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Thursday, July 21, 2011 – 7:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm with Commissioner Dooley presiding.

ROLL CALL: Dooley (Present), Jewell (Absent), Policicchio (Present), Staab (Present), Tecklenburg (Present), Torimoto (Present), Wingfield (Present), Kerbrat (Excused Absent), Kodali (Present).


Commissioner Dooley asked that a wording adjustment was made on item eight line A to read, "Discussion for approval at a future meeting of recommendation to City Council on updated alcohol policy". The change was seconded by Commissioner Teklenburg. It was stated that the wording should change from approval to approval at a future meeting.

Voice Vote Unanimous

It was moved and seconded that the agenda be approved with the changes.

Voice Vote Unanimous



  1. Approval of the June 16, 2011 minutes

Commissioner Wingfield asked that the minutes be changed where it stated that he made the motion to adjourn the meeting because he was not at the meeting. It was moved and seconded that the minutes be approved with the change.

Voice Vote Unanimous


  1. Walkable Novi - Commissioner Policicchio stated that there was a meeting last Thursday. There was a lot of discussion about the bike route.

    Commissioner Torimoto stated that for him it is significant because they are now talking about implementing something.

    Director Mangum stated the goal of the committee is to address some of the desires of the citizens of Novi to make Novi a more walkable community even during the economic times. The Master Plan is in place and has been approved and is available to any Commissioner who would like to have a copy. What the Committee has decided to do are some small things to gain momentum. The bike routes being designated won’t require any extra infrastructure, construction or purchasing of right of way.

    Commissioner Wingfield asked if the bike paths next to the expressway (along 275) would be incorporated in to our routing system. He then asked if the state would take care of those paths.

    Director Mangum stated that is correct.

    Commissioner Dooley asked that Commissioner Torimoto be noted on the agenda under Walkable Novi.

  2. Novi Parks Foundation - Commissioner Staab stated that on Monday night the main focus of the Foundation meeting was the Golf Outing on Thursday, August 4th. There are 20 to 25 foursomes currently signed up and two major sponsors. They are soliciting more foursomes and sponsors. He encouraged all of the Commissioners to attend the event. The price is $125 per golfer and $500 per foursome. You get golf for the day, lunch at the turn, drink tickets and a steak dinner afterwards. This is the seventh annual Golf Outing and the Parks Foundation’s major fund raiser.

The Foundation is actively looking to hire an executive director. Presently there are four or five applications. Interviews will start after the conclusion of the Golf Outing.

Commissioner Dooley stated the website is


A Administration Division-Director Jason Mangum

Director Mangum thanked the Commissioners for being here tonight and congratulated the two Commissioners who were reappointed at the last City Council meeting.

1. Parks/Programs Update

a. Lakeshore Park Update – Volleyball & Trails

The Michigan Mountain Bike Association was out working on the trails. They are hosting a race there this weekend. It is what they call "The Tree Farm Relay".

The sand volleyball court has been move a little and a second court has been added. It is in the same place and the addition will allow us to run classes, tournaments and leagues. We are going to be offering some fall sand volleyball and at least one tournament.

b. ITC Community Sports Park – Baseline sculpture & Irrigation

The irrigation upgrade is getting ready to go out to bid. The mains will be replaced and moving to a two wire system so it is going to be a more efficient system. We hope it will be done by the time soccer season starts.

On the Eight Mile side of the park near the Tim Pope Play structure there is a monument called the "Cruising the Baseline" monument. It is the third of a series of monuments by local artist, David Barr, who constructed them to signify and commemorate the original survey line or baseline for the State of Michigan. There is one in Novi, one in Northville and one in Farmington Hills. Eventually, they would like to get these sculptures all across the baseline. There is going to be an Eagle Scout candidate doing an Eagle project at the Baseline sculpture doing some beautification around it. We will be doing a dedication of that monument on September 20th.

c. Fuerst Park – Irrigation, Lighting & Arbor

The irrigation is in and running at Fuerst Park.

The Lighting conduit is in but there has been a manufacturer’s delay in getting the actual lighting fixtures. They are in shipment now.

An Arbor has been put in near the garden section. It will be a vine arbor. It looks like a dome constructed out of metal and vines will planted around it.

d. Landings – Design Award

The Landings property has a great potential for being one of the crown jewels in the parks system of the City of Novi. We are in the process for choosing a consultant to help design that park. This is a project for which we have received a grant through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

2. Current Events

a. ASA Tournament

The ASA National Tournament kicks off on July 27th. The Opening Ceremonies will be at Ella Mae Power Park at 6:00pm. Director Mangum encourages everyone to be there. He appreciates the Parks and Recreation staff, especially Matt Ostermeyer who is the Tournament director this year.

b. Cricket Cup

The Novi Cricket Cup will be in August. This is a cricket tournament. At the last City Council Meeting members of the Detroit Cricket Club came and did a presentation. The Detroit Cricket Club is assisting us with that tournament and we are hoping to start a cricket league next year.

c. International Jewish Men’s Slow-Pitch Tournament – 2012

We will host this tournament next year. This year they are playing in Las Vegas. They have played in Winnipeg and many other large cities. International teams come and play in this tournament.

d. Summer Programs

1. Sizzling Summer Arts Series

This series, presented by Mathnasium, is ongoing and has had incredible turn outs. Terrific Tuesdays happen at 10:30am at the amphitheater at Fuerst Park unless the weather is bad and then it moves in to the Library. Both are very well attended and very well done. Friday Family Fun alternates between movies and concerts.

Commissioner Staab stated that last Friday night at the Beatle’s Tribute we dedicated our new sculpture for which the Novi Parks Foundation was the main benefactor.

Director Mangum commended the Novi Parks Foundation for their Support.

2. Lakeshore Park Camp

Emily Stevens, one of our new staff members, is the supervisor and has an incredible background in camps and comes to us from Lansing. We have many other summer camps and events.

Commissioner Torimoto asked what some of the economic impact is of some of the events we have here and if there is a way to measure. Director Mangum stated there is a way to measure it and that we will be measuring for some of these events.

Commissioner Wingfield asked how many teams are anticipated for the ASA tournament and will we be able to accommodate all of the games at this site.

Director Mangum stated he does not have the numbers in front of him but he can provide the information. We can accommodate all of the games.

Commissioner Wingfield asked that with the economy, how are the camp enrollments doing this year compared to previous years.

Director Mangum stated that the registrations are up from last year.

He commended the Foundation for their part in providing scholarships.

Commissioner Tecklenburg stated that last month they discussed the Village Wood Lake Park and since then there have been some changes and asked if there has been activity on it.

Director Mangum stated there has been and, as discussed last month, what we are doing is moving ahead on the portion of the project that is on the east side of Meadowbrook Road. We are in the design stage of that project which is being done in house with our Engineering Department. Once the design phase is complete we will have another community meeting for more comments and public input before we finalize and begin construction. For the portion on the west side of the road we are looking in to other options because of the public input.


A. Discussion for approval at a future meeting of recommendation to City Council on updated alcohol policy – Director Mangum

Director Mangum stated that item A and item B are some routine things we want to do as we look at our policies that are approved by Commission as well as by City Council. He stated that he has distributed the alcohol policy. About a year ago City Council approved to have alcohol consumption at City Hall in relationship to events and rentals. There are two policies which is the information that we hand out to the customer. The one without the bullet points on the lower half is the one that we are currently using. The one with the bullet points is the one with the changes we are proposing. We want to better educate people up front. One thing we are recommending as a change is that the original policy states all beverages must be in prepackaged containers, no kegs. We want to change it to say prepackaged bottles, cans or boxes so they can have boxed wine. We just want you to look at this and next meeting we can discuss this and any changes you would like to make or any recommendations.

Commissioner Wingfield stated it says a special event liquor license is required and then asked if that was before they come in and apply.

Director Mangum confirmed this and stated that there is planning involved, insurance is required. These same policies go for the Library as well. The application has to go through review to the City Manager’s office and the Police Department. If alcohol is being served and it is over a certain number of people they must have a licensed bartender.

Commissioner Wingfield asked up to this point, with the policy being in effect for about a year, how many events have we had that have done this?

Director Mangum replied that since he has been here there has been a hand full. Last month we may have had two. For clarification, if it is a private event, a liquor license is not required but if it is a "for profit" or special event for a corporation then the liquor license is required.

Commissioner Wingfield asked if the policy was meeting its purpose by drawing more groups.

Director Mangum stated that every month we track the rentals we have and the revenue from those rentals. We have found that this year as opposed to last year at this time, up until June first, we have had fewer rentals with more revenue. This means that there were bigger parties here.

June is a little different. We noticed our rentals and revenue were down. We will be looking at that. This June we had fewer camps and classes that were held here at the Civic Center. We had fewer rooms cancelled this year because of lack of numbers.

Commissioner Teklenburg asked if we have a policy on shelters at the parks.

Director Mangum stated that we do have policies for shelters. That will be something we will bring up to look at in the next couple of months.

Commissioner Dooley stated that they are looking at the proposed changes but the public is not going to see the proposed changes or be made in a public forum.

Director Mangum stated that this is correct. We are working on these in house. Citizens can talk to the Commissioners about what they would like to see and we can take that under consideration.

Commissioner Dooley suggested there be a robust discussion at the August 11th meeting and be ready for the vote.

Commissioner Wingfield asked if with the current policy there have been any problems. He also asked Director Mangum for recommendations.

Director Mangum stated there have been a couple of problems because the policy is lengthy and that is why there are the bullet points to clarify a few things. He can forward the entire policy in an email to the Commissioners so that they can cross reference what is given to the public.

Commissioner Staab asked if under the request for a copy of the renter’s personal home, condominium or renter’s liability policy whether a certificate of insurance would suffice.

Director Mangum stated that it would but for a private event most people would not have something like that as an organization would.

Commissioner Staab then asked under non-special profit special event there is a request for a million dollar alcohol liability coverage. If they are not charging for the beverages why is there a need for the alcohol liability coverage when he believes a host liquor policy within the regular liability policy would suffice?

Director Mangum stated that he would have to look at the policy. There is something in there about having host bars and no host bars.

Commissioner Policicchio asked why keg beer was not allowed.

Director Mangum stated that he is not sure why City Council put that in there but he would assume that it may be because it is less regulated than bottled or canned but there may also be perception as well.

He stated that he looks forward to a discussion next month.

B. Discussion for approval at a future meeting of updated policy on rental information – Director Mangum

Director Mangum stated that sometimes we want to look at our policies and our vision. There are some proposed changes to the reservation fees and policies for when someone comes to reserve a room here at the facility. As we go forward with our facility brochure we want to make sure that all of our information is up to date. We have had some of our administrative staff and our reservationists look at the policy and see what works and does not work. There is a sample reservation policy with the actual changes that are being recommended. He would like for the Commissioners to look at the policy and changes. Next month we can look at adopting these changes in our rental policy. On next month’s agenda we will have an item of approval or discussion.

Commissioner Dooley asked if the recommendation for approval would stay in house.

Director Mangum confirmed that it would stay in house.

C. Commission representation on Park Foundation

Commissioner Dooley stated there needs to be two Commissioners on the Novi Parks Foundation. Commissioner Staab is currently one of those members in good standing. We are going to ask for nominations this evening for the second Commissioner.

Director Mangum stated that the Novi Parks Foundation is a non-profit. They have by-laws and a Board of Directors. In their by-laws, article four, section 4.02, it says that Board shall have a least two directors who are members of and appointed by the City of Novi Parks, Recreation Commission.

Commissioner Dooley asked if anyone wanted to step up and be the second Commissioner.

Commissioner Wingfield nominated Commissioner Matt Tecklenburg.

This was seconded by Commissioner Policicchio.

Voice Vote Unanimous

Commissioner Tecklenburg was voted to be the second Commissioner on the Novi Parks Foundation Board.



Student Representative Kodali stated he has joined Fire Up Fest Committee.

Director Mangum stated he is excited to have Suhas on the committee. It is an event for youth planned by youth.

Commissioner Torimoto stated he wanted to thank Director Mangum, Commissioner Dooley and everyone involved for Coaches’ Appreciation Dinner. He has signed up his daughter for soccer and he will again be a coach. He took his family to see the movie "Despicable Me" in the park. It was a great event and was amazed at the quality in terms of the equipment, set up and sound. He commented when the movie starts at dusk it starts at around 9:30 p.m. and can be difficult for people with very small children.

Commissioner Staab reminded everyone of the Novi Parks Foundation Golf Outing on August 4th at the Links of Novi. He also encouraged sponsors.

Commissioner Wingfield stated that Director Mangum is doing a great job and welcomes the challenges he is giving them on the rental and alcohol policies.

Commissioner Tecklenburg stated he seconded Commissioner Torimoto’s comments on the Coaches’ Appreciation Dinner. It was a great event and the speakers were excellent. He stated the Commissioners do their park assessments and he has been giving some thought on some things that maybe can be changed to make it easier. He has some ideas on standardizing per park and expanding the rating scale from one to five. He would like to make a proposal and have some input.

Commissioner Policicchio stated that Novi has been recognized in Family Circle magazine as one of the top ten cities in the country. He would like to think that a lot of it has to do with the amenities this city provides that some cities are not able to provide. This includes our parks and our programs. He stated the non-motorized traffic system is becoming very important.

Commissioner Dooley stated he hopes people will notice the businesses and corporate sponsors who are helping to put many programs together. Fire Up Fest is on the 16th of September. The Novi Athletic Boosters are also having the Taste Fest event in conjunction with the Novi football game that evening. It is a great way for the City to come together.


A motion was made to adjourn by Commissioner Tecklenburg and seconded by Commissioner Wingfield.

Voice Vote Unanimous

The meeting was adjourned by Commissioner Dooley at 8:12 pm.

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Jay Dooley, Chairperson


Paul Policicchio, Vice Chairperson