Locations of Plantings

2010: Fuerst Park
2011: Fuerst Park, Brookfarm Park, 12 Mile Rd median
2012: Lakeshore Park, Village Wood Lake Park, Fuerst Park, Power Park, Civic Center, Crescent
2013: Wildlife Woods Parks, Brookfarm Park, DPW, 10 Mile Rd
2014: Pavilion Shore Park, Brookfarm Park, Wildlife Woods Park , Fuerst Park, Village Wood Lake Park, ITC Sports Park, Civic Center, Taft Rd, Meadowbrook Commons, 10 Mile Rd, Haggerty Rd
2015: Village Wood Lake Park, Dog Park, ITC Sports Park, Lakeshore Park, Pavilion Shore Park, Novi Ice Arena, Brookfarm Park, Ella Mae Power Park, Wildlife Woods Park, Civic Center, Gateway Signs
2016: Ella Mae Power Park, Rotary Park, Brookfarm Park, ITC Sports Park, Lakeshore Park, Wildlife Woods, Pavilion Shore Park, Civic Center, Novi Ice Area Sign, Taft Rd, Civic Center, Meadowbrook Commons Lot; Some Fall 2016 plantings were not completed due to weather and will be completed in Spring 2017
2017: Ella Mae Power Park, Village Wood Lake Park, Pavilion Shore Park, Fuerst Park, Brookfarm Park, Civic Center, Dog Park, Novi Ice Arena, Wildlife Woods Park, Rotary Park, ITC Sports Park, Lakesehore Park