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Special City Council Meeting

 Saturday | January 8, 2011 |  10 A.M.

Fire Station #4 | 49375 W. Ten Mile Road

(248) 347-0445


10 a.m.  Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Start and Welcome Mayor Landry
10:10 a.m.  Today’s Agenda Clay Pearson

1. Process Review

a. Update on 2010/11 Strategic Themes and Goals
b. Update on September 8, 2010 Management Staff Retreat and brainstormed ideas

  2. Initial Thoughts – Roundtable Discussion Mayor Landry

3. General Fund Fund Balance: The City of Novi should maintain policy of 14% - 18% of expenditures as undesignated fund.

a) Yes

i. If majority yes, then new question: The City of Novi should use funds in excess of 18% for:

  • budget stabilization for any forecast gap in fund balance below 14% in FY 2012/13 and beyond?

  • capital infrastructure improvements (roads, pathways, parks),

  • one-time payment towards future pension/OPEB obligations, etc.

  • FY 2011/12 City service provision/enhancements

b) No

ii. If majority no, then new question: The City of Novi should amend its policy to target General Fund fund balance between xx% and xx% of expenditures as undesignated fund.

  • Yes

  • No

  4. Longer-term financing structure: Should the City of Novi change how the City takes in the same amount of revenue? In other words, should the City take in revenue from an Administrative fee and simultaneously lower the overall property tax millage rates by a commensurate amount?? Such a change would off-set the costs for assessing/treasury services and use a portion of such proceeds to set-up a long-term reduction of the City’s pension and retirement obligations. No increase in costs to taxpayers from remaining with past practice of wholly property taxes. If so, when?  
  5. Confirm Major Strategic Theme Categories –

Roundtable Discussion

a. City Council to discuss any additional themes to be added or changed; Current Strategic Themes include:

  • Ensure public safety services meet the needs of the community (Police, Fire, Public Services)
  • Improve Infrastructure (Roads, Water and Sewer)
  • Encourage economic development to maximize City revenue and job growth
  • Develop government structure and staff skills for effective delivery of customer services and communication with community
  • Be a community that values natural areas and natural features
  • Maintain a fiscally responsible government
  • Enhance park, recreation and cultural services

Mayor Landry

  b. City Council to brainstorm service improvements for each of the broad Strategic Themes (outlined above – using Meeting Work technology)
  c. City Council to explain, clarify, etc. ambiguities or questions regarding list of service improvements (Consultant to correct as suggested using Meeting Works technology)
  d. City Council to prioritize within each of the Strategic Themes of service improvements (using Meeting Works technology) All
  6. Review Results

a. Review results of ranking by Council in each of the service improvements in each of the Strategic Themes

  b. Next Steps and Final Wrap-Up Mayor Landry
Clay Pearson

AUDIENCE COMMENTS – In order to hear all citizen comments at a reasonable hour, the City Council requests that speakers respect the three-minute time limit for individual comments and the five-minute time limit for an individual speaking on behalf of a group.

Adjourn (target by 4 p.m.)

Note: Lunch will be provided