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SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1999, AT 9:00 AM



Mayor McLallen called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.





ROLL CALL: Mayor McLallen, Mayor ProTem Crawford, Council Members DeRoche (arrived 10:30 a.m.), Kramer, Lorenzo, Mutch, Schmid (absent/excused)






PURPOSE OF SPECIAL MEETING: Work Study Session to set Council goals.



  1. Goal Setting – Bill Richards, Jr., Planning Facilitator


Mr. Richards restated the Strengths and Weaknesses developed by Council at their last goal setting session. Mr. Richards advised that today’s goal is to develop Opportunities and Threats.



9:21 a.m. – 9:58 a.m.: Council broke into groups.


  1. McLallen, Mutch, Kriewall
  2. Crawford, Kramer, Lorenzo





  • Review and Refine Zoning/Land Use
  • Aggressively pursue additional funding (i.e., DDA, grants, revenue sharing) (The question is, How to?)
  • Recreation Expansion
  • Develop a "unique" image for Novi
  • New Citizens: Residents and Corporate


Councilman DeRoche arrived at 10:30 a.m.



10:33 a.m. – 10:46 a.m.: Council broke into groups:


  1. McLallen, Mutch, DeRoche, Kriewall
  2. Crawford, Kramer, Lorenzo





  • Traffic
  • Litigation
  • Increasing Demands
  • Funding of Capital Improvements
  • Development


Mr. Richards advised their next step is to try to identify which individual items may be significant as a goal. He added they may also want to review their 1998-1999 Goals and ask whether their 1999-2000 Goals will be in addition to or in replace of those goals.



BREAK 11:08 a.m. until 11:20 a.m.


Mr. Richards advised Council must now take a look at their lists and rank them (High, Medium or Low) in terms of its overall impact and Council’s overall control over each item listed.



Impact Control


H 1. Competent and dynamic staff. M

H 2. Expanding tax base and M

use of available resources. H

H 3. Significant community volunteer involvement. M ï L

H. 4. Diverse individual members that work well together H

as a Council.

H. 5. Commitment to excellence that creates a high M

quality of life.




H 1. Lack of sufficient number of qualified candidates for M

Appointments to Boards and Commissions.

H 2. Current work load in some departments exceed H

Available staff and resources.

H 3. Unmet capital needs. H

M 4. Lack of prioritization. H

M ï L 5. Lack of agreement on operating procedures and norms. H




M 1. Review and refine zoning/land use. H

H 2. Aggressively pursue additional funding (i.e., DDA, M

grants, revenue sharing)

H 3. Recreation expansion M ï H

H 4. Develop a unique image for Novi. M

H 5. New citizens: residents and corporate L




H 1. Traffic M ï L

M 2. Litigation L ï M

H ï M 3. Increasing demands M ï L

H 4. Funding of capital improvements. M

H 5. Development M



BREAK 12:30 p.m. until 12:45 p.m.


Mr. Richards advised the next step is to look at these issues from a functional perspective without emotion. He continued by stating they would first look for those that have high ratings in impact and control. He advised they are:


  1. Strengths - 2 & 4
  2. Weaknesses – 2 & 3
  3. Opportunities – 3
  4. Threats – none


He further advised there appears to be a theme in each category and they are:


  1. Funding
  2. Council interaction
  3. Staff and work load
  4. Programs/Services


Through the assistance of Mr. Richards, Council developed the following goals for 1999-2000:


  1. Prioritize Council Directives to Administration. (This is a revision of 1998-1999’s Goal 2.)
  2. Pursue additional funding sources. (This replaces 1998-1999’s Goal 5.)
  3. Establish a Capital Improvement and Maintenance Fund. (This is a new goal.)
  4. Implement and Manage Traffic Improvement Initiative (This is a revision of 1998-1999’s Goal 3.)
  5. Promote Community Image and Participation. (This is a new goal.)


Councilwoman Mutch suggested that they also comment on last year’s goals in terms of what was accomplished.



1998-1999 Council Goals:


  1. Support the completion of Novi’s 5 Year Master Plan – City Council’s objective is to provide direction and guidance to the Planning Commission by prioritizing a Review of the Master Plan and encouraging the Commission to move ahead in a timely fashion. It is also City Council’s objective to provide adequate funding towards this end. - Accomplished
  2. Improve Administrative Procedures for Service Delivery – City Council’s objective is to review the operational process. It is also City Council’s objective to improve responsiveness and reduce the turnaround time in critical processes without sacrificing quality. – Revised and included in Goal 1 for 1999-2000
  3. Adopt a Traffic Improvement Plan – City Council’s objective is to have the City administration develop a plan to be submitted for Council consideration. – Revised and included in Goal 4 for 1999-2000
  4. Improve Communication through Technology – City Council’s objective is to appoint an Ad Hoc Council Subcommittee to determine technological needs and priorities, and to consider technologies such as e-mail, voice mail, internet access and/or web site development for the city and the geographic information system (GIS). - Accomplished
  5. Identify Alternative Funding Sources – City Council’s objective is to determine sources of applicable grants. It is also City Council’s objective to consider establishing a "Community Foundation." - Goal 2 for 1999-2000


Mayor McLallen advised there is a consensus of Council to incorporate the "Norms for Effective Council Action" into Council’s Rules at their Regular Meeting scheduled for February 1, 1999.





There being no further business before City Council, the meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.



Kathleen S. McLallen Tonni L. Bartholomew


Transcribed by:



Barbara Holmes


Date Approved: February 22, 1999