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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1999 AT 6:30 PM


Mayor Clark called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


ROLL CALL: Mayor Clark, Mayor ProTem Lorenzo, Council Members Bononi (absent) Crawford, Csordas, DeRoche, Kramer

(Council member Bononi entered meeting at 6:35 PM)


Mr. Kriewall asked that Council add adoption of Resolution authorizing the Director of Public Services to apply to Oakland County Infrastructure Fund for Reimbursement of eligible expenses associated with the DWSD 14 Mile Pump Station and Storage Facility to the Agenda as Item number 4.

Member Bononi commented on Item number two – Presidential Primary Year 2000 Road Bond

Proposal. She stated that she objects to this item being on the Agenda based on Section 6.3

of the Novi City Charter which refers to changes on the Agenda for special meetings of the

Council. She feels this is an amended Agenda and it takes the unanimous consent of the

Council to discuss this item. Council did not approve the addition of this item to the Agenda.

She is concerned about the rush to add this item to the Agenda and whose deadline is

Council accommodating. This is a wish list for the City Administration. If there is an issue

that requires scrutiny of this Council , it is the revisiting of this road bond. She received

no information in her packet , such as costs or how the Council can put the package together

that would be in the best interest of everyone. She feels this item should be revisited but what

is it about the word no that is difficult to understand.

Mr. Watson indicated that unanimous consent is needed to add an item to a special meeting

the Agenda. It is his understanding that the Agenda distributed corresponds to Council’s

authorization of special meetings.

Member Bononi then indicated that she would need an interpretation of the City Charter because Section 6.3 deals with changes to special meeting Agendas and this is an amended Agenda. Council did not approve adding the Road Bond Proposal to the Agenda.

Mayor Clark asked if member Bononi was objecting only to the discussion of the road bond proposal and not the addition of the Oakland County Resolution on the Infrastructure Fund. Member Bononi replied that she was only objecting to the addition of the road bond proposal.

Member Crawford felt that the road bond proposal should be discussed by Council with no action taken. If this proposal is to appear on the February 22nd ballot and the cut-off is November 30th, then the matter needs to be discussed.

Mayor Clark said that the presidential primary Year 2000 Road Bond proposal would not be discussed. He asked that this matter be placed on the November 22nd Council Agenda and asked the Administration to submit a formal presentation at that meeting of what would be proposed on the February 22 ballot.

Member Lorenzo asked that information regarding outstanding monies available on previous road bonds also be submitted on February 22.

CM 99-11-297: Moved by Csordas, Seconded by Crawford:

CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY: To approve the Agenda with the addition of the Resolution to apply to Oakland County Infrastructure Fund for reimbursement of eligible expenses associated with the DWSD 14 Mile Pump Station and Storage Facility

Vote on CM 99-11-297 Yeas: Clark, Lorenzo, Bononi, Crawford, Csordas, DeRoche, Kramer

Nays: None


Debbie Bundoff - 43640 Twelve Mile Road, said she was concerned about the new mall development preliminary site plan. Without being able to see the plan, she indicated that it may or may not be extended without going through the site plan approval process. If it is changed, the developer is asking to add 88,000 square feet to the development. This is not a minor change, but a big change, and is the length of three football fields . She hopes it does not go through planning as an extension with minor revisions.

Jean Jacks – 48806 Thornbury, indicated that she lives in the subdivision next to Dinser/Delmont streets. She would like the Council to include Dinser/Delmont in the next Road Bond Project Proposal. In her voting precinct, there were 175 votes in favor of the road bond proposal and 60% of her area supported the road bond proposal. The proposal is truly something the citizens of Novi have requested of their Council.

  1. Executive Session for Pending Litigation
  2. Mayor Clark indicated that the Council will recess into executive session to discuss pending litigation.


    Mayor Clark pointed out that Member Bononi, earlier in the meeting, under Section 6.3 of the City Charter , has exercised her right to not agree to add the Road Bond Proposal for discussion which requires unanimous consent by the Council. That item will not be discussed and will be brought before the Council at their regular meeting on November 22nd. This leave the Agenda with two items for discussion: 1– City Manager Recruitment Process and 2 – Resolution regarding the Oakland County Infrastructure Fund.


    Sarah Gray 133 Maudlin – said she was confused and asked if the meeting started at 7:30 as advertised or at 6:30. The Agenda she has is different than the Agenda advertised on Channel 13. Mr. Clark replied that the meeting started at 6:30 and Council went into an executive session shortly thereafter.


    Ms. Gray thanked the Council for removing the road bond proposal from the Agenda. For this item to be in the Council packet as information on the road bond issue is appalling and the City Administration should be ashamed of themselves. She has two major problems with what is being proposed as far as placing a road bond issue on the February Primary. First, Council needs to address the issue if a person is not registered as a candidate of either party, they cannot vote in the February Primary. Either the whole election will be tilted one way or another or let everybody vote. The City will not disenfranchise her just because she refuses to declare a party preference, which is a constitutional right of privacy of the ballot. She has a major problem if the issue is placed on a school election because there are four school districts in Novi; Walled Lake, South Lyon, Northville. She is in the Walled Lake school district.

    Ms. Gray went on to say that the second problem she has with any discussion on the road bond issue is when will the residents see what the Council wants and what the people want. All the City has done is take out one project when the residents have said no. The question has to be asked of Mr. Kriewall , what part of no do you not understand.?

    Joe Sutika, 25127 Laramie Drive - congratulated the new members and indicated that everything he has heard and read he feels that Novi is in good hands. He was reading and hearing how the new members were out listening to what the people had to say. If this is true, please do not let certain people persuade the Council that the people need another road bond

    Issue. The citizens spoke at the last election and said "no". Despite the money spent and possible wrong doings by certain people to get that proposal to pass, it did not pass. The citizens spoke up by voting out some very good Council members due largely by the feeling that these Council members did not make wise decisions for them. The citizens said no on the road bond. Do not try to fool the voters by trying to change a few dollars and a few words. The voters are too wise for this. It angers him that he voted and he tells his kids that it is important to vote and their vote counts. Before it becomes official, he hears that there will be another road bond issue coming before the voters. If this fails, will there be a special election to try it a third time. He urges the Council to stand behind what they said that they will listen to the people and according to the people, they voted no.

    James Korte - Shawood Lake - pointed out that Farmington Hills started the Boulevard Twelve-Mile then Novi started the Boulevard Twelve Mile Road. At that time, Lenora Jadun was the Director of Public Service for the City of Novi and she made a comment that JCK & Associates was not equipped to write the grant situation in similar form as to what happened in the Farmington Hills situation. Seven years later, the City is still with JCK unable to write the grant. Why is any road fund being done for Twelve Mile Road when there are funds out there. Why, after all of those years, the City could not have found somebody with the expertise, capability, seniority it takes to get the job done. There are millions of dollars of funding available that the City lets go because of stupidity. The taxpayers do not have a problem paying for something that is necessary. When will the people get what they want and need as necessary rather than the wish list of other people in the City. He also pointed out that 2026 Austin still does not water.

    Tonni Nagy, 22647 Cranbrook – Congratulated the new Council and said she would like to address the road bond issue. She has a concern as it may be premature because the City still has the 53 million dollar lawsuit that has not been settled and interest does accrue while it is still on appeal. She is not privy to any information regarding the City of Wixom Beck Interchange. She would like the City to look into this because she feels Novi should not fund

    this alone and should look to other cities that would use the Interchange. The campaign was interesting because she became aware of areas in Novi that she did not know existed which is the North end, Twelve Mile/Novi Road area. She felt it was ashamed that those residents in that area pay taxes for a long time and still are on dirt roads. It seems that it would be fair to take care of the residents first and the businesses second. That area needs roads badly. There are other areas that need roads to be fixed. She hopes that Council will show some responsibility in this road bond issue first and foremost because of the lawsuit Novi already has the $250,000 judgement against the City. Take the residents into consideration because the residents of Novi elected this Council and pay for the salaries of the City Administrators. She hopes Council will approach this issue with caution. She agrees with Sarah Gray that if voters do not declare a party, they will never have an opportunity to vote in that election. The election would not reflect the wishes of the citizens. She thinks it would not be prudent to spend money for a special election regarding the road bond. She asked Council to consider all the voters opinions at their meeting on November 22nd.

    Dick Faulkner – indicated that he has been a citizen of Novi since 1946 and he worked for the City of Novi for thirty years as a police officer. Regarding the road bond proposal, he said there are critical areas in Novi that definitely needs attention. He does not understand why it was necessary to present the road project to such a great magnitude because 28.5 million dollars is a lot of money. It is important that the Council keep in mind this fine community has its share of senior citizens; citizens on fixed income. If the City wants to pass a road bond proposal, they need to be realistic to the needs of the senior citizens as well as all the citizens of Novi.

    Warren Jocz – 40755 Ten Mile – He is concerned that there is not a tool to tell the citizens what benefits, both positive and negative, they would receive by doing any of the road projects. The City has a computer model called Tran Plan but it has been inactive since 1991. It is almost ten years out of date. He looks at running a community like running a business. When someone comes in asking him to spend 28.5 million dollars, he wants to know what his return on investment will be. He realizes the Tran Plan is not required to do things, such as subdivision repaving and road maintenance. He is concerned, before the City goes any further, that they need to have their own internal infrastructure and the ability to do road and traffic analysis in order to make educated decisions. The original bond included the top ten roads from both Council and City Administration. He asked Council to look at what it will require to get the Tran Plan model up to date and what does it take to get the staff educated to use this model. If someone starts now to work on the Tran Plan model, they would not have that model brought up to year 1999. To make an educated assessment of the traffic analysis will take more than one year. The City should ask what is needed for traffic and road improvements and not when and why it is convenient. A prioritized list is needed that best suits the money the residents want to spend against the roads then there is a chance the community would support a road bond.

    Dana Howe – West Park Drive agreed with Mr. Jocz. Realistically, the Council needs to take a look at what the City needs, what they can afford to spend and where they can put their money to its best use. It is not by building new roads, but it is by working with the existing roads which some are in disrepair. Her brother was exhibiting at the Expo Center and could not believe people come to Novi, get off I-96, take one little jump on Novi Road to get to the Expo Center, and it is full of potholes. If Novi is trying to present good face to their neighbors, it is not by building a new road, it is by taking what exists and keep them in repair. The City needs to take the time to analysis what they need, what they can afford, where can they best spend their money to make Novi look good and take advantage of the monies from grants to do other projects. To place this matter on the primary ballot is wrong. Not everyone is allowed to vote in a primary election. There is no need to rush to get on that particular ballot. If the City has to spend money for a special election, she feels that would be more worthwhile. There is a General Election in November and the City has time to assess what they need and get on to that ballot which has a larger turn out of any other election.

    Pam Sass – Dinser Drive – The reason the road bond did not pass was because there was so much included in the proposal, 28.5 million dollars was too high which did not help, along with the judgement pending against the City. The City needs to be cautious as to how much they spend on the road bond. There were many people that voted in favor of the road bond. She hopes Council chooses the right roads in the next proposal that need to be done and hopes one of them is Dinser Drive.

    Joann Morris – Dinser Drive - said the residents have waited a long time for their gravel road to be paved. She agrees with Mrs. Sass and would appreciate Dinser Drive being considered on the next ballot.

    Asa Smith - 1294 East Lake Drive - congratulated the Mayor and new Council members and welcomed them to their positions . He feels they will serve the City well. He commented on the excellent job of paving and upgrading the Civic Center parking lot. He had a difficult time finding his way from Ten Mile Road to the parking lot and from the parking lot to the Council Chambers. There is a lot of black area with a few white stripes. He missed the lights that use to come from the ballfields, which guided him through the parking lot. He asked why the roadway and parking lot lighting were not upgraded to the 21st century. This could have been accomplished by placing some new fixture heads on the existing poles or light stanchions and updates the lamps to give better illumination. Some of the funding could have been allocated for that part of the project. So much time and effort was made to fix up the parking lot that was already in good shape. There are a lot of problems with money not being available for many things, but he feels that part of the project was not completed properly. He hopes somebody will find some funds to put in some high pressure sodium bulbs or lamps to light the way for the people going into the Civic Center at night time throughout the winter months.

    Brooks Decker – West Park Drive – said he is not going to debate whether Delmont or Dinser Drive needs to be part of the road bond package, however, the fact that the residents on the west side of South Lake , who are currently being scheduled for a special assessment district, will be resistant to paying for surface streets that benefits neighborhoods when they are being put into a special assessment district. If the community is going to socialize the cost of paving neighborhood surface streets, then he feels the City needs to make an even application across the community in that residents in certain areas should not have a special assessment district formed for them while they are still being asked to pay for other road paving projects that benefit residents only.

    2. City Manager Recruitment Process

    Mr. Klaver indicated that he invited Tia Gronlund-Fox, Human Resource Specialist for the City of Novi, to be present to assist with discussion. He introduced Tia, who has a degree from Oakland University in Human Resource Development, with a specialty in Labor Relations. She has been employed with the City of Novi for about one and a half years and has proven to be an invaluable employee.

    Mr. Klaver went on to say that there are three different tasks that he would like to accomplish at this meeting: 1) Reconfirm and clarify the process 2) Confirm the schedule and 3) Begin the process of developing a City Manager profile.

    Mr. Klaver said that he feels the original date to hold interview s was overly ambitious. He is proposing that applications are closed off on November 30th and the first round of interviews be held on December 18th. There have been large amounts of applications received from out of state and this will allow applicants enough time to travel and attend an interview on December 18th.

    Member Csordas said that he feels there is enough expertise on City staff that he would not see any reason to spend any money on outside people to assist with the interview process.

    Mr. Klaver submitted a sample matrix of a list of candidates. He would send Council all the applications received up to November 30th on the matrix form and ask that Council review the resumes , select the candidates they felt were worthy of an interview and provide that information back to Administration. Administration would then tabulate and send the results back to Council for discussion at a Council meeting, then determine, based on the results of those individual selections, how many candidates should be brought in for an interview. He would propose Council conduct those interviews in one day on the 18th so they can move the process forward. He would suggest January 11 and 18 as possible second round interview dates.

    Member Lorenzo said while these initial timelines may be acceptable, they could be subject to change. She would like to suggest additional advertising be done in the Wall Street Journal or other publications that may be available, which would immediately push any target date back. If that requires a longer period, she is willing to take that time because she feels it is important that they get the best individual for the City of Novi that they can possibly obtain. She has obtained information from the Wall Street Journal and to place an advertisement in the Classified section of the paper would cost $2,546.88 for a one inch ad between 25-30 words, which is a 33 1/3% discount if the ad is placed for three Tuesdays. If the City would like the information placed on the website for 30 days, the cost would be an additional $250.00. There are 1.8 million subscribers nationally for the Wall Street Journal.

    Mr. Klaver indicated that an advertisement has been listed in the ICMA newsletter, which he feels is the best single source because all City Managers subscribe to that publication. They have also added the information to the website is the largest employment website and had 9.5 million hits for the month of October. They have a total of 33 applications received and 11 of those applications have been solicited from the website. The remaining 22 have been from the ICMA newsletter. He feels the Wall Street Journal is a publication that attracts more candidates that are looking for a position in the private sector.

    Mayor Clark asked if thought had been given to advertising in any professional public magazines not geared to the City Manager’s publication? Mr. Klaver replied that was discussed but felt that the City Manager’s magazine had more saturation and that additional advertising would not be necessary. Most of those magazines are geared


    towards other professions that would serve a lot of applications from people that might not meet the minimum qualifications.

    Mr. Kriewall said that he is not aware of any other publication that serves that sector more than the ICMA, which reaches 99% of the people that are either Assistant City Managers or City Managers around the United States.

    Mayor Clark said that it is his understanding if any application are received after the cut-off date, that would not preclude that individual from interviewing. Mr. Klaver replied that was correct. He would continue to provide applications after the deadline and ask that Council look at those candidates. The position has been advertised as open until filled which gives the City the opportunity to add candidates.

    Regarding the selection process, Mr. Klaver indicated that a process has been employed for some department vacancies, such as the Director of Developmental Services, to involve other staff members who independently identified those candidates they felt were worthy of bringing in for an interview. He would suggest selecting 10-12 candidates for the first round of interviews on Saturday, December 18th. Interviews should go from 8-5 PM, which makes for a long day. He checked with other communities and they hold interviews on Saturdays, which maximizes participation of Council and the candidates. He asked Council which room in the Civic Center they like to hold interviews.

    Member Csordas stated that he feels the Council Chambers is a little intimidating for an interview process. There are other rooms in the Civic Center that would be more open to a personal type interview.

    Member Csordas asked if Council would consider the tool of a personality profile. A personality profile is a list of 30-40 questions with simple one answer questions. This gives a very good overview of the personality traits of the applicant. It is a tool and component of the interview process. It is a very good indicator of confidence and competency levels in certain type of skill sets that might be required in the position. It is used in the private sector as one component of the interview process. There is no pass or fail. The results are put into a software program, which gives a detailed analysis of the applicant’s primary and secondary personalities as it relates to the workplace. A personality profile is used at the company he works for and he is confident that the owner of his company would pass the cost along to Novi at whatever it cost his company, if Council is interested. The cost is around $4-5,000. The City could buy the software and use it for the interview process.


    Member Kramer said that he felt that was a good idea, however, he asked if the personality profile is something the selected first round interview applicants could fill out ahead of time and mail or bring in . If the Council is going to take 45 minutes for an interview with each candidate, even with the Council members asking only a few questions, he did not want to take up a lot of time with the instrument if the instrument could be done ahead of time. If the process takes only about 3 to 5 minutes, then the instrument could be done while the person is waiting. Member Csordas replied that he would recommend that everyone fill the profile out so that it is not discriminatory. Part of the interview component is the applicant gives the answers in front of the Council with

    about a five-minute time limit. It is the initial reaction type of report whereby the more they think about it, the less the accuracy goes down. It takes about three minutes to complete the process and gives a very in-depth report on the personality of the person. The profile could be given while the person is waiting, however, the results of the report will not come back until the information is entered into the computer. The results will not be available on December 18th at the first round of interview but will be available at a later date.

    Member Kramer indicated he would support the idea if it could be administered outside of the interview time period.

    Member DeRoche said he likes the idea and feels it would be very useful. His concern is the responses received from the test. In reviewing the resumes, there are some people in high profile positions in their respective communities. He would be concerned if there was any reluctance by the applicants to submit themself to a test that could be a very good City Manager, because they do not feel comfortable with the test given. He would not want to see one applicant pull out and somebody’s career, that the City is not interested in pursuing, be hampered by the fact they took a test that becomes public information.

    Member Csordas said he understands the concerns expressed by Member DeRoche, however, the personality profile is not a test and there is no pass-fail. If Council agrees, he will see if his company will donate the software.

    Mr. Klaver suggested that if Council decides to use the personality profile, it would be his recommendation that Council use an evaluation form for each interview. Council would then sit down at the end of the day, someone would keep a running tabulation going, conclude their interview session with a round table discussion of the candidate and select the individuals that should be brought back for a second round of interviews. A compromise solution would be to have everybody take the test but only have the scores for those individuals that will be invited back for a second round interview, which would simplify the process and keep the cost down.

    Mayor Clark said his personal preference would be to hold the interviews in the Council Chambers. The City Manager will be representing the entire City and working for all of its citizens. Council has interviewed people for boards and commissions in the Council Chambers. He has gone through the process a few times, intimidating or not, the idea is if the candidate wants the job, they should be able to take a little bit of heat because if they get the job, they will have to take a lot of heat.

    Mayor Clark said on the personality profiles, he does not have a strong preference one way or another. It can be a useful tool. He appreciates Council Member Csordas’ offer but his only concern is that he would want egal counsel to give an opinion, if the profiles are sent outside of the City to an outside agency to process, how it might reflect on the interview process.

    Mr. Klaver indicated that the City has used outside services for police positions and the City’s Labor Attorney has reviewed the process, which has not been a problem.


    Member Bononi agrees that the interviews should be held in the Council Chambers. When she interviewed for the Planning Commission the interview was held in the Chambers and she did not find it burdensome in anyway. The fact that there is a podium in the room that the candidate can organize their thoughts and materials behind it, will add to the process, not detract from it. She asked Mr. Klaver to describe what the package will be which will be sent to candidates that will be interviewed and will it contain a video of any highlights of the City.

    Mr. Klaver replied the announcement provided information about the community and gave a community profile. Most of the candidates will solicit information on their own about the City. He has not tried to initiate that process from the City’s side. His staff has received several calls from candidates requesting information.

    Mr. Clark indicated that he would assume any of the candidates that are qualified and have experience in municipal government are well apprised of the fact that municipalities have their own website to obtain a broad spectrum of what is going on in the City. A strong candidate will want to interject that he or she has done their homework, has the knowledge of the City and can give a perspective as to where that person can blend in to that and be an asset to Novi.

    Tia Gronlund indicated she has reviewed the minutes and indicated on the profile what Council was looking for in a City Manager. She prepared some sample questions for Council review and is looking for any suggestions or examples from Council.

    Member DeRoche said he appreciates receiving the list of questions that can be asked of candidates and will find it useful.

    Mr. Klaver said that there were some concerns by Council as to what type of questions can be asked in an interview. He distributed a brochure from the EEOC explaining that matter. The other purpose of having prepared questions is not only to make sure that Council solicits the information they want designed to determine whether or not the candidate possess the proper knowledge, skills and abilities but also to insure that they are covering the common ground with each of the candidates which is one of the legal requirements of interviews. He hopes, at a future meeting to come up with more questions Council would like to ask during the interview. He would like Council to discuss some of the critical components they are looking for in a City Manager.

    Member Kramer commented on the management style of the Manager concerning where he/she has interest on hands on management versus personal activities. He feels Council is looking for a City Manager that would work with the department and let the department heads run their departments.

    Mr. Klaver said that Council could expand on the list of the sample questions he submitted and would appreciate any input by December 18.

    Mayor Clark said that Council may want to keep the preliminary list in front of them as they are going through the applications received because it might answer some questions and generate other questions Council may want to add to the list.


    Mr. Klaver said he would like to discuss the profile process. He submitted a City Manager Profile with issues that will be coming up in the next few years and asked Tia Gronlund to read those issues.

    Mayor Clark said that one thing that should be considered is that ultimately the Mayor and Council will have to conduct the interview process and come to a final decision. He feels there are a lot of experienced and talented people in the community that are aware of what is going on in the community and he would ask if they have any questions or input to offer, to submit their ideas or concerns and and be part of the process.

    Tia said that anyone could call her at 347-3272 with any questions.

    Member Kramer indicated that he felt an additional work session is needed because a lot of excellent material has been submitted and he feels Council needs more time to review the information.

    CM-99-11-298 Moved by Crawford. Seconded by Lorenzo:

    CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. To schedule a special Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 1999, at 6:30 PM, in the Civic Center Council Chambers, meeting to conclude no later than 7:30 PM in light of a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting at 7:30, for the purpose of holding a work session to continue the City Manager Recruitment Process.

    Vote on CM-99-11-298 Yeas: Clark, Lorenzo, Bononi, Crawford, Csordas, DeRoche, Kramer

    Nays: None

  3. Adoption of Resolution authorizing the Director of Public Services to apply

to Oakland County Infrastructure Fund for reimbursement of eligible expenses associated with the DWSD 14 Mile Pump Station and Storage Facility

Mr. Kriewall reported that the Oakland County Board of Commissioners have appropriated funds for infrastructure improvements throughout Oakland County and Novi is eligible to collect $192,638.00 intended to be used for infrastructure improvements. The City was contacted by Kay Schmid, Oakland County Commissioner, indicating that she needs a Resolution by Council tomorrow so she can request the funding. The most obvious investment that could be made with this money is some of the expenses associated with the proposed 14 Mile and Haggerty Road Detroit Water System pump station and storage facility. This investment by the City of Detroit and City of Novi will have a community-wide benefit. Novi has water pressure problems and the pumping station is designed to relieve water pressures throughout Novi. He would recommend that Council adopt the Resolution appropriating funds for Novi’s share of the cost of the pumping station which has been identified to be approximately $400,000, which is half way there in terms of Novi’s investment in this facility.



CM-99-11-299 Moved by Crawford. Seconded by Csordas. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. To adopt a Resolution authorizing the Director of Public Services to apply to Oakland County Infrastructure Fund for reimbursement of eligible expenses associated with the DWSD 14-Mile Pump Station and Storage Facility.

Member Lorenzo asked what was the figure Novi was entitled to under the project? Mr. Kriewall replied $192,638.00. Member Lorenzo stated that the Oakland Press listed various communities and how much they would be eligible for under this fund. Novi was listed for around $300,000. Mr. Kriewall said that figure may be the twice a year amount.

Member DeRoche said the $192,638 is the most money Novi would obtain no matter what project they apply for under the fund. Mr. Kriewall replied that was correct and the amount was a flat fee. Novi has to apply the figure whereever they want as long as Oakland County understands it is for infrastructure.

Member DeRoche said he does not want to be too critical because it seems that Novi is getting their authorization in place in time, however, he hopes in the future that either Novi should be communicating better with their County Commissioner or the County Commissioner should be communicating better with Novi. He would hate to have seen Novi fail to receive the money because of a late deadline. He asked if this would have any impact with the City of Detroit on their consideration. Mr. Kriewall replied that Detroit is only looking for a definitive cost sharing from Novi for about $400,000, and where that money is obtained, they do not care.

VOTE ON CM-99-11-299 Yeas: Clark, Lorenzo, Bononi, Crawford, Csordas, DeRoche, Kramer

Nays: None


Bob Wilkins, 23803 Ripple Creek – said the most important decision the Mayor and Council will make during their next office period is choosing a City Manager. It is a horrendous task, dealing with the future of the individual to be chosen, and the future of Novi. The City Manager is extremely important. The citizens are extending to the Mayor and Council their best hopes for their best judgement and common sense in choosing this executive.












There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.






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Richard Clark, Mayor Tonni Bartholomew, City Clerk


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Mary Ann Cabadas

Date approved: December 6, 1999