion carries 8-0.


Mr. Hogan addressed the Planning Commission regarding handicapped parking and safety issues.


Motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 8-0. Meeting adjourned at 1:17 a.m.