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Thursday, May 17, 2012 – 7:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm with Commissioner Policicchio presiding.

ROLL CALL: Dooley (Absent-Excused), Jewell (Present), Policicchio (Present), Staab (Absent-Excused), Tecklenburg (Present), Torimoto (Present), Wingfield (Absent-Excused), Kerbrat (Absent), Kodali (Present).


It was moved by Commissioner Jewell and seconded by Commissioner Tecklenburg to approve the agenda as written.

Voice Vote Unanimous



A. Approval of the April 19, 2012 minutes.

It was moved by Commissioner Tecklenburg and seconded by Commissioner Jewell to approve the minutes as written.

Voice Vote Unanimous


A. Walkable Novi - Commissioners Policicchio & Torimoto

Commissioner Torimoto stated he and Commissioner Policicchio just attended the bimonthly Walkable Novi meeting. Using the Master Plan for non-motorized pathways they talked about bike paths on the western side of the City. The path starts at his subdivision at Beck and Ten Mile. The northwest corner and also the southwest corner will be starting points and will go through the subdivision and end at the Library. These will have path signage indicating the routes and direction. It is a good start to visualizing and making clear that we do have some bike paths within the City that are continuous toward some good destinations. It makes our Master Plan more visible. The Oakland County Route Map that shows county’s routes and paths is being updated with a sponsorship from Novi Parks. There is a Bike Rodeo coming up. The City of Novi is having a bike to work day. May is Biking Awareness Month so there are many bike related activities.

Matters for discussion were the I-275 Trail, which is complete. There is a public meeting on May 22nd to try and garner some awareness and support for maintaining as well as some potential parking locations along that path. There will be representation from Walkable Novi.

They also went over the Capital Improvement Plan for 2012-2013 and the items that were related to the Walkable Novi Committee. They discussed sidewalk prioritization.

B. Novi Parks Foundation - Commissioners Staab and Tecklenburg

Commissioner Tecklenburg stated he was unable to attend the last meeting so he is unable to make a report and Commissioner Staab is not here. He reminded everyone of the annual Novi Parks Foundation Golf Outing on Thursday, August 2nd at the Links of Novi. The cost is $125 for an individual and $500 for a foursome. There are early bird prices until July 13th, which are $100 for an individual and $400 for a foursome. For $500 you can get a foursome and a hole sponsorship. More information is available at


A. Administration Division-Director Jason Mangum

1. Thank you to Student Representative Katelyn Kerbrat for her service to the Commission/new Student Representative Mehma Singh

Director Mangum thanked the Commissioners and Student Representative for being here and appreciates their service to the community. Commissioner Dooley is representing the Novi Parks Commission at the School Board Meeting tonight. There is an item on bullying on their agenda. We feel that is an important issue in our schools and in youth sports. We always try to incorporate fairness and fair play and make sure sportsmanship is an important part of everything we do. Commissioner Dooley is there speaking on this issue.

Director Mangum thanked Student Representative Kerbrat for her service on the Commission. He thanked her for her input and her youth perspective. This would have been her last meeting. She is graduating from High School and will be attending Michigan State University in the fall. He expressed his congratulations to her.

Director Mangum stated a new Student Representative has been appointed. She will be here next month at which time there will be a formal introduction.

2. Memorial Day Parade

Director Mangum stated the Memorial Day Parade is a wonderful opportunity for the Community to come together and help us celebrate our freedom and the people who make it possible to enjoy that freedom. He encouraged the citizens of Novi to come out and participate in the Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony. There are some additions to the festivities which include the Memorial Day Run, which is prior to the parade. The Run starts at Fuerst Park and there will be a 10K, 5K and a Fun Run option. Another addition is a Hero Tribute, which will be at the end of the parade. Scott Pratt brought this idea over from Oak Park. It is an opportunity for people who know someone who has made the ultimate sacrifice for our country to be honored. We will end the parade with a silent walk with their pictures and a lone bagpiper walking the parade route. It is a reminder of why we are celebrating.

3. Foundation Golf Outing

Director Mangum stated as mentioned in the Novi Parks Foundation report, the Foundation Golf Outing is on August 2nd. He encourages everyone to come out and support the Foundation. We recently had a donation from the Foundation to refurbish and repair soccer goals and to purchase new soccer nets.

4. LEAD Conference Report

Director Mangum stated he was attending a Leadership Development Conference held at the University of Virginia at the time of the last Commission Meeting. The school was fantastic and deals with leadership development and high performing organizations and how they go hand in hand. It caters to professionals in municipal and local governments. They learned ways to coach and motivate employees, structures and the way to view leadership and leading. It is a philosophy that the City of Novi embraces and has sent several of the Directors and Assistant Directors to this training.

Director Mangum thanked the Commissioners and Superintendent Pratt for holding the April Commission Meeting in his absence.

5. Approval of Budget

Director Mangum stated at the last City Council Meeting our 2012/2013 Budget was approved. That document can be found online. We will be replacing a couple of playgrounds and doing some refurbishing in the Novi Cemetery. We will continue to work on park projects such as Pavilion Shore Park.

Commissioner Tecklenburg asked if the Memorial Day Parade will begin at10am and start at Karim Boulevard. He also asked when the Fun Run would be.

Director Mangum stated he was correct about the Memorial Day Parade. He stated the Fun Run will start at Fuerst Park and registration will start at 7:30am and the Run will begin at 8:00am.

B. Recreation Division – Superintendent of Recreation Scott Pratt

1. Soccer/Softball

Superintendent Pratt stated we have 75 soccer teams in total. Seventeen of these teams are WSSL Travel teams. There are 615 players and there have been no rain-outs so far this season.

Superintendent Pratt stated that we have 150 teams registered for Adult Softball. This is 20 more teams than last year.

2. Theater –"See How They Run" & "Beauty & the Beast, Jr."

Superintendent Pratt stated "See How They Run" was held on April 20th and 21st. We had about 170 people attended the two performances. The performances were 70% sold with revenues over $5,000. The audience was increased by over 50%. This is the first time we have had the Dinner Theatre here at the Civic Center. Moe’s on Ten catered the event and the patrons said that this was the best Dinner Theatre Show yet.

Superintendent Pratt stated "Beauty and the Beast, Jr." was 80% sold on the first weekend. The second weekend is on track to be the same as the first weekend so hopefully it will surpass the first week. There are 62 actors, ages 6 to 18, in this production. The show has been very well received by audiences and is gaining momentum for the second weekend. The remaining shows are tomorrow, Friday, May 18th, which he and his family will be attending, at 7:30pm, Saturday, May 19th at 7:30pm and Sunday, May 20th at 2pm.

Superintendent Pratt stated the Novi Choralaires had their annual Spring Concert on May 12th and had over 200 people attend. The new director, Liz Wolber, has brought fun and a new perspective to the group. They will be off for the summer but will resume in September. If anyone is interested in the Choralaires they can call the Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department and we will give you more information.

We also had collaboration with Novi High School by having an Art Show. It runs from May 4th to May 29th. There are some phenomenal pieces of work. Addison Nostrantonio was awarded best in show for her chocolate syrup, makeup and pencil piece of Marilyn Monroe.

3. Bike Rodeo

Superintendent Pratt stated we are working with Motor City Mountain Biking Association and the Novi Police Department. They will teach the children five to twelve years old about bike inspection, start and stop and rock dodge. There are goodie bags. It is a free program. They are working with the Motor City Mountain Biking Association and American Cycle of Novi and Walled Lake who are sponsoring the event.

4. Family Night Skate Jam

Superintendent Pratt stated this is one of our new events we are running in collaboration with the Novi Ice Arena. It is Friday, June 8th from 7pm to 9pm.

5. Summer Dance Opportunities

Commissioner Pratt stated we have a recreational beginner ballet class that will be June 7th to July 19th. We will also have a recreational hip hop class that will also run June 7th through July 19th. There will also be a Latin and Ballroom dance class.

Superintendent Pratt stated there will be two new classes for children this summer. The first one is specifically designed to be developmentally appropriate for preschool children. It will be focusing on color wheel, painting, drawing and manipulation of materials.

The second class is an eco-art class for elementary age children. They will be creating with repurposed materials. Both of these classes are being run by our new Creative Arts Programmer, Stephanie Schuetzler.

6. Policicchio recognition for donation of Lacrosse goal

Superintendent Pratt thanked Commissioner Policicchio for donation of the Lacrosse goal. It has been utilized at our practice field at Wildlife Woods Park for our two youth lacrosse teams. It is an added benefit to our practice field. He thanked Commissioner Policicchio again.

7. Summer Camp Brochure

Superintendent Pratt stated the Summer Camp Brochure is now out.

8. Farmers Market

Commissioner Pratt stated the Farmer’s Market will open Saturday,

June 9th and will run through October 20th from 9am to 2pm. It will be at Fuerst Park. There will also be some live music and we will be highlighting some of our programs there. We will utilize this opportunity to market our programs and our department.

9. Social Services Brochure

Superintendent Pratt stated that we have a Social Services Brochure that Rachel Zagaroli and her staff have put together. It has programs for older adults.

10. Derby Day Special Event

Superintendent Pratt stated this was a Super Saturday Derby Day. Sixty-five older adults celebrated the Kentucky Derby. There was a mock derby horse betting activity and they enjoyed watching the race. They had Northville Rotary Club High School students serving coffee and doing clean up. The Motor City Sidestrokers performed Louisiana style music. They also had a crowd knee slapping to the music. They had a great partnership with the Right At Home in Home Care and Associates for this event.

11. Over 50 Softball

Superintendent Pratt stated we have Novi Senior softball for 50 plus. This is the new league that is forming as the Kensington Valley Senior Softball League (KVSSL). They are going to be playing a guaranteed twelve games. This will start on May 29th.



Ron Johnson who resides at 325 South Lake Drive stated for the past year and a half he has been working on the Fireworks Project. They developed a nonprofit called the Walled Lake Civic Fund. It is specifically designed to raise funds for the fireworks. He has contracted a company called Genex Pirotechnics, Jason Trudeau. It is a turnkey kind of operation. Mr. Trudeau is fully insured. Mr. Trudeau is going to do three barges in the middle of the lake and he is going to do all of the patrol. Mr. Johnson has his approval from the City of Walled Lake. He has talked to Clay Pearson about this. Mr. Johnson stated that Mr. Pearson told him to get the approval from one city and we will work together as far as Police and Fire is concerned. Mr. Johnson wanted Parks and Recreation to know and that he has another meeting with Walled Lake’s Parks and Recreation. The entire contract for the fireworks is $16,000. He has come up with a little over half of that. With June 23rd looming they are still taking donations and sponsors. It looks like they can come up with another $5,000. After this first year things will be easier because they have learned things in the process. He wanted Parks and Recreation to know because there are two parks in Novi. They are not advertising the fireworks but once the information gets out by word of mouth people are going to want to come out and see the fireworks and will probably come to the parks to do that. The fireworks person has given them a 9:15pm time for the start. It will be about a 40 minute show. They have told Walled Lake that it will take about 3 hours from start to finish. He stated we might want to keep the park open a little later and charge parking. He has not completed his meetings with the Chiefs in Novi yet so they will still be working on the parking.

Commissioner Policicchio stated that he had heard that the date of the event is June 23rd.

Mr. Johnson confirmed this and stated it is a Saturday and the rain out date is June 24th.

Commissioner Policicchio stated he understood it was going to be in the middle of the lake.

Mr. Johnson confirmed this and stated you will be able to see it from everywhere.

Commissioner Policicchio stated on behalf of the Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Commission he appreciates Mr. Johnson taking the time to come and let them know what is going on. He also stated Director Mangum could coordinate any requests or overflow parking. He stated we could publicize it on our website.

Director Mangum stated as soon as everything is settled we can work with any of the operational things to make sure it is a successful event.

Mr. Johnston stated next year he will be more organized and hopes to work with the Commission on this event as a group effort. He stated Mr. Pearson said there would be possible financial support if he could get this first one off the ground. He would possibly look to both cities for contributions as well as his sponsors and donations.

Commissioner Policicchio stated that it is a little late now but that would be a City Council matter.

Mr. Johnson stated that he is doing this as a public service. He is not a promoter.

Commissioner Policicchio stated Director Mangum would be our main contact. He thanked Mr. Johnson.


Commissioner Tecklenburg stated the softball fields looked great the other evening and it is good to see so many people out enjoying our park.

Student Representative Kodali asked where to purchase tickets for the theatre.

Superintendent Pratt replied that the tickets can be purchased online or at the Parks and Recreation front desk.

Student Representative Kodali state he has been out to ITC Community Sports Park and he thinks it looks good.

Commissioner Jewell stated he wants to thank Katie for all of her time and service on the Commission. He wished her the best at Michigan State. He has been at the parks these past weeks and they are in great shape. The fields look really good. He thanked the staff for their hard work in getting the fields ready. He thanked Mr. Johnson and his associate for coming in and hopes that in the future we can have a partnership and have a great fireworks display kicking off Pavilion Shore Park, getting the City involved and making it a big event.

Commissioner Torimoto stated he is finishing up his coaching with soccer this season for a first grade girls team. They practice at Novi Woods and have games at ITC Community Sports Park. He has seen practice and play on those fields and they look really good especially with the amount of usage they are getting. The goals have been moved at ITC Community Sports Park allowing the wear spots on the fields to regrow. There has been some construction at that park for the irrigation.

Director Mangum confirmed this. It is for irrigation and the pump house. Construction should be completed soon. There are no open trenches just some scars on the turf.

Commissioner Torimoto stated from Walkable Novi, they are talking about taking their bikes along pathways to the Farmers Market and the Library. Many events are in Fuerst Park so he and his family are going to try and take their bikes there.

Commissioner Policicchio stated he enjoyed hearing Superintendent Pratt’s report because it validates everyone who works for the Parks and Recreation Department and those who support the department that there is support for the programs and the support continues to improve and increase as we have more teams, participants and spectators. The true test of any Parks and Recreation Department is citizen participation. Novi is passing this and passing it well. He thanked the gentlemen from Walled Lake for coming because more collaborative efforts between communities is going to be helpful considering we are opening a major park on Walled Lake which will serve Novi citizens and Walled Lake citizens as well.

He stated there is a millage coming up on the roads that has been put on the ballot. He thinks it is important for the community to have good, viable roads, pathways and bikeways.


A motion was made to adjourn by Commissioner Jewell and seconded by Commissioner Tecklenburg.

Voice Vote Unanimous

The meeting was adjourned by Commissioner at 7:39pm.

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Jay Dooley, Chairperson


Paul Policicchio, Vice Chairperson