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Mayor Clark called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


ROLL CALL: Mayor Clark, Mayor ProTem Lorenzo, Council Members Bononi, Crawford, Csordas, DeRoche and Kramer.


CM-00-11-361 Moved by Crawford, seconded by Lorenzo; CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve the agenda as presented.

Vote on CM-00-11-361 Yeas: Clark, Lorenzo, Bononi, Crawford, Csordas,

DeRoche, Kramer

Nays: None


Patrick Brunett, President of Novi Library Board commended Council for engaging in this goal setting and prioritizing session. He noted it would be helpful in establishing the annual budget and would provide the citizens of Novi with a comprehensive picture of the direction in which the Council was moving the City. Last spring, he had requested Council to authorize the Library to place a library millage on the August 2000 ballot to be used to construct and operate a new library. The Council requested the Board postpone the millage request until after the road bond issue was presented to the voters. Also, that the Board participate with the City and the school district in a task force which would look at the land use needs of the schools and the library on the Civic Center Complex. In return, Council would support a library millage election in August 2001. The Task Force had completed its work and soon Council would be receiving its recommendations that support the library’s plans. Mr. Brunett urged Council to mention the Library’s plans and timetable somewhere in the goal document. This would insure that the public received the comprehensive picture of the planned public capital improvements in the City.

Donald Ingmire spoke to the Council about addressing code violations and working to accomplish an educational program for homeowners with regard to wetlands and woodlands. Mr. Ingmire wants to educate homeowner associations with regard to compliance. He was concerned with drainage problems that caused flooding and noted that this action item from Council was over a year old. Mr. Ingmire felt too much was spent on new growth in the community and the old homeowners associations that are 15-20 years old are not getting any attention. He felt better enforcement of the woodlands review board was necessary.


City Manager Helwig reported it was his goal to allocate resources for where the City would go. This meeting was to set goals for what was to be achieved and how to do it. He spoke about focusing on short term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are those to be accomplished in less than 18 months and long-term goals were to be accomplished in more than 18 months. He said with 32 square miles and a finite

amount of land, it was important to plan the best use. Council would vote on Saturday, November 18th on what the final determination of what was to be accomplished and vision and values would be the main focus. He asked what ground rules or values Council would like to follow?

Member De Roche noted there was only 5 hours to accomplish this and felt they should state what was on their minds and move on. Member Csordas thought there should be respect for each other’s comments and recommendations. Mayor Clark emphasized listening to each other’s positions with an open mind. Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo felt it was important to be honest and true to themselves. Member Crawford requested they remember they would be brainstorming and there were no bad ideas. Member Kramer said it was a consensus building effort to find common goals not to win or lose. Member Bononi suggested they recall the interests of those who enabled them to be here.

Member Bononi questioned if there was a set amount of goals. It was discussed that there would be a wide range of goals and for now there would not be a limit. Bottom line was what they want to accomplish for the community.



ST – Member Kramer – implement road bond intersection improvements ASAP

LT - Address issues raised during proposed fire department millage.

ST – Member Bononi – adopt overlay zoning enabling attaching special conditions for a


LT – enter 12 step program to break urban sprawl addiction

ST – Member DeRoche – adopt political priority and ongoing list for local street


LT – work with administration to formalize policies as to expectations for job duties.

Evaluate council/administration relationship (duties, responsibilities)

ST – Member Csordas – establish the fund to maintain and improve city streets to

eliminate the need for future road bonds.

LT – review police and fire staffing requirements, specific positions within police

Department, traffic enforcement and school liaison officer.

ST – Mayor Clark – Development of vehicle to pave Delmont/Dinser

LT – complete all improvements in city parks

ST – Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo - achieve less dependence on outside consultants

LT – continue to improve all levels of communication and better understanding of chain

of command.

ST – Member Crawford- emergency medical response analysis

LT – improve and upgrade Beck Road from 8 Mile to Grand River


ST – Member Kramer -pursue capture of all possible grant funding opportunities

LT – focus on improved service to Novi citizens to help solve their problems

ST – Member Bononi – establish an electronic scorecard with regard to planning and

Council decisions

LT – determine, need, cost and benefit of constructed regional storm water basins and

maintenance of same.

ST –Member DeRoche – revisit the street trees and tree ordinance in the City

LT – Bury as many power lines as possible.

ST – Member Csordas – complete the agreement with Sprint for tower at Ice Arena

LT – review and plan for all city owned land uses

ST – Mayor Clark – library needs

LT – substantially reduce ice arena debt

ST – Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo – prioritize resources according to needs vs. wants

LT – achieve consistent and improved public safety levels of service in accordance with

national standards.

ST – Member Crawford – police liaison officer

LT – emergency warning system at intersections with police and fire vehicles –


ST – meet with all boards and commissions at least once each year, planning twice,

and assist EDC with mission and charter

LT – maximum extent feasible resolve differences through discussion, negotiation,


ST – Member Bononi – provide cable modem service to the community

LT – formulate plan to retain existing businesses

ST – Member DeRoche – look into city software vendors – specific to fire management,

Oakland County system(significantly less expensive)

LT – revisit the roles of boards and commissions (interviewing, size, terms)

ST – Member Csordas – regarding sidewalk on south side of Ten Mile, West of Novi,

continuation of sidewalk over the wetlands with boardwalk.

LT – develop a Grand River streetscape plan to address landscape and lighting. Look

and feel from Novi Road west in conjunction with road work in progress

ST – Mayor Clark – financial guarantees for unfinished site work

LT – investigate transportation possibilities between major commercial and

entertainment centers in the city

ST – Mayor ProTem Lorenzo – consistent compliance with ordinances

LT – achieve cable provider competition


ST – Member Crawford – review political sign ordinance

LT – Member Kramer – identify low cost, cooperative opportunities to develop

community character, quality of life and identity

ST – develop a plan for extended hours of service to citizens

ST – Member Bononi – request City Manager to become diplomat with bordering cities

to share regarding infrastructure improvements that would benefit both, any or all.

LT – establish environmental management system by using the ISO 14000s

ST – Member DeRoche – establish a Sunday concert in the park series

LT – establish a plan/incentive to pave the remainders of dirt roads

ST – Member Csordas – contact owners of property on NW corner of Grand River/Novi

and clean, upgrade or else

LT – discuss establishment of entertainment zone

ST – Mayor Clark – city entranceway signs

ST – Mayor Clark – South Lake Drive – traffic reduction and improve quality of life

ST – Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo – budget for environmental commitments and mandates

LT – equip all public buildings with defibrillators and train staff.

LT – Member Kramer – continue to look for opportunities to expand non motorized

paths linking non-residential areas to facilities

ST – improve track record of completing projects on timely basis and instill sense of


ST – Member Bononi - Adopt an architectural ordinance, appoint a review board with

recommendation to Planning Commission and City Council.

LT – acquire State of Michigan historic certification for Fuerst Farm and possible federal

funds obtained

ST – Member DeRoche – Review how large projects to department heads are


ST – Member Csordas - Establish time line for road bond projects and matching funds

and cooperate with Expo Center to obtain matching funds for Grand River


ST – Mayor Clark – explore possibility of reassignment of responsibility for CDBG funds

ST – Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo – utilize CDBG funds to improve infrastructure in the

target area (payment for personnel services to be derived from City budget)

ST – Member Crawford – continue to upgrade audio/video capabilities of Council

Chambers and control room



ST – Member Kramer – resolve northwest ring road segment property acquisition and

State funding to complete the project and improve response to the needs of

businesses on their timetable "move at the speed of business" with no

reduction of city requirements or quality

ST – Member Bononi - Increase compliance of erosion and sedimentation ordinance at

construction sites

LT – establish a City of Novi land conservancy

LT – Member Csordas –Main Street – consider 2nd and 3rd story as residential

development as opposed to commercial development

ST – Planning Commission appointments completed and communication to applicants

ST – Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo – replace older tornado sirens with newer models with

battery back-up power

ST – Kramer – explore means for enhanced volunteer recruitment program for fire

Department and for communication, utilize department reports for regular updates

by department heads on a rotating basis

ST – Member Bononi – determine how pre-development proposal conferences could

result in higher quality project and fewer referrals to the ZBA

LT – establish a citizens opinion program on cable TV to widen the narrowing point of

view in programming

LT – Member Csordas – review of thoroughfare Master Plan and non-public-safety

staffing requirements for city staff

ST – consultant czar and open and operate fire station #4 in 4th quarter 2001

LT – Member Kramer - Develop and expand proposal for city support team re: contract

administration – strengthen our capacity to administer contracts

ST – Implement periodic residential newsletter, integrate kiosk with web site material,

add building site service locator

ST – Member Bononi - Require maintenance of storm water systems to be timely per

budget commitment

LT – determine the physical character of what we want the city of Novi to look like

ST – Member DeRoche – Council/Consultant relationship (more structured/formal


ST – Mayor Pro Tem Lorenzo – improve landscaping and maintenance of public


LT – Member Bononi – evaluate performance and justify cost of supporting SWOCC,

establish a commitment to land use sustainability and seek independent

professional critique of master plan for development



Mike Evans spoke about the fire service delivery to the citizens. He said 43% of voters stated they want Advanced Life Support and were willing to pay for this service. He requested Council to add long response times and unavailability of staff as short-term goals.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.



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Richard J. Clark, Mayor Maryanne Cornelius, City Clerk



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Charlene Mc Lean

Date approved: November 27, 2000