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THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2003 – 7:30PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM with Commissioner Paul presiding.

ROLL CALL: Commissioner Enright (Absent), Kerbrat (Absent),

Kopeika (Present), Paul (Present), Place (Absent)

Staab (Present), Staudt (Present)

ALSO PRESENT: Jack Lewis, Deputy Director of Parks, Recreation and


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Agenda was approved as written.


1. Strategic Planning Committee

Commissioner Staudt stated that the full committee met the previous week and discussed many details. They received a preliminary draft of the plan, and he now feels they have a much more comprehensive, complete draft. He strongly feels that significant progress is being made and encourages the committee to stay ahead of schedule to complete it as soon as possible. The next meeting is April 29, 2003, the committee would like any input by then. Mr. Lewis said the Parks, Recreation and Forestry staff and Clay Pearson have also reviewed the document.

2. Park Development Committee

Commissioner Paul advised that the Novi City Council approved the "move ahead for the implementation of the Community Sports Park upgrades for $124,000.00". The RFP was sent out and proposals were received from several engineering firms and those are in the process of being reviewed now. The next meeting is April 16, 2003 to create a short list, with interviews to be held April 23, 2003. The committee will be prepared to make a recommendation to the Commission at their May meeting and to City Council at the following meeting. Ground breaking should occur at the beginning of August.

He also reported that the Novi Youth Baseball luncheon went well. Mr. Croad and Director Auler did a nice job and the Novi News wrote an article on the luncheon. Commissioner Staab confirmed that the committee had no intention to move the Tim Pope Memorial Playstructure.

3. Resource Development Committee

Commissioner Staudt advised that they have deferred meeting, as they are currently in a fact-gathering phase. He stated that some questions have arisen regarding the formation and potential structure of the committee, and some ethics questions relative to commissioners participating on a foundation. Commissioner Staudt said it would probably be 4-6 months before the committee could actively solicit funds. The timing depends on the structure of the foundation and the ethics feedback from the City Attorney.



Deputy Director Lewis stated that Director Auler has been actively working on the Five Year Master Plan for the last six weeks. He hopes to receive feedback from the Commission and to complete the final draft soon. Mr. Lewis mentioned that all soccer games have been cancelled, due to inclement weather and added that they felt it was important to open the concession stands. The Department conducted the annual meeting with the Novi Community School District, regarding field usage. We will not be able to use some of the school fields this year, due to construction. They worked out an agreement that all three high school baseball teams will play at Power Park this season. He also reported that the Easter event time had to be changed for this Saturday, it will now take place 3:30 – 5:30, April 12th. It was also noted how busy the Forestry Department has been with the clean up from the recent ice storms.

Commissioner Paul noted that the surrounding cities have also cancelled their soccer games, due to weather.




1. High School Volunteer Project - This project is on target. Commissioner Paul asked that they report to the Commission when their project is complete.

2. Concession Stand Operations - The concession stands will be run by the Department as usual, with some more controls on inventory.

3. Tree Ordinance - Steve Printz is currently working on this and will report at the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission’s June meeting.

4. Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission Organizational Rules - Director Auler will report at the next meeting.

5. Novi Community School District Liaison - Bob Steeh will take on that responsibility, providing he does not have to attend every Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission meeting.

6. Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission recommendation to the Novi City Council to accept a land donation of 16 acres for park purposes - Deputy Director Lewis stated that the Novi City Council will consider that the acreage at their April 21st meeting.

Deputy Director Lewis wanted to clarify a misconception that was brought up at a previous Novi City Council meeting. Kim Wagner stated (in the audience participation section of the meeting) that several Eagle Scouts were denied work when they wanted to volunteer their time. Mr. Lewis thought that he had cleared up the situation last fall. He spoke with Ms. Wagner on behalf of the Department after the meeting, to clarify what had actually happened. He has also spoke with several Scout Masters and feels the situation is now resolved.


  • Commissioner Staudt would like to add the "Email usage item" and the "foundation ethics item" added to next month’s Tracking Table.
  • Commissioner Kopeika asked that we add a column to the Tracking Table, to determine who should report on each issue.
  • He also asked that the commission members look very carefully at the Five Year Master Plan and forward any areas that are unclear or topics that were not covered.
  • Commissioner Staab agreed with Commissioner Kopeika regarding the Master Plan. He passed out flyers announcing the Novi Choralaires concert on May 10th at Novi High School.

Commissioner Paul asked that we also add a column to the Tracking Table to include a projected completion date.

ADDED DISCUSSION: Commissioner Staab noted that in Linda Wickert’s monthly report, he senses some frustration with the Novi City Council and the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission. He stated that in the past the Commission members received "comp tickets" to the productions, although he wasn’t sure if they were utilized. Also, he mentioned that he brought a church group last year to the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.

He also noted that one of the weekends of the performance of Annie, is the same weekend as the Choralaires concert. Commissioner Staab thought there should be "more correlation of dates". He feels that the Theatre group is an excellent program.

Commissioner Paul stated that his children have participated in the Novi Theatres and agrees that it is an excellent program. He wanted to offer any support that Ms. Wickert needs in her program and stated that he would like to see Ms. Wickert at a Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission meeting to advise what type of support she’s looking for.

Commissioner Kopeika asked what Ms. Wickert considers a good attendance, he was under the impression that the performances were always sellouts. He would like to see her give a history of the program at a future meeting.

Commissioner Staudt stated that he felt the Commission does support the Theatre, he added that he has printed the program covers for four years as a donation to the Theatre. He thought that the type of support Ms. Wickert is asking for is in the form of attendance. Commissioner Staudt has attended two performances, all of which he could have had "comp tickets" to, but purchased tickets to show his support of the Theatre. He also has submitted an offer to the editor of his subdivision’s newsletter to include a monthly article on the activities of the Commission, which could include Theatre updates.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 PM.