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Special City Council Meeting

 Saturday | January 7, 2012 | 10 A.M.

Fire Station #4 | 49375 W. Ten Mile Road

(248) 735-5645


10 a.m.  Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Start and Welcome Mayor Gatt
Roll call:  Mayor Gatt, Mayor Pro Tem Staudt, Council Members Casey, Fischer, Margolis, Mutch, and Wrobel  
10:10 a.m.  Today’s Agenda for Early Budget Input Clay Pearson

1. Process Review

a. Today’s Work

b. Background information: August 31, 2011 Management Staff Retreat’s Brainstormed Ideas; Preliminary CIP Summary; Mid-year Fiscal Analysis updated with new taxable value

  2. Initial Thoughts – Roundtable Discussion Mayor Gatt
  3. Confirm Major Strategic Theme Categories – Mayor Gatt

Roundtable Discussion

a. City Council to discuss any additional themes to be added or changed; Current Strategic Themes include:

  • Ensure public safety services meet the needs of the community (Police, Fire, Public Services)
  • Improve Infrastructure (Roads, Water and Sewer)
  • Encourage economic development to maximize City revenue and job growth
  • Develop government structure and staff skills for effective delivery of customer services and communication with community
  • Be a community that values natural areas and natural features
  • Maintain a fiscally responsible government
  • Enhance park, recreation and cultural services
  b. City Council to brainstorm service improvements for each of the broad Strategic Themes (outlined above – using Meeting Works technology)using break-out of short-term (next 18 months) and long-term (18 months plus and on-going)  All
  c. City Council to explain, clarify, etc. ambiguities or questions regarding list of service improvements (to correct as suggested using Meeting Works technology before prioritize voting)  All
  d. City Council to prioritize within each of the Strategic Themes  of service improvements (using Meeting Works technology)



4. Review Results

a. Review results of ranking by Council in each of the service improvements in each of the Strategic Themes

  b. Next Steps and Final Wrap-Up Mayor Gatt
Clay Pearson

AUDIENCE COMMENTS – In order to hear all citizen comments at a reasonable hour, the City Council requests that speakers respect the three-minute time limit for individual comments and the five-minute time limit for an individual speaking on behalf of a group.

Adjourn (target by 3 p.m.)

Note: Lunch will be provided