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Thursday, August 16, 2012 – 7:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm with Commissioner Wingfield presiding.

ROLL CALL: Policicchio (Present),Ferrell (Present), Jewell (Absent), Staab (Present), Tecklenburg (Absent-Excused), Torimoto (Present), Wingfield (Absent), Kodali (Absent), Singh (Absent).


It was moved by Commissioner Staab and seconded by Commissioner Torimoto to approve the agenda as written.

Voice Vote Unanimous



A. Approval of the July 19, 2012 minutes.

It was moved by Commissioner Ferrell and seconded by Commissioner Staab to approve the minutes as written.

Voice Vote Unanimous


A. Walkable Novi - Commissioners Policicchio & Torimoto

Commissioner Torimoto stated the meeting covered two topics. The first was the staff report which was based on the nonmotorized plan and the progress in the construction whether it was MDOT or some of the other pathway development. The second item was the implementation of some trails through subdivisions according to the Master Plan, specifically on the northeast corner of Beck and Ten Mile. There is a pathway both on the north and south side of Ten Mile which will start on the west side of Beck and lead toward the Library going east parallel to Ten Mile. There was representation today from Yorkshire Place and Simmons Orchard, which are two subdivisions on the northeast corner of Ten Mile and Beck, which came with petitions against the designation of that pathway through their subdivision toward the Library. Construction was about to start to install some signs along the pathway and they were surprised that it had gotten to that level. The points were brought up by the citizens that there is a private property between the two subdivisions with an easement that allows the City to use it as a public connection between the two subdivisions. There will be increased traffic. That pathway is tricky in terms of the width and the layout itself. There are a couple of sharp turns through pine trees and the pathway is not in the best condition. There are some voices against implementing a path through that subdivision and that portion of the Master Plan. The discussion needs to continue.

Commissioner Staab stated that the path between Yorkshire Place and Simmons Orchard was originally designated for pedestrian or foot traffic but is now being used by bicycles, motorcycles and other types of vehicles. It is also being use as a "hang out" place so he can see why the citizens are concerned. He feels it should be restricted to pedestrian use and study alternatives.

                     B. Novi Parks Foundation - Commissioners Staab and Tecklenburg

1. Golf Outing

Commissioner Staab stated the Golf Outing was held on August 2nd at the Links of Novi. There was a Foundation Meeting this past Tuesday and it was agreed that this Outing was the best staged and best managed of all of the Outings. This year there were fewer golfers. There were only eighteen foursomes which are seventy-two golfers. In the past there has been over one hundred golfers. They were satisfied because for a one day event they raised between ten and eleven thousand dollars. The final numbers are not in. Keeping it at the Links of Novi is their intent for the future. They are looking at either August 1st or August 8th for the 2013 Outing. He commended Foundation Board Member Kathryn Cardenas for heading the project and also thanked Executive Director, Erika Pratt.

Commissioner Torimoto asked if the lower number of golfers impacted the Foundation in terms of operation.

Commissioner Staab replied that they would always like to have more to do more but they are doing alright and will still be able to fund their scholarship obligations. They are looking at other alternatives to fund other, larger projects.

                     2. Tom Holzer Field Renewal

Commissioner Staab stated we have acceptance from Tom Holzer. In the last two weeks we received the draft we can present to them for their signage at Power Park. We are looking forward to presenting it to them in the next week. Once that is done we will present it to City Council for final approval. We should have our first check by October 1st. It is a three year agreement.


A. Administration Division-Director Jason Mangum

1. Update Projects

a. Pavilion Shore Park

Director Mangum stated we went out to bid for Pavilion Shore Park located at the corner of Thirteen Mile and Old Novi Road. The bid opening is scheduled for August 29th. Once we have selected a contractor we will be able to go through the permitting process. Hopefully we will be moving dirt on this project in the next month or so. Depending on the winter, this will continue in to the next construction season finishing in early summer of next year.

b. Older Adult office relocation

Director Mangum stated the Older Adult office has been located at the Senior Center at Meadowbrook Commons. Rachel Zagaroli is finally here at the Civic Center. She and Sandy Fisher, who does our Social Services, are here. The rest of the staff moves here tomorrow. It will provide a great service for the Older Adults in Novi since this is the hub of the City. The Senior Center is not going away and will be home for many of the activities and programs for older adults. We will be increasing the number of activities and services that are offered here at the Civic Center.

B. Recreation Division – Superintendent of Recreation Scott Pratt

                     1. Recreation Supervisor Shauna Lewellen - Sports

Superintendent Pratt stated Matt Ostermeyer has left and is attending school and teaching. Shauna Lewellen is our new Recreation Supervisor and will be starting this Monday, August 20th. She is currently moving her family to Novi.

2. Engage! – September-December edition

Superintendent Pratt stated the Engage! have been delivered to the homes in Novi.

3. ASA National Tournament

Superintendent Pratt stated the ASA National Tournament was held here the first week in August. Thirty-eight teams participated and came from places like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and St. Louis. There was nothing but praise for the City, businesses and the tournament director, Matt Ostermeyer. ASA came and had nothing but positive feedback. It was great to be a part of and great to host. We have a bid for next year as well.

4. The Bright Lights of Broadway – Novi Civic Center Show

Superintendent Pratt stated the show with the luncheon is September 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th. The matinee is September 9th and 16th at 2pm. Our Older Adults are putting on this show.

5. Links Parent-Child Open and Outdoor Movie

Superintendent Pratt stated we are having a parent-child open at the Links of Novi and will also host a movie. We will put up the movie screen on the golf course so after you are finished golfing you can see a movie. If you do not want to golf you can see the movie. It is a free movie night and the movie is "Over the Hedge".

6. Girls on the Run

Superintendent Pratt stated we have run this program before but this time we are offering it through all of the elementary schools and Novi Meadows. We are marketing it now and are looking for coaches.

Commissioner Torimoto stated there was an event called "Park It". He asked if it was where other Parks and Recreations were invited to the City.

Superintendent Pratt stated "Park It" is a group that has a movie screen connected to their truck. It is an organization we work with to bring movies. They have a high definition feature they run. They partner with different cities. They find out what kind of activities we have going in the park and will enhance that activity by bringing in a bounce house or movie.

Director Mangum stated we had "Toppermost" already scheduled for our Sizzling Summer Arts Series and they partnered with us to bring out some enhancements that evening. It is a great benefit and is always welcome.


         A. Discussion and Possible action on recommendation of approval of Older Adult
        Goals and Strategies 2012-2015 Strategic Plan – Rachel Zagaroli

Older Adult Services Manager Zagaroli stated they have completed their first Strategic Plan for three years and are very proud that all of the priorities and goals involved were met. Now is the time to do another Strategic Plan for the next three years. They have chosen six priorities for Older Adults to work on in the next three years. The first is engaging the broad population. That goal is to ensure the "Boomers" and Older Adults have activities, programs and opportunities specific to their needs and wants. What we need to do now is come up with a strategy. What she would like the Commission to do is think about ways they feel will benefit this. The second goal is to create a sense of community through volunteer opportunities. That goal is to incorporate the city-wide volunteer program and identify the opportunities utilizing the Older Adults’ skill sets. We have started a new volunteer program here in Novi. It is called Volunteer Novi. Our Older Adults have a vast wealth of knowledge and their work skills are very good. Communication is another of our goals. We want to increase program awareness using a variety of methods along with current technology. Our technology increases every day and our Older Adults are getting onboard with that. The fourth is promoting and providing Social Services. That is only going to continue to grow. We do a very good job with our Social Services but we need to do even better in the future because we will be having so many Older Adults that we need to prepare for that. Right now we have a fantastic Loan Closet and Medicare Medicaid food commodities program. We have people coming in everyday needing help with one matter or another. Social Service is one of the number one things we need to make sure we do an excellent job with. Number five is transportation. We are so fortunate to have such a great transportation program here in Novi. Currently we have a fleet of seven vehicles and nine drivers. We just recently extended the radius to take people and that is going well. We need to look at different ways we can enhance that. All of our vehicles need to be safe and secure, our drivers need to be trained properly and people need to be able to get to the places they need to go. We want them to be able to continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Number six is recreation. The goal is to offer more activities with Older Adult capabilities.

We have to make sure we have things to do for all ages and all types of physical activities. We have been doing adult softball which went over extremely well. We have hiking, nature trails, canoeing and these types of things we want to make sure we have for Older Adults.

This draft is the start of our road map and it will grow and be a fabulous plan to work from. She invited the Commissioners to call or e-mail her any suggestions and ideas they may have.

Commissioner Policicchio asked if we were looking for approval of the goals.

Director Mangum stated that is correct. Once the strategies are developed we will come back and get an approval of what the specific strategies are.

Commissioner Torimoto asked if these were all new strategies for this three year cycle.

Manager Zagaroli stated that they piggyback on the other. It is just growing the programs more and doing more. As our "Boomers" are coming up we are getting more Older Adults and we have to make sure that we plan accordingly. Even though some of these are from before it is a different aspect.

Director Mangum stated each one of the goals have several strategies or performance measures. Each goal has several things related to them. We have met several times with members of the community and people who are working with older adults on a regular basis and have had a couple of focus sessions and facilitated brainstorming. These are the major areas and we will put the specific performance measures or what we are actually going to do to accomplish our goals.

Manager Zagaroli stated for the last Strategic Plan there were twenty-seven goals to accomplish in three years. We are proud to say we were able to accomplish those.

Commissioner Policicchio asked if there are statistics on the age demographics in Novi of where the population is now and where it is projected to be.

Manager Zagaroli stated that there is. The Enhance is mailed out to citizens fifty-five and older. We mail out about eleven thousand copies.

Director Mangum stated six thousand are to those between the ages of fifty-five and sixty-five. About three thousand are mailed to those between sixty-five and seventy-five and about three thousand to those seventy-five and older. The fifty-five to sixty-five are the largest age demographic for the Older Adult population and is growing. It will be interesting to see as the "Boomers" get older how the needs are going to change. We do a three year plan because the needs can change rapidly.

Manager Zagaroli stated the needs have changed from the last Strategic Plan.

Commissioner Staab stated that as far as volunteer opportunities, he is sure that we are publishing what is available, but he needs to be more keenly aware so he can review it. As we look at technology, many older adults, especially those seventy-five and older, don’t want anything to do with it because they are afraid of it. Orientation for that group would be very helpful.

Manager Zagaroli stated that has changed dramatically because we have classes now that we call Tech Talks. We offer things like e-mail, how to use your phone or I pod. They are simple classes that show them that they can do these things themselves.

Commissioner Staab stated that we are fortunate to have the number of vehicles we have. He is concerned about having enough vehicles as people continue to age and to use that service.

Manager Zagaroli stated the transportation program is expensive and we constantly have to trade out our vehicles because we get so many miles on them and they have to be safe. They are used every day. Last year we gave about ten thousand one-way rides which show that people want to be out and active. We have to make sure we have people who will invest in the program so we have partners and sponsors and advertising programs to help defray the cost.

Commissioner Staab applauded the extension of the radius for rides.

A motion was made by Commissioner Staab to approve the goals for the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan as presented and was seconded by Commissioner Ferrell.

Voice Vote Unanimous

          B. Discussion and possible approval of Park, Recreation & Cultural Services 2013

    Meeting Schedule – Jason Mangum

    Director Mangum stated one of the annual things we get to do is to put together the meeting schedule for 2013 as we prepare the calendar that goes out to citizens. We are planning on following the same schedule we have in the past which is the third Thursday of every month here at the Civic Center. This is an opportunity to make it official.

    Commissioner Ferrell made a motion to approve the 2013 Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Commission Meetings as presented. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Torimoto.

    Voice Vote Unanimous

    C. Discussion and possible action to support Villa Barr – Jason Mangum

    Director Mangum stated this has been something discussed in the past and he wanted to let the Commission know what has happened. David Barr is an artist who lives in our community. We are working with him to try and purchase his home and acreage to create an area where people can come for cultural learning, art and a sculpture park. He displayed pictures of the property to the Commission. This is going to City Council next week and is a City Council decision of whether this is in the best interest for the City. If this is something the Commission could support he would like a motion to support the purchase of this property. This will go to the next City Council on August 27th.

    Commissioner Policicchio brought attention to the proposed resolution in their packet.

    Commissioner Torimoto asked if anyone has looked in to the man hours it would take to maintain the property.

    Director Mangum stated that has been considered and is in the proposal to City Council.

    Commissioner Staab asked where the funding would come from to purchase the property.

    Director Mangum stated it would come from the City.

    Commissioner Staab asked if there would be grants available.

    Director Mangum replied that there would be grants available but that is up to the City.

    Commissioner Policicchio stated there are not many communities that would have this opportunity to enhance their community culturally. There is support for the arts as demonstrated by the millage. To determine whether there is enough money is beyond our job description. He believes the idea is seizing the opportunity, especially since it is a local artist, who is unique. He believes it merits consideration by City Council.

    A motion was made by Commissioner Torimoto to support the resolution to purchase the Barr property. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Ferrell.

    Commissioner Staab stated he will support it deferring to City Council on the funding.

    Voice Vote Unanimous



Commissioner Ferrell reminded everyone about the State Fair that is coming up Labor Day weekend. People are excited that it is going to be in Novi at the Suburban Showplace. She also reminded everyone about the Farmer’s Market every Saturday. There is great produce and it is a good way to support our local farmers.

Commissioner Torimoto stated the fall sports are starting. He attended the coaches’ meeting. He is volunteering to coach again for soccer. It is impressive that High School students are getting involved with Honors Hours.

Commissioner Staab stated there was a lot of good information at the meeting this evening. He applauds the Older Adults department on their move to the Civic Center. There are many interesting activities coming up in September. September 22nd is Fall for Novi. He stated he had attended the Farmers’ Market a couple of times recently and was happy with the presentation and the participation.

Commissioner Policicchio thanked Jay Dooley for all of his service on the Commission. He has done a lot for the Commission over the years and provided leadership. He wished him well and hopes he stays involved with our activities.

Tonight’s meeting shows the things that we do on a regular basis from year to year are done well and continue to be done well. It is reflective of the success of the department by anticipating the future needs of the City and planning now so we do things on an orderly basis and they turn out well. He thinks the actions the Commission took this evening indicate the Commission is fully supportive of what is going on and encouraging department leadership and staff.


A motion was made to adjourn by Commissioner Staab and seconded by Commissioner Ferrell.

Voice Vote Unanimous

The meeting was adjourned by Commissioner Policicchio at 7:46pm.

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Paul Policicchio, Chairperson


Harry Torimoto, Vice Chairperson