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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2000 AT 6:30 PM


Mayor Clark called the meeting to order at 6:34 PM.


ROLL CALL: Mayor Clark, Mayor ProTem Lorenzo, Council Members Bononi-absent, Crawford, Csordas-absent, DeRoche and Kramer.


CM-00-11-364 Moved by Crawford, seconded by Lorenz; CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve the agenda as presented.

Vote on CM-00-11-364 Yeas: Clark, Lorenzo, Crawford, Csordas, DeRoche, Kramer

Nays: None

Absent: Bononi


State Representative Nancy Cassis spoke to Council requesting a letter of support /resolution for the bike path with the City of Wixom. She commented that Wixom, Walled Lake, Birmingham and Springfield Township have all supported this and asked that City Council do the same.


1. Strategic Planning meeting with Road Commission for Oakland County

Brent Bair, Managing Director, stated the Road Commission for Oakland County was not a part of county government. He noted Michigan was last among the States in spending for roads and prior to August 1997 Michigan was one of the lowest states in regard to gas tax. An increase was approved for 4 cents. However, cities only received 3 cents from gas and diesel was not included and Michigan was still below the national average. Mr. Bair said none of the sales tax money went to roads. The Michigan Transportation Fund included the Act 51distribution formula of 39.1% to the road commission, 17% to the cities and villages and the Michigan Department of Transportation got about 39.1% . The average Michigan Transportation Fund returned to Oakland County was 74%. The estimated cost for county roads was nearly $1.6 billion and it would cost about $500,000 to pave a mile. He said Federal funds were distributed in Oakland County through the Federal Aid Task Force and the voting members included the Road Commission of Oakland County, 3 large cities, 2 medium cities, 2 small cities, etc. and the projects were rated through a point system. He said accident reduction and safety was the largest recipient of points. Mr. Bair said Oakland County cities and villages do everything possible to support their own roads projects.

Gerry Holmberg noted with the recent milder winters they had saved money and it had assisted with repairing potholes. He displayed a map showing where the 1-1/2 inch of overlay had been completed and said the gas tax was increased strictly to repair pothole problems. He displayed the road projects completed during fiscal year 2000.

The Ten Mle Road overlay was complete and work on the CSX Railroad Bridge was next. The Grand River bridge plans for 2001 had been completed and sent to the City and to MDOT and they would continue to work on grading projects. Another major project for 2001 would be Grand River from Wixom to Beck Road and bids should come in around April 2001 for 5 lanes, concrete pavement. Also for 2001, they are beginning the design for Novi Road from Ten Mile to Grand River. It would involve widening to 5 lanes and would include both intersections and the overpass at the railroad tracks. The section at Grand River and Novi near the CSX tracks would also be completed in 2001. In 2002 it would be bid and the actual paving might not happen until 2003.

Mr. Holmberg said Ten Mile Road between Novi and Haggerty would be put on hold until further notice from the City. Two additional projects they intended to submit was Twelve Mile Road from Beck to Dixon with a bridge over the railroad tracks and Grand River from Novi to Haggerty (beginning with the design).

Mr. Holmberg displayed a plan provided by SEMCOG for 2025. The projects would be amended in a few years and the Road Commission for Oakland County would be working with the City for future project designations.

There were questions regarding Act 51 monies and what would happen if the project on Ten Mile Road was withdrawn. Mr. Bair responded if the Ten Mile Road project was pulled and another section met with the criteria for receiving the points, the funds might stay in Novi but there were no guarantees.

Gerry Holmberg spoke about the Ten Mile Road project that was proposed to be developed as a 5 lane project. Projects submitted were rated on an annual basis. He noted a different project could be submitted to the committee as well.

Mr. Helwig noted the gap on Twelve Mile Road between Novi and Meadowbrook. He said Council authorized that the City would front the first installment, approved by the voters. The City would not know until the committee decided in February that everything would come back as reimbursement. Mr. Bair noted it would get construction dollars but didn’t know when. Mr. Helwig said presently, there was no proposal for the gap on Twelve Mile Road. Member Kramer stated the Twelve Mile Road gap was at the top of the priority list to resolve especially that portion where the road narrowed.

Mayor Clark commended the Road Commission of Oakland County for their spirit of cooperation and noted that the bridge was scheduled for 2001. Mr. Holmberg noted it would take the entire construction season to complete.

Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo appreciated the participation of the Road Commission of Oakland County at this meeting.

Mr. Helwig asked if administration should prepare a resolution regarding the Ten Mile Road project. Mayor Clark noted it would be appropriate for presentation at the meeting of December 4th,2000.





The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 PM.





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Richard J. Clark, Mayor Maryanne Cornelius, City Clerk



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Date approved: December 4, 2000