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THURSDAY AUGUST 13, 2009 – 7:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with Commissioner Staab presiding.

ROLL CALL: Blair (Present), Dooley (Absent), Iszler (Present), Jewell (Present), Policicchio (Present), Staab (Present), Wingfield (Absent), Kerbrat (Absent).


It was moved by Commissioner Blair and seconded by Commissioner Iszler to approve the agenda as written.

Voice Vote Unanimous



It was moved by Commissioner Jewell and seconded by Commissioner Blair to approve the minutes as written.

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A. Walkable Novi – Commissioners Iszler & Policicchio

Commissioner Iszler stated that Mark Spencer spoke at their meeting. They talked about adding maps to the "Engage!" magazine which would show people where they could get out and walk.

Commissioner Policicchio stated that there was initial discussion with connectivity of the north and south part of the city, with the freeway being the dividing line. There was also initial discussion on connecting the central business areas.

Commissioner Blair asked what the next step in the process is.

Commissioner Iszler stated that they will talk about it in their next meeting and that it is, at this time, a continuing discussion.

B. Novi Park Foundation – Commissioners Dooley & Staab

Commissioner Staab stated that the annual Golf Outing was last Thursday at the Links of Novi. Since he was out of town that day and unable to attend, he asked Director Auler to provide an update.

Director Auler deferred to Commissioner Blair because he served on the committee. It was a good day with perfect weather. The outing raised a significant amount of money, probably around fourteen to sixteen thousand dollars. The final tabulation is not in yet. There was a lot of positive feedback from the participants and the sponsors.

Commissioner Blair stated that it was a successful event and the numbers were close to last year. In these times we did very well.

Commissioner Jewell congratulated the golf committee and the Parks Foundation for a successful event. Many events have been severely impacted by the economy.

Commissioner Staab stated that the next Parks Foundation meeting is next Tuesday, August 18th.


A. Update on Capital Investment Projects – Director Auler

1. Development and opening of Fuerst Park

The Fuerst Park Grand Opening will be on August 21st, with the park being ready. We will be taking to City Council in the near future the close out of the initial phase of the development and are close to having that project done within the budget.

Commissioner Policicchio asked if the restrooms are open around the clock or during park hours.

Director Auler replied that the restrooms are not open around the clock. They will be managed during the park hours. One of the park maintenance staff will unlock them in the morning. The park hours are the same as all of the other parks which are approximately dawn to dusk.

Commissioner Blair asked Director Auler to address why this park is important to Novi since it is not active being that there is no playground or sports played there.

Director Auler stated that the park serves as an entry way into the green City Campus, which includes the Civic Center, Power Park, High School Complex and Library. It ties the whole package together where the community can come and enjoy programs and activities in the park as well as self directed recreation opportunities. It does provide economic value. Studies have shown that properties located within a quarter of a mile from a park generally have a premium on them of 12 to 20 percent higher than properties which are not within that distance of a park or trail system. It also provides us with an opportunity to expand our service and delivery.

B. Update on the Inter-Governmental Movie Equipment Agreement - Superintendent Nancy Cowan

Superintendent Cowan stated that this is the second year we have been showing movies in the park as part of our "Sizzling Summer Arts Series" and is one of our most popular summer events. We have been working with other communities in the area who also show movies in an effort to purchase our own screen and share it among the communities. This will lower some of our costs and also to expand our use beyond the summertime. In the second year of owning the screen we would start saving money. Charter Township of Milford, City of Northville, City of South Lyon and the City of Novi are the communities involved. Our goal is to have at least five communities involved. She and Kristen Delaney from the City of South Lyon are currently working to find a couple of other communities to participate as well. This did go to City Council on Monday night and met with their approval. Our maximum to spend would be $8,000.

Superintendent Cowan stated that the new edition of "Engage!" is coming out soon. It will be mailed the last week of this month. Registration starts on Saturday and the digital copy should be on the website by this weekend.

We have a new Open House which will take place in the evening on Tuesday, September 2nd. We have instructors and contractors coming in that evening with demonstrations and to answer questions.

Registration for Fall Soccer, Flag football and Adult Softball is almost complete. Soccer registration has dropped only a little from last year, flag football has held steady and Adult Softball has increased by ten teams.

There is a national movement to get kids outdoors and moving. Our department has taken a lead on that in the State to create and be part of the "Take a Child Outdoor" National Week in September. There will be a special spread in the "Engage!" for "Take a Child Outdoor Week". The whole week is centered around parents and kids getting outdoors and spending time together. Our second annual Fall Family Camp Out will be the kick off for this week.

The kids in "Project Broadway" camp have their performance tomorrow night here at the Civic Center at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are five dollars. Every child has a speaking part and a solo.

C. Update on 2009 ASA State Championships (Women’s Class E) – Director Auler

Director Auler stated that the investment made to improve Power Park Softball Complex continues to pay dividends to the community. It enabled us to host the State Women’s Class E Softball Tournament. The winner of that tournament goes on to nationals. It was the first weekend of August. We sold twenty-plus hotel rooms for that weekend, which brings the total hotels rooms sold for three tournaments in excess of 180 hotel nights within Novi. All of those people have also visited Twelve Oaks Mall, Fountain Walk, Main Street, restaurants and gas stations within our community. All of these tournaments are having a positive economic benefit for our local business community.

We are hosting a National Tournament next year which will run from five to seven days. We expect from 100 to 200 teams participating in that tournament. That will have a significant economic benefit. Because of our success with these three tournaments and the positive complements we received on the administration, planning and implementation of the tournaments as well as the quality of the facility, we are now being considered for additional national tournaments in 2012.




Commissioner Jewell had no comment.

Commissioner Policicchio stated that he thinks it is remarkable that Novi continues to make progress in terms of improving quality of life for its residents with the opening of Fuerst Park even in difficult economic times. He doesn’t know who came up with the idea of the partnership to purchase the movie equipment but often governmental entities compete against each other and it ends up costing the taxpayer more in the long run. In this instance cities came together to continue providing services to the residents of their communities at a cost savings and he glad that Novi is involved.

Commissioner Iszler stated that she appreciates the programs that the department has provided. She has enjoyed the "Sizzling Summer Arts Series". Her son is really enjoying Camp Lakeshore and has been there most of the summer. She thinks that the Open House is a great idea to give people a chance to try out some of the programs. Her family is looking forward to the Family Camp Out.

Commissioner Blair stated that working with other cities makes so much sense for the taxpayers and the City. We are next to all of these communities and can benefit from one another and would like to see more of this. He would love to see Walkable Novi moving forward and see more financial commitment because that is what it is going to take. It great about the tournaments being here and he would like to see more of that with other sports and also work with other communities on these.

Commissioner Staab stated that he would like to thank the department for the economic engine with the different tournaments. The economic impact for the businesses and citizens is positive. The intergovernmental equipment agreement is something he would like to see more of because it allows us to do more and purchase more and have a bigger impact. He would encourage the citizens of Novi to get involved with the different events and programs.


A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Policicchio and seconded by Commissioner Iszler.

Voice vote Unanimous

The meeting was adjourned by Commissioner Staab at 7:58 PM.


Jay Dooley, Chairperson

Vice Chairperson