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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2005 – 7:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with Commissioner Staudt presiding.

ROLL CALL: Commissioner Burke (Present), Enright (Absent)

Schwarzlose (Present), Staab (Present), Staudt (Present), Wingfield (Present).

ALSO PRESENT: Randy Auler, Director


A motion was made and carried to approve the agenda.




A. Resource Development Committee

1. Novi Parks Foundation Update

Commissioner Staab reported that the first fundraiser will be March 18th, the invitations will be going out soon. The next committee meeting will be held on Thursday, February 17th.


1. Director Report

Director Auler reported that the Department is currently preparing an application for an Emerald Ash Borer Grant offered through the Department of Natural Resources. Last year’s application was successful, but the DNR anticipates less funding this year and more communities applying.

Director Auler also reported that the City of Novi is currently taking bids for work utilizing the $90,000 City Council appropriated for tree and stump removal. Hopefully the issue will be placed on Council’s February 28th meeting agenda for approval, with the work anticipated to begin in March.

Commissioner Staab asked what the City Council meant in their goal setting session by referring to the need to enhance senior transportation services. Director Auler replied that he had not received any direction by Council in this matter and did not attend the goal setting session. He did note that he and Rachel Zagaroli have been reviewing the service and are preparing a report for the budget process.



1. Approval of January 13, 2005 regular meeting minutes.

Commissioner Staab wanted the record to reflect that City Council did not name the Tim Pope Memorial Playstructure. Rather, it was named by the citizens and the committee that constructed that structure.

A motion was made to the accept the January minutes with that correction.


2. Approval of recommendation to the City Council to establish the Parks and Recreation Facility Naming Policy.

3. Approval of recommendation to the City Council to establish the Naming Rights Policy.

4. Approval of recommendation to the City Council to establish the Event and Program Sponsorship Policy.

Commissioner Staudt noted that the Resource Development Plan grew out of the Community Recreation Plan and "recently through our joint meeting with City Council, we were basically charged with having this on their plate by the beginning of March and here we are today. We think we have a good, viable plan in hand and I think we are ready to submit this. It addresses many of the issues and concerns that were brought up at that meeting."

Commissioner Staudt asked the Commission if they were agreeable to combine the discussion for Parks and Recreation Facility Naming Policy, the Naming Rights Policy, and the Event and Program Sponsorship Policy, as he thought they are parts of one big package. He thought it would be more productive to have one discussion rather than discussing each individual policy. He asked Director Auler to give the background on all three policies and then open the Commission discussion.

Director Auler stated that these policies, as well as the background items were included in this month’s packets, titled "Resource Development Plan". These policies were reviewed by the Resource Development Committee and also reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Commission. He stated that "the Resource Development Committee and I did a lot of research of departments all across the country that have similar policies and looked at how they are working in those communities, what are the strengths and weaknesses, and how those types of policies would apply to our situation locally. We then prepared a draft, reviewed that on a Saturday morning for a couple of hours, and made some revisions to that. It was then reviewed by the Executive Committee and prepared for the packets this evening.

Essentially, the Department right now does not have a Park Naming Policy, in terms of how parks are named. As Commissioner Staab mentioned previously, the committee and citizens named the Tim Pope Memorial Playground. Other naming opportunities have been done in different ways, I know that the Wildlife Woods Park was named through a naming contest by children. We don’t have a policy in place that outlines which body is responsible for naming the parks and what are the guidelines for naming the parks. As part of the document, it basically says the process for naming parks and what they could be named for. The process would ultimately rest with approval by the Commission; after it has been advertised in the paper for 30 days, providing an opportunity for the community to provide public input, for the Commission to consider that input prior to a final vote."

Director Auler explained that the policy essentially states that parks can be named after such things as geographic locations or reference points. It also provides an opportunity for people that have given a lot to the park system and how the criteria would apply and the process that one would go through to have a park named in honor of someone. He noted the bottom line is that the approval process would rest with the Commission within the guidelines that were outlined in the policy. The community would have input through the commission meetings and through the public notification in the newspapers. Approval rests with the Commission.

Director Auler explained that the Naming Rights policy addresses the issue of naming fixed assets within the park (i.e. ball field, bench, etc). In exchange for the naming of those types of facilities, there would be an exchange of substantial financial contributions. There is language in the policy draft that addresses the types of company and individuals that we would not accept (i.e. alcohol and tobacco distributors, etc). The Park Foundation would be the body that would negotiate the deals brought forward to the City Council for approval. Decisions would be communicated to the Commission, not voted on by them.

Director Auler explained that the Event and Program Sponsorship Policy is intertwined with the first two issues. The Event and Program Sponsorship Policy is a policy that outlines opportunities which an individual or business may sponsor an event that are a short period of time (i.e. Holiday Parade, International Event, etc). This is a marketing function, which would be a staff driven function. Decisions would be communicated to the Commission, not voted on by them.

Commissioner Burke asked Director Auler a question that stemmed from a discussion at the Saturday meeting. He asked if he had received his email correspondence regarding the Event and Program Sponsorship Policy and the Naming Rights Policy. Commissioner Burke would like the language changed in the policy to add that "those companies whose business is substantially derived from the sale of alcohol would be considered on a case by case basis". He noted that this would allow more options, giving the example of allowing the Post Bar to sponsor a softball team.

Commissioner Staudt noted that the language in the proposed policy actually states that "those companies whose business is substantially derived from the manufacture of beer and alcohol products" and does not include bars and restaurants. Primarily, the policy speaks to Budweiser, for example. He said he feels that "a case by case situation" is a situation he’d like to avoid and noted that it would be a Council action.

Director Auler said he understood both sides of the situation and tried to revise the language to include the manufacturers of alcohol, not the businesses that sell the product. He feels it is best to avoid "a case by case situation".

Commissioner Burke said that the company that we would most likely be dealing with is not the manufacturer, but the distributor of those companies. He felt that the policy should have wording to provide for those companies also.

Commissioner Staab felt that the distributors do a lot of good in communities and feels that language would limit the funding opportunities.

Director Auler said that he felt City Council wants recommendations under a single action item and felt that there would be discussion at that table.

Director Auler said that he didn’t know if Council wanted the policy as one single item or not.

Commissioner Staudt said it would be more than policies submitted to Council, the packet would also include the background information. He thought it would beneficial to combine all three items under one motion.

It was moved to approve the recommendation to the City Council to establish the Parks and Recreation Facility Naming Policy, the Naming Rights Policy, and the Event and Program Sponsorship Policy.

(Burke, Schwarzlose C-UN)

Commissioner Staab stated for the record he would like some discussion on the Foundation Agreement. He stated that this was not a document the Commission had reviewed.

Commissioner Staudt stated that this would be something between the Council and the Foundation, not part of the Commission.

Commissioner Staab said he felt that something should be added regarding Director’s and Officer’s Liability.

Director Auler stated that the Foundation Agreement and the Gift Acceptance Policy drafts are in the packet for informational purposes only. These are examples of what the agreement might look like and need to be worked on in committee.

Commissioner Staab asked that it be given to the Foundation members so they can address it at the next week’s meeting.

Commissioner Staudt stated that these documents should be labeled as samples instead of drafts, as "there is nothing draft about them at this point".

5. Approval of recommendation to the City Council to begin the implementation of the Cooperative Street Tree Replacement Program.

Director Auler noted that staff held two meetings regarding the street tree replacement situation. The first was a meeting in December with representatives from the community’s homeowner associations. What the Department heard at this meeting was that homeowners want their trees replaced soon, they are willing to help fund the program, and they are willing to support the program with the City Council and the Commission to bring the program to fruition.

The Department coupled that information with the information from the joint meeting with City Council, payment from the recent settlement, to the tree fund and the commitment from Catholic Central and drew up a cooperative street tree replacement proposal.

The next meeting was a presentation to the representatives from the community’s homeowner association representatives immediately following the homeowner association leadership breakfast. The proposal was met with unanimous support. The presentation proposed that Council appropriate $200,000 from the tree fund to be available for the fall tree planting program. Citizens would be able to participate in the program for a cost of $150 per tree, select from an approved planting list, and a contractor would plant a 2 ½ inch caliper tree with a two year warranty. Based on the input from the meetings and other feedback, the Department believes this program would accommodate close to 1,100 trees. The second year and thereon, the program would utilize the Catholic Central trees (233 trees per year for 9 years) and $150 per tree from the residents and do that as part of the annual planting process.

Commissioner Staudt asked what the current balance in the tree fund amounts to, Director Auler replied that it fluctuates daily; he stated he believed there is $300,000 - $350,000.

The motion was made to approve the recommendation to the City Council to begin the implementation of the Cooperative Street Tree Replacement Program.

(Staab, Burke C-UN)

6. Approval of recommendation to the City Council to purchase a stump grinder and tree chipper from the tree fund.

Director Auler noted that at the joint meeting with City Council, the Department was given direction to utilize the tree fund monies to help resolve the tree removal and replacement problem. Currently when the Department removes a hazardous tree, the stump remains on the property for several months until there are enough stumps to justify renting a stump grinder to do all the work at once. Citizens are disgruntled and find it difficult to understand that we run a Forestry Department without the piece of equipment that would allow "one stop shopping". The Department has utilized large demo grinders and last year was able to remove 350-400 stumps in a one week time period. The stump grinder and the chipper are eligible to be purchased with the tree fund monies and have no impact on the general fund. The chipper the Department currently uses is twelve years old and in the previous 7-10 days has broken down 3 separate times. The estimate for the chipper is approximately $35,000; with the possibility of a trade in value of $8,000 - $10,000.

Commissioner Burke asked if the model of chipper shown, chips to the specific diameter of chip that is required for the Emerald Ash Borer, Director Auler believed it did but stated he would get back to him.

Commissioner Burke asked how the chips are transported, Director Auler replied that they are put in a covered truck and stored at a central storage location.

Commissioner Burke asked if a truck in good repair would pull the chipper, Director Auler replied yes.

Commissioner Staudt asked if we have adequate staff to man this equipment, Director Auler replied that we hire two seasonal staff for the summer and we currently have two full time, trained professional staff.

Commissioner Staudt asked if the chipper that is currently being repaired is utilized year round, Director Auler replied yes.

Commissioner Staudt asked if the stump grinder is utilized year round, Director Auler replied that yes, depending on the amount of snow and ice.

Commissioner Staudt noted that the stump grinder is a type of equipment that is a high maintenance item. Director Auler said he didn’t know about the costs but would get that information to him. Commissioner Staudt said we should have associated maintenance costs available for Council.

Commissioner Staudt asked where these pieces of equipment would be stored, Director Auler replied that both pieces would be stored at the DPW site.

Commissioner Burke asked if we would keep this equipment after the EAB issue is resolved, Director Auler replied yes.

The motion was made to approval the recommendation to the City Council to purchase a stump grinder and tree chipper from the tree fund.

(Wingfield, Schwarzlose C-UN)

7. Approval of recommendation to the City Council to allocate funds to replace the Lakeshore Park fence adjacent to South Lake Drive and enclosing the beach.

Director Auler pointed out to the Commission that this month’s packet contained color photographs of the existing fence at Lakeshore Park and that the beach area is currently not completely fenced. The beach opens Memorial Day Weekend and he stated that the area needs to be enclosed so there is no unsupervised access to the beach. Currently, people are using the beach area for parking their cars during the ice fishing season. This was presented to the Council without Commission consideration and the discussion at the council table was regarding decorative fencing, pricing, and where the funding would come from.

The Department’s plan is to replace the existing fence, enclose the beach area, and add a gate for emergency personnel access, thus making the area secure. The plan includes replacing the existing fence along the perimeter of the park adjacent to South Lake Drive.

Director Auler pointed out the poor condition of the fence; noting that it is rusted, has many gaps, will most likely be falling down soon, and that it is not aesthetically pleasing nor safe.

Director Auler reminded the Commission that the City made many investments to improve Lakeshore Park last year; this and one other item will complete the improvements at that site.

Director Auler stated that he included pictures of decorative fencing also. He believes decorative fencing would be approximately $45,000.00 and the black vinyl coated chain link fence would be under $3,300.00-$39,000.00. Director Auler asked the Commission’s approval to forward this information to City Council as a separate item from the budget, for the sole reason that the area needs to be secure before the season opens.

The budget is approved in early May, which does not allow time for the bid process or the contractor to be on site and have the work done.

Director Auler explained that the black vinyl coated chain link fence doesn’t rust, is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and blends well with the environment. The decorative fence would last longer, is sturdier, and would stand up well in the winter when the plows bank the snow against it.

Commissioner Wingfield asked what finances might be available from this budget. Director Auler replied that this would have to be an appropriation from Council from the general fund, he is not aware of any other monies available. If Commission recommends this plan, Director Auler will speak to the Finance Director to see what other types of money may be available. If the City Council does not approve this, we will have to figure out something to secure the beach and recommend this as the number one item in the budget request.

Commissioner Wingfield asked if the Council is able to appropriate funding due to safety concerns.

Director Auler noted that with all of the shelters and tents rented on the weekends, the Michigan Mountain Bike Association using the bike paths, the new playground, weekly concerts and other events currently held at Lakeshore Park, the Department is promoting the park as an excellent place for family recreation. Once the park closes and we have no supervision there, that beach is still open without a fence up and that is a concern.

Commissioner Wingfield stated that it is to the Department’s advantage to get this out of the contingency fund to get it done quickly and we wouldn’t have to use funding from next year’s budget.

Commissioner Schwarzlose inquired as to whether the change in the design of the road and the construction there caused the fence to go down originally. Director Auler replied that is was.

Commissioner Burke asked if Director Auler’s recommendation is the decorative fence. He replied that it would depend on the pricing in the bidding process.

Director Auler thought the approach should be to bid using both types of fence and make a determination at that time.

Commissioner Staab commented that he thought this was long overdue and needs to be done. He feels that not only is it a liability hazard, it is an eyesore.

Commissioner Burke asked what would be the height of the black vinyl fence and would the decorative fence be the same height. Director Auler replied that both would be the same and he believed the recommendation was eight feet. He would have to verify the measurements with Deputy Director Lewis who was the staff member who spoke with the contractors.

Commissioner Burke thought it would not be as easy to hop the decorative fence and thought the extra investment would be worth it.

Commissioner Schwarzlose asked what the width is between the posts of the decorative fence. Director Auler replied that he does not recall the measurements, but is sure it is not of the width which would allow a small child to fit through.

Commissioner Staudt stated that at the Council goal setting sessions, Council voiced their opinions that we need to make our parks and properties more attractive. "This is the front of our biggest property and it looks lousy and needs to be fixed". He also thought that a motion should be made on a recommendation for one or the other style and feels that it is the consensus of the Commission that they would like to see the decorative fence.

A motion was made to recommend to the City Council to allocate current fiscal year funds to replace the Lakeshore Park fence adjacent to South Lake Drive and enclosing the beach with the decorative fence.

(Staab, Burke C-UN)

8. Approval of recommendation for the 2005/2006 Capital Improvement Budget Request.

Commissioner Staudt commented that he thought this was an exceptionally late time to accomplish this item, but noted that it needed to be submitted in less than twenty hours.

Director Auler advised that the Capital Improvement Budget is anything that is a fixed asset that is $25,000.00 or greater. There is a separate category for vehicle requests and capital outlay items (any item between $5,000.00 - $25,000). The Capital Improvement program submittal will "have to be revised in light of decisions made at tonight’s meeting".

The staff priorities are:

  1. Fencing around Beach at Lakeshore Park $45,000
  2. ADA improvements $60,000
  3. Acquire software for registration facility reservation, field reservation, and maintenance scheduling $40,000
  4. Irrigate baseball fields at Community Sports Park $32,000
  5. 16’ rotary batwing mower $50,000
  6. Irrigation for Power Park softball and baseball fields $62,000

Director Auler advised that the action the Commission has taken tonight would remove #1 from the submittal. If Council does not approve that, he recommends replacing it as the #1 item.

Irrigation could become a capital outlay item, if the Novi Youth Baseball League commits to funding at Community Sports Park.

Director Auler summarized that the action the Commission has taken tonight coupled with the fact that the Commission wants to have the irrigation as a capital outlay item, we would be submitting four items (providing Council votes to fund the fence, chipper, and the stump grinder).

Commissioner Staab stated that he garnered several things from his discussions with City Council members in the fall regarding ADA compliance. One of things was they felt "that as long as we continue to work at and achieve fair progress, we don’t need to feel compelled to get this all done in the next year or two years or whatever". He recommends reducing the $60,000 and backload it to 06-07 to give us the opportunity to diversify priorities.

Commissioner Staab feels the online registration and CSP irrigation project are both long overdue. He noted that these items all relate to recreation and wondered if there was no need in the arts area or senior citizens.

Director Auler advised that in terms of Capital Improvement, one of the items that would have been included in the request is a sound system for the theatre. The theatre director informed him that she believes that equipment will be donated by a company.

The senior’s needs should be addressed under the category of transportation, enhancing the transportation services. He noted that the operating costs are escalating in that department due to vehicle maintenance and gas prices, the Department just doesn’t have the funding available to provide more service. We currently have two coordinators for senior transportation that alternate weeks, each working 25-30 hours per week, every other week. He explained that he would like them to work more hours per week as fleet maintenance has been added to their workload, as they’re now in charge of overseeing the outsourcing of maintenance.

Commissioner Burke expressed concerns that the items that are being removed are so prominent on the agenda. Director Auler explained that if the fencing was not funded it would become the #1 priority on the Capital Improvement Budget Request. Commissioner Burke stated he was inclined to agree with Commissioner Staab that much more progress would be made if the ADA improvements weren’t being knocked out in one year. He also asked if the irrigation at CSP could be taken off the list, due to the $10,000 commitment from Novi Youth Baseball. The donation would make the irrigation at CSP a $22,000, moving the item to the Capital Outlay list.

Director Auler explained that he would have to meet with Finance Director to see if that is possible.

Commissioner Schwarzlose noted that he is hesitant to change the priority of the ADA improvements because it has been around so long. He would like to see closure on this project.

Commissioner Wingfield thinks irrigation at Community Sports Park is the #1 priority, but if that is moving to another list and the fence is being funded from this year’s budget he would like to reprioritize the list. He feels the software should become the #1 priority, mower #2, and roll back the ADA improvements to $40,000 and make it the #3 priority.

Commissioner Staab asked where the fence between CSP and Eight Mile Road was on the priority list. Commissioner Staudt said he thought that was grouped under the perimeter fencing as #2 in 2010.

Director Auler said that a more cost effective way to address that issue would be to complete the fence around the Tim Pope Memorial Playstructure, because the concern is small children at the playground. Director Auler said he had an idea that maybe the committee could reconvene and do fund raising to complete the project.

Commissioner Staab was on the committee and said the committee didn’t have the money to complete the fence at the time of building. He also noted that at the time of the build there was heavy brush between the structure and the road, which has been cut since.

Commissioner Staudt told the Commission that they are working with a moving target. The number to complete the ADA improvements keeps changing. Now the figure is at $85,000 but a few years ago the number was $500,000. He asked where it all went. If City Council asked if $85,000 was the end, would the Commission be confident in answering yes?

Director Auler answered that he recently spoke to the company that made the assessment and explained what the Department has accomplished, that we are making "reasonable accommodations" on, what items we said we can’t do because they are cost prohibitive and they were "very supportive, in fact very impressed with what we’ve accomplished. We’ve been able to get a lot of this done through other means, reasonable accommodations, and being able to train staff or by repositioning of some of the items within the parks to address some of these issues". He noted that at the time the plan was put together it was estimated by outsourcing everything brand new, with contractors coming in. "We’ve tried to work smarter, get it done in the most cost effective manner and be able to serve all of the population; we are down to the last leg of this. He reminded the Commission that the ADA Laws were passed thirteen years ago.

Commissioner Staudt told the Commission that he is flexible on the ADA improvements, but we need to keep the pressure up. He would like to be really clear regarding the software; and noted that Director Auler spent a lot of time explaining what it would do for the Department. The online registration is not an accounting process, it is a departmental operation issue. He noted that the parks naming rights issue would probably take care of all the items on the whole Capital Improvement Budget. He explained that we will have significant opportunity with the revenue that we will have as a result this policy. The message we should push forward is that we’re trying to do with less, but we need some help.

Commissioner Burke asked if there was any way to get lighting at Rotary Park. Some residents have reported theft from cars in the Riverside Subdivision, with the items being dumped in the parking lot.

Director Auler stated there are two schools of thoughts on lighting parks. The first theory is that lights deter people and the second theory is that lights draw people there after hours. He will speak to Matt Wiktorowski, get his thoughts, and consult the police department.

Commissioner Staudt noted that since the fence at the Tim Pope Memorial Playstructure is a safety issue, it might be addressed more directly. Commissioner Staab agreed that is should be a Capital Outlay item.

It was moved to approve to recommend the 2005/2006 Capital Improvement Budget Request.

(Wingfield, Staab C-UN)


Director Auler stated that there are four items on the Summary of Capital Outlay Form. They include:

  1. Tandem Axle Trailer $5,000
  2. Tandem Axle Trailer $5,000
  3. Replace LSP Shelter Roof $10,000
  4. ZTR mower $9,000
  5. Landscaping $20,000

He noted that two of the trailers we had were red tagged and Council appropriated emergency funds to purchase two replacements. The third has been in for many repairs in the last year and will be taken out of operation. We are utilizing the old fire station #4 for storage and equipment needs to be transported daily.

Commissioner Burke asked how wide the ZTR mower is, Director Auler answered that it is a 6 or 8 foot deck and is a 0 radius.

Commissioner Burke asked if the ZTR mower and the batwing mower would fit on the same trailer, Director Auler answered yes.

Commissioner Staab asked if the group that erected the shelter at Lakeshore Park could replace the roof. Director Auler answered that he has had conversations with that organization and they’ve approached a company about donating the materials if we provide the labor. That organization is a 501(c)4 and the business can’t donate to that organization, but they may be able to donate to the Park Foundation. We would then have volunteers or contract the labor out. He said he hasn’t had time to contact the company to see if they have an interest in that, as he had just from the organization in the last few days.

Commissioner Staab asked when he would be able to look into that, considering the time constraints. Director Auler answered that if the request had to go to corporate for an answer it would not be in time.

Commissioner Staab would like to add $10,000 for the play structure fencing at the Tim Pope Memorial.

Commissioner Staudt asked how much money the Department was allocated in Capital Outlay Budget funds last year. Director Auler answered that he didn’t recall any.

Commissioner Staab noted that we received $88,348 in Capital Improvement funds.

Commissioner Staudt said he’d like the LSP roof replacement item to go away. It goads him that on something that somebody else built, we’re going to ask for $10,000 in general fund money to repair. He commented that the building at CSP could be sold as an opportunity for a builder to get his name on a building; which illustrates why we need a Naming Rights Policy.

Commissioner Wingfield suggested removing #3 LSP roof replacement and make #3 the Playstructure fence, due to liability and safety concerns.

Commissioner Staudt asked why the tree fund couldn’t be used to for the landscaping, Director Auler replied that this item was more shrubs and flowers. Commissioner Staab asked why the Beautification Committee didn’t take this on as a project, Director Auler replied they have expressed an interest in improving park entrances; beginning with CSP. Commissioner Staab asked if this funding should then be budgeted to them, Director Auler replied no.

It was moved to approve to recommend the 2005/2006 Capital Outlay Improvement Budget Request with the change that item #3 is replaced by completion of Tim Pope Memorial Playstructure fencing, with the exception that should it happen that the irrigation item fall off to the Capital Outlay Budget it becomes the #1 priority.

(Staab, C-UN)


Director Auler opened the discussion by stating the Department asked for three vehicles, which is a minimum. He explained that the Finance Department is currently studying purchase versus leasing of new vehicles, with the help of Commissioner Burke. The departments were given the instruction to submit the budget proposals as an outright purchase, which may change at a later date depending on the research. He explained that the Department prioritized three vehicles, adding that he thought the Commission knew how desperately these vehicles are needed. These vehicles are needed to make the Fire station #4 storage operational.

Commissioner Wingfield noted that after the park tour this summer he is in total support of this request and felt no further discussion was necessary, the Commission all added their support.

Commissioner Burke noted that a typical V8 automatic F250, minimally equipped would retail for $30,000, the cost is $27,000. He noted that Ford made an offer to the State of Michigan, a historic government price concession of $7,000 per vehicle for this model year. He also explained that the financing that is being offered, coupled with the discounts, it is a very advantageous time to move on this item and order several. Director Auler said that he would meet with the Finance Department the following day.

It was moved to accept the recommendation of staff to purchase three vehicles with the proviso that should the program change to become advantageous to look at additional vehicles, the item should be readdressed by the Commission.

(Scharzlose, Staab C-UN)


1. Recreation Scholarship Program (participant fees waived) for individuals in need

Director Auler advised the Commission that the Department currently does not have a formal policy in place for those families that are unable to pay the fees associated with programs and the equipment that may be needed to participate in those programs. He noted that the Department has supplied funding in the past, but would like the Commission to start to think of ways to formulate a formal policy. Director Auler noted that there is a tremendous need and may be a process to be addressed by the Parks Foundation.

Commissioners Staudt and Staab advised they would bring this issue up at the

next week’s Foundation Committee Meeting.


Commissioner Staab noted that the night following the meeting the Choralaires would be performing at Meadowbrook Commons for the seniors.

Commissioner Burke added as an afterthought that some of the information he shared regarding Ford fleet prices might also apply to acquiring vehicles for senior transportation.

Commissioner Schwarzlose commended the Department on a well attended Daddy-Daughter Dance.

Commissioner Wingfield commended the Department on a great 5th -6th grade girl’s volleyball season. The season ended with a first ever, end of season tournament with the season’s last place team winning the tournament. He commented that he hoped the Department would continue doing similar things, as it really added to the program.

Director Auler wanted to get on the record that flyers are going out regarding a four week high school basketball league the Department is offering as a trial run.

Commissioner Staudt noted that there was a lot of discussion in the Council’s goal setting session regarding the Fuerst Farm and asked what the Department’s responsibility is toward that facility.

Director Auler replied that it is under the Department’s maintenance operation right now. The school district uses one barn for storage, the Department uses the other for storage. There is a tremendous amount of work needed for the facilities located there, with no plan to develop it. He stated that whether it can be used as a farmer’s market is something that will be looked at, but he feels anytime you have a farmer’s market you have to look at the support facilities and he is not sure we have those facilities.

Commissioner Staudt asked if that is something that starts her. Director Auler replied that the discussion may be best started at the Historical Commission level, although he noted their focus has been the Township Hall in the last few years.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:46 p.m.




Signed, Marie Enright, Chairperson


Signed, David Staudt, Vice Chairperson