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THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2007 – 7:30 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with Commissioner Schwarzlose presiding.

ROLL CALL: Dooley (Present), Goyal (Present), Policicchio (Absent), Radcliffe (Present), Schwarzlose (Present), Staab (Absent), Wagner (Present), Wingfield (Absent), Zyczynski (Present).


It was moved by Commissioner Zyczynski, seconded by Commissioner Dooley to approve the agenda.

Voice Vote Unanimous



Approval of March 8, 2007, meeting minutes.

Moved by Commissioner Zyczynski, seconded by Commissioner Radcliffe.

Voice Vote Unanimous


A. Park Foundation – Commissioner Dooley reported that the golf outing will be August 2, 2007, at the Links of Novi and the fee will be $125 per golfer with the proceeds benefiting the Foundation. Also, we have a number of businesses interested in the Parks Foundation naming rights and we anticipate making announcements in 30-45 days regarding participation.

B. Partnerships – Commissioner Dooley reported that there were a few meetings held last month regarding partnerships. Things are going well with the various groups such as Jaguars, Novi Youth Baseball etc.

Commissioner Zyczynski asked if there were any companies that have signed an agreement yet?

Commissioner Dooley stated that there has been dialogue between the Novi Parks Foundation and some local businesses. The companies are working through their budgets to make sure that the three-year commitment is something that they can take on.


  1. 2007/2008 Proposed Budget – the budget has been submitted to City Council and the work session dates have been scheduled for April 19th at 7 PM – 10 PM, the second meeting will be April 21st from 9 PM – 2 PM and if needed a third meeting will be on April 26th from 7 PM – 10 PM. In regards to the City Manager’s recommendation moving forward with the budget, it did include our capital improvement request for lighting Phase II at Power Park softball complex and all three of our vehicle requests along with some additional capital equipment.
  2. April 28th is Arbor Day celebration and planting at Community Sports Park at 10 AM.
  3. We received the Tree City USA Award for the fifteenth year and the Tree Growth Award for the first time.
  4. We have partnered with 3 Disciplines Racing and will be holding a series of sprints, triathlons, duathlons and road races throughout the community and will include a fitness festival on September 9th.
  5. The Jaguars Tournament is scheduled for May 12-13th, Mothers Day weekend, 375 – 400 teams will participate.
  6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be presented that weekend also, we have 68 Oompa Loompa’s registered. The show runs for two weekends.
  7. We will also have a major softball tournament scheduled for the same weekend at Power Park.
  8. The plantings have started of 1755 trees in the City; a significant amount of trees will be planted around the Civic Center and around the softball complex.
  9. On April 23rd at 6 P.M. we will be having a ground breaking ceremony at Power Park to dedicate the work that has been completed so far, an aerial picture is on the City’s website now. The players are saying the new fields look like professional manicured fields.
  10. The lighting should be 25-30 ft. candles on the fields; some areas are as low as 6-9 ft. candles. We have serious lighting issues with the facility. The lights are about 24 years old and it is time to upgrade. Hopefully we will get in the budget to get the lights upgraded. Also our operating costs regarding the utility bill at the site, as well as the amount of spillover will be cut for the adjacent residents around the park.

Commissioner Zyczynski asked if the budget hearings are in the Council Chambers.

Director Auler replied yes.

Commissioner Wagner asked how the soccer fields are looking at Community Sports Park?

Director Auler replied that the fields are better than last fall but they are not as good as they were a year or a year and a half ago. The grass is growing; we still have the blankets down. There are no practices there this year. We are limiting the amount of games. We are moving to different sites within the community, Lakeshore Park, Wildlife Woods, and in front of Novi Middle School. We need a good growing season, we need people to work with us and not use the fields when they are wet, and we need this cooperation for a whole year.

Commissioner Dooley said he has noticed that all the travel teams will be on the road until the middle part of May. That will give the grass a good chance to grow.

Commissioner Zyczynski asked about additional locations for soccer.

Director Auler replied that we are still searching. Catholic Central indicated that they would be willing to share their facilities, but there would be a fee for usage beyond what we are capable of paying without raising the fees. We do have access to the new facilities that are part of Novi High School at no fee. Those soccer fields are a part of the Power Park complex. We haven’t identified potential sites, there are some parcels available for sale within the community, but the price tags are significant and beyond our means. We are still exploring partnership opportunities, in particular with the school board, and the Bosco property, but that will wait until next year. We have had some discussions with some local churches in terms of working out a shared use agreement also.

Commissioner Schwarzlose asked how the internet sign up for the programs is going?

Director Auler replied that he would get the numbers for the next meeting. It comes in waves, our brochure came out the first week of April, so when everyone gets back from spring break we will start seeing that influx again. We have been as high as 75% - 76% registration and as low as 25%. Overall, I would probably guess 52% - 53%. The categories that bring us down would be the senior center population, they tend to not register online. They register at the center, which brings down the on-line percentage We will look at getting a report back to you with the total percentages and then excluding that portion.


A. Support of staff recommendation to the Novi Park Foundation for the appropriation of $1,500 to purchase sheet music for the Choralaires programs.

Director Auler recommended the allocation of $1,500 to help support the Choralaires program. The Choralaires program is the choir program within the department; it is not a separate entity. The Board of the Directors for the Choralaires operate just as The Friends of Novi Theatres, they are a fund raising arm, a help support arm, and help with the planning process. The staff, the planning, the direction, and the events are a staff function. The staff of the Choralaires reports to our Performing Arts Coordinator, Debbie Lannen. As in the past, we are bringing this request to the Commission, seeking a positive recommendation tonight. I will then present the recommendation to the Novi Parks Foundation and proceed from there.

Commissioner Dooley asked Director Auler to explain the $1,500 proposed for sheet music for the Choralaires.

The sheet music for this choir program, as well as for our concert band, our theatre program, and the royalties that are involved tends to be expensive. As part of this discussion, there is now sharing of sheet music between the concert band and the choir group and the theatre group. All of that will become in house, within the department. It is something that the choir program has gone ahead and purchased in hopes of being able to request the funds from the Foundation.

Commissioner Schwarzlose stated that he appreciated the efforts that have been put forth by the Director and the staff working with the Choralaires.

Motion made by Commissioner Zyczynski and seconded by Commissioner Radcliffe to support the staff recommendation for the appropriation the $1,500 to purchase sheet music for the Choralaires program.

Voice Vote Unanimous

Commissioner Comments:

Commissioner Wagner – nothing.

Commissioner Goyal – nothing

Commissioner Zyczynski stated that she has received the new Parks, Recreation & Forestry brochure and asked if the number of classes offered in the senior citizen category has expanded?

Director Auler replied yes.

Commissioner Dooley emphasized the need for local businesses to come forward and participate in donating to the Novi Parks Foundation Naming Rights program. We need your help with these donations to come forward to make a difference in town.

Commissioner Schwarzlose commended the Parks Department and the Parks Foundation in working with the community with regards to sponsorships. The donation and involvement to the community can be at all levels, from time, to monetary, or donations to the naming rights. We are gaining ground and I would like to applaud the community and everyone involved and their efforts and recommend that everyone take the time to maintain their involvement or increase their involvement or become involved in the Parks and Recreation Department and their activities. We also would like to invite everyone to the Arbor Day event on April 28th; we have the opportunity to help beautify Novi and the entire environment.


The meeting was adjourned by Commissioner Zyczynski and seconded by Commissioner Radcliffe at 7:55 PM.

_____________________________________ Signed, Harold L. Wingfield, Chairperson



Signed, Reagan Schwarzlose, Vice Chairperson