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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2005 – 7:30 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with Commissioner Staudt presiding.

ROLL CALL: Commissioner Bamzai (Present), Burke (Present), Enright (Present) Schwarzlose (Present), Staab (Present), Staudt (Present), Wagner, (Present), Wingfield (Present), Zyczynski, (Present).

Commissioner Staudt asked Commissioner Bamzai and Commissioner Wagner to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.


Moved by Commissioner Enright, seconded by Commissioner Wingfield to approve the agenda as written.





A. Novi Parks Foundation – Commissioner Staab

Commissioner Staab stated at their last meeting in October that they named all of their committees. Two of the committees will focus on the Naming Rights Program. These are the Sales Committee and the Marketing Committee. Their next meeting is November 15th. The December meeting will be their Annual Meeting when there will be election of officers. Commissioner Staudt stated that he has in his possession this evening a draft of a grant proposal, which will be reviewed at the meeting in November.


A. Park and Forestry Operations – Jack Lewis, Deputy Director

1. Capital Improvement Project Update

Deputy Director Lewis stated for the Parks Division under the Capital Improvement Projects, Lakeshore Park picnic shelter roof would be completed on November the 27th. ADA improvements were also done at Lakeshore Park. This includes asphalt paving being put down from behind the soccer field\ ball field area to the back of the park with two new parking areas and ADA accessible walkways to the back picnic shelter and back play structure.

The irrigation has been completely installed at Community Sports Park. Matt Wiktorowski has been working with the contractor to finalize a punch list. The fence at the Tim Pope Memorial Playstructure has been installed and is completed.

2. . Street Tree Replacement Program Update.

Deputy Director Lewis stated that 750 of the 800 street trees have been planted. The remaining 50 will be planted next week, which will complete that project.

Commissioner Staab congratulated Steve Printz’s staff on the work they have done. He also commended the work staff for cleaning up the area where the new trees were planted. He then asked if the people who received new street trees also received care instructions.

Deputy Director Lewis confirmed this.

Commissioner Staab congratulated City Forester, Steve Printz, for the new additions to his family and to Tracie Ringle to the new addition to her family.

B. Recreation Services – Director, Randy Auler

1. Recreation Sports Program for High School Students

Director Auler stated that the Recreation Sports Program for High School Students would kick off with registration beginning on December 5th. A flier has been put together which the Youth Council will help distribute. He is waiting for the approval to distribute from Novi High School, which should come in the next few days. He spoke with Father Elmer of Catholic Central High School today and they will promote the Recreation Sports Program as well as the Out of the Basement Band Series.

2. Out of the Basement Band Series

There is already interest from students to participate in the Out of the Basement Band Series. There will be a meeting for this on December 8th at 6:00p.m., which is and hour and a half before the Commission Meeting on that date. Any of the bands that are interested in participating must have a representative there. There will be an explanation of how the series will work. The Series will kick off in the new year.

3. Ringing in the Holidays Special Event

The Ringing in the Holidays Event will be held on Thursday evening, December 1st. It will begin at 6:00p.m. at Main and Market Streets. It will start with the Electric Light Parade. At this time we have 45 entries and is growing. The size of the parade has doubled from last year. The inside of the building will be decorated as "Whoville" based on the Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. There will be 15 stations of interactive activities in which youth and their families can participate. Santa Claus will make an appearance and there will be entertainment. The change is that most of the activities will be indoors and there will be no arts and crafts vendors. One of the activities is a secret Santa shop so children can buy Christmas gifts for members of the family with the assistance of elves or Cindy Lou Who and so forth.

This weekend is the "One-Act Festival" which is a series of one-act plays at the Civic Center. Sheri Sansom is our new Cultural Arts Coordinator. Tickets for the "One-Act Festival" are available at the Parks, Recreation and Forestry office.

Commissioner Wingfield asked if the program for the High School students would be at the High School before school or in the evenings and how are the teams going to be organized and does it have the blessing of the Athletic Director. He also asked who would run the program and what are the basic logistics of the program.

Director Auler replied that like all of our other sports programs, there would be a random placement on teams with a balance of freshmen through seniors between the teams. Each team will have one adult supervisor/coach. The games are tentatively scheduled for Friday evenings, based on gym times. We hope to give them an opportunity to practice once a week. We are offering a program for volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer. In soccer there will be three divisions, which are girls, boys and co-ed. The only requisite is that they cannot participate on a High School team in each particular sport.

The program does have the support of the High School Athletic Director.

Commissioner Wingfield asked where the games would be played.

Director Auler replied that they would play where space is available, but are hoping to do everything at Novi Meadows.

Commissioner Burke asked if the Out of the Basement series would be every Friday night or once a month.

Director Auler replied that it would be once a month. There are three or four dates scheduled culminating with and end of the year date with bands playing all during the day.

Commissioner Burke then asked how many bands per date.

Director Auler replied that there are two slots per evening but if there is enough interest we can schedule three and evening.

Commission Burke asked about how many students we would be able to handle on any given evening, and will there be a limit on tickets sold. He also asked if we would offer the tickets to Catholic Central students and how would they be divided up.

Director Auler replied that tickets would be sold first come, first served. The tickets can be purchased ahead of time or at the door. We can handle as many as can come. Each of the participating bands will have to get parent volunteers or adult supervisors to supplement departmental staff to manage the event. A trial run of this was done a year ago and the event went beautifully and was well received.

Commissioner Burke asked if it would be held here at the Civic Center.

Director Auler confirmed this and added that it will be in the Multi-purpose Room and the bands will be on the stage. The limit for that room is 400. If we get more than 400, when spring comes, we will move it outdoors.

Commissioner Schwarzlose asked what the status is of finding out information on the cost of girl’s softball equipment and storage boxes to be placed out at the fields. She was potentially going to make a request to the Foundation in support of that.

Director Auler replied that as a department what was planned was to put together a request, then running it through the Commission and then taking it to the Foundation for consideration.

Commissioner Staab asked what the timetable is for doing that.

Director Auler stated that it depends on the list of items but that he would look to do it as part of the budget process, which would start right after the new year.

Commissioner Staab asked if some of the items were safety items, which would need to be taken care of earlier.

Director Auler stated that the items she was talking about were for softball and there is not softball until this summer.

Commissioner Staab asked if it were put in the budget process would we have to wait until July to get it approved.

Director Auler stated that many of the items could be funded out of our program account, depending on what the items are. The staff is not prepared to bring that forward yet and will be done after the new year.

Commissioner Bamzi stated that the she had spoken to a secretary in the High School Athletic Office who said that the only problem with the Out of the Basement Band Series kicking off after a football game would be that a stage put on the football field would damage it. She spoke to a lot of people at the High School and it was very well received because it is something fun to do after a football game. A stage could be put on the track then the people could be on the football field. If it is well publicized it will be a good opportunity.

Commissioner Wagner asked if participants in the High School sports program would be able to come in and register in a group or as a team.

Director Auler stated that at this point we have not looked at that as an option. There are pros and cons of doing it that way. The pro is that you can register with your friends. The con is if the friends are really good it is not any fun when you are always beating other teams nor is it fun for the other teams. The random placement is our intention. We are also interested in a committee of High School students that would help plan out the High School programs/events.

These would be the kind of questions they would address.

Commissioner Wagner asked if there was any other way besides the fliers to get the word out about the programs.

Director Auler replied that the Novi High School radio station and the student newspaper would publicize the programs.

Commissioner Wagner stated that anyone he talked to did not know about the programs. The interest is there; it is just a matter of getting the word out.

Director Auler stated that anything we send out through the schools has to be approved by school administration before it can go out. He stated that he is hoping to hear from them in the next day or two and then the challenge is on us how to best get the information out in the schools.

Commissioner Enright asked if we were going to do the kick off after a football game for the Out of the Basement Series.

Director Auler replied that this winter and spring there would be a series of shows at the Civic Center culminating in an end of the school year event. It would be all day with all of the bands playing during the day with different vendors. If all of that goes well, then there would be discussion on having it after a football game. In a community where he worked previously, that is how the school year began.

Commissioner Enright stated that a couple of things to think about are that some of the games are not finished until 9:30 or 9:45. Any kids that have a license have to be in by midnight curfew. Another idea is that there is a tailgate event before all home football games. There are parents of all age groups there and students. This might be another possible option. They are all in the parking lot and it is a sectioned off area.

Commissioner Staudt asked if the $30,000 match for the $20,000 we received under the grant for the tree inventory been approved.

Director Auler confirmed this.

Commissioner Staudt then asked if we are now in the process of acquisition of the software or bidding as the next step. He asked if the entire inventory would be completed by July, 2006 as stated and is this only trees on city property.

Director Auler confirmed this and stated that it is street trees and park trees.

Commission Staudt asked if Director Auler could provide an update on the progress of the implementation of the new software. He would like an ongoing checklist of what part of the software has been implemented.

Director Auler stated that the final contract is waiting to be signed by the software company and then ordered.

Commissioner Staudt then asked when we are anticipating the actual installation and training of employees.

Director Auler replied it could be as early as December but most likely after the New Year in early January.

Commissioner Staudt stated that in the last couple of years that we have started late on review of capital improvement projects for the upcoming year. He then asked when that process would start for the Commission to make recommendations and reviewing possibilities.

Director Auler stated that the staff has not yet discussed the preliminary items that would refer to the capital improvement plan.

In terms of process, it is generally driven by the budget timeline that is established. The timeline has not yet been established. He feels they could start talking about those things in December but in earnest sometime in January. The timing this year could all be different because of the City Manager transition and the new City Council and their timing.

Commissioner Staudt asked Director Auler for some wish lists. He wants the Commission to be pro-active. He then asked Director Auler if ADA compliance is done from a financial standpoint or does it need to be finished.

Deputy Director Lewis replied that we have $60,000 to spend this year, which would take care of 90% of ADA compliance. We hope to finish the other 10% with the operation budget. By July 1, 2006 we should be 100% complete.

Commissioner Staudt asked Director Auler about the discussion in staffing changes due to the new software implementation. Is there going to be a net change in office people to go out in to the field or is that to be decided.

Director Auler stated that our commitment has been that as the program is implemented and comes on line that no position will be eliminated unless it is through attrition. This would be through retirement or staff going to another position.

Commissioner Staudt stated that there was some discussion at one point of transfer of responsibility possibly from an internal position out to a maintenance or field position. He then asked if this is something that is going to be talked about at some point.

Director Auler replied that he was not sure that until we have a position that would happen through attrition he is not sure that the timing of that is the best right now.

Commissioner Staudt stated that it is good to see a schedule of the monthly presentations, which allows the Commission members to prepare for each meeting and to know what is coming. He does not feel that it is very likely that the Commission will be any joint meetings with City Council in the near future.

Commissioner Staudt then stated that he saw the Scholarship Program on the website and liked it. He asked if we were getting any increased response as a result of higher publicity.

Deputy Director Lewis stated that we only have two youth who are registered for the basketball program on scholarship. He did speak to the Novi News a couple of weeks ago and they are going to do an article on the Scholarship Program to help promote it. We have also contacted all of the schools and they are aware.

Commissioner Staab stated that he appreciated Deputy Director Lewis contacting the Novi News about the scholarship but we should also contact Scott Olson at He then stated that one of the things coming out of the Foundation meeting of last month was expansion or consideration of the scholarships not only for youth but for seniors, too.

Deputy Director Lewis stated that it has been discussed with Rachel Zagaroli of the Senior Center and she is going to put the information out at Meadowbrook Commons.

C. Administration – Director Auler

1. Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission Committees

Director Auler stated that previously we have had three committees. The Strategic Planning Committee was instrumental in the creation of the Community Recreation Plan, which is our Five Year Strategic Plan of which we are in year three and have made significant progress. The Resource Development Committee, which was to create the Park Foundation and be able to put in motion some means to garner some additional resources, particularly financial, to help support improvements to the park system. The Park Development Committee which helped look at capital improvement items, capital improvement budget, park development projects within the park system and partnerships which may help with those improvements.

Director Auler then stated that it is the Commissions’ discussion point as to what type of committees they would like to have. In looking at the Community Recreation Plan and the desired outcomes we have made significant progress in all of those. Eight of those are all in progress and there are a couple where there has not been a lot of progress. One of those would be acquiring 80 to 100 acres of active parkland. We haven’t really pursued that.

Director Auler stated that under matters for discussion and action is a trial for a paperless packet. He knows that all of the Commission members have access to e-mail. Putting the packet together and delivering them is not a big issue, however, it does tie up staff time. If we go to a paperless packet, the items would be scanned and distributed by e-mail. Any item you wanted to bring to the Commission meeting could be printed.


A. Approval of October 13, 2005 regular meeting minutes.

A motion was made to approve the amended September 8, 2005 regular meeting minutes by Commissioner Enright and seconded by Commissioner Wingfield.

Voice Vote Carried Unanimously


B. Discussion and appointment of Parks, Recreation and Forestry

Commission Committees

Commissioner Staudt stated that the Commission needs to take on some big projects that need to be identified. The Commission has taken on big projects for the last three years and tackled all of them and it is time to identify some new ones. Those projects can include parkland acquisition, seeking out ball fields, soccer fields and sports fields, not just new parkland but utilization of existing or potential land that we may not need to acquire. We have a huge issue of the recertification of the Community Recreation Plan. He feels that they need two years to review and go through this document and reallocate the strategies and goals. The goals have changed because most of the previous goals have been achieved at some level. Commissioner Staudt feels that committees are the way big projects get done and it is critical to have good committee leadership and participation.

Commissioner Staudt then asked about the submission of a Grant application for Land and Water Conservation Fund or Natural Resources Trust Fund in the spring of 2006 and what the grant is for.

Director Auler stated that has to be identified and that we have to look at the Recreation Plan, the park needs and what the criteria are, which will come from DNR and have not been established yet.

They will not send the information out until after the new year.

Commissioner Staudt stated that one of the big things that need to be done prior to that it to identify some potential acquisitions. He feels that one of the short-term committees that need to be put together is a group who can identify and evaluate opportunities for acquisition of not only active parkland but also whatever parkland is available under the grants. That committee could then step easily in to the responsibility of developing the grant. He then stated that all of the grants have a match element and then asked what the percentage is.

Director Auler replied that it depends on which grant application is submitted and the type of grant. LWCF money is usually a 50/50 match. There are criteria you can use for in kind services and other things that qualify. That program has been drastically reduced. The federal level wanted to eliminate the program completely in this fiscal year. It was saved but not at the funding level of previous years. The Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant is funded through the mineral rights from across the state and it focuses on goals that are established by the Trust Fund Board. These are established annually at their meeting and the information goes out in their grant applications with the scoring criteria and what types of projects they are looking for.

Commissioner Staudt stated that he thinks it is the consensus of the Commission that one of the committees they would like to form is one that will look in to potential properties, potential uses of property and eventually a presentation to City Council because they will be looking at a long dollar match commitment.

Commissioner Staudt then stated that he thinks that the Strategic Planning Committee needs to be regenerated. It is the one behind the Community Recreation Plan, which needs updating. There are a lot of changes that need to be made especially to the different areas of the action strategy.

Commissioner Enright stated that typically a yearly review was done of the Community Recreation Plan.

Director Auler stated that the plan has been reviewed each year with City Council in a joint meeting. The Recreation Plan can be updated each year as well and submit it to DNR.

Commissioner Staudt stated that the Commission will be informally maintaining the structure for reporting the activity of the Parks Foundation through Commissioner Staab as the Chairman of the Foundation. He will provide regular reports so the prior committee for that is no longer necessary.

Commissioner Staudt stated that there is now a new element to the Commission with the youth council members. Perhaps there is something that they are interested in having a committee that could bring back some information on a regular basis from the High School because they are one step away from being voters.

Commissioner Enright stated that it looks like we are basically keeping the same committees but perhaps changing the focus in each. Strategic Planning can work on updating the Community Recreation Plan. The Park Development can go after available space and look in to acquiring land. Resource Development was always the Park Foundation information update. The addition could be the youth council type committee.

Commissioner Zyczynski stated that she thinks the 80 to 100 acre issue really needs to be something that needs to be pursued because of all of the building she is concerned that the land will be gone before there is an opportunity for acquisition of what might be necessary to meet the needs of this community as it grows.

Commissioner Staab stated that he agrees with Commissioner Staudt’s evaluation and Commissioner Enright’s assimilation of updating the Community Recreation Plan. The youths’ ideas have a lot of merit. He also stated that there has been talk in the community about expanded services for seniors and perhaps a committee to identify or work with senior initiatives would have merit as the population continues to age.

Commissioner Staudt stated that it was recommended by a City Council candidate to have an older persons’ commission. Whether it is done from an advisory level to us or done at a City Council level, it is a recommendation. It is something that should be talked about.

Commissioner Wingfield stated that he feels things are running very well in the department and the Commission does not want to micro-manage. He feels things like getting information to the High School and to senior citizens might call for an analysis of marketing or public relations. He asked Director Auler if there was a way to promote the department and make it better for the program.

Director Auler stated there is always a need to improve. There are many things that can be done in marketing, communications and research. Our challenge is how to position that within the department. Right now we have a staff person who does marketing and events. Events take up an enormous amount of time. Three times a year we send out 22,000 copies of our recreation guide, which goes to every home in the community. How do we know what our rate of return is and is there a better way of doing it? To answer that we would need someone who could focus on marketing and research, which would mean dropping something else. He is interested in how we can get better and this is what this discussion is about.

Commissioner Staudt stated that, having listened for the last six months, there has to be a strategy to reduce the General Funds coming in to the department. He feels the Commission needs to first identify strategies but they are not familiar with the day-to-day operations of the department. He feels the Commission needs to be pro-active and maybe identify some of the programs that aren’t beneficial or do not fit financially. He stated that as much as they hate to micro-manage, he feels that the Commission will eventually have to get involved in the process of helping to identify and implement the painful things that need to be done. He agrees with Commissioner Wingfield, that they or the department have to evaluate all of the programs and justify them to the Commission and to City Council. The financial gap needs to be tightened possibly through sponsorship programs, the Park Foundation, and possibly some that might have been used for capital improvements for operations. He is unsure exactly what committee this would be but it will require financial savvy and vision. The information for identification of strategies will be largely provided by staff making recommendations but it will be helpful for an outside person to assist with this because they would provide perspective that a person who is too close to the programs may not see.

Commissioner Staudt asked the youth members, Commissioners Bamzai and Commissioner Wagner, if they had any ideas about what they could bring back to the Commission in the form of a committee or would they like to form a group that goes beyond the Commission.

Commissioner Wagner replied he feels a Youth Council would be a good idea because it is hard to get a perspective on something when you are not around it everyday.

Commissioner Wingfield stated that recreational programs in any community lose the participation of children around the age of 14 and then come back and participate as adults. He feels that the new programs that involve the older youth is a good thing and can be enhanced.

Commissioner Wagner replied that he feels the youth do not lose interest in the activities but their options are fewer as they get older.

Commissioner Burke suggested that the Commission go back to the committees they had last year. The Resource Development Committee, which is the Park Foundation, will give the Commission a monthly update. The Park Development Committee can be used to identify the projects to be taken care of within any given park and working to identify any future land. The Strategic Planning Committee would work on the Community Recreation Plan and other budget issues. With those three committees and adding the Youth Council Committee, they should be able to take care of the needs outlined. Some of the larger tasks need to be identified and started. He feels that a joint meeting with City Council might be good because of the new City Council members and whether the New City Manager will be in or not does not mean we have to put what we want to present to City Council on hold. He also feel it would be best to make a presentation before they get the budget.

Commissioner Staudt stated that the only thing that concerns him about that, as yet, is we do not know the potential of the Park Naming Rights. If that were to create the kind of revenue that we are thinking is potentially could, it might cause us to think differently about how we deal with things like Power Park. Until we know how the Park Naming Rights is going to go long-term he is hesitant to jump on too many projects. He then asked what is the potential of Bosco. Who is going to follow up on the Bosco property and work with the Parks, Recreation and Forestry department from the Commission to pursue, with the School Board, the potential of that property? If that property is available, we may have 50% of the 80 to 100 acres we are looking for right there. Then the question is how do we develop fields and facilities. Because of the Emerald Ash Borer problem and the ADA compliance we have been reactionary – reacting to problems. Now we can be pro-active. We need more soccer fields and ball fields. We have passive parks with trails that are coming, which no one can envision because it is not there yet but it is a lot of property.

Commissioner Burke stated that is a nice home for some of the money that we will be able to raise through the Naming Rights.

Power Park needs updating and repair so to wait and see what the potential of the Naming Rights before we spend any money or figure it out does not work because we are not sure when we will find out how much money we are going to get. We want to be in the forefront of City Council’s plans.

Commissioner Enright stated that a year and half or two years ago, Derek Smith gave a power point presentation on Power Park that was phenomenal. The presentation showed everything that was wrong with the Park and what it would take to bring it up to date. That information should be updated or reviewed again because the new Commission members need to see it because it was enlightening. That would be a great basis for a Power Park update.

Commissioner Staudt stated that this would go back to the Park Development Committee. Issues like the parkland at Walled Lake and the casino site are going to come up again as they have in years past. He feels that the Commission should deal with these issues head on. The Commission should make strong recommendations based on fact and citizen involvement. The Park Development Committee should seek, find, help fund parks.

Commissioner Staudt then stated that it is time to talk about who would like to chair the committees. He then stated that Commissioner Staab was already Chairperson of the Park Foundation and is an obvious one for him to retain.

Commissioner Staudt stated that Strategic Planning to him would include the review and implementation of strategies to reduce the General Fund subsidy in the department. Included will also be the Community Recreation Plan. He then asked Director Auler what was meant by "creation of key management plans."

Director Auler stated that examples of plans that we do not have in place yet are, Resource Management Plan. It would deal with things like what percent of our land inventory should be active, passive and joint use. This would establish the criteria and guidelines as we are looking at land acquisition. It would establish a policy and a plan that will help determine if a piece of property or opportunity is a fit or not in the plan of what we would want the park system to become. The Revenue Plan would establish a fee policy and the tiers in that fee policy and the general philosophy of what is trying to be accomplished with fees. It would also deal with what the philosophy is in trying to reduce the General Fund subsidy or not reducing it, our policy as it relates to acquiring sponsor money and advertisement money and bringing that to fruition.

Commissioner Staudt stated that he would like to add the Tree Fund. He said that there has been some discussion about the Tree Fund and how it is used for acquisition for replanting of trees. There has also been some discussion about long-term tree maintenance. This Tree Fund is going to go down and our development is going to be reduced so it will not be funded as frequently. He then asked what needs to be done to maintain our street trees for the long haul. Perhaps some kind of endowment should be created. He also stated that he does not know the details of how the Tree Fund works or who controls it. There has been some discussion of taking a portion of the money allocated to the Tree Fund and putting it aside to protect ourselves when we do not have heavy development several years from now.

Director Auler added that another example would be a Management Asset Plan that is non-existent now but it is a plan to maintain and protect property and inventory. The Lakeshore Park shelter roof is an example. Everything has a fixed life that you can estimate.

Director Auler then suggested that the Commission keep the three committees that they have. The committees should meet and then come back with what their priorities are going to be in terms of focus because there is a lot of work that needs to be done and it is going to take staff support. These three committees can identify what are the key priorities because it cannot all be done in a year.

Commissioner Staudt asked how the Commission would like to go about selecting committees and chairperson. He stated that he could appoint people or he could take suggestions.

Commissioner Wingfield stated that he would like to be on the Park Development Committee because it is being redefined but he would not like to be the Chairperson.

Commissioner Bamzai stated that she needed to leave to attend a High School event. Commissioner Bamzai left at 8:40 p.m.

Commissioner Zyczynski stated that she was interested in the Park Development Committee

Commissioner Schwazlose stated that he would be Chairperson on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Commissioner Staab stated that he would be Chairperson of the Resource Development Committee and he will also stay on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Commissioner Enright stated that she would like to remain on the Park Development Committee.

Commissioner Staudt stated that he will be extremely active in making sure that there is progress on the Park Development Committee.

Commissioner Enright asked if the youth members would be assigned to committees.

Commissioner Staudt replied that because they are non-voting members they could participate on either committee because he believes that there is no public meeting issue.

Director Auler stated that he would check to confirm that.

Commissioner Staudt asked Youth Commissioner Wagner if he had an interest in any of the committees

Commissioner Wagner replied he really did not.

Commissioner Staudt stated that if Commissioner Wagner would like his own committee, he would be happy to work with him on. He would be the committee and the youth Commissioners could participate.

Director Auler suggested that if they wanted a youth or student committee he could provide a framework of a very successful program with rules from another community. There is a booklet and the group does a lot of social activities that get the youth, particularly High School students, involved. The High School students created the program in that particular community. This program has been successful in Cincinnati for 35 years.

Commissioner Staudt asked if it was required that a Commissioner be part of that.

Director Auler stated that someone is going to need to lead that program.

Commissioner Staudt stated that he would be glad to chair the Youth Committee and asked Director Auler to give the plan to him and the Youth Commissioners.

Commissioner Staudt then stated that the committees have been established. Commissioners Staab, Burke and Schwarzlose are on the Strategic Planning Committee. The Park Development Committee is chaired by Commissioner Zyczynski with Commissioners Enright and Wingfield also on the committee.

A motion was made by Commissioner Enright and seconded by Commissioner Zyczynski to approve the Committees.

Voice Vote Carried Unanimously


C. Discussion of paperless Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission Packets.

Commissioner Staudt stated that his only concern was the nice color pages that come in the packets. He does not have a color printer at home. He is willing to try it for the next meeting and then have everyone come back with a consensus of whether they like it or not. He suggested that it be done in a PDF format.

The other Commissioners agreed to try it for the next meeting.


Commissioner Wagner – None

Commissioner Zyszynski stated that she was reading through the reports and noticed that the Senior Center had some new signs. Before she came to the Commission Meeting she drove by the Senior Center and stated that even in the dark it was easier to find than the first time she went there and there were no signs. She thanked who ever got that project off the ground because it is a bit improvement.

Commissioner Staudt stated that it was Councilperson Capello who made a motion on that at one of the last City Council Meetings.

Commissioner Zyczynski then went on the congratulate Commissioner Wagner and the Novi High School Cross Country Team on their tremendous accomplishments this year.

Commissioner Staudt asked where they ended up and how he did.

Commissioner Wagner stated that they won their regional and went to the State Meet on Saturday and they finished 9th in Division One. He replied that he was 91st over all.

Commissioner Wingfield - None

Commissioner Burke stated that he would like to congratulate the new Mayor, David Landry, and the new Councilpersons, Capello, Margolis and Mutch. Everyone supported the parks in their campaigns before the election so we "hold their feet to the fire" on that. He would like to push for a joint meeting with City Council as soon as early as the Director might think is feasible, perhaps January.

Commissioner Schwarzlose stated that Novi Theatres is having "The One-Act Festival" on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He wanted to encourage citizens to attend and see some good performances.

Commissioner Staab stated that on December 2nd, 3rd and 4th, the Novi Choralaires will have their Christmas Concert. Holy Family Church and St. James Church are two of the locations. The dates and locations will be published in the Novi News. He also wanted to congratulate the new mayor and councilpersons and is looking forward to working with them.

He wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Commissioner Staudt stated that he believes that we have a very supportive City Council toward parks. He thinks the Commission needs to bring them some big ticket items, not financially necessarily. We have a two year window and there are many things which can be accomplished.

The Park Foundation is going to have a lot to do with that as well as the ability to do the Naming Rights. He believes the Commission Meetings are going to be running later because there are a lot of things to be accomplished. He will also be asking the Committees to do a lot of work.


A motion was made by Commissioner Staab and seconded by Commissioner Enright to adjourn.

Voice Vote Carried Unanimously

The meeting was adjourned at 9:04p.m.





Signed, David Staudt, Chairperson



Signed, Butch Wingfield, Vice Chairperson