WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 08, 1997 AT 7:30 P.M.


(810) 347-0475


Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairperson Lorenzo


PRESENT: Members Bononi, Churella, Csordas, Hoadley, Chairperson Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas



ABSENT: Members Capello, Weddington



ALSO PRESENT: Planning Consultant Brandon Rogers, Engineering Consultant David Bluhm, Traffic Consultant Rod Arroyo, Assistant City Attorney Dennis Watson, Landscape Architect Linda Lemke, Water Resources Specialist Susan Tepatti, Director of Planning & Community Development Jim Wahl, and Staff Planner Steven Cohen








Chairperson Lorenzo suggested to the Commission to consider modifying the Agenda to allow for the second Audience Participation to occur after Stuart Frankel makes his informal presentation so that the public has the benefit of hearing the presentation and the comments of the Commission before they respond. She clarified that Mr. Frankelís presentation will be an informal presentation and the Planning Commission is not reviewing any rezoning application, therefore, it is not a Public Hearing.


Chairperson Lorenzo asked if there were any other changes to the Agenda? Seeing none she entertained a motion to approve the Agenda as amended.





Moved by Csordas, seconded by Markham, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve the agenda as amended.





Yes: Bononi, Churella, Csordas, Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas

No: None








Chuck Young, 50910 West Nine Mile Road, informed the Commission that the Sports Club will now be located in an I-1, I-2, B-3 location at Ten Mile Road and Novi Road. He stated it was a good location because it was centrally located for the City and the residents. It was his belief that it would not interfere with the residents. Mr. Young was hopeful that the Commission would take the same deliberation that it has in the past when these issues come up.



Mick Winship, 47355 Scarlet Drive North, spoke in regard to the Stuart Frankel proposal. As he understood it, Stuart Frankel has prepared plans to develop a large retail development at Ten Mile Road and Beck Road. It is to include a Kroger, several retail outlets, a restaurant and a gas station. He believed the site to currently be zoned R-1 and objected to the rezoning stating that it would be a major blot on his landscape. It would significantly increase noise, traffic, pollution, road safety, crime, and drunken drivers, due to the restaurant. He stated the Briarwood North subdivision would suffer an increase in traffic because the boulevard would become a turn-around for those who fail to turn into the retail development the first time. He stated the neighborhood is full of small children and the reason he chose to live in Novi was because it was supposed to be a community area as Master Planned. To go against the plan in such a manner, would be outrageous.



Frank Brennan, 23876 Heartwood, stated he lives in the Echo Valley subdivision and would like to speak about planning because he saw an article in the newspaper regarding the consideration of undertaking a valuation of sites for a grocery store in the west end of the city. He stated the Planning Commission invests a considerable amount of time and energy in dealing with planning for the City, he felt the Commission does not need to take on the additional task of looking for sites. He referred to the 1993 Master Plan which states that the west end of the City should be developed primarily with low-density residential housing, and the existing commercial shopping strip at the northeast corner with the surrounding stores in Wixom, probably will not need additional shopping malls until the year 2010. It was Mr. Brennanís feeling that any expanded commercial districts that the

City may need, should be in the properly zoned Grand River Corridor. He stated good planning has already been done and this information needs to be conveyed to the developers. He stated there is a large contingent of west side residents who are opposed to the rezoning of residential districts, not the grocery store itself.



Edward Thomas, 47213 Scarlet Drive South, spoke on behalf of the homeowners of Briarwood Village. He spoke in regard to the rezoning of the northwest corner of Ten Mile Road and Beck Road. 1) He stated the request to change the lot size of a residentially zoned property at the corner of Beck Road and Eleven Mile Road was denied,it was to remain residential; 2) Providence has suggested the possibility of developing a commercial center at the northwest corner of Grand River and Beck Road. The area, property and roads are currently more conducive to commercial development, however, the City Council is concerned about the aesthetics. 3) In September of 1997 the homeowners submitted a petition to dedicate the subdivision streets to the City of Novi. The request was denied by Council because everyone who purchased homes was aware at the time of purchase, that the roads were private. As a result, the prices of the homes were considerably lower than those located on city streets. Mr. Thomas was sure that Mr. Frankel was well aware and had knowledge of the fact at the time of purchase, the northwest corner of Beck Road and Ten Mile Road was zoned Residential. The zoning made the property less valuable to him, then as it would be if it was zoned Commercial. In conclusion, he stated the City should have received signed petitions against the rezoning for Ten Mile Road and Beck Road and hopefully the Commission and the Council will not treat a commercial developer differently than voting, tax paying, home owning residents in the City of Novi.



Robert Stone, stated the community appreciates the services put out by the Commission in doing the planning for the City. He called the Commissionís attention to the fact that there is a lack of disclosure to a lot of the areas that are approved. He stated there are traffic, water and infrastructure concerns that are not addressed. Enforcement of traffic on the roads is not taken into consideration. Mr. Stone would like to see something put into the draft that says there will be a study made on the problem areas that currently exist. He asked the Commission to put themselves in the position of how the planning affects the residents after they move in. He suggested disclosure be something that the Commission considers when approving a subdivision so if there are any alternative plans or if surrounding areas are proposed to be changed to business, the residents are aware of it.



Jack Carney, Echo Valley, stated he has lived here for the past 17 years. He spoke in regard to the corner of Novi Road and Beck Road. He stated the Master Plan was changed to accommodate a large strip mall. The citizens saw fit to fight it and the Council denied it. Unfortunately, within a few weeks, it was reopened and the Council reversed their ruling. The citizens again gathered petitions to put it on the ballot, the citizens voted to prohibit the strip mall. The Council and some of the actions gave some justification for the possibility of a court case, subsequently, a compromise was worked out whereby a much smaller strip mall was developed. Mr. Carney pointed out that this has been done once before, there has been a vote of the residents concerning the question of the corner and they have worked out a compromise, therefore, there is no reason for it to be reversed this time. Mr. Carney requested that the Commission give consideration to stopping this rezoning so the same situation does not come up as in the past.


Chairperson Lorenzo asked if there was anyone else who would like to address the Commission? Seeing no one else she closed the Public Hearing announcing there will be a second after Mr. Frankelís presentation and a third before adjournment.





Chairperson Lorenzo deferred to Mr. Cohen in Member Capelloís absence.


Steve Cohen, Staff Planner stated he has received seven (7) new letters as well as 40-50 petitions against a possible rezoning for the northwest corner of Ten Mile Road and Beck Road.


Mr. Cohen summarized that all of the letters voiced opposition to any change to the Master Plan and Zoning Map from Residential to Commercial. He stated the residents are concerned regarding Mr. Frankelís intentions for development at the northwest corner of Ten Mile Road and Beck Road and how such a development could affect home investments, traffic and overall quality of life. Mr. Cohen stated that all of the letters will be placed into the formal record of the meeting minutes.





Chairperson Lorenzo announced there were two (2) items for consideration. The approval of the December 18, 1996 Regular Planning Commission Meeting Minutes and a request from the Department to schedule a Special Planning Commission Meeting for Monday, January 13, 1997 at 5:30 p.m. for an MSPO Site Plan Review Workshop. Chairperson Lorenzo asked if there were any corrections to the Minutes.


Member Hoadley stated on page 9, paragraph 7, word 7 should be "proposed".


Member Bononi stated on page 5, the first sentence under Discussion should read, "...that opacity requirements of the Ordinance are being met?" Page 21, paragraph 7 should read, "Member Bononi expressed a concern..."


Member Markham stated on page 32, paragraph 3, line 2 should read "err" not "heir".


Seeing no other changes, Chairperson Lorenzo entertained a motion to approve the December 18, 1996 minutes as amended.







Moved by Hoadley, seconded by Csordas, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve the December 18, 1996 Regular Planning Commission Meeting Minutes as amended.





Yes: Bononi, Churella, Csordas, Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas

No: None





Moved by Hoadley, seconded by Markham, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve the scheduling of a Special Planning Commission Meeting for January 13, 1997 at 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers for an MSPO Site Plan Workshop which the Public is invited to attend.


Member Markham stated the seminars are a great idea and she was glad that they were being done, however, the Commission is being asked to schedule a Special Planning Commission Meeting before asking the Planning Commissioners whether they were available to attend the meeting. She thought the Commission would be better served through the course of the year with all of the Special Seminars if a schedule could be provided in advance so they can be planned for.


Chairperson Lorenzo stated Member Markhamís point is well taken and asked Mr. Cohen if he would like to respond?


Mr. Cohen added that a master schedule is currently being worked on, however, all of the Commissioners were contacted before the meeting was scheduled.


Member Markham stated when she was contacted, she was asked if she could attend a meeting on the 13th and when she answered, "no, she didnít think so", she was told that this was the date of the meeting.


Mr. Cohen answered the Department will work on that.





Yes: Bononi, Churella, Csordas, Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas

No: None








An Ordinance to amend Section 2516, Subsection 7 of Ordinance No. 84-18, as Amended, the City of Novi Zoning Ordinance, to promulgate a Revised Site Plan Manual for the City of Novi to expedite site plan review and development by establishing site plan review procedures, and by providing developers and prospective developers with an overview and step-by-step description of the site plan review process, as well as additional information relating to development within the City of Novi for possible recommendation to City Council.


Steve Cohen, Staff Planner announced this is the first Site Plan Manual revision in over four years. He explained that the Manual was reformatted, making it easier to read. A whole new section on Subdivision Review has been added which takes the developer from point A to point Z and explains what it takes to build a subdivision. Mr. Cohen further explained that the Rezoning Submission Content had also been revised after some concerns and suggestions had been raised by Member Bononi. He stated new information has been added regarding the Soil Erosion Process. Rod Arroyo has also contributed a section regarding Traffic Impact Studies and a section on Construction Traffic Route Planning. Mr. Cohen asked the Commission to send a recommendation to the City Council to approve the document so the Department can better advise developers about the City of Noviís Planning Process.


Brandon Rogers, Planning Consultant commented that it is an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance this is the reason for a statutory zoning hearing. In the present Zoning Ordinance, there is one half of a page that refers to compliance with the Site Plan Manual, so this is really an appendix to the Zoning Ordinance itself. It was Mr. Rogersí recommendation that the document continue to be a valuable service to the community. Mr. Rogers explained that when the applicant comes in for their Ĺ hour or one hour meeting with Mr. Arroyo and himself, there is not merely enough time to go through all of the questions on process, standards and policies. He explained that the applicant can obtain the Site Plan Manual ahead of time thus simplifying the processing of Site Plans.


Rod Arroyo, Traffic Consultant added that the basic structure of traffic studies that are required will remain the same. The section on traffic studies has been modified to reflect recommendations from a statewide model ordinance that was developed by a committee on which he served that was sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation, SEMCOG and Tri-County Regional Planning. He further explained they were trying to bring some things up to date and make some minor improvements but the overall structure will remain the same.


Chairperson Lorenzo suggested once the Commission addresses a particular section, that they get through all of the questions or comments in that particular section before moving on. Before turning the Matter over to the Commission for Discussion, Chairperson Lorenzo asked if there was any member of the Public that would like to address the issue.


Mr. Stone stated he obtained a copy of the Ordinance from the library and he has a hard time understanding it, specifically in regard to the traffic. He stated it is a continuous problem. He suggested before the Commission rushes into approving the draft, that each Commissioner take a section of the Ordinance and thoroughly review it considering what the impact will be to the developer as well as the residents who will be moving onto the site.


Chairperson Lorenzo asked if there was anyone else who would like to address the Public Hearing? Seeing no one she closed the Public Hearing and turned the Matter over to the Commission for Discussion.





Member Hoadley stated he had the chance to read the entire Manual and agreed with some of the comments of Mr. Stone. He thought one of the major problems the Commission has with the manual or any other ordinance, is the lack of enforcement. It was Member Hoadleyís opinion that if the Commission was not willing to enforce the ordinances, why have them? As community leaders he thought it needed to be addressed.

Mr. Arroyo stated the Site Plan Manual does not in any way control or establish the criteria for the placement of stop signs or set speed limits within the city. This comes under the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and is governed by the City Council. He stated when there is a concern about the speed on a roadway or a need for a stop sign, there should be some type of correspondence or contact made with the Department of Pubic Works who will then initiate some type of analysis to determine whether or not there is a need for some type of change in traffic control orders, usually a recommendation is made to City Council who has the final word.

Member Bononi stated the Manual is a lot of information to digest and be able to make recommendations on. In this regard, she agreed with Mr. Stone in saying that the Commission has to be concerned with how it affects everyone. As a Planning Commissioner, she was concerned how the document affects her because she did not have any knowledge of the manner in which it was put together. Member Bononi was looking for better communications and the next time there is a revision, if there was some way the Commission could receive some input as to what is being discussed, what the concerns are and where it is going, this way the Commission could have itsí input at that time instead of after the document has been completed.


Member Vrettas stated he has not had the chance to read the whole document. He did not feel comfortable making decisions on it at this point, stating he did not believe the Commission has had enough time to think it through.





Moved by Vrettas, seconded by Hoadley, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To postpone further comment and action on the Site Plan Development Manual document until January 22, 1997.





Member Bononi stated she would feel more comfortable making a decision on the motion if she knew how the other Planning Commissioners felt about it.


Member Csordas agreed that such a critical process should be streamlined, easier to understand and be more user friendly. He was not comfortable making decisions on it for the reason that he has not had the opportunity to read the entire document and understand it.


Member Markham stated she did read the Manual and the problem she had was that there were issues that have come up in previous meetings and at that time, had to be approved because that was what the Site Plan Manual stated. She stated many of those items have not appeared in the Manual and believed it partly to be, because the Commission did not get the chance to give some feedback. She suggested tabling the issue until each Commissioner has had the chance to review the document and list those issues that they feel need to be changed.







Yes: Bononi, Churella, Csordas, Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas

No: None







Property located west of Novi Road, between I-96 and twelve Mile Road for possible PD-3 Option and Preliminary Site Plan recommendation to City Council.


Mark Young of Seiber Keast & Associates reviewed the Revised Preliminary Site Plan for the Art Van showroom expansion. He referred to the Site Plan, stating the most important feature was that Art Van decided to drop itsí plans for expansion of Scott Shuptrine Furniture at this time. Previously there had been a Phase I expansion of Art Van and a Phase II expansion of Scott Shuptrine. The open area to the north of the Scott Shuptrine Furniture showroom is now to be used for land banked parking. In addition to the dedication of that space for land banked parking, Art Van Furniture also reduced the size of itsí proposed expansion by ten (10) feet along the north wall and thereby surrendered almost 2,000 square feet of showroom space and about 1,000 square feet of warehouse space in order to create additional parking. Additionally, there are 24 new parking spaces which have been created just north of Scott Shuptrine in the land banked parking area. The Revised Site Plan meets all of the parking requirements and negates the need for a variance from the ZBA. Deficient green space setbacks are existing conditions on the south and east side of the Art Van showroom to mitigate, Art Van Furniture has proposed a donation to the City, of 23 new trees to be planted along City property, along Karevich Drive. Additional evergreen plantings have been proposed in the land banked parking area to further screen the truck well area for the new Art Van Furniture showroom. Six new tree planters have been added to the east facade to further heighten interest. Mr. Young stated the trash compactor located between the buildings will be screened with a six foot high masonry wall and enclosed behind wooden gates. Face brick replaces the CMU block that was originally proposed on the west wall and display windows have been added to both the north and south facades to increase interest of the building. The Traffic Impact Analysis has been revised to reflect the reduced scope of the project. Additionally, the Community Impact Assessment has been revised to reflect the deletion of the expansion of Scott Shuptrine Furniture. Lastly, Mr. Young pointed out that the recommendations by Michael Evans, have been incorporated in the new revised plan and a fire department connection along the north side of the expanded Art Van Showroom will be moved westward so it will be within 100 feet of the existing hydrant. Two new fire hydrants have been added, one south of Scott Shuptrine and one south of the Art Van Furniture showroom.


Brandon Rogers, Planning Consultant stated his report runs through the setbacks, compliance with off-street parking, green space setback along the east and along the south as prior existing, there is alternate green space on the site and in the area between Karevich Drive and Novi Road. Mr. Rogers stated the building will be face brick. He commended the applicant for many things, one of them being that they listened to the Commission on reducing the size of the building, providing land banking, adding considerable on-site landscaping, adding the windows on the north and south facades and using brick on all sides. Mr. Rogers conditions on recommending a PD-3 Option approval and Preliminary Site Plan approval are subject to: 1) waiver by Planning Commission of deficient green space setbacks on the south and east sides in consideration of alternate interior green space on site and 2) approval by City Council of the PD-3 Option and the Preliminary Site Plan.


Linda Lemke, Landscape Architect stated along the northern edge, the applicant has added more plant material to screen the drive coming into the shopping area. Along Novi Road they have created almost a double buffer. The applicant has added more landscape areas immediately adjacent to the building and added a row of evergreens in the parking lot to screen the truck loading area. In the northwest corner, there is a pedestrian node where there will be benches, a table and additional plantings for the shoppers to use. Ms. Lemke stated she had met with the applicant a couple of times on-site and she is very pleased with the resubmittal and recommended approval.


Victoria Weber of JCK stated in review of the revised plan for engineering feasibility she found that it continues to comply with the design standards and recommended approval. The comments of the previous approval letter dated November 19, 1996 still apply.


Rod Arroyo, Traffic Consultant stated it is a very low traffic generator which is forecasted to generate 7 trips during the p.m. peak hour and 14 trips during the Saturday peak hour. He stated furniture stores generally are fairly low trip generators. In terms of the Site Plan issues, many of the issues have been resolved, the parking land banking plan has been provided and he recommended approval of the Preliminary Site Plan.


Chris Pargoff, City Forester informed the Planning Commission, because of the power lines that exist along Novi Road, the Novi Road trees may be the proper trees for planting in adjacency to a power line. They may not be the tall shade trees that would normally be planted, however, on the south, along the entryway from the existing shopping center, there will be shade trees planted. He also stated his letter dated January 3, 1997 addresses some of the concerns he had with the plan and the fee that will be assessed at the time of certificate of occupancy.


Chairperson Lorenzo announced she has received a letter from Officer Anthony Swope, City of Novi Weighmaster which states: 1) ingress and egress for demolition and reconstruction, be permitted only via the existing entrance for Fretter off West Oaks II Access Drive, West of Karevich Drive. This will permit for the rapid movement of the construction equipment and supplies entering or exiting from the site. Also any mud and/or debris being dropped will do so well clear of the busy intersection. 2) The staging of both equipment making deliveries and, the stock piling of materials, be done on the proposed land banked area at the west end of the project. This staging area is to be either of suitable stone or gravel or bituminous material, so as to keep objectionable dust and debris being tracked to a minimum.


Chairperson Lorenzo turned the Matter over to the Commission for Discussion.





Member Markham commended everybody who worked on the project for the last four weeks in making the adjustments. She was really happy to see that applicant was so responsive to the comments of the Commission for increased landscaping, smaller building size, etc. She hoped other developers would take heed because she thought it was a job well done.





Moved by Markham, seconded by Vrettas, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To send a positive recommendation to the City Council for the PD-3 Option, Preliminary Site Plan for Art Van Furniture SP96-38A and also to include a green space waiver from the Planning Commission and an approval from the Planning Commission for land banking per the appropriate sections of the Ordinance and subject to all of the recommendations and comments of all of the consultants.


Member Vrettas also commended the applicant.


Chairperson Lorenzo asked Member Markham if she wished to include the green space waiver or do it separately?

Member Markham wished to include it in the motion, she thought she included everything.


Mr. Rogers believed the Commission also had to address the land banking. He stated they have to make a finding that the land banking is proper as one of the findings in the Ordinance.


Member Markham also included to approve the land banking, Sec. 2505.14, c (9) and Sec. 2505.16.


Member Hoadley agreed with the other Commissioners that the project is an outstanding one. He stated it will compliment Twelve Oaks as well. He stated the applicant is an example of what developers should be doing in the City of Novi and thanked them.


Member Csordas stated the project will be a tremendous addition to the City of Novi. He thanked the applicant on behalf of the residents of the city, for being a good neighbor and commended them on the development of an outstanding project.


Member Vrettas liked the fact that Art Van is taking pride in itsí property and itsí building and stated it is showing class. He stated this is the kind of residential community that the Commission is working towards. He commended the applicant and thanked them.


Chairperson Lorenzo concurred with the Commissioners and stated she appreciated all of the applicantís cooperation and continued commitment to the City of Novi and thanked them.





Yes: Csordas, Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas, Bononi, Churella

No: None





Property located at the northwest corner of Grand River Avenue and Haggerty Road for possible Section 2520.4 Facade Waiver approval.


Lee Mamola explained to the Commission that the project is a continuing work in progress project and he is presenting the facade portion of the site plan approval. Mr. Mamola reviewed the building elevations. He explained that the building addition is dryvit which is a change from the previous submittal of a flat metal panel system. The change was made because it was visually unacceptable. The 18 foot tall, 500 foot existing building is proposed to be paneled with a type of metal panel system that interlocks with one another. Along the entire length there will be asphalt paving abutting into the floor line, Mr. Mamola stated this is not a desirable situation but it was built this way 20 or more years ago. There is a slight overhang on the existing building and itsí purpose is to mitigate the appearance of the overhead doors which face Haggerty Road. The ordinance does not allow this, however, after a lengthy presentation to the ZBA, a variance was warranted to allow the overhead doors to face Haggerty Road. The balance of the building is proposed to include dryvit material. A top coursing is being added so the water can be caught, bringing the water in and then out, eliminating down spouts, Mr. Mamola thought this to be an important sense of appearance on this side of the building. He explained the appearance of the windows to have a stepping action to give the building more of a corporate, high-tech look which is more appropriate to the appearance on Haggerty Road. The front of the building will be dryvit material with horizontal detailing.


Mr. Mamola explained on the Keyford side of the building, if the dryvit material comes down to low to the grade, in a short period of time, the material will deteriorate due to the various conditions including snow being plowed against it. He stated he would like to paint the block, it is much more maintainable and would be more sightly in the long run. Mr. Mamola stated the building has a budgetary requirement dictated by code. He explained he can only spend 50 percent of the value of the building. The reason is because the building is in a flood plain area. In order for the building to be altered, he can either bring it up out of the flood plain, raising the interior floor more than a foot or do a number of things to the interior. These include: providing air evacuation systems, new fire suppression system, finish the building off entirely, demolition, floor drains, oil interceptors, etc. Mr. Mamola expressed his point being that he is somewhat dictated by code.


Brandon Rogers deferred to Mr. Necci of JCK.


Doug Necci of JCK stated there is a vast improvement in the overall design of the building. The change from metal panels to dryvit serves two purposes, it helps offset some of the additional costs as well as ties the building together. Mr. Necci stated this puts the percentage of dryvit over the ordinance maximum, however, it is a far superior design than the previously proposed. Mr. Necci stated it would be advantageous to put some landscaping in the belt to break up the wall of the building. In regard to the west wall, the percentage of metal siding appears to be within the ordinance limits, the dryvit has been added to cover up all of the patchwork of openings and windows. Mr. Necci agreed that all of the comments of Mr. Mamola, in regard to the poor durability of dryvit when closely exposed to an asphalt parking lot are valid. He stated the design is close to being in full compliance, he recommended a waiver based on the latest design. He suggested the specification of the height in the transition between block and dryvit on the west wall. Mr. Necci stated the gutters and down spouts are the most unsightly aspect of the design, he felt this has been addressed very nicely with the interior drainage systems.


Victoria Weber of JCK had no comments regarding engineering.


Chairperson Lorenzo turned the Matter over to the Commission for Discussion.





Member Churella felt that the facade change would make a wonderful entranceway into the community. He stated he walked the property and saw nothing but positives.


Member Hoadley expressed concern on the west side regarding the height of the dryvit. He stated aesthetically, the lower the better. He asked Mr. Mamola if he would be willing to bring it down to two feet?


Mr. Mamola felt it should be brought down in increments of eight inches which are the modular dimensions of a block. He answered, yes it could be lowered to the fullest extent possible.


Member Hoadley asked for a definition. He then asked if the parapet that is proposed to be built on the east side, will be extended to even it out?


Mr. Mamola answered the representation on the east elevation is what is intended to be built. He referred to the drawing, stating there is a dotted line below the top of the building that represents the existing parapet line.


Member Hoadley again expressed concern with the west side, stating he would like to see dryvit all the way down on the west side of the building for aesthetics, however, he was willing to compromise.


Mr. Mamola stated it was the opinion of the engineers that during the winter, about 32 inches is needed and this is lower than what was earlier proposed.


Member Csordas asked Mr. Necci for a verification in reference to his letter dated December 18, 1996. He asked if the petitioner has addressed his concerns as named in the final paragraph?


Mr. Necci answered the point he was trying to make in his letter was, in taking the flat metal panels off of the south facade and substituting E.I.F.S., he achieves the uniformity between the south and the east, but then it is contradicted by using metal panels on the west. Mr. Necci stated this has been solved by bringing the E.I.F.S. onto the west wall as well. The percentage he is showing is within the ordinance and it is less than the dryvit.


Member Csordas commended the applicant for the modifications on the site plan, he stated it will be a tremendous improvement to the City of Novi and expressed his appreciation to the applicant for listening to the concerns of the Commission and the ordinance and thanked them for the changes in their design.





Moved by Markham, seconded by Vrettas, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To grant the Section 2520.4 Facade Waiver for Mercedes-Benz of Novi SP96-44A.





Member Hoadley again stated he would like some specificity as to how far the dryvit will be brought down on the west side.


Mr. Mamola answered 32 inches from grade, upwards.





Yes: Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas, Bononi, Churella, Csordas

No: None


Mr. Mamola asked Chairperson Lorenzo if the Agenda would allow the time, he would like to present an update on some of the drainage issues, he explained if time did not allow, the Commission would see them at the time of Final.


Chairperson Lorenzo answered, the Agenda is fairly tight, however, the Commission appreciates the offer.


Chairperson Lorenzo announced the Commission will take a ten minute break.












Presentation by Stuart Frankel regarding retail opportunities in western Novi.


Stuart Frankel, 3221 West Big Beaver Road in Troy. Mr. Frankel thanked the Commission for extending him the opportunity to discuss retail opportunities in the City of Novi. He stated he was not seeking rezoning for the northwest corner of Ten Mile Road and Beck Road, he would like to discuss and share some thoughts and observations he has regarding the demand and need for convenience neighborhood retailers in western Novi. He defined western Novi as being an area of 16 square miles, bounded by Eight Mile Road on the south, Twelve Mile Road on the north, Novi Road on the east and Napier Road on the west.


He gave some history of Novi stating the city is approximately 32 square miles with a population of approximately 41,000 people. Anticipated population within the next 15 years is between 65,000 - 70,000. He stated there is presently 2,700,000 square feet of retail space in the city, of this space 2,300,000 or 83% of the total retail space is within one mile. This is a combination of three developments, Town Center, Twelve Oaks and West Oaks I & II the rest of the retail is dispersed within the remaining portion of the City. Mr. Frankel categorized retailing into three different types: 1) Regional Mall; which draws from an area of between 20-25 miles. The average person will frequent the shopping center approximately once per year. The importance of the development is convenient access to a very large trade area and to a wide population, density within the immediate area is not important. 2) Power Site; is lower in number of stores and size. It may have one discounter as a major anchor, a supermarket and other satellite stores. This center typically draws from 6-10 miles and draws from a smaller trade area, density within the immediate area is more important. 3) Neighborhood Convenience Shopping; a center of between 20,000-150,000 square feet with a supermarket as a major anchor. This type of center is frequented by the customer typically two to three times per week. It draws from an area of two miles, 50% of the customer base is within one mile of the retail development. 75% is within two miles. Mr. Frankel asked the Commission to take these statistics into consideration as he reviewed the existing City of Novi.


A typical city has one supermarket for every seven thousand residents. Novi currently has one and one half supermarkets. Because of this, 85% of the food supermarket dollar leaves the City of Novi and travels to other surrounding communities. Mr. Frankel stated the customer wants convenience, almost 90% of the supermarket customers come directly from home or work, 95% leave the supermarket and go directly home. With the change of families and dual incomes, there is a significant change in hours and days of shopping. the primary shopping day is Saturday, the second primary day is Sunday. The primary shopping hours are after the 9-5 rush. Stores are opening later in the morning and staying open later in the evening to better service the customer and make it more convenient. There are many changes within the supermarkets which include offering a wider selection, express lanes and drive thruís in drug stores. Mr. Frankel asked the Commission to consider the following factors as the growth of the city and the lack of retail opportunities is evaluated: 1) in order to service a market, the retail opportunity must be in the middle of the market; 2) the size of the site layout; 3) the visibility of the site; 4) access to major arteries. Mr. Frankel stated one of the primary sites has severe environmental problems and did not think the site could be developed under any circumstance. I-96 is a major arterial that divides the market in half and acts as a buffer. Mr. Frankel stated he is as concerned as a property owner as many of the residents, although he is not a voter, he is a tax payer.


Mr. Frankel stated retail traffic compliments residential traffic. The bulk of the residential traffic is generated from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. when people are traveling to work, and the reverse is true between 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. A retail development does not have these same hours, therefore it is not generating additional traffic. Saturday is the busiest shopping day and is a non-work day, this is when the roads are used least. The combination of the two together, there is a much more even distribution of the use of the roads.


In summary, Mr. Frankel asked the Commission to consider the demand for retailing in western Novi. Western Novi has no supermarket, 85% of the supermarket dollar is leaving the city, 70% of the population growth is already in that area, it needs it and it warrants it.


Chairperson Lorenzo turned the Matter over to the Commission for any comments or questions.


Member Hoadley stated the summation that Mr. Frankel has provided is three years old, many things have changed since his report was done. Member Hoadley stated before he can give any kind of an informed decision, he would disregard the report because it is not up to date. He suggested an up to date report and a new accurate survey of the people who live within two miles be done, before any kind of decision can be made. He stated he is willing to keep an open mind but he was not willing to accept the report. He stated the population was not up to date, and the report contradicts itself on page nine, paragraph one and five, in regard to the percentage of volume generated by two Novi stores. Member Hoadley again requested an up to date survey if Mr. Frankel wanted to pursue this.

Member Markham agreed with Mr. Frankel that a grocery is necessary on the west side of Novi for a lot of the reason he stated in his report. Member Markham believed whenever possible, a resident should spend their money in the community in which they live because it provides a commercial tax base, keeping the property taxes and taxes to keep the services running, low. She believed there to be the need for a full range of services within the City of Novi so she can do most of her shopping in the city.


Member Markham stated Mr. Frankel has not convinced her that Ten Mile Road and Beck Road is the proper site. She explained the polling data in the study was not necessarily scientifically gathered and she would like to see a more statistically or scientifically gathered set of data to substantiate his viewpoint. She again stated she believed a grocery store is necessary on the west side of Novi, she stated there is a need for local services in that area.


Member Vrettas stated the presentation that Mr. Frankel gave was about things that the Commission already knows. He stated he found a lot of the things to be not quite true. He stated he has lived in communities where there were only one or two supermarkets and the residents were happy with that. He stated the fact that many communities have supermarkets on their fringe in another community was not taken into consideration as well as the new Meijer store on Wixom Road. Member Vrettas asked what about human environmental concerns and referred to the residents who have moved into the city with the knowledge that according to the city their neighborhood is zoned residential. He expressed concern that things stay the way they were planned because it made sense at the time. He stated he has heard nothing that was new or nothing stating that the location is perfect for Novi. Member Vrettas acknowledged Mr. Frankelís comment in regard to Ten Mile Road being Noviís major artery. He explained that the residents of Novi do not want it to become a major artery, therefore, it is not going to be widened and it is not a major artery. He stated Mr. Frankel has a long way to convince him.


Member Csordas commented that it is the charge of the Commission to do what is best for the City of Novi and itsí citizens and to follow the Master Plan.


Chairperson Lorenzo did not oppose a shopping center in western Novi, she had proposed the Commission consider particular sites in the city and suggested to Providence Hospital that they consider a supermarket and they stated they were already doing so. She encouraged the audience or whoever supports a supermarket at the Grand River and Beck Road location, where Providence Hospital owns property, to make those desires known to the City Council because she did not believe the City Council may zone that property accordingly. Chairperson Lorenzo disagreed with Mr. Frankelís terminology and the way he categorized shopping centers. She stated she looked up the definition of "destination" and it states, "the place or point to which someone or something is going or directed." She stated Mr. Frankelís marketing materials state when consumers make trips for convenience goods to a supermarket, drug store, hardware store, video store, they are planning on a relatively short trip to a single store. She stated he also mentioned that 62% come from home and 95% shoppers go home after shopping, so she called this destination oriented.

Chairperson Lorenzo stated that Mr. Frankelís information also tells that the sheer nature of the success of a destination oriented retail area causes a tremendous amount of traffic congestion in the vicinity of the development. She stated the portion of the traffic study indicates that the proposed development will draw the majority of itsí traffic on weekends and evenings when there is less other traffic on the roadways, therefore, having little impact on peak hour roadway operations. She stated it will have a peak impact on the quality of life of the people in the area. Chairperson Lorenzo stated the only way she could support a shopping center anywhere along Beck Road other than Grand River would be if the petitioner had the overwhelming support of the people in close proximity to that area. She understood that Ten Mile Road and Beck Road or Eight Mile Road and Beck Road may be an ideal trade area for a supermarket, unfortunately, it is not ideal for the quality of life of the citizens of Novi because the character, the surrounding environment and the atmosphere would change drastically with the introduction of a commercial center in the heart of a residential area.






John A. Kuenzel, 23819 Heartwood supported the ideas of Mr. Frankel, however, it was his belief that as nice as it sounds, this is not the appropriate area.



Tim Gilberg, 24253 Warrington Court stated he lives to the west of the site and Mr. Frankel has been around his subdivision to speak to many of the residents. As a former Planning Commissioner he appreciated the Commissionís support of the residents. Mr. Gilberg stated that he and his wife do not particularly like the plan as it has been presented.



Jim Krystoff, 47631 Greenwich Drive appreciated the Commissionís sensitivity to the residents in the area. He agreed with the comments of Member Vrettas stating it was not a mistake that he selected the area he moved into. Mr. Krystoff stated he did his research on the school systems, churches, zoning ordinances, etc. He commented to Member Markham that some of the things she said, "scare" him.



Kevin Schwanz, 24279 Scarlet Court complimented the Commission on how they addressed the issue. He expressed concern with the decentralization or the loss of the community and stated there are people who are worried about the issue of Ten Mile Road and Beck Road, homes are going up for sale and there are other families within the subdivision that are valued. He expressed his appreciation for the support of the Commission.



Helen Winship, 47355 Scarlet Drive North, President of Briarwood Village North Homeowners Association stated that Mr. Frankel met with them and showed his intentions for Ten Mile Road and Beck Road. The Association, in turn, showed the plans to the residents who objected to the proposed development, signed a petition and presented it to the City. The residents expected their neighborhood to remain quiet and residential according to the Master Plan. They also knew that they would have to travel to a supermarket when they chose to move into the area and they do not have a problem with it. Ms. Winship did not believe that the land originally zoned for Residential should be rezoned for a retail development. She suggested placing a supermarket on land that is already zoned Commercial or similarly zoned.



Keith Szukalowski, 24281 Warrington Court commented on Mr. Frankelís comment that there is not enough convenience shopping in the area. He stated there is an Arbor Drugs and a Center Street Market across the street from the proposed property and major shopping can be done at Meijer and Kroger. He stated when the homes were built about five years ago, the residents who moved into them knew that there was no shopping nearby and were willing to make the commute. Mr. Szukalowski disagreed with the rezoning. He also commented on Mr. Frankelís comment that the development will not affect traffic. He stated at the Ten Mile Road and Beck Road area, you cannot make a trip in five minutes, even on a Saturday.



Dave Hadley, 24265 Warrington Court stated he moved to Novi in 1993 and the reason was because the according to the Master Plan, the area met his needs. As a result of this, he stated he does not mind traveling outside of the trade area for his needs. He stated it is more of a convenience to him for the area to remain residential and was opposed to the development that Mr. Frankel is proposing.



Tim McDonald, 47610 Warrington Drive was impressed with the comments of the Commission. He stated his lot joins with Mr. Frankelís lot, therefore he has a vested interest in this issue. He along with neighbors in Warrington Manor met with Mr. Frankel and reviewed the proposal, he stated they did not like what they saw which was a strip mall, not just a Kroger. Mr. McDonald bought his property and built his home with the expectation and understanding that the neighbors would be people, not commercial development. It was Mr. McDonaldís belief that his property value and quality of life would be adversely affected by a commercial development on the site. If the rezoning is approved, he stated he would sell his home because he does not want to live next door to the development. To rezone the parcel from Residential to Commercial would be fundamentally unjust to the surrounding residents. He stated if Mr. Frankelís parcel is rezoned it opens the doors for other developers to follow his lead and seek similar rezonings, setting such a precedent would make it hard for the city to turn down developers who are seeking rezoning as he is. Mr. McDonald strongly encouraged the Planning Commission to be pro-active on the issue of supermarket or other retail development on the west side. A thoroughfare study needs to be done including an updated survey to determine whether a supermarket is even needed or wanted. If the survey concludes that there is a need, the city should advocate for a site that follows the current Master Plan and makes sense from the perspective of the City of Novi and all of itsí residents.



Jill Baty, 24295 Warrington Court stated regarding Mr. Frankelís statistical studies, the demographics show information about a grocery store shopper, it does not show why the citizens of Novi have chosen the city for their community. She stated the residents do not choose a community for the reasons of a grocery store, they choose one because of people like those on the Commission who support a Master Plan that works.



Mark Czapski, 47226 South Scarlet Drive stated he has lived in Briarwood Village for about four years. He stated with the rumor going around about the big development across the street, a lot of residents are talking about moving. Mr. Czapski commented on Member Markhamís comment in regard to there being no good place to shop in Novi. He stated the Farmer Jack supermarket has been remodeled, he shops there and suggested that she try it out.



Fred Purdy, 47261 Scarlet Drive North made a statement to Mr. Frankel. He suggested that he channel his efforts and put some nice homes or condominiums in that area and help create the environment that the residents would like.



Denise D. Sinkovich, 47186 Scarlet Drive South stated she supports the City of Novi and she likes to spend her money within the city. She took comfort in knowing that she is supported by the City regarding this issue. She stated she met with Mr. Frankel with Briarwood Village and felt that he was diminishing her concerns. It concerned her to know that he was proposing a restaurant, which means drinking and driving, therefore putting her familyís safety at risk. She stated this was a big concern to her but didnít seem to concern Mr. Frankel.



Chris Andrews, 23685 Meadowbrook believed that most of the residents agree with and understand the Master Plan he was glad to see that the Commission was not willing to change it.


Dr. Tracey Arbour, 47205 Scarlet Drive South commended the Commission for standing up for the residents. She hoped in the future she would not have to worry about any other type of zoning changes that might occur.



Mark Barsamian, 47602 Greenwich reiterated what had already been said by previous residents. He did not believe that it should be assumed that Mr. Frankel does not know what he is talking about just because some of his statistics are incorrect. He stated he drives a long way to work, to buy gasoline, to buy groceries and he never gives it a second thought, he is happy to do it. He stated he would not have moved to Novi if he was concerned about convenience. He was not opposed to having a grocery store on the west side of Novi, he thought if it were located in the Grand River area it would not be detrimental to anyone.



Chuck Young, 50910 West Nine Mile Road stated he is a life long resident of the community. He stated S.W.A.N. Southwest Association of Novi was founded as a watchdog. He commented to Mr. Frankel that he was up against the citizens/voters of the community and it is a citizen/voter community. Mr. Young asked Mr. Watson to explain to Mr. Frankel what it requires for the rezoning of the property.


Mr. Watson stated it requires the majority of the City Council to vote on it. There is a provision in the State Zoning Enabling Act that allows for protest petitions to be filed by adjacent property owners when a rezoning is requested. The requirements are that 20% of any area surrounding the area within 100 feet of the property be represented in such protest petitions. He stated if this occurs, then it requires a 2/3 vote.



Tim Rose, 24395 Nantucket Drive stated he moved to Novi four years ago on the strength of a city government that had a reputation for having itsí act together and for having some strong zoning laws. He stated this was a lifestyle choice that he made and when a parcel is rezoned, an effect is being made on the property values of the surrounding land as well as changing the lifestyle of the residents who have moved there. He stated that anyone who is in support of changing the lifestyles and property values of the surrounding land is not someone that he will look very favorably upon.



Tammy Frizzell, 47354 Scarlet Drive North agreed with the Master Plan and strongly believed in it. She stated she wanted to live in a community that she shared values with and felt from talking with other homeowners that they had the same opinion. She stated she met with Mr. Frankel and left the meeting feeling that he did not fully understand what Novi is all about. She stated until Mr. Frankel sways her to believe that he is for the community, she did not feel she would agree with any plan.



Andrew Mutch, 24541 Hampton Court commented to the residents that the City of Noviís Planning Department is conducting a process called Futuring which is encouraging residents to become involved and set the future goals of the City. He read from the brochure. He encouraged the residents to contact the Planning Department if they are interested in becoming part of the futuring process and set the future of Noviís identity. He also stated if the residents are concerned about the development of the community, any time there is any proposal to purchase park land or open space, or any other such thing which will help preserve some of the rural character of western Novi, he suggested that they support it both with their vote and tax dollars. Further, he expressed concern in regard to the PD-1 Option. He stated the action that was taken failed to address the planning concerns that he has as well as expressed by others in the area that is being discussed at Twelve and one half Mile Road and Novi Road. He referred to the pages he brought forward to the Commission which illustrated the problems in the area. It pointed out the existing wetlands, woodlands and wooded wetlands on the property which constitutes about 50% of the property. He stated this area has been targeted for the most intense type of development and by looking at the environmental nature of the property, it seems like bad planning. He stated that no industrial or commercial developer would build there and he did not feel that the PD-1 Option was appropriate there because it does not do the job to protect the environmental resources. Mr. Mutch stated according to the Habitat Master Plan a major portion of the core reserve extends through the area designated for PD-1 Option. Development of the area as the PD-1 Option would create major intrusion and destruction of the habitat area. Mr. Mutch referred to a memorandum from Bruce Jerome, DPW Superintendent which commented on the condition of the infrastructure and that it cannot support the type of development that the PD-1 Option proposes. Mr. Mutch asked the Commission to direct the Master Plan and Zoning Committee to re-evaluate the PD-1 Option and come forward with alternative zoning proposals that respect the land use, the environment, acknowledge the lack of the existing infrastructure and would propose densityís that are more in line with the existing development.



Trudy Stone of Briarwood Condominiums stated there are many things in Mr. Frankelís proposal that did not make sense to her. She stated the number of miles that one drives to a grocery store is not a big issue. She believed the Kroger at West Oaks was closed because a new one was built at Twelve Mile Road and Halstead Road and it was just too old to compete, not because it was too congested. In regard to traffic, Mr. Frankel stated it would be handled by right and left turn lanes, it was her belief that this would not take care of all of the traffic that the shopping would bring to that area. She felt that the Commission should stick to itsí Master Plan.




Gail Zarancheck of Mockingbird Subdivision was impressed with both sides of the issue. She felt the need for something on the west side. She was aware of the new Meijerís, however, she stated she is a creature of habit and likes to travel away from traffic instead of into traffic. She did not feel that the site at Ten Mile Road and Beck Road was the appropriate site from the standpoint that the residents have made a large investment based on what the Cityís Master Plan. On the other hand, she stated properties that are surrounded by undeveloped land should be looked at.



Kim Hogan, Sandpiper Court in the Mockingbird Glen Subdivision stated she just moved to Novi about 4 months ago. She was very careful in her selection stating she looked at the wetland issues and she wanted everything around her to be residential as the Master Plan called out. She hoped the Commission would side with the Master Plan.



Anamaria Kazanis, 24284 Woodham Road stated that Novi has all of the conveniences that she could want. She did not move here looking for convenience, she saw the Master Plan before she moved to Novi and was intelligent in her choice. She stated she did not want anyone to change her choice for her.



Jeffrey Bowdell, 25790 Sierra stated he comes from a community that is much older and has gone through many growing pains. He was surprised that there wasnít some action taken many years ago, however, from listening to the residents he knows why. He stated there is going to be more development on the west side. At some point, he believed that the residential developments will have to be put somewhere because once a mistake is made, it is very difficult to correct.



Kim Teiss of Mockingbird Glen has been a resident of Novi for 26 years. She grew up in Novi and built her home in Novi. She hoped the Commission would support the Master Plan so that her children can have the kind of future that she has had in Novi.



Debbie Bundoff stated although she does not live south of Twelve Mile Road, she does live west of Novi Road. She thought it was great that the Commission was listening to the concerns of the residents. She was hopeful that the area would remain residential and stated the area that she lives in has seen well over ten Master Plan and/or Zoning changes in just twelve parcels of land.


Chairperson Lorenzo asked if anyone else would like to address the Commission? Seeing no one she closed the Audience Participation and thanked everyone for their patience, attendance and participation.



Member Markham reiterated her comments of earlier. As a shopper, she felt the need for a grocery store in western Novi. She is not convinced that Ten Mile Road and Beck Road is the appropriate location for a grocery store for many of the reasons that were sited. Member Markham stated she voted against the proposal to look at all of western Novi for the location of a grocery store because she agreed with many of the residents who spoke to the Commission and likes that fact that there is all of that residential area with nothing around it. She was in strong support of a grocery store on the Grand River Corridor area of Novi. Member Markham explained that her intention is to keep an open mind on the issue, she stated this is the first time she has seen Mr. Frankelís proposal and the residents may have more information about what he is proposing than she does at this point. Lastly, she stated she frequents Center Street Market on a regular basis and she likes it.


Member Vrettas agreed with the comments of Member Hoadley and stated the problem is not with the ordinances, it is with the enforcement. He explained to the residents that the Commission needs their support in enforcing itsí talk.





Discussion of City Council member request to reconsider amending the Master Plan for Land Use Map from Non Center Commercial to Single Family Residential Property located on both sides of Old Novi Road, south of Erma and Linhart.


Steve Cohen, Staff Planner stated the property has been under study since April, in November the Commission voted to send a negative recommendation for the rezoning of the area from Commercial to Residential. The Commission also denied a Master Plan Amendment from Commercial to Residential. Mr. Cohen reported that the City Council has rezoned the property from Commercial to Residential and one Councilman requested that the Planning Commission possibly reconsider their decision for the Master Plan in that area. The impressions taken from the meeting was that it would be rolled into the motion, however, it was not. Mr. Cohen explained that he felt it was his duty to bring the issue back to the Commission. He stated if the Commission wishes for it to be reconsidered, another Public Hearing can be set up at itsí request.


Chairperson Lorenzo turned the Matter over to the Commission for Discussion.





Member Hoadley thought the Commission should Re-Master Plan the area because he strongly feels the area should be Residential. He did not believe the Master Plan should be continued as it is contrary to what the City Council feels.







Member Churella expressed his support for the rezoning.





Discussion of Master Plan and Zoning Committee recommendation "to leave the PD-1 Option designation alone in Section 10 until there is a need to investigate the issue further."


Steve Cohen, Staff Planner stated it was sent to the Master Plan and Zoning Committee, it was reviewed and a motion was made to leave the PD-1 Option designation alone in Section 10 until there is a need to investigate the issue further.


Chairperson Lorenzo turned the Matter over to the Commission for Discussion.





Member Hoadley disagreed stating that City Council made a motion that was made by Mitzel, seconded by Mutch, at the meeting of September 11, 1996 which stated, "To ask Planning Commission to look at amending or exploring environmental performance standards in the RM-1, RM-2 Districts which was recommended by the Planning Commission." The motion was Carried Unanimously. Member Hoadley stated that several Commissioners recommended removing the PD-1 at one time and believed the Commission to be unanimous on the issue. He stated the area is environmentally sensitive, City Council has directed the Commission and he believed they should do it.


Member Vrettas stated he was for removing the PD-1 Option, then he became unsure of his position and pulled back. He explained that he did not realize how environmentally sensitive the area was until Andrew Mutch provided information to the Commission. Member Vrettas stated he has flip flopped back and forth and thought the Commission should look at it.


Member Bononi stated after devoting a lot of personal time to the issue, she did realize how environmentally sensitive Section 10 was. She did not see a big issue with removing PD-1 from Section 10 unless the Commission has something else to replace it with. She saw no reason at this point, that would require the attention of the Commission until there is a need to investigate it further, this was the main reason she voted for the motion and it passed.


Member Hoadley asked if the Commission was going to ignore the direction from City Council?


Chairperson Lorenzo stated it has been referred to the Implementation Committee and it has not been addressed as yet.


Member Bononi explained this was her point, to leave the PD-1 Option designation alone in Section 10 until such time that the Commission has something else and she would like to be guaranteed that there is something else.


Member Hoadley agreed with Member Bononi.


Chairperson Lorenzo stated she would get rid of it. The only thing PD-1 does is increase density and it allows five stories. She explained that sometimes the building height may have some flexibility but the allowance of the density defeats it, no matter how much the building goes up, the density still causes it to build out. She saw absolutely no purpose in having PD-1 other than to increase density.


Member Vrettas stated he remembered a conversation with Member Hoadley regarding the number of apartment units in Novi versus the surrounding areas. He stated that Novi, one the average, has more apartments than all of the surrounding cities.


Member Hoadley stated 50% of Noviís population live in high density zoned areas.


Member Vrettas stated his point was, why does Novi need to have any more?


Member Hoadley agreed.


Chairperson Lorenzo stated without PD-1 the property still remains RM-1.


Mr. Rogers clarified that most of the property is R-A and the Sasoon property is RM-1.


Chairperson Lorenzo stated R-A with a PD-1 Option.






Moved by Vrettas, seconded by Hoadley, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To remove the PD-1 Option in Section 10.


Mr. Hoadley asked if this included the Sasoon property?


Chairperson Lorenzo stated there is no point in including the Sasoon property because it is already done.


Mr. Rogers stated it becomes a Non Conforming Use.


Mr. Watson reminded the Commission that they are talking about a change to the Master Plan so they are not just going to make a motion. He stated if the Commission is contemplating any action on the issue, it would be to ask the Consultants to prepare a report on it and send it for a Public Hearing.





Moved by Vrettas, seconded by Hoadley





Yes: Bononi, Churella, Csordas, Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas

No: None





Report from Brandon Rogers, Planning Consultant regarding history and recommendation for future zoning of area, per Planning Commissionís request.


Brandon Rogers, Planning Consultant did not recommend rezoning the two lots. He thought the history research was clear that the property has been zoned and planned for Commercial or Industrial for many years. He stated in 1955 when the house was built, it was legitimate even though the zoning was C-2 because it permitted residential in the C-2 District. Subsequently in the 60's the zoning changed where a house could not be built, therefore, it is a legal Non Conforming Use.


Chairperson Lorenzo stated Mr. Rogerís is recommending that the Commission do nothing.


Member Hoadley agreed.


Chairperson Lorenzo stated the Commission will not take any action on this item at this time.






Andrew Mutch, 24541 Hampton Court thanked the Commission for the action they took. He expressed concern when looking at the Master Plan, he suggested not to exclude Debbie Bundoffís property from the PD area because he felt it was an example of bad zoning. He stated it is not just an environmental issue, he thought the PD-1 Option provides no environmental protection so from a Master Planning and Zoning viewpoint, there are options such as a Cluster Development or a Preservation Option that could provide better environmental protection. He thought the Master Plan Amendment shouldnít just be to remove the PD-1 Option, but also to look at some other zonings such as some Low Density Residential zoning such as R-1 which would be consistent with the surrounding properties. He did not think going from PD-1 to RM-1 would be the solution, he thought the solution was Low Density Residential.



Chuck Young, stated he has been a resident of Novi for half of his life, he has become real involved and likes the community. He stated it is very disturbing to him to see the residents of Novi have different opinions. He stated in a public forum, every instrument should be represented and every faction should be considered. He stated he has set up an appointment with the Mayor and the City Manager and he is going to question some of the Committees. He stated that Commission and vision are extremely important in Novi, but does the Committee represent a true faction of what is going on in the community? He did not know. He noticed a lot of things being "steam rolled" through. He stated the residents are being told what they need, they come to the Commission and tell them what they donít want, Mr. Young stated he is going to find out why bad things are happening to good people in a public forum.



Jeffrey Bowdell, 25790 Sierra stated his community had the national record for owner occupied properties in the 1970 census. Today it is looking at doing some things through the building department and inspection services because they are being overwhelmed with rental properties. He thought it to be because for whatever reason there is not a good blend of any type of Commercial. It was his opinion that some kind of changes must occur at some point. He stated the developers are not going to want to stop building more and more. He stated long term, it will hurt the residents who attempt to retire in Novi if they donít get driven out by taxes, because all of the residential will cost tax dollars.



Debbie Bundoff was unhappy with the decision of the Commission regarding the PD-1 Option. She hoped that the Commission reads the PD Option and understands it. She stated in regard to protection for the environmental aspects, it states in the ordinance not to bother any wetlands, if a tree is taken down, put another one up. She stated it was unfortunate to think that after all of the meetings, that the Commission is going to even consider even doing anything again. She stated to do anything would be premature and asked the Commission to leave the area alone until there is actually concrete building ready to take hold.


Chairperson Lorenzo stated she appreciated Ms. Bundoffís comments, but unfortunately when the Commission waits until that point, it is too late, this is what happened with Society Hill. She explained that the Commission has to plan prior to a development coming in.





Moved by Hoadley, seconded by Markham, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission at 11:45 p.m.





Yes: Bononi, Churella, Csordas, Hoadley, Lorenzo, Markham, Vrettas

No: None




Steven Cohen - Staff Planner


Transcribed by: Diane H. Vimr

January 24, 1997

Date Approved: February 05, 1997