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THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006 – 7:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with Commissioner Staudt presiding.

ROLL CALL: Commissioner Bamsai (Absent), Burke (Present), Enright (Present), Schwarzlose (Absent), Staab (Present), Staudt (Present), Wagner (Present), Wingfield (Present), Zyczynski (Present).


Moved by Enright, seconded by Staab to approve the agenda.



PRESENTATION: Derek Smith presented the staff reports and an overview of the adult sports and youth camp programs. Staff Reports included:

Sheri Sansom – Cultural Arts Coordinator
Mr. Smith reported that the theatre is currently practicing for the musical "Guys and Dolls" playing the weekends of March 10-12 and March 17-19. Mr. Smith hoped the theatre breaks a leg.

Tracie Ringle – Event/Marketing Coordinator
Mr. Smith advised the Commission that Ms. Ringle is currently working on the online registration portion and the marketing aspect of the new software system (CLASS). The system will be introduced in the guide that will be mailed in May. The Department hopes to be live with the new software by then and Ms. Ringle is working on a two page spread with detailed instructions and pictures.

The Daddy-Daughter Dance was a success as always, scoring a 4.71 out of 5 on event evaluation cards. Staff friendliness was rated the highest score at 4.96.

Mr. Smith attributed the score to Ron Valente’s staff that does a great job at all special events and sent kudos out to them.

The Department will be partnering with the Novi Lions Club to present Breakfast with the Bunny on April 8th.

The first concert in the Out of the Basement Concert Series played to a large crowd in February and Mr. Smith congratulated Ms. Ringle on a fine job. Four bands are scheduled to perform on March 25th at the Novi Civic Center and plans are underway for an outdoor festival on June 3rd, with ten plus bands performing.

Rachel Zagaroli – Senior Services Manager
Mr. Smith advised the Commission that Ms. Zagaroli is introducing Bounce Volleyball and a Walking Club in an effort to reach young seniors that may be still working and can not attend the day programs. Saturday events have been very successful. Her programs have received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 and the transportation department received a 5. Mr. Smith offered  his congratulations.

Wendy DuVall-Angelocci – Recreation Coordinator
Mr. Smith told the Commission that Ms. Duvall-Angelocci is currently working on introducing new programs including Flag Football, Senior Table Tennis, Senior Bounce Volleyball, Senior Walking Club, and Pre School Smart Start. He pointed out that she is currently running a high school basketball program and is currently taking registrations for soccer.

Derek O. Smith – CPRP, Recreation Coordinator
Mr. Smith advised the Commission that currently he is gearing up for spring, always his busy season. He pointed out an article regarding concession stands in the Parks and Recreation magazine. The article contends that "concession businesses are impossible to manage and even more difficult to turn a lucrative profit", which he has found to be true. The Department’s concession stands have turned around slightly and he’s hoping to get profits up even more.

The Camp Lakeshore and Road Warrior camps are fully staffed for 2006 and ready to provide "the community with the best programs in the area". He said that the staff that runs his summer camps does a phenomenal job and the camps have a 50-60% return rate, with older campers coming back to work there.

The Department is still taking applications for summer lifeguards for Lakeshore Park, Mr. Smith would assist with certification for any interested parties.

The 2006 adult softball season will kick off soon, new registration began the day of the meeting with 52 of the 85 slots filled. A meeting was held the previous month to get feedback from the team management, discussion revolved around the new softballs. This year’s spring league will begin a week early to avoid some problems with backups between spring and fall ball (due to rain makeups).

Mr. Smith announced that this summer Power Park will host 19 softball tournaments, including 2 ASA women’s state tournament qualifiers.

He noted that thanks to the park maintenance staff, a new sand volleyball court was added to Lakeshore Park. He will begin leagues this summer.

Mr. Smith also noted that Tim Zylka installed horseshoe pits there. He announced that this fall he will try to run adult flag football at Lakeshore Park and a three on three adult basketball leagues at Community Sports Park.

Commissioner Burke asked if the tournaments are a change this year at Power Park. Mr. Smith replied that the Department has always sponsored tournaments, but the volume has increased. He advised that the increase has come from the new softball supervisor, Brian Schmittler. He explained that we book the outside tournaments, but Mr. Schmittler’s goal is to run more tournaments in house.

Commissioner Burke asked if we are prepared to handle this increase. Mr. Smith replied that the fields are some of the best in the area and we are ready to roll. He added that for future reference the more "we hold these tournaments and the more people that come into our community, in order to hold tournaments that people hold in higher esteem, we do need to make modifications".

Commissioner Burke stated that he thinks it is important "to set the facility up and give people a good experience right out of the gate, so that they’ll want to come back".

Commissioner Wingfield told Mr. Smith that he did a great job on the Power Park assessment he submitted approximately three years ago. He asked if he planned on doing an updated assessment that the Commission could bring to City Council and make an effort to communicate that upgrades are needed for these programs. Mr. Smith advised that the November, 2003 assessment is currently being revised and will be brought to the Commission as soon as possible.

Commissioner Wingfield commented that the concession stand at Power Park has been very well run and the help is good. He asked if the stands at Community Sports Park are going as well. Mr. Smith thanked him on behalf of Kathy Ballard, who runs the Power Park concession. He said she has done a phenomenal job for the last three years. He added that Community Sports Park has been turning around the last couple of years; he has hired a new supervisor that is implementing some new things to get the product out to the participants. He is considering sending out flyers to ask participants what they are looking for.

Commissioner Wingfield asked Mr. Smith how the Road Warriors camp went last year. He replied that the camp was a first time offering last year and it was a success to the participants. However, the volume wasn’t there. The activities were phenomenal. This year there will not be a Cedar Point trip every week and the trips will be geared more to "outdoor wilderness adventure-type activities", in an effort to not conflict with Community Education. He said he’s hoping the kids that came to the camp last year will spread the news this year.

Commissioner Enright asked if Power Park will be fully staffed for the tournaments. Mr. Smith replied that the biggest challenge for the concessions at that park is the size of the facility, not having the storage room available. Currently, the product is stored at the Civic Center and staff brings items down by truck.

Commissioner Enright noted that at a recent tournament she attended, the concession was far from the fields and the staff rolled portable concessions between fields.

Commissioner Enright asked if Mr. Smith had considered that the opening week of adult softball is the week of spring break. Mr. Smith said a few people have mentioned it, but he hasn’t heard "enough chatter to be too concerned about it" and added that if he hears at the manager’s meeting that most people will be out of town, he will reconsider.

Commissioner Zyczynski commented that the presentation was very informative and was glad to hear about the programs for younger seniors, as that is what she considers herself. She added that she was very impressed with the theatre program.

Commissioner Staab asked which concessions are paying their way. Mr. Smith replied that two summers ago, for the first time all the concession stands either broke even or turned a profit. He noted that Power Park is the most profitable stand, just because of the length of the season. The baseball stand at Community Sports Park is second and the soccer stand at CSP would be third. Mr. Smith advised that he has had meetings to consider making the Lakeshore Park stands into a kitchen for Camp Lakeshore, as most of the business is from camp lunches only. He has tried opening the stand during the busiest park hours and making it available for other camps that come to the beach, with little or no success. Commissioner Staab noted that historically the Lakeshore stand has been a drag on the concession budget.

Commissioner Wingfield asked why the nets were removed from Power Park; he said that he thinks it’s amazing that more people were not hurt with fly balls. Mr. Smith replied that the nets were tattered and were falling apart, so they were removed. He also said that safety netting would be included in the assessment that he previously spoke of, he noted that it was one of the most inexpensive of the necessary improvements and agrees that it needs immediate attention.

Commissioner Staudt said that he thought that last year’s adult softball league ended very early; spring season by the end of July and fall season by mid-September. He thinks there is "a certain nice thing about playing into the last weeks of September". He asked what the urgency is to start so early.

Mr. Smith replied that historically there are two nights a week that get repeated rainouts and the teams have to scramble for makeup dates. He noted that it is such a roll of the dice in Michigan. For example, there are 24 teams on Fridays and to reschedule that night sometimes they have to play into October. He feels that to play that late into the cold prompts injuries. He noted that he sits on the board for MDASA and most leagues in the area are beginning earlier, Troy starts the first week of April. Mr. Smith said that he has been considering a round robin tournament at the end of the season, rather than a single elimination. That would be an additional four weeks of ball.

Commissioner Staudt asked for a short overview on revenue generated from softball tournaments. He explained that if the Commission is planning on going to the City Council to ask for "significant numbers of dollars to improve Powers Park it would be very nice to know what our potential revenue would be from some of these tournaments".

Mr. Smith said that "a lot of that comes from what sort of reconstruction we want to get into. If we want to get into the point of pushing fences back to meet standards for your D, B, and A for guys that are the big sellers, then that’s one aspect. Currently, we charge on a per day, per field basis; the more you rent the lower the price becomes. We throw maintenance fees in there; we take all the profits from concessions. Usually most tournaments are paying the umpires at the fields, so we don’t worry about the umpire fees. Most of those guys want the cash on the field. If you would like me to put that in for next time around I’d be more than happy to do that for you, but it’s pretty in depth".

Commissioner Staudt said that he thought the Commission would like to see that.

Director Auler said to keep in mind that many of those tournaments have a significant impact on the community.

Commissioner Staudt said that he wants direct revenue reported, as opposed to indirect revenue.

Commissioner Staudt asked how many tournaments were actually held at Powers Park last year; he knew there were scheduled tournaments that were canceled. Mr. Smith said off the top of his head, there were at least 2 a month.

Commissioner Staudt asked what the salary range is for lifeguards.

Mr. Smith replied that the start is $7.50 per hour, with the head lifeguards making $9.50 - $10.50 per hour, depending on qualifications.

Commissioner Staudt congratulated Mr. Smith, saying that he always does a good job.

Commissioner Burke asked if Mr. Smith would help swimmers obtain certification to become lifeguards. He replied that he would help noting that it is a costly, lengthy experience.

Commissioner Staudt commented that we should look for opportunities to make money, but keep in mind that the concessions are an important service the department provides.

Director Auler announced that the theatre critic for the Detroit News will be reviewing Friday evening’s performance of Guys and Dolls. This is the first time in history that they have been to a production. Director Auler saw the dress rehearsal twice and thought it was very good.


A. Strategic Planning Committee – Commissioner Burke

1. Community Recreation Plan Amendment

a. Designation of parkland, update Action Strategies and the

Capital Improvement Program

Commissioner Burke reported that the committee has not met, due to committee members schedules. However, the committee has had several discussions and feels that the Community Recreation Plan needs to be amended. He stated that they have discussed several subjects, including the changes made since the existing Community Recreation Plan including:

· completed ADA improvements

· removed 3,000 ash trees

· replaced 2,400 ash trees

· acquired critical equipment for the forestry operations

· created the Novi Park Foundation

· 35% increase in park land acreage (234 acres)

· acquired registration software

· secured over 1.2 million dollars in grant awards and sponsorship funds

Commissioner Burke stated that although amending the Community Recreation Plan is not required by the DNR, it would improve scoring on future grant applications. Changes reflect the city owned property; which is the property in the city inventory that was recently designated by City Council as park land.

Commissioner Burke noted that there is also a need to develop a policy regarding land acquisition proposals. He said that "it has become popular to request the city to buy land; whether the owner doesn’t want it or is looking to off it for speculation purposes. We need a solid plan on how to deal with that. City Council has been agreeable to look at procuring lands as long as no tax dollars are being used. The Park Department staff has been tasked to write these grant applications and it’s taking significant staff hours to do this. You’ve heard in business time is money, sometime I think that City Council may not view staff time as being money; but I submit that it is. If staff is tied up writing grants, then their normal functions aren’t being addressed. Perhaps if we need to go after these grants at the direction of City Council, maybe we need to talk to City Council about additional staffing in the budget for the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Division and/or hire an outside contracted employee for the purpose of writing grants so that existing staff isn’t overburdened with some of these things".

Commissioner Burke said that the committee hopes to work with Director Auler on changes. The amended document would come before the Commission for approval, then go before City Council and go from there.

Commissioner Staudt commented that he thought there was consensus among the Commission and City Council that there needs to be a clear submission path for these issues. For example, instead of the resident bringing it to Council the proposal should be submitted to the Commission. The Commission would "hash out the details" and then bring it to City Council for a "much more thorough going through". He believes if the Commission could do a lot of the work in advance, it would be a big help to the City Council.

Commissioner Staudt asked if an outline for discussion could be provided for the next meeting. He asked if the fall would be a good time to submit those, in preparation for grant submittal in April.

Director Auler said yes, because ideally the grant application needs to be submitted by the April 1st deadline. This date leaves room to submit supplemental information. Grants that are submitted for the August 1st deadline must stand on their own merit, as there is no time to submit that supplemental information.

Commissioner Staudt offered that he is concerned with the April 1st date, because it coincides with the budget process.

Director Auler said that budget preparations begin in the fall as well. That would allow for matching fund submittals and it could all be a part of a process.

Commissioner Staudt asked if we should make a habit of budgeting for the appraisals that are always asked for with the grant applications. He asked if Director Auler had an idea how much money is needed to begin the grant process.

Director Auler replied that it is always a variable, depending on the size of the project and condition of the property. He reminded the Commission that there are development grants, as well as acquisition grants. These grants are capital development money that when secured could help upgrade our system.

Commissioner Staudt asked Director Auler how viable these land donations are -as to the percentage of the property value, when evaluating a grant at the state level. He asked if it is just good enough to come in donating 25% of the value of the property, or does there need to be some tangible financial contribution as an amount of money. Commissioner Staudt pointed out that at the end of the day, the Village Oaks property issue was a $50,000.00 city contribution. In his opinion, that has some bearing on us getting the grant. He also asked if grants can encompass more than one piece of property or if two totally unrelated pieces of property become available in a grant cycle, if they can be combined. He asked if combined properties hurt the chances of obtaining a grant.

Director Auler replied that he would have to contact the state for a definitive answer. He thinks two separate grants are necessary, unless the property is contiguous. Regarding the percentage of value, he explained that applications are evaluated on a set of criteria and a point system is used, the higher the match – the higher the score.

Director Auler explained that if an individual donates land to the Park Foundation, the Park Foundation would own that property. The donor would receive the tax benefit of the value of that property, up to the amount permitted by the IRS. The City would submit a grant application; the Foundation could put up the entire value of the property as the match. That amount would be significantly higher than 25%, which is the key reason to have a foundation. A foundation is a land banking scenario because it’s a separate entity from the City, so it’s as if a person is donating the entire value of the property. Further, he explained that there is an advantage to that which also can be used on the development side of it as well.

Commissioner Staudt asked that if the Park Foundation is donated land, then what would the grant be for. Director Auler explained that the City is the body that would apply for the grant. The City would apply for a development grant. Commissioner Staudt verified in that scenario, it would not be an acquisition grant. This way the value goes toward the grant and it is considerably higher than 25%, so you score higher points.

Commissioner Staudt commented that he thinks it’s important that City Council knows about that scenario as they discuss PRO’s. He said he feels that this amounts to a "double hit - one we get land and two we get tremendous value for development grants in the future".

Commissioner Staudt said addressing his original point, that what the Commission needs to do is "develop a policy that City Council can work with that would allow us to consider a policy that would allow us to consider land acquisitions and development grant opportunities in a specific time period. Then bring those forward for their action and to do the grants in a specific time period so that we’re not doing this year round".

Commissioner Burke said that he heard Power Park and development grant in the same sentence. He asked if there is potential to get a development grant for some of the things that are needed there.

Director Auler said there is potential, but the funding for grants has been reduced and the target right now for development grants is through the Natural Preservation Trail Systems. There is a lot of funding for greenway corridors through the Transportation Enhancement Act Program, which is really roadway monies coming back. He feels that right now Power Park would be a tough sell.

B. Park Development Committee – Commissioner Zyczynski

1. Update on park development through partnerships with development companies utilizing the Planned Rezoned Overlay (PRO) Process.

2. Overview of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) grant programs and potential grant application request

  1. Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF)
  2. Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
  3. Community Forestry Grants
  4. DTE Energy Foundation Tree Planting
  5. Emerald Ash Borer
  6. Urban and Community Forestry

3. Construction of the Singh Trail

Commissioner Zyczynski pointed out that this month’s packet had park development partnership updates and maps including the Wildlife Woods/Schaffer Development and the Greenway Connections/Singh Developments.

Commissioner Zyczynski pointed out that the packets contained an overview of the various grant proposals and also included information regarding another property that "is one of three or four properties that has suddenly appeared on our radar since the whole Meadowbrook Development donation took place last summer". She said she felt that "it is important that we look at these and we do need to establish some priorities about where we need land and how we’re going to go about doing this".

Director Auler said that what he wanted to do that evening was to provide information on various grant opportunities that we have submitted previously and that we’ve received funding through. He pointed out that four of the grant applications were forestry grants, three of which the Department was successful with. He noted that Council at their last meeting asked that the Department look at the various grant opportunities available and report back to them. Director Auler announced that the Park Development Committee and Deputy Director Lewis will be taking on that project and will report back to the Commission, ultimately submitting one or two grant applications by the August 1st deadline.

Commissioner Wingfield asked if this is something a company has to do per the Planning Commission and who enforces the PRO.

Director Auler replied that it is an ordinance and there is an agreement made once the plan has been conceptually approved by City Council. Once Council approves the plan the company goes through the rest of the design and final approval process, ultimately beginning construction. One of the key components of the PRO is that they have to show significant public benefit for the community, which is where the parks come in.

Commissioner Staudt asked who negotiates these acquisitions. In the past year, it seems that several city council members negotiated various parts of the Villagewood Lake acquisition. He asked who generally will be responsible for negotiating an opportunity presented to the City of Novi to buy land.

Director Auler replied that he believes for the most part everything is run through the administration, who then presents it to Council.

Commissioner Staudt asked who in the administration negotiates land acquisitions

Director Auler replied that he believes that it would be whomever the City Manager would make accountable for that.

Commissioner Staudt asked that when someone offers the City land and requests a certain dollar amount – would the City make offers and counteroffers to negotiate the price or is it a "take it or leave it" scenario.

Director Auler replied that he believes every case would be different and that the City Manager would assign someone. He noted that there is not a land acquisition manager, if that was what Commissioner Staudt was asking.

Commissioner Staudt asked if the Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry is responsible for land acquisition negotiations for parkland. He feels the Commission needs to know this for policy statement reasons. He said that it seems logical that there is a person designated, with other staff support. He asked if Director Auler was saying that the person would be the City Manger.

Director Auler replied yes, or the City Manager’s designee.

Commissioner Staudt asked if designees would include members of City Council.

Director Auler replied that he has not been involved in that, so he couldn’t speak to it.

Commissioner Staudt said that he feels "an awful lot of things seem to be negotiated that come in from that direction and if that’s the case at least we would know that in developing our policy".

C. Novi Parks Foundation – Commissioner Staab

Commissioner Staab reported that the committee has held two meetings since the last Commission meeting. He noted that currently the Foundation has $37,000. in the bank. There was $1,300. spent on sheet music for the Novi Choralaires, $4,500. restricted for scholarships in the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, $16,000 restricted for soccer field improvements, and $10,000. restricted for naming rights marketing materials (which will be reimbursed once naming rights are sold). He noted that the committee is focusing its’ effort on looking for additional opportunities in the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department’s operation.

Commissioner Staab reported that the committee has made a lot of progress with the Naming Rights Policy. Commissioner Staudt and Linda Blair have met with Pangborn Design, the company that is designing the marketing materials and Commissioner Staudt approved the initial draft. The game plan is to have it finalized to present to the Foundation at their next meeting, February 21st. The committee encourages City Council and residents that tuned into the meeting broadcast to assist the committee in identifying any potential candidates.

Commissioner Staab reminded everyone that Thursday, August 3rd is the second annual golf outing at the Links of Novi, with Commissioner Burke and Cathy Constentino chairing. This is the major fund raiser of the year.

Commissioner Staudt commented that the committee made a brief progress report to the City Council several weeks ago. He also noted that after meeting with Pangborn Designs, the committee feels that they will deliver high quality materials for marketing naming rights. He explained that the committee’s goal is to meet with City Council to give them an overview of the marketing presentation at some point in the near future.

Commissioner Staab added that he personally committed to City Council the committee would update their progress at a council meeting every four months.

Commissioner Enright asked when the Naming Rights Policy will actually be rolling out officially; she noted that the Commission had heard month after month that it is coming up.

Commissioner Staudt replied that the biggest delay to date has been the design company. They are working on annual reports for other clients, but they are currently actively working on our materials. They are designing and writing the program for us. As an overview, the materials will be a pocket folder with a four page insert and step sheets about pricing and availability, which will be printed on demand. Once the design company drops off the material for review, it must go through the various committees. Commissioner Staudt reminded the Commission that there is only one chance to make a good first impression and said the committee is being cautious. He also noted that the company is delivering a very high quality product for free, somewhere between $5,000 - $10,000 worth of design services.

Commissioner Enright asked if the end product was a menu list and if there are prices.

Commissioner Staudt replied that there are some plateaus set. He said that he thinks there will be a "strong response right out of the gate and that momentum will really carry us forward. It’s important that when we have this ready, that we are all ready as a foundation board and wherever we can get help from the Commission in presenting these materials – because our goal is to hit small groups of companies initially in pockets, hit a group and work with them for several weeks and move onto another group. We’re going to kind of step into this and at some point I suspect we’ll do more of a bigger rollout to the entire community. We’ve identified some strong supporters that we think right away will have an interest".

Commissioner Enright asked if the signage issues are set, "if somebody does donate is there a time frame that they can expect to see their recognition"?

Commissioner Staudt said that Pangborn has made some recommendations on signage, so there will be a unifying look and an identifying mark. He said that what was proposed is very colorful and professional and he is very excited to see their output.

Commissioner Enright asked if any decisions have been made regarding the money that the Novi Jaguars donated to the Parks Foundation.

Commissioner Staudt replied that the Jaguars have some "big picture things. They’re not looking at buying a soccer goal or a few benches; they’re looking at a facility-type issue. We’d rather not get into specifics, but there are opportunities for facilities and bigger picture stuff".

Commissioner Enright commented that she only asked because members of that organization (including herself) made their donations last June.

Commissioner Staudt asked what the Jaguars Board of Directors is passing through to the parent’s group.

Commissioner Enright said little, if any.

Commissioner Staudt explained that it has been the consensus of the Jaguars Board of Directors that they would like to use that $16,000. donation for future field development. He said that the Foundation has asked them repeatedly if they would like to do a smaller scale project and they communicated that they would rather wait and do something that has a very large impact. He explained that the thing about the Foundation is that they are always looking for opportunities to spend the money raised where it will have the biggest benefit to the community.

He also explained that the Foundation is in the business of raising money, but only spends the money on the recommendation of staff and the Commission. In the case of the Naming Rights, spending is at the recommendation of the City Council.


A. Administration - Director Auler

Director Auler said that a copy of the report was in the Commission’s packets. He opened the floor to any questions.

Commissioner Staudt asked what the timeline is for renewal of the Ice Arena management contract.

Director Auler replied that the contract expires June 30th and the proposals are due April 3rd. He said advertisements have been placed in national publications, ice arena management magazines, and with local companies. He thought he would have a recommendation for Commission and Council in May. It is a specialty type business and he doesn’t know how many proposals to expect. The present company (Suburban) will be submitting a proposal and they have done an excellent job bringing the rink to a place where it’s covering operating costs, rather than a deficiency.

Commissioner Staudt asked what process the proposal for the acquisition of the property adjacent to the Singh property. He asked if the proposal would go to the Park Development Committee to come back with a recommendation at the April meeting.

Director Auler replied that the Park Development Committee, along with Deputy Director Lewis, will be working towards submitting grant applications for the August 1st deadline. There will be one or two grant applications. We do have to work on establishing priorities as there is a lot of effort that goes into this. He doesn’t know when public hearings would be, a timeline will be established when we have more information. He thinks that the parcels need to be researched and a determination needs to be made where the most points could be scored on the application.

B. Recreation Services – Director Auler

Commissioner Staudt noted that in Deputy Director Lewis’ monthly report he mentioned that he is doing a history of the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department. He inquired as to what prompted that.

Deputy Director Lewis explained that June is the 30th anniversary of the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department. He reported that he is working with the City Clerk’s office to create a timeline of land acquisition and other department milestones, which should be done in a few months.

Commissioner Staudt asked if as a part of the anniversary, we could work to get the Department’s name changed in the city ordinances and city by-laws.


A. Approval of February 9, 2006 regular meeting minutes.

Voice Vote Unanimous

B. Commissioner Comments Carried Unanimously

Commissioner Staab – said that he will not be able to attend the next meeting on April 13th, he has a commitment that will take him out of state (which is Maundy Thursday).

Youth Commissioner Wagner – thanked Mr. Smith and commented that he is especially excited about changes to the high school basketball program. He asked what the plan is regarding a meeting between the Commission and the Youth Council.

Director Auler replied that he thought that at the last meeting he reported that the Council would like to meet. He asked that he be given a timeline and he would check with Sheryl Walsh. Commissioner Staudt said that he would like to attend also and asked that he be emailed some potential dates.

Commissioner Enright – said that she thought the packets were going to be emailed and asked if the paperless packets are still an option.

Director Auler said that it is still and option but it is on hold internally.

Commissioner Wingfield – thanked Mr. Smith for a great report. He commented that when he was on the Commission previously, the administration encouraged Commissioners to attend the MRPA conference. He attended several sessions every year and found it very helpful to bring back ideas to the Commission.

Director Auler answered yes, if Commissioners paid their own way. Otherwise, that would have to be included in the budget and ultimately is City Council’s decision. He said If that is a desire of the Commission, he would submit the paperwork and let Council decide.

Commissioner Wingfield noted that Commissioners paid their own expenses and the City paid their registration fee.

Director Auler answered that currently the registration fee is not included in the budget. As everyone is aware, the budget for conferences has been reduced.

Commissioner Staab agreed with Commissioner Wingfield. He said that the sessions he attended were invaluable, he learned many things including ADA, and felt it was also great team building.

Commissioner Staudt – asked what the Commission’s role is in "the designated parkland issue".

Director Auler answered that it will be a part of the Recreation Plan update, nothing more.


A motion was made by Commissioner Enright and seconded by Commissioner Wingfield.


The meeting adjourned at 9:05p.m.



_____________________________________ Signed, David Staudt, Chairperson



Signed, Harold L. Wingfield, Vice Chairperson