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          MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2012 AT 7:00 P.M.


Mayor Gatt called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


ROLL CALL: Mayor Gatt, Mayor Pro Tem Staudt, Council Members Casey, Fischer, Margolis, Mutch, Wrobel

ALSO PRESENT: Clay Pearson, City Manager

Victor Cardenas, Assistant City Manager

Tom Schultz, City Attorney


CM-12-10-174 Moved by Fischer, seconded by Casey; CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY:

To approve the Agenda as presented.

Roll call vote on CM-12-10-174 Yeas: Staudt, Casey, Fischer, Margolis,

Mutch, Wrobel, Gatt

Nays: None


1. Alexander Fera wants to be appointed to the ZBA, Board of Review, or Beautification Commission. He would like to become more involved in the community and to learn how City government runs. He currently owns his own business and wanted to devote some time back to the Community. He has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2010. He believed his skills would be an asset to any board. Member Margolis asked what is the most important skill or experience he would bring. Mr. Fera said an important skill would be able to look at opinions that are brought to the Board and having to make the decision on assessing people’s property. Member Fischer asked what makes him most qualified. Mr. Fera said having his Eagle Scout helps with a moral background. Member Mutch mentioned that there is a time commitment and asked if he anticipated being able to meet that commitment. Mr. Fera said that with his own business, he can set his own hours. Mayor Pro Tem Staudt asked if he had an opportunity to sit and the watch Board of Review meeting and what he thought was the biggest challenge for a Board member. Mr. Fera said there were none available to view. Member Wrobel noted he would meet a lot of unhappy people coming in. He asked how he would make them feel they got a fair hearing. He would explain based on the rules we have to go by, this is what we have to do. Member Casey asked what interested him in Board of Review. Mr. Fera was looking for a way to be more involved in the community.

2. James Staschke has been a resident for 26 years. He wanted to serve as he’s been involved in the mortgage industry for many years and now insurance. He wants to give back to community. Mr. Fischer asked what in his background makes him qualified. Mr. Staschke said it is being able to analyze the data. Member Mutch asked if he would be able to make the time commitment? Mr. Staschke said he had no problem. Mayor Pro Tem asked if he had the opportunity to be involved in the Board of Review. Mr. Staschke said he has been on the other side. Mayor Pro Tem Staudt asked how it went for him. Mr. Staschke said it was disappointing. He thought he had put together all the data he needed to. It didn’t go his way, as he wasn’t able to attend in person. Member Wrobel asked how would you deal with an irate business owner coming forward at a hearing. Mr. Staschke said that he would treat them with respect in any situation. He feels he would have to explain his position whether the news is good or bad. Member Margolis asked if he would comment on his specific experience with appraisals. Mr. Staschke said he analyzed the data. He used comparable homes sales. This position would look at comparable sales to analyze appeals.

3. Beverly Valente has lived in the City of Novi for 24 years. She recently retired from the City of Novi as Assistant Treasurer. She wished to stay involved in the community where she lives and worked. She would be an ideal candidate with her experience in the Treasurer’s Office and working with Mr. Lemmon, City Assessor. Member Mutch asked if she had any issues with the time commitment. Ms. Valente said it was no problem for her. Mayor Pro Tem Staudt said she could do everything they were looking for. Member Wrobel said they are glad to have her on the Board of Review. Member Casey said it was a tribute that she spent her career at the City and was continuing her service with a position on the Board of Review. Member Margolis asked what was the most important skill in her background. Ms. Valente said, as in her previous position, it is to listen, to empathize and to respect their opinion, and to be fair. Member Fischer asked what experience from her background would make her most qualified for a position on the Board of Review. Ms. Valente said she has made changes for the Board of Review and sent out the billings and notifications over the years but thought she had learned a lot from her experience working with Mr. Lemmon, City Assessor. They have worked well together on property tax issues over the last 13 years. She felt there would be a lot to learn as a member on the Board. She thought her experience of working with property values, customer service, and knowledge of the community will help her as a member. Mayor Gatt said he has had the privilege of working with her at the City and he has nothing but the highest respect for her.


1. Community Development Block Grant for Program Year 2013 – Public hearing opened at 7:15 p.m. No audience comment, closed at 7:16 p.m.


1. Great Lakes State Fair Presentation – Blair Bowman said the resurrecting of the State Fair at the Showplace was possible with the cooperation and support from the City. They were able to put on a very respectful and positive State Fair program. It was well attended. The programing was excellent. There were enough monies left over to give back to the City of Novi. The representative from the Agricultural Fair Board said they worked with Mr. Bowman to make the Great Lakes State Fair happen. There were over 55,000 people who attended. They were pleased to bring back this Michigan tradition in Novi. He is the third generation who has been involved in the State Fair. On behalf of the Great Lakes State Fair he thanked Mayor Gatt for the opportunity to bring back the State Fair. The representative from the Detroit Shriners said they were thrilled to be involved with the restoration and renaissance of the State Fair. They appreciated Novi hosting the facility. They are looking forward to continuing this arrangement. Mr. Bowman said Arnold Amusements helped support the donated effort and sent their regards too. Mr. Bowman presented a certificate to show their appreciation and a donation of $5,000 on behalf of all the organizations that helped make it a success. Mayor Gatt said it was a privilege to accept the certificate and checks. Michigan deserves a State Fair and why not have it in the great City of Novi.


1. MANAGER/STAFF - City Manager Pearson noted City Clerk Cornelius and her team are working tirelessly for the election. The volume and the complexity of the election are overwhelming. He sees them at work and noted the service that they are giving to residents. He encouraged anyone that is interested in getting an absentee ballot to not wait until the last minute. Mayor Gatt said on behalf of all his colleagues, they believe they have the best City Clerk in the State of Michigan.

2. ATTORNEY - None



CM-12-10-175 Moved by Wrobel, seconded by Mutch; CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY:

To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

  1. Approve Minutes of:
    October 8, 2012 – Regular meeting
  2. Approval of Claims and Accounts – Warrant No. 878

  3. Approval to award the 2012 Fall Tree Planting Contract to R.C. Tuttle Refinishing Co, the low bidder, in the amount of $30,175.

  4. Approval of Final Payment to CEI Group, LLC, for the Civic Center Roof Replacement project, in the amount of $22,465.

  5. Approval of Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment 18.263, to amend the City of Novi Zoning Ordinance at Article 25, General Provisions, Section 2505, Off-Street Parking Requirements; in order to provide standards for the location and design of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations and spaces in all parking areas. Second Reading

  6. Approval to purchase new office furniture for guest support locations within the Civic Center from ISCG Inc., in the amount of $49,630.35 based on the State of Michigan MiDeal cooperative purchasing program.

  7. Approval of the 2013 Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) Municipal Credit Fund Contract and Resolution for the Older Adult Transportation Program in the amount of $54,454.

  8. Approval of Cooperative Mutual Aid and Fire Contract Agreement between the Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Forest, Mineral and Fire Management and the City of Novi.

Roll call vote on CM-12-10-175 Yeas: Casey, Fischer, Margolis, Mutch, Wrobel, Gatt, Staudt

Nays: None


1. Approval to award the Pumper/Rescue Apparatus and option Loose Equipment bid to HME Ahrens-Fox in the amount of $519,432.05 subject to final review and approval as to contract form by the City Manager and City Attorney.

City Manager Pearson said the action item is a large amount for the replacement of a pumper truck that is dated and needs to be cycled out. The lead-time for this is significant. The source of funds is from the police and fire millage. It is a part of the long-term equipment replacement fund. It is under the budgeted amount.

Member Mutch confirmed that the company they bought the equipment from was Michigan based. He said it was great that it is a Michigan based company.

CM-12-10-176 Moved by Mutch, seconded by Staudt; CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY:

To award the Pumper/Rescue Apparatus and option Loose Equipment bid to HME Ahrens-Fox in the amount of $519,432.05 subject to final review and approval as to contract form by the City Manager and City Attorney.

Roll call vote on CM-12-10-176 Yeas: Fischer, Margolis, Mutch, Wrobel, Gatt, Staudt, Casey

Nays: None


COMMITTEE REPORTS - Member Mutch reported that the Walkable Novi Committee reviewed and recommended the approval of the Prioritization Plan for Sidewalks and Pathways and will be forwarded to the appropriate bodies. Also, Staff and Committee members will be meeting with representatives from the City of Northville, Northville Township, Northville Parks and Recreation, and Department of Natural Resources to talk about ways they can work together to link pathways between the various communities and to Maybury State Park. There are several initiatives moving forward to accomplish that.



ADJOURNMENT There being no further business to come before Council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

________________________________ __________________________________

Robert J. Gatt, Mayor                      Maryanne Cornelius, City Clerk

________________________________ Date approved: November 13, 2012

Transcribed by Jane Keller