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THURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 2007 – 7:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with Commissioner Wingfield presiding.

ROLL CALL: Dooley (Present), Goyal (Present), Kristock (Absent), Policicchio (Present), Radcliffe (Present), Schwarzlose (Present), Staab (Present), Wingfield (Present), Zyczynski (Absent).


It was moved by Commissioner Dooley, seconded by Commissioner Radcliffe to approve the agenda.

Voice Vote Unanimous



Approval of July 12, 2007, meeting minutes.

Moved by Commissioner Policicchio, seconded by Commissioner Dooley.

Voice Vote Unanimous


A. Park Foundation – Commissioner Staab

The third annual Park Foundation golf outing was held August 2, 2007. We had 28 foursomes, 128 golfers and everyone had a great time. We raised about $10,000 for the Foundation. Many thanks to the Parks and Recreation department who helped out with auction items, registration and numerous other things.

Commissioner Dooley thanked Kathy Cosentino for all her time and effort.

He also thanked Commissioner Staab and Brian Burke.


Superintendent Cowan reviewed the Press Release information regarding the zamboni fire at the Ice Arena. She stated that the Ice Arena has suspended operations in order to work with the insurance adjusters and start restoration.

Fit Novi Race takes place on September 8th and 9th. The September 8th race will be a sprint triathlon and Duathlon at Lakeshore Park and on September 9th a 5K, 10K and 15K Run along with a kid run and ending with a festival in the Novi Town Center area. She encouraged everyone’s participation and said they are looking for volunteers.

The Parks and Recreation brochure is getting ready to go to print and will be in the mail by August 15th. Registrations will also begin on the internet August 15th. There will be many new and exciting programs this fall and she encouraged everyone to visit the website.

Superintendent Cowan also discussed Director Auler’s memorandum regarding the list of strategic priorities. She stated that during the September meeting, new committees will be established.

Commissioner Staab proposed that the Commission receive the definitions for the committees listed in Director Auler’s memo of August 7, 2007, in enough time to understand what the committee’s will encompass.

Commissioner Staab also wanted an update on the problems regarding the Tim Pope play structure at Community Sports Park. He would like to know if that problem has been rectified.

Superintendent Cowan said she would follow-up with him on the play structure.

Commissioner Schwarzlose asked about the feedback on the Pick and Click registration?

Superintendent Cowan replied that has been received well, and that in the next brochure we are making it easier and faster for our customers, more user-friendly, as well as more cost effective. Our numbers should continue to rise in the coming months.

Commissioner Radcliffe asked if status reports on the existing committees could be issued.

Superintendent Cowan stated that all of the information would be laid out in the future.

Commissioner Wingfield stated if the committees are going to be picked in October, he would like Randy to propose 5 committees. He could then define those committees as he would like to see them. Then we could discuss how we would like to see them in conjunction with how he would like to see them, that way, it would give us better direction.

Commission Comments:

Commissioner Radcliffe - stated that she hopes people take a serious look at the ballot proposal for the Novi Public Library, it is very important for our community.

Commissioner Staab - on September 18th, the Choralaires will begin another season and will have auditions for new members. He also thanked Brian Burke and Kathy Cosentino for their participation in the golf outing. He thanked Dave Staudt for his contribution of signage and printing and treasury work.

Commissioner Dooley - on November 9th, a Gala will be held for citizens of Novi to mingle and get to know each other better. We would like to get to know you and we feel that this would be a great opportunity to do that. The theme of this Gala will be "Diamonds Are Forever". The date will be Friday, November 9th.

Commissioner Schwarzlose – stated that he would like to thank the Parks, Recreation and Forestry department for their work behind the scenes at the recent golf outing and the involvement in the program.

Commissioner Wingfield – stated he would like to thank Commissioner Staab and everyone for the excellent golf outing. He also appreciated the update on the condition of the ice arena.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Commissioner Policicchio and seconded by Commissioner Radcliffe at 7:48 PM.


_____________________________________ Signed, Harold L. Wingfield, Chairperson



Signed, Reagan Schwarzlose, Vice Chairperson