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Press Release

2019 Annual Police and Fire Awards Ceremony

Release date: Friday, March 8, 2019
Contact: David E. Molloy, Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police 248-347-0504

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NOVI, Mich., March 8, 2019 – The Novi Police and Fire Departments held their Annual Awards Ceremony on Thursday, March 7, to celebrate accomplishments and recognize professional development achievements of those who protect and serve the community. The Firefighter of the Year, Police Department Civilian Employee of the Year, Police Officer of the Year, and Public Safety Volunteer of the Year were all honored, along with many others, for their commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Novi.

Captain Theisen,-Mark Firefighter of the Year – Captain Mark Theisen

Captain Mark Theisen started his career with the Novi Fire Department as a Fire Protection Officer in 2006. A perfect fit, Captain Theisen became instrumental in recommending fire apparatus and equipment to help enhance the fire department’s capabilities. He has received numerous letters thanking him for his kind words, compassion and outstanding efforts assisting the public. During his time here he has been promoted twice, first to Lieutenant in 2012 and then to Captain in 2013. Captain Theisen has been instrumental in implementing an effective preventative maintenance and repair program for all fire department apparatus, as well as spearheading a process to help improve response times. He also was tasked with overseeing the Insurance Services Office rating project for the Fire Department. ISO is used by insurance companies to determine premiums for homeowner and businesses policies, and shows the department is always striving to improve services. A lower ISO rating helps to significantly lower insurance premiums. The original ISO rating we received was a 5, but our updated rating is now a 2. Only 1,331 agencies in the entire United States have achieved a class 2 rating. His attitude and demeanor are qualities that make it easy for him to be a prominent leader. A well-rounded and productive individual Captain Theisen exhibits leadership skills with minimal effort. When asked to describe him the common answers are: prideful, honest, dedicated, hardworking, courteous, professional and positive. He is always looking to ensure success at all levels.

Civilian Tallman,-Steve Police Civilian of the Year – Lead Mechanic Steve Tallman

Steve Tallman joined the Novi Public Safety team in 2017 as a mechanic and in a year’s time had exceeded expectations and was promoted to lead mechanic. He has more than 30 years of automotive experience and is a certified Master Auto Mechanic with the State of Michigan. His customer service skills, quality of work, quantity of work, initiative and dependability are second to none. Steve has demonstrated a proficiency in repairing all fleet vehicles as well as building new patrol cars and even our Polaris vehicle. Steve has truly changed not only the scope of work but responsiveness of our mechanic position. The City’s financial savings also supports that Steve's vast expertise is put to daily use. The Novi Police Department has been able to reallocate $41,000 out of the vehicle maintenance budget for police and fire accounts due to him performing various repairs/replacements in-house. Steve is Automotive Service Excellence certified and is working toward his master certification. He has lived in Novi the past 23 years with his wife Dina and two children, Emily and Mark.

Police Officer of the Year Daisley,-Mike Lee C. BeGole Police Officer of the Year – Officer Mike Daisley

(The award was renamed this year to honor Chief Lee BeGole, who served as Chief of Police from 1954 to 1991. He dedicated his life to Service above Self and established the high standards still adhered to today in the Novi Police Department.)
Officer Mike Daisley has had quite the productive career since he joined the Novi Police Department in 2007. He is a decorated officer, earning 21 different awards; including six lifesaving awards. Sergeants often say having Officer Daisley on their shift feels like having an additional supervisor working. He can be relied upon to give his best effort on a daily basis. His investigations are thorough and well documented. He has a habit of always making his way to calls where combative subjects are involved, or tough decisions need to be made. Officer Daisley is a decorated K-9 officer and last year was made a Field Training Officer. During the last year he and his K-9 partner, Arez, located illegal narcotics on 15 occasions. Officer Daisley can be relied upon to work diligently every day while proactively ensuring community safety. He is a regular volunteer for sponsored events throughout the City, and recognizes his duties as a K-9 handler can come at any time, never saying no to schedule changes, putting service above self. It is not one incident that defines Officer Daisley’s leadership; it is his mentorship, guidance, and unwavering aspiration to set the example throughout the year. He takes pride in his work as a police officer and K-9 handler. His ability to work with the public and co-workers is beyond reproach. He is an informal leader, respected by his peers and supervisors alike.

Volunteer of the Year Antuna,-Richard Volunteer of the Year – Richard Antuna

Richard Antuna has been a Novi resident since 1979, which is also when he started his career with the Novi Fire Department as a Paid-on-Call Lieutenant. He retired in 2001, but his service to the City has never ended. He joined the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in 2001, and in 2016 became part of the Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS) team. Mr. Antuna has never said no to any request for assistance. He is highly respected amongst his peers and his well respected by members of the Novi Police Department. In 2018 alone, Mr. Antuna has given the residents of Novi 292 hours of his own time to ensure their safety. His dedication to volunteer service and his passion to utilize his own time, resources and energy shinned through when he volunteered to completely revamp the CERT trailer and make it operational. These improvements were not for him, but rather for the whole CERT team to protect them from the elements and provide an operational base when they are activated. He lives in Novi with his wife Marjorie, in the same house they raised their three daughters, Lisa, Jessica and Danielle. Novi is very fortunate to have a resident like Richard Antuna who has dedicated his life to volunteer service in his community.

Novi Police Department:

Officer of the Year:

Officer Mike Daisley

Civilian of the Year:

Lead Mechanic Steve Tallman

Volunteer of the Year:

Richard Antuna

Life Saving:

Officer Jason Bergtold
Officer Eric Carlomusto
Officer Deanna Stevenson
Officer Michael Walton (2)
Officer Dan Jenkinson
Officer Shawn Penzak
Officer Samantha Grockau
Officer Stacey Simon
Officer Kevin Nutter
Officer Joshua Johnson
Officer Eric Tobey (2)
Officer Ryan Haney (2)
Detective Jon Zabick
Officer Kyle Smith

Police Heart:

Officer Joshua Chapman

Department Citation:

Sergeant Jason Meier
Officer Dan Jenkinson
Officer Jason Bergtold
Officer Tim Hartland
Officer Alex Marchione
Officer Matt Chylaszek

Civilian Citation:

Rachel Hauk (Life Saving)
Genna Guibord (Life Saving)
Mark Ross Oakland County Deputy (Life Saving)

Advanced Degree:

Sergeant Amanda Kulikowski (Master’s Degree)

Staff and Command:

Sergeant Bob Manar

FBI National Academy:

Assistant Chief Erick Zinser

Merit Citation:

Detective Michael Bender (2)
Sergeant Jason Meier
Sergeant Rachel Meier
Officer Tim Hartland
Sergeant Amanda Kulikowski
Detective Jeremy Stempien

Letter of Commendation:

Officer Steve Snell
Officer Brandon Bidus
Officer Matt Chylaszek
Detective Julie Warren

Unit Citation:

Officer Shawn Penzak (3)
Officer Dan Jenkinson (2)
Officer Joshua Russell (2)
Officer Erick Tapia
Officer Samantha Grockau (2)
Detective Paige McCarrey
Special Agent Sean Callaghan FBI
Detective Brian Martin Auburn Hills Police
Detective Mike Wilson
Detective Randy Mince (2)
Detective Jeff Brown
Detective Mike Marchetti (2)
Officer Paul Leslie
Officer Erick Tapia
Officer Matt Chylaszek (2)
Sergeant Bob Manar
Officer John Corder
Officer Joshua Johnson
Officer Eric Carlomusto
Officer Stacey Simon
Officer Alisa Harwell
Officer Tim Shea
Officer Ryan Haney (2)
Officer Sarah Moulik
Officer Brandon Bidus
Officer Alex Marchione
Officer Kevin Nutter
Officer Kyle Smith
Officer Eric Tobey
Officer Andrew Toth

MADD Award:

Police Officer Jason Bergtold

Novi Fire Department:

Firefighter of the Year:

Captain Mark Theisen

Life Saving:

Captain Mark Theisen
Auxiliary Fire Fighter Nathan Ryan
Paid-on-call Fire Fighter Dennis Barratt
Paid-on-call Fire Fighter Greg Lis
Auxiliary Fire Fighter Amir Farahani
Lieutenant Paul Mullett
Paid-on-call Ian Patterson
Paid-on-call Jack Liao
Paid-on-call Michael Moisan
Paid-on-call Nicholas Luschas
Captain Todd Seog
Auxiliary Fire Fighter Douglass Moebs
Paid-on-call Fire Fighter Michael Shank
Lieutenant Maria Reisner

Letter of Commendation:

Paid-on-call Fire Fighter Jack Liao
Paid-on-call Fire Fighter Mike Moison
Fire Protection Officer Michael Olando
Fire Protection Officer Dennis Barratt

Civilian Citation:

Ian Grant Superior EMS (Life Saving)
Michelle Tarsin (Life Saving)
Misty Croteau (Life Saving)
Gabrielle Gauruder (Life Saving)
Thomas Brown Superior EMS (Life Saving)
Carol Aurelia (Life Saving)
Doctor Eric Kovan (Life Saving)
Doctor Scott Laker (Life Saving)
Jeremy Beaty Superior EMS (Life Saving)
Thomas Brown Superior EMS (Live Saving)
Terrance Mayfield Superior EMS (Life Saving)
Nick Stewert
Jeff Douglas
Susan Lanczak
Coleen Wilson

Advanced Degree:

Captain Todd Seog (Masters)
Fire Protection Officer Matthew Marken (Masters)
Lieutenant Remo Oliverio (Bachelors)
Auxiliary Fire Fighter Scott Discher (Bachelors)

Fire Prevention Service:

Fire Protection Officer Andrew Copeland

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