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SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2002 AT 9:00 A.M.

Mayor Clark called the meeting to order at 9:13 A.M.


ROLL CALL: Mayor Clark, Mayor Pro Tem Bononi, Council Members Capello, Csordas, DeRoche, Landry, Lorenzo-absent/excused


CM-02-01-004 Moved by Bononi, seconded by Csordas; CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY:

To approve the agenda as presented.

Vote on CM-02-01-004 Yeas: Clark, Bononi, Capello, Csordas, DeRoche, Landry

Nays: None

Absent: Lorenzo



1. Early input budget work session - 2002-2003 Budget

City Manager Helwig said this is the most important policy document Council would adopt this year. The budget year begins July 1, 2002. Any early input from Council is very valuable and staff would listen and record their comments. This is not a decision-making session nor is it for interacting with directors. The final document will be delivered by March 31, 2002 and adopted, according to Charter, by the 3rd Monday in May. Mr. Helwig had prepared 8 questions to help facilitate input and asked for input from Council members if there are any other categories. Member Lorenzo was unable to attend due to a prior commitment but her comments were given to the Clerk and would be recorded today. A written summary of the input would be provided to Council. The budget would be developed using a storyboard technique in the Clerkís conference room and Council was welcome to stop by.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi asked about the time limitation for today. Mr. Helwig stated no longer than 3 hours and sometimes might take 1 to 1-1/2 hours.


Member DeRoche wanted to avoid increasing the millage rate, increase spending for Parks and Recreation, complete goals of 2000, and pledge money to complete the Sandstone settlement, if necessary, by finding $250,000 in this budget.

Member Landry noted his understanding was that the Sandstone judgment had limited the ability to budget so he would like to see, if we are able to settle it prior to the time the budget is put together, some concrete goals achieved. Also, he would like the City Council to come to a consensus on where they are going with the ice arena and whether they are pleased or not. He would like to come up with a budget so the citizens would know whether we are on target or not but letís resolve the question as much as possible within the budget of the ice arena.

Also, he wanted to know what the priorities are for maintaining the roads and how to implement the PASER system with respect to maintaining the roads.

Member Capello would like to see an increase in City services. He wanted to prepare for a downturn in the economy. Also, wanted to see more than just maintenance of the roads and road improvements of the existing roads such as 10 Mile, Beck and Novi road needed to be widened. We need to take into account what is going on in the surrounding communities and see what their plans are and plan ahead. He agreed with Member Landry regarding the ice arena and went hand in hand with a future agenda item of extending the existing contract with Mr. Anastos and work on selling signage rights. Look at the overall financial condition of the Ice Arena and get involved with the hockey association and building authority for the purposes of obtaining their input. Review ordinances in residential and commercial areas and give developers incentives to get things done the City wants done, such as open space, parks, road improvements, etc. He would also like to see parks and recreation obtain funding this year.

Member Csordas said he expected the budget document to be even more improved this year and regarding roads, if possible, he would like to set money aside to create a proactive fund to maintain and improve roads.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi said the settlement of Sandstone is a primary concern and the ice arena issue as well. She categorized her main concerns, as City needs versus wants and under that quality of service. We need to look at how we evaluate current and long term capital expenditures and monitor effectiveness of choices and how needs are prioritized. She had great concerns, regarding the material provided before the meeting, that residents seemed to be coming in last with regard to capital improvements. Her next concern was how to fairly allocate resources that we have and by resources she included almost everything; how we will serve residents and businesses. She had a very real concern about how as a Council we will serve one of our most important resources and that is the capital of employees in this building. She wanted to do the best job with the fewest dollars and keep the promises that have been made to all. She was concerned that we have a resource of highly regarded technology in this building and that we are using it to its full extent in regard to e-business and communication. Also, that the Master Plan of development should have a new term/phrase added to it which is a Master Plan of development with a growth management plan to address the growing pains we have in Novi and how they affect the quality of life for all of us.

Mayor Clark would like increased and better communication with the community as a whole. Noted that the rate at which they are assessed has not changed for a long time and explain this to the residents so they understand increased services will need an increase in millage. An explanation of things to residents needed to be an important focus of this budget process. If we use the newsletter or any other vehicle, we will be farther ahead. He joined in the concern about road improvements and thought they were well on their way but would like to see more as far as local roads as soon as weather breaks. Vigorously pursue grant funding to complete 13 miles of unpaved roads in the City namely Delmont and Dinser. He shared the concerns relative to the ice arena and said we canít forever fund a loss leader and we need to find a way to eliminate the deficit so that on an annual basis, it pays for itself. If we werenít funding this deficit every year, we could use those funds to fund other needs. Also, would like to see increased park funding but didnít know to get it out of this budget. He suggested aggressively looking for grant funding or private/City partnerships and would like for the new Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry to do that and make our parks a showpiece in the

metropolitan area. Agreed with Mayor Pro Tem Bononi about the wise and best use of our employee capital, as they are our most important assets. If we have all the newest technology, if you donít have the staff needed or the opportunity to develop that staff, we are missing the boat and the rest is going to be meaningless. Also, agreed with the idea of the Master Plan taking the view that this is also a growth development plan so we can take a broader and longer-range view of development in this community.

Mr. Helwig read Member Lorenzoís comments, "given financial constraints, continue austerity approach identifying and prioritizing needs versus wants."


Mr. Helwig chronicled the community condition of public safety and that was an important part of last yearís budget. Then, after the community conditions statement, they would seek to identify major areas in that category and the category would close out with resource allocation for the Council to make. The five categories are Public Safety, Roads, City Services, Parks, Recreation and Forestry and Economic Development. He asked for suggestions, modifications and expectations as to how administration should organize their work? The goal is not to organize by department but try to facilitate the policy approach to community input. Examples, focus could be on growth management development or the ice arena.

Member DeRoche appreciated high-level categorizations and keeping broad goals in mind. Agreed with Mayor Clark about increased communications. If a category were added for the Sandstone settlement for this budget, it would answer a lot of question he received on the street as to what it costs. That could be done by moving some of the elements of the Sandstone settlement, if it goes through, out of judgment trust and use that money for this discussion.

Member Landry echoed Member DeRocheís comments on Sandstone and noted if it didnít get settled, there would need to be contingencies within the budget for appeals and to continue the ground work laid with respect to the judgment trust fund, etc. He thought Mayor Pro Tem Bononiís suggestion of a growth management plan was excellent. It is going to be the one legacy this Council would leave. He asked what was being done with all the studies that had been done and are they being implemented, if not, why?

Member Capello agreed the 5 categories suggested were good. He felt it was a good idea from Mr. Paul to try to get the business community to help develop parks and recreation or some of our parks programs. Growth management is a great idea and if we look at how much vacant land is left in the City, there isnít much new growth left. The Industrial, Tech and OST Districts up north are pretty much planned out. We need to think about amending some of the ordinances for in-fill situations and specifically mentioned the Farmer Jack shopping center. There have been a couple of developers who have wanted to re-develop that center but to try to bring that center as an in-fill under our current ordinances it made it financially infeasible. We need to address how to address projects coming in as in-fill as well as new developments and raw land. He was hoping that economic development is a very broad and general category because a lot of things talked about fit under that and as we go through this process and increase sub-categories, we will fit everything into any of those.



Member Csordas thought the priorities should be from first to last public safety, roads, City services, economic development to maintain our status as 6th lowest tax rated community in Oakland County, and parks and recreation. These are all his goals. He wanted to protect the Cityís financial interest in the Main Street project. He asked for a clear understanding of our

financial obligation there and anything we have committed the City to and on any other projects that the management company or owner might have in the City to protect the interest of the taxpayers. He suggested a committee to communicate with that group. We need to form a concrete situation to watch that project.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi wanted to see: 1) Roads expanded to include the larger meaning of infrastructure and the extension of water and sanitary services should be included. 2) Quality of life issue added to this list and/or have the environment added. A lot of other things included on this list would be driven by what we determine quality of life improvements should be. 3) Very important is the human capital in this building because we owe the people who serve us and our residents and our businesses a highly defined professional development program and the resources the people need to get the job done.

Mayor Clark agreed with the categories as set forth. Thought they should consider adding Sandstone but it might not be an issue by budget time. The idea of a growth management plan is important and also communication of all their concerns to the community as best we can. The audit presentation done by Plante & Moran might be an excellent vehicle to attach to the next neighborhood quarterly newsletter to be distributed to the community. The charts included were a great visual tool to show where tax dollars are being spent and why and could assist with a specific focus from those in the community.

Mr. Helwig stated Member Lorenzoís thoughts on categories. Under roads, she noted neighborhood with emphasis on continuing priorities as listed, and budget for State mandates and court decisions.

Member DeRoche commented from a budgetary standpoint, he believed that economic development and growth management were two different discussions in a lot of ways but from a purely budgetary standpoint, he would prefer the two of them together when talking dollars. Mayor Pro Tem Bononi agreed that would assist coming up with our own definition of sustainability for our community and that is our ability to support what we approve. Also, she wanted to add regarding the quality of life, environmental aspect and the reason she included the environmental is, with this year, with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention initiative, it is a budgetary demand. Next year we would be preparing for Phase II of NPDES that would also have a budget impact.

#3 Multi-year CIP

Mr. Helwig asked if this was a major Council expectation and is it something that Council, through their committee and their staff, should prioritize in the next two and a half months.

Member Capello noted this was a function of the Planning Commission to develop a capital improvement program and suggested they look at their program and then determine how to budget it.



Member Csordas noted Member Capello was correct. He and Mr. Helwig had talked about this a couple of times and his concern was, as he was on the committee, there is a lot of work on this committee and the meetings were held, the priorities placed and people put a lot of time into it and he didnít think it ever went to Council. Since itís mandated and seemed like a great planning document, he suggested beginning those meetings again with Mr. Helwigís help. To accomplish this took about 5 meetings, and department heads met with those from the

Planning Commission and advised members of the commission on their priorities. We need to focus on that committee and have it be a real document viable to the budget process.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi noted the CIP had been a great concern to her since she was a planning commissioner. The system that seemed to be in place internally was to not address that. The public act says the Planning Commission will not only have the responsibility for the CIP but they would also align it with the Master Plan for development. These two together are an incredibly powerful tool so if we subvert that tool, then it simply would not happen and the CIP would become development driven. From the standpoint of reiterating and providing an initiative to the Planning Commission to undertake that responsibility is the first step. Second, Council could ask the Planning Commission to review Councilís list of wants and needs during the process of developing the CIP.

Member Landry said if the question is "does the City Council seek to make CIP initiative a major component of the budget process," his answer is yes.

Member DeRoche noted Council had always discussed Capital Improvements but he didnít recall ever having any input brought back by the Planning Commission. It should be a priority but hasnít been a part of any budget document he had seen and possibly because there wasnít any money. The focus had been on public safety, fire and EMS, etc. and never on Capital improvements. This structure needed to be put in place for this year and others even if the money wasnít there.

Mayor Clark responded the CIP is needed and historically has been in the bailiwick of the Planning Commission but the CIP must be aligned with the Master Plan. The Council gets the ability to control the destiny by being proactive rather than letting events control us. We should not let this opportunity slip by to get this under way.

Mr. Helwig read Member Lorenzo comments, which were that "the CIP should address and reflect Council priorities."

4. Resurfacing

Member Capello noted the Pavement Management System is a good system and priorities should be developed according to the report.

Member Csordas agreed.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi spoke regarding the Department of Public Service project inventory sheet and was concerned about the progress made or not made. In regard to resurfacing priorities, she wanted to address any emergency situations that would sacrifice the safety of residents or people traveling through Novi. Until these remaining projects were complete she was not looking to do anything new. She was disappointed that those projects that would have

benefited the residents, businesses and quality of life seem to have taken a back seat to developer driven improvements and/or sidewalks. She thought they needed dates projected and regular communication reports of their status. This list of 2000 Road Bond projects is a great disappointment and if we are making promises to our citizens for agreeing to vote for a road bond improvement, then we have to do a much better job. She would not agree to set a plan to do anything else when we have not done our job.

Member Landry asked if we had the data from the PASER systems on all the roads in the City. Mr. Helwig said yes. Then we could come up with priorities. His priorities would be that any priorities set for road resurfacing should absolutely include all types of roads in the City. Any goal should include neighborhood roads and major roads.

Member DeRoche agreed the PASER system should be used and we should try to base our decisions on subjectivity. He agreed there are things other than PASER, such as emergency traffic, that come into the decision making process. Council needs an administrative list so they know where projects are and the status of a project so they could tweak the priorities if they disagreed with administration and they would have answers when residents bring their concerns to them.

Mayor Clark agreed with all the previous comments. The PASER will assist the community in knowing what the status of a road is, how it will impact the residents and how many years remain prior to repair. This takes the subjectivity out of it.

Member Csordas suggested that when the road list is prioritized, it should be posted on the web site.

Mr. Helwig read Member Lorenzoís comment: "generally, resurfacing priorities should be in accordance with PASER evaluation results and available finances. Also, Delmont/Dinser depending on finances and perhaps cost sharing."

5. Community Infrastructure

Member DeRoche could not imagine budgeting for large infrastructure needs out of the General Fund and thought nothing should be added.

Member Landry agreed and thought this could be included in any consideration given to growth and development plans.

Member Capello thought they needed to begin to prepare a study to become self-sufficient for our water supply and water treatment facilities so as not to rely on DWSD. He mentioned, perhaps, a City well. With north and south communities, we should have emergency water supply system whereby we could temporarily open a valve and be able to get water. The supply is available for a water contingency system; we just need to investigate costs. Also,

roads need to be paved. We need to look at paving Napier between 9 and 10 because of the park and study the widening of Beck Road. He wanted to find out what it would cost to improve all of the 10 Mile Road intersections if not Ten Mile is not widened.

Member Csordas said there was one project that Mr. Nowicki and the CIP meetings at least four years ago had been talking about and he wanted the City to continue to focus on the

second water feed from north of I-96 to south of I-96. He believed there are two feeds projected from north to south.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi wanted to assess what is to be done with the 13 miles of unimproved dirt roads and is there resident interest. Second, reiteration of the intersection improvements, particularly the Ten Mile intersections: Meadowbrook/Ten Mile, Beck/Ten Mile and Ten Mile/Cranbrooke which are all on the 2000 roadway bond program and need to be addressed. Also, 14 Mile, Nine Mile, Eight Mile at Beck and 14 Mile at Welch and none of these are

Complete, so that is that is a big concern of hers because they would improve traffic flow and quality of life. She would also look for a positive direction, cash flow wise, with regard to a look into, by Council, of the Storm Water Master Plan from the perspective of are we really going that way in the future, considering that it addresses water volumes but not water quality issues. Looking at expenditures or allocations, with regard to anything but on-site detentions, other than emergency situations, could be a positive cash flow generator. Also, thought detention basins we have now should be looked at, since most of them have had little or no maintenance. Regarding Meadowbrook Lake funds being accumulated, she thought the funds should be allocated and that Council should agree what the program should be before accumulating any funds. We should budget for sanitary sewer needs and drinking water needs, in case of emergencies. There are different funding vehicles available for that.

Mayor Clark agreed a realistic approach was needed to deal with infrastructure improvements. He thought they should aggressively do whatever it takes and set a firm goal and deadline for the 2001 road projects and intersection improvements. He realized it would take aggressive action on their part in the spirit of cooperation with the County to get these things done. Another would be the replacement of the bridge on Grand River and he had the impression that the County might be delaying this project again. Once the bridge comes down, there will be pressure on the County from the City, businesses and from the region to get it replaced. The completed bridge would continue the flow of improvements eastbound on Grand River. He felt the impetus and support needed to get the westbound Grand River done would come once the bridgework had been completed. Also, the road intersection improvements are important and the completion of the 10 Mile intersection improvements are absolutely necessary and he felt the accident/incident rate would go down.

Mr. Helwig read Member Lorenzoís comments "identify aging components planned for replacement, establish comprehensive maintenance plan and schedule, analyze most cost effective financing reimbursement method and identify construction that can be demonstrated to directly benefit existing taxpayers."

Member DeRoche thought Meadowbrook Lake was going to be a 3-year accumulation of funds. Mayor Pro Tem Bononi thought there was no plan because there was a proposal brought forward under a grant application, which was denied. It needs to be done but it should be planned. Member DeRoche echoed that concern and hoped when it came forward in the budget, if we are continuing to accumulate money, it comes forward with a plan.

6. Community Issues

Mr. Helwig noted within the last year and a half, a major issue for funding was the School Resource Officer in the high school, to give the new members of Council an example. They had focused on capital and now were looking at other issues.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi commented that in talking to residents and businesses in our community, they want unresolved drainage issues completed. Another complaint is in regard to erosion and sedimentation control and the fact that our program does not visually seem very effective with regard to new construction. Community issues that need to be addressed, and are the most important to her, for possible funding are parks and recreation facilities and programs, because we owe it to the parks and recreation department and we owe it to the community to commit as much as we can financially to a program that would affect their needs and what they deserve. Another is unimproved streets and also believed that our community was desperate for cultural and community affairs. She understood that the new Parks and Recreation Director had incredible experience at that and a very high level of interest. She hoped to see that come about but imagined that would have a budget effect.

Member Csordas wanted redirection on the focus of the Parks and Recreation Commission to get those started projects completed before talking about any new projects they might recommend.

Member Capello agreed that funding needed to be provided for a study of our own water supply and sanitary sewer treatment systems. He felt it could be done very reasonably with Planning Commissioner Canupís assistance. We need to fund some money for the Parks and Recreation programs for the arts. Also, noted the new church on 10 Mile would like to be active in community programs. Storm drainage Ė it seemed there was a difference of opinion of Council whether or not they want to maintain the regional storm water basins. If not, we need to make that decision because we are holding a lot of money from a lot of developers to maintain a system that is not being built. If we are not going to build the systems, we need to give that money back. We need to look to the County, State and Federal levels for funding and try to allocate funds where we can get matching funds. More open communications and better relations with Oakland County need to be developed. Plan Review Center is partially in place now and we need to readjust the application fee schedule, particularly now for the landscaping and forestry reviews and planning reviews. Those taken in house, we are going to have to justify the fees on a different basis and probably reduce the fees that we are charging and that would affect the budget funding for that center. If anything else is taken in house, we have to do the same thing. He didnít think the same application and review fees could be charged as in the past with the new structure going into place.

Member DeRoche said his list came from complaints he overheard people make: street trees, dirt road, P & R Maintenance, snow removal and traffic are all issues. He felt there was a dual relationship with the County and the Road commission and that the County relation was getting better and better especially with Hugh Crawford as County Commissioner. The Road Commission with Oakland County when you hear the complaints about snow removal, lack of funding, bridge replacement, traffic lights, that is where we need to continue to build up the relationship and try to get better results.

Member Landry echoed comments of Members Csordas and Capello regarding the Parks and Recreation programs; letís finish what we started and comments about the arts. Member Landry commented that: 1) as we grow, do we have enough police officers? We have to look now for future needs. 2) Ice Arena Ė we need to look at how to keep it by taking a hard look at it. This needs to be resolved so that everyone stops complaining and agrees on a focus and an approach to take for the ice arena.


Mayor Clark agreed with all of the comments. We need more cultural/community events and pedestrian traffic. He noted the sign for the future site of the band shell has been up for two years and that needed to happen. We need to do whatever it takes to raise funds to get it built. This is the best way to draw people to the Main Street area. The DSO travels and the City would benefit by having them come. He noted that even though people complain about traffic, Twelve Oaks is the number one shopping center, in terms of profitability, in the United States. We want to be known for more than shopping but we need to accomplish a balance.

Mr. Helwig stated Member Lorenzoís comments were: "given financial constraints, not sure we will be able to address any other issues outside of the categories given priority status."

7. Master Plans

Mr. Helwig said a water study should be completed soon updating what our situation is.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi would be looking at a review of the Storm Water Master Plan with regard to the comments made previously. There is a concern about the millage that is already established that taxpayers are paying to fund the Master Storm Water Plan and other storm water related interests. JCK already made a presentation to the Storm Water Committee about the pros and cons of that and she felt it could be expanded with some budget implication with regard to giving Council enough information to make a decision on the continuation of the Master Plan or at the very least on the proper maintenance of those regional basins which have been neglected.

Member Csordas said everything that he had listed had already been addressed so he had no additional comments.

Member Capello suggested the ordinance needed to be reviewed again for Main Street. We might want to consider a Master Plan for that area. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan needed to be updated, including the Ice arena and any additional land we have over by the arena that we could turn into an asset or benefit to the City. Also, regarding Parks and Recreation, where are all the replacement trees that the developers were required to plant and what has happened with the funds.

Member DeRoche felt Main Street needed to be revisited, in a timely fashion, with emphasis on that development. The ordinance was too restrictive to the developer and he wanted to look at the possibility of allowing bigger buildings, restrictive facades and signs.

Member Landry was interested in the Growth Management Plan Mayor Pro Tem Bononi discussed.

Mayor Clark had nothing additional and supported the comments of the other Council Members.

Mr. Helwig read Member Lorenzoís comments; "review and reduction of commercial zoning, replace with OST. Light Industrial or Office is best, appropriate and beneficial in terms of tax base traffic generation."


8. Other Input

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi felt we could save money by looking at a master program for grant application and administration. Also, she felt it was necessary to have an evacuation plan for the community. Review the SWOCC contribution that we make and the services we get. There is an implication that we need in-house resource help. She was concerned about the decline of architectural quality in Novi and she would be looking for the establishment of an architectural review committee and a total re-write of the ordinance. Also, a second look at all of the in-house and on this body, expertise that we have with regard to building materials and the declining quality of those as well. A concern about salary increases, cola increases and aligning them with national percentages and pay for performance to be sure that those who are doing discretionary actions and jobs with regard to what they do are rewarded for that. Lastly, risk management within the building itself; not only legal but from the standing of safety training, mail procedures, blood borne pathogens and all those resources that we need to keep our employees safe.

Member Csordas said stop giving lip service to the faÁade ordinance and give some direction to Planning Commission and do everything we can to revise that and bring it forward.

Member Capello commented they needed to allocate money to an individual or department to find the matched funds. We might have a #4 priority but with matched funds it might be a #2 priority. He wanted to see an actual budget for the Plan Review Center, what is anticipated this year and next year. He wants more cable programs on Channel 13 and felt we needed the same type as Farmington Hills.

Member DeRoche wanted Novi Road addressed regarding the timing of the lights on the road north of I-96. Also, review the process of our competitive bidding as it relates to professional services and to objectively evaluate professional services. He wants to give the staff an expectation from Council of objective standards for our professional service providers and that might have an impact on the budget if they are qualified or disqualifying professional service providers to this community that are not the low bidder. He used an example of street tree bidders where tens of thousands of dollars of difference were noted.

Member Landry agreed with the faÁade ordinance comments. He wanted to see improvement of the Cityís web site. There needs to be increased informational exchange. Why not put the road maintenance schedule, financial audit information and graphs, snow plowing schedule, the budget presentation, etc. on the web site.

Mayor Clark agreed with all the comments made up to this point. However, he would like to see a new ordinance in place by the end of the first quarter of projects in this community where the person has developed a site and has a C of O or temporary C of O and have been in for a long period of time and we are still holding bond money. We still hold it for different reasons such as landscaping, berms, etc., which might seem minor to the developer but it causes the community to look tacky when all these things accumulate. Also, by the end of the first quarter we need a total and complete list of all projects in the community where the project has been completed, there is occupancy and we are holding bond funds to get some items completed. In some cases, we have been holding bond money for 8-10 years. That is unacceptable on our part and inexcusable that we let the occupants continue not meeting their obligations. We need a total and complete list by the end of the first quarter and we need that ordinance in place by the end of the first quarter and then we need to send a notice to all those on the list

with a copy of the ordinance showing the time allotted to complete what needs to be done. They must complete it or the City, within 60 days of the notice, will complete it using the bond funds. There has to be vigorous enforcement with no excuses. Neighborhood services should focus on maintaining the quality of landscaping and trees.

Member Capello thought they needed to add that the bonds needed to be converted to letter of credit or cash after two or three years.

Mayor Clark noted the faÁade ordinance; when Brandon Rogers was our City planner he routinely required when a developer came in, they had to show the Council samples of the actual bricks, block, etc. as photos do not display what they needed to see. He noted the entranceways to Novi should look better.

Mr. Helwig read Member Lorenzoís comments and she asked for "increased emphasis on accountability and enhancing performances."

Mr. Helwig thanked Council for a very helpful session and felt it would go a long way to meeting their expectations. There was a lot to communicate and convey and they would try to do the best they could in a budget message to all of our employees through e-mail as well as hard copy to them. They would have a document to Council by the end of March.

Mayor Clark commented that Farmington Hills always has a show on cable and our channel always seemed to have the same thing. He wondered if there could be something done on cable to get information out to the community. He wanted to show this to the community on a regular basis. He also, asked to have these ideas in the community newsletter and to ask if there were any community issues residents wanted addressed in the budget process and have a tear off section of the newsletter for them to return to City Hall.

Mr. Helwig noted a newsletter now at the printers and they would look at a way to provide an insert or something because it is a very timely suggestion. We do want this to invite an ongoing discussion with the community.

Mayor Pro Tem Bononi noted redundancies in professional services and studies we have done. She thought lists could have a positive budget effect when we look at City initiatives with regard to improvements. Also, professional services provided and how they relate to projects we plan to do. As an example, she spoke about S. Lake Drive engineering services that have already done and paid for and she hoped they were not paying for it again. Mayor Clark agreed the studies done for various projects need to be listed and prioritized. He thought in the last budget session they had spent over1 million dollars on these studies.










There being no further business to come before Council, the meeting was adjourned at 11:13 AM.



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Richard J. Clark, Mayor Maryanne Cornelius, City Clerk


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Date approved: January 28, 2002